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Not Like Me

by DMW

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"Goodnight," Margaret said as she pushed open the office door with her shoulder, only to be ignored by the group of 20-somethings she worked with who were already discussing their Friday night plans together where they'd probably be wearing even shorter skirts than they did to work, drink far too much and wake up in some random guys bed the next morning.

'You're not like me,' she thought as the door closed behind her.

One of the ways in which they were not like her was probably that none of them had gone braless under a thick baggy jumper and had attached a set of clamps tightly to their nipples. Without question, not one in the group currently had a pair of handcuffs locked on their wrists around which had been wrapped the chain joining the clamps causing a downward pull every time Margaret moved her hands too far away from her body. Margaret felt very confident that none of the girls had under their mini-skirts - as opposed to her own sensible full length one- were currently wearing a pair of leather panties with pussy and anal dildo's filling their bodies. Finally, none of the youngsters - compared to her own mid 40's - had probably been able to work out how to fix a hook for her bag into the sleeve of her full length jacket giving the illusion of a hand holding it.

Margaret had a warm feeling inside. It might have been the stretching of her lower cavities with every step she took, it could have been the knowledge that the keys to her freedom were, depending on the route she took, at least an hours walk away in a woods near her home. Most likely, it was the knowledge of getting one over on those stuck-up sluts. She knew what they thought of her. Sensible Margie. No fun Marge. No friends Marge. Angered by the thoughts in her head, Margaret's pace had increased. It was only when she nearly stepped off a kerb into traffic that she realised. Walking more slowly to a pedestrian crossing, she pulled her hands downwards, feeling the pull on her nipples as she chastised herself for letting them get to her. She was better than them. They were not like her at all.

She walked more slowly and carefully now. It had passed 5pm and the post work Friday night rush was beginning. Part of her wanted people to bump into her, wanted the clamps to dig in, wanting, even needing the pain. The dildo in her pussy would never bring her to an orgasm on its own and the one in her anus was only to stretch her, to prepare her for the evening ahead. The combination of pain and fullness might be enough for her.

It didn't happen. People did bump into her but the effect was never right. Margaret wished she could reach into the panties, to rub her clit and achieve that orgasm but she had denied herself for a week but knew that to end it in the middle of the street would be an incredible waste even if the event took place with everyone watching would make it seem less so. Even after her waxing, making her smooth as can be she didn't allow herself to reach the peak her body so desperately craved.

Her walk continued, the people getting less as she got further out of the city. Usually on a train by now, she followed along the line the track ran, knowing it was the shortest route to her freedom. A few dog walkers passed her, one dog even jumped up against her body, causing her to move her hands to prevent the dog from doing so but causing a hard tug on the nipple clamp chain as its weight dropped it back towards the floor prompting an apology from the owner.

"It's okay," Margaret managed as tears filled her eyes at the sudden added pain and she suddenly realised she wasn't looking forward to taking the clamps off later but knew she would have to.

The rest of the walk to the woods was uneventful and Margaret entered the forest as the sun began to make its final descent into the horizon. She had made this walk several times and was sure she'd be able to find her way even in the pitch black that a night time area with no street lights would present.

"Not like them," she spat out to nobody in particular. Margaret seriously doubted many of them could find their own buttocks with 2 hands and a map. She stopped behind a large oak tree and squatted, not certain but in her mind feeling the dildo and anal intruders enter her body a little bit more. Pausing and holding the position, Margaret waited with a serene smile on her face as the last of the light faded and her eyes grew accustomed to the dark. Even then, she waited until the first feeling of cramp began in her thighs before standing up straight and returning to the path.

Margaret's smile grew wider as she turned her head as far left and right as she could and realised that any light source was practically non-existent. She knew there had to be something somewhere because she could see the outline of the trees but she couldn't place where. Even the moon and the stars were hardly visible through the treetop canopy. As far as Margaret knew she was completely alone in the forest and even the world which gave her a warm feeling inside.

"Come on girl," she said, again to no-one in particular. "Let's get you home."

Stepping forward confidently, Margaret headed in the direction she knew her home was.

And stopped.

Looking around again, she saw almost nothing. Even though her eyes had taken time to adapt to the blackness, she still couldn't make out any proper shapes. And if she couldn't make out shapes, she couldn't be made out.

Returning to behind the tree Margaret undid the single button holding her coat together and slipped it off her shoulders. Her long skirt zipped up at the side and she felt a now familiar pull on her left nipple as the chain had no flex left in it. The skirt fell to the floor with a gentle swoosh, leaving Margaret in a jumper that was just long enough to cover her buttocks and the dildo pants.

Emerging back onto the main path again, Margaret paused and listened. Woodland sounds entered her ears but nothing human as far as she could make out. Any person in the woods now would surely be carrying a light of some sort.

"You'd have to pretty silly to be in the woods without a light," Margaret chuckled to herself.

She headed deeper into the woods on one of the nature trails, a circular route that would eventually return her to her discarded clothing. Not wanting to trip, Margaret took small steps, wishing for a moment that she'd bought some ankle chains with her.

Reaching the bottom boundary of the forest, Marge rested against the fence, spread her legs and lifted her arms high, which caused her jumper to lift and her belly to be exposed. The clamps pulled on her nipples as she briefly imagined she'd been left there, tied to the fence by someone else and left there for others to ogle. And grope or punish if they so wished.

A shiver ran through her and Marge realised how cold it had gotten. Or maybe it was the feelings building up inside her, she wasn't sure but she did decide it was time to move on.

Rather than complete the trail the local council had marked out in a loop, Margaret returned via the path she'd come down for the quickest route back to her things. The path was steeper on the way up and left her a little out of breath so she paused to watch her warm breath float into the air as she exhaled.

Then she heard it.

A snap of a twig. Head turning sharply, Margaret tried to locate the source of the noise but in the darkness, that was impossible. She realised her breath had quickened further and had to force herself to calm down.

"It's just an animal," she told herself, whispering. Then another snap and Margaret couldn't help but think it sounded closer. A lot closer. Looking round again, hoping to see a torch light or something that she could hide herself from, Margaret felt her heart pumping as silence and darkness ruled.

She ran.

Each step she took caused her 36D boobs to jump up and down, pulling the chains with it. The pain in her tits kept her focused and she didn't notice the pain in her legs until it was too late and she fell.

Instinctively she reached out to stop her fall, her cuffed hands not able to get high enough to prevent her face from hitting the ground, mud and twigs scratching at her, a yell escaping from her lips. She sat up in the mud, nipples aching, face sore and jumper clinging to her and listened. Besides the usual night-time forest noises, there was nothing unusual. No-one was following her, no one was after her.

Standing up, Margaret tried to see how she looked but it was too dark. Wanting to take it slowly but already feeling the chill, she walked briskly to where her other items were, picked them up and began walking home.

She knew what was there waiting for her and now, she wasn't looking forward to it. All Margaret wanted was a hot bath and a good play with herself but she hadn't arranged everything to quit now.

Margaret kept out of the way of the lights of her street and made it to her front door, probably unseen. With the keys from her bag she opened the house, stepped through the front porch and into the living room.

On the table were her keys and the other items she'd spent the whole day thinking about.

To be continued...

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