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Not Your Garden Variety

by T.S. Fesseln

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© Copyright 2010 - T.S. Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; rope; cuffs; greenhouse; tease; denial; cons; X

Sue-Ellen loved it in here. The humid smell of the garden soil and the lingering scent of her flowers and herbs filled her small greenhouse. Already the morning sun was pouring its heat into the little glass structure as she surveyed the familiar spot. She had already completed most of her spring plantings and all that was left were a few small pots of basil and rosemary lining one wall, waiting to be planted into her herb beds.

A long, slatted redwood workbench filled the center of the hothouse. Sue had already swept it off and put a cushion from her backyard lounge on it. Outside the dew-frosted glass, the morning was still cool. Too cool for what she wanted to do. It was also a lot less private. Not that she hadn’t tempted fate before under the branches and leafs of her garden paradise, but this morning wasn’t the morning for those kinds of shenanigans.

Sue opened up her canvas tote bag and spilled out its contents onto the bench. There were several short lengths of cord and rope, a pair of dowels, two pairs of red leather cuffs with a pair of solid padlocks, a red leather blindfold and a red ball gag. Everything she needed to present herself to her latest boy friend, Jasper.

Ever since her divorce, Sue had been very cautious about mentioning her submissive side. After all, it had ultimately led to her divorce from her husband Steve. There were other things, too, of course. But it was her love of being helpless that gave Steve the opportunity to brand Sue as ‘not right in the head.’ Sue was sure that her ex had told all of their friends and family, since she noticed some of them treated her differently. But, there were a few that took no notice of Steve’s words and continued to be the friends that they were before the divorce; including Steve’s sister, Pam. But most had sided with Steve and they faded away when the divorce was final.

That seemed like a lifetime ago and Sue had moved onto better friends and now, it seemed, a better partner.

Presentation was everything and Sue wanted Jasper’s first view of her bound to take his breath away. She quickly stripped out of her raggedy garden jeans and t-shirt and revealed what was underneath. The blonde had on her red lace corset and red stockings as well as a pair of matching sheer panties. She had bought the lingerie specifically for this, trying it on in front of her mirror several times to make sure it graced her 5 foot 6 frame wonderfully.

It did.

Sue was not a busty woman, but the corset cupped her tanned breasts beautifully. Though she was not centerfold material, she still looked very good for being 37. Her ash-blonde hair spilled down her back and framed her bright blue eyes and the freckles that sprayed across the bridge of her small nose. Her active lifestyle kept her frame trim and still made her an attractive catch.

Taking one of the dowels, Sue cinched one of the cords to it and tied it off. She did the same to the other dowel, leaving about a foot of the cord which she threaded up from beneath the slats in the garden workbench at the head and the foot of the cushion. She tied each one to an open padlock. Sue then tied an addition string with a pair of keys to the padlock at the head of the cushion, her safety release if Jasper, or ‘Jazz’ as she called him, had an emergency and didn’t drop by. She dropped the keys through the slats to hang beside the dowel. The blonde then lifted herself onto the bench and scooted into place.

Sue wanted to make it quite plain to Jazz that she was there for him, to do as he wanted with her. They had already made it to the bedroom and Sue enjoyed the roughness of his love-making, vanilla as it was. No, this time she wanted to be his completely.

The blonde picked up the leather cuffs and fastened them around each of her ankles, making sure they were comfortable yet inescapable once she locked them together with the padlock. Next, she folded her legs and wound a rope around each one, binding each of her ankles to her thigh. When she was sure that they were cinched tightly, she leaned over and locked her cuffs together to the padlock.

A warm, familiar rush went through Sue as she tested the bondage of her legs. The dowel-anchored rope allowed a little play and she would be forced to lay with her legs wide open for him.

Shifting a bit, the blonde then picked up her ball-gag and eased it between her teeth before tightening the strap. She loved the way the ball felt in her mouth. It gave her something to bite into when the orgasms came. Next, she fastened the cuffs around each wrist, again making sure they were comfortable but tight. Lastly, after making sure everything was in place, Sue fastened the blindfold over her eyes.

Sue laid back on the cushion and felt for the padlock. It was a familiar routine that she had practiced numerous times in her bed and elsewhere in her house. Her fingertips found it and after threading the d-rings through it, she clicked the lock shut.

She struggled a bit, more to test her own helplessness than anything. Another warm rush whirled through her and she let out a little moan of pleasure. Normally, Sue would have had a vibrator to keep her company and to send her over the edge, but not this morning. She wanted her desire to build as she waited for Jazz to find the note on the door and find her here in the greenhouse.

All sorts of thoughts ran through her head as Sue lay there, though she was sure this was the right thing to do with Jazz. What would he do with her? Would he take his time and explore her many charms or would he pounce on her and ravage her like a possessed beasts? Sue felt her desires building, uncomfortably so, with every scenario she played out in her head.

Then she heard the low moan of the greenhouse door being opened.

Sue held her breath, listening for some sort of clue what Jazz was doing, but she heard nothing but the chirping of birds outside and the light scent of lilacs drifting in with the cool breeze.

Then she heard his light footsteps coming up beside her.

His silence was maddening as Sue knew he was staring at her. She tried to ask him, but it came out as a muffled, questioning moan.

Sue felt him lean over her and tenderly kissed her on her forehead, answering her question.

His fingertips brushed over her, feeling her curves and swells. Sue found herself urging him on with her moans, but he seemed to ignore her, preferring his own pace. Gently, Sue felt him pull down the cups of her corset and bare her breasts.

A sharp stab of pleasure shot through Sue as he flicked and her hardened nipples with his fingernails; tracing circles around them just to make her whine with desire. He answered her whines by lightly pinching her nips, making her whine even more.

Firmly, Sue felt his hands wander down her body, over her ribs and the flat of her stomach until his fingernails touched to edge of her tiny lace g-string. She felt him trace the edge of it as she tried to thrust herself up to him. She thought she heard a light laugh as she was moaning her wants.

Sue felt his fingers touch between her legs, stroking her through the lace. More torrents of pleasure coursed through her as Sue arched her back.

But, Sue felt his fingers stop touching her.

The blonde moaned into her gag, but he did not touch her. Sue pleaded and squirmed in her bonds. Damn, she wished she had left her blindfold off. She could imagine Jazz standing there, smirking at her plight.

Then she felt the fingers press into her again, pushing the lace into her moistened slit and against her swollen clit. More firmly this time, his fingers caressed up and down her slit, but barely touching her button. Sue rocked her hips and thrust herself up towards him, but he deftly pulled his fingers away. The more Sue pressed herself on his fingers, the more he pulled away. Finally, she surrendered and just let him touch her at his slow and maddening pace.

He was like a forester slowly stoking a campfire, masterfully teasing Sue. Touching, caressing and kneading her body as she writhed in her bondage. She could feel the pleasure swelling inside her ready to burst, but her orgasm was always kept just a few strokes away.

Then Jazz stopped.

Sue could feel him tugging at the dowel beneath the bench and she heard the jingle of keys as he untied them from the lock. She then felt him place the keys on the flat of her stomach and then lightly brush her hair away from her ear.

“My brother told me you were into this,” Pam whispered into her ex sister-in-laws ear, “but I never thought I would find you like this. . .”

Sue-Ellen felt the cold rush of pure mortification gush through her.

“I came over to drop off a cookbook you wanted to borrow when I saw the note on your door. I have to say Sue, this is a pleasant surprise.”

Sue pleaded into her gag as she began to struggle, begging for Pam to untie her and let her explain.

“I will leave the book here and check in on you a little later. If you’re still here, then we can see about have a little fun ourselves, huh?”

With that, the bound blonde heard the door to the greenhouse shut. With the keys out of her reach, Sue had no choice but to wait. . .

. . .And it felt delicious.

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