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Now What?

by Mikel

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How could this happen? Linda wondered to herself as she stood in the hallway of the building she lived in desperately trying to figure out what to do. The day had started like all the others, Linda got up and ate breakfast staring at the large blank canvas she was going to start working on. She sat thinking of more details for the painting she had in her mind smiling as the image in her head made her pussy get wet wishing she could live the way the women in the pictures she painted did. Linda painted fetish paintings, some were custom paintings that someone wanted her to do others, her best, were ones she came up with on her own and her paintings were in big demand. Her studio/apartment was originally rented because she had very little money and it was very cheap eventually becoming “chic” so she had stayed in it plus she loved the added benefits of living alone in an almost empty warehouse.

The building had been a warehouse in its past life, now it housed a small bakery downstairs and her studio, the rest was an empty, dusty wide open building that she often used for her own entertainment. Linda hadn’t tried to find a partner to share her bondage pastimes with since Cindy had treated her so badly. For the past year and a half she had practiced self bondage and self satisfaction getting very good at both. Linda would spend hours roaming around the upper floors of the warehouse bound and gagged with a tight blindfold making finding the door to her loft difficult. Her daring during her bondage had increased and now she liked to wear her tightest latex hobble dress over her old style girdles and stiff bras. She would strap her knees together under her dress before tightening the straps for the head harness that forced the large red ball into her mouth. Just before locking her hands behind her back she would pull the blindfold down buckling the lower strap tight blocking all light leaving her to roam around in her towering heels searching for the door to her apartment.

Linda finished her breakfast, sighing she went to her room and started to get dressed in her “painting” clothes changing her mind while she stood looking in the large mirror at her thin firm body. Linda went to her closet and searched through her latex and leather clothes trying to decide what she wanted to wear finally picking out a glossy black latex catsuit with feet and gloves an extremely tight long line girdle with firm cone shaped cups. The catsuit body had only two openings and they were for her nipples to push out of and worked perfectly with the bra since it would try reshape her ample breasts forcing her nipples to push hard into the ends of the cups. Linda had sewn into the inside of the cups small pads with sharp metal spikes that would pierce her nipples and after an hour or two the bra would become very uncomfortable. Linda often used her clothes and bondage to inspire her in her painting but really she just enjoyed being bound and making herself work wearing the restrictions and had spent days bound and gagged when the creative mood hit her adding items to her body as the hours passed.

Today Linda felt very naughty and it was that arousal that usually got her in trouble but at the same time made her paintings so unique so she never fought the creative urges when they hit no matter how uncomfortable she made herself. With her body covered in rubber and the tight girdle and bra holding her firmly Linda strapped a pair on six inch high heeled pumps on her feet making sure the extra wide cuff of the shoe was buckled tight and locked. Linda slipped into the long sleeved leather hobble dress zipping it up to the top of the three inch collar, Linda closed the zippers at her wrists then locked the wide steel cuffs around them. The four inch steel collar was next and she snapped it closed over the zipper essentially locking herself into the dress.

The cuffs and collar were all part of a set she had found online having being drawn to them because they were all very wide but made from thin steel with built in locking latches and small d-rings. She often wore them as jewelry because they were so polished getting compliments at galleries about them. Most people not realizing that the steel around her wrists, ankles and neck were locked on and irremovable because she had left the keys at home. Linda loved wearing bondage gear in public and these cuffs could even be hid under her clothes because they were so thin so she wore them a lot preferring to have them on than not.

Linda felt she was ready to work so she wiggled to the canvas carrying the head harness gag and several small chains with locks dangling from them incase her “creativity” demanded she wear more gear. The ice block chained to her freezer would take hours to melt once she pulled it out and left it to melt something she would do when she started to tire of the bonds or latex. Linda had started playing with locking vibrators in her pussy and ass only recently adding them to her daily outfits but today she was “punishing” herself so she had left them out and removed all ways to be able to stimulate herself until she could get out of the leather and latex. Linda worked into the night wriggling around her studio while her fluids built up under her rubber skin, relishing them moving around and the slightly numb feeling the rubber gloves gave her. Linda took a break about three am sitting down to study what she had been creating for the last fifteen hours. Smiling at her work she finished her glass of water then leaned over and locked her ankles together with one of the short chains she had with her.

Tugging at the chains smiling as she thought they were not really needed because the tight leather dress kept her feet close together anyway but she liked the thought of the added restraint. Before returning to her painting Linda couldn’t resist the desire to slip her gag on and worked the straps under her long red hair buckling each until they pulled the large bright red ball behind her teeth and locked each strap. Linda mummphed into the gag twisting her head feeling the locks flopping back and forth on the back of her head and quickly locked the remaining chain between her wrists keeping them about six inches apart. Linda knew from past experiences that having her wrists bound made painting very difficult but she also knew that the more she fought her bonds the more creative she felt. Linda painted until the sun rose almost finishing her latest painting dragging herself back to her seat to study the picture. Her jaw was starting to ache and her feet were throbbing but she knew both would fade soon enough, the pain in her nipples was what made her move slowly to the freezer and drag the large block of ice out and dropped it into the large bucket on the floor. She smiled as each breath made her nipples scream with pain enjoying the small sharp pain the pins in the cups caused.

Linda looked at the coils of chain frozen into the large block of ice knowing she had many hours left before she could remove anything she had locked onto herself. Linda was exhausted so she struggled to her bedroom and lay back quickly falling asleep thinking about how she wished she had inserted a vibrator and could lock her hands behind her back. Linda slept warm and comfortable in her latex and leather until late the next afternoon having wonderful dreams about being lost in the warehouse while her nipples were poked and her pussy and ass were vibrated mercilessly while she struggled to find the correct door to her freedom and her desperately needed orgasm.

Linda awoke to the pain in her nipples being much worse, the aches in her feet and jaw had eased considerably but her nipples made her moan loudly as she struggled to her feet. Linda whined as she bent to stand and began the long walk to the freezer hoping she had slept long enough for the ice to have melted. Reaching the freezer she could see the chain was freed from the ice and her key was lying in the large pail now full of water. Linda fished the keys out of the pail and wriggled her way towards the kitchen unlocking her wrists along the way. Sitting down she unlocked the straps for the harness prying the large ball from her mouth smiling as she remembered thinking how the large the brightly colored ball was, and how it was so obvious dreaming about wearing it out in public and how much attention it would draw. The idea of wearing it in public had been why she had bought it and one of the reasons she loved wearing it.

Linda unlocked the cuffs and collar laying them on the table before eating some left over’s and drinking several glasses of water then unzipped the leather dress and wriggled out of it. Linda carried the dress to her closet hanging it up rubbing her bullet shaped breasts whining as they started throbbing again. Linda rubbed her latex skin moving the trapped fluids around smiling at the tickling sensation the fluids gave her. Linda removed the thin chain between her ankles and carefully worked the spandex leggings over her shoes and up her legs then dropped her large white t-shirt over her shoulders, the shirt was covered with paint splotches being her favorite shirt to paint in when not wearing the latex. Leaving the tall shoes on she walked downstairs to the bakery, the hallways were always filled with the wonderful aromas making her still feeling empty stomach growl. She knew the owner well and always smiled when he saw her coming down the stairs and yelled her name asking her what she wanted today.

Linda liked how he never asked about her strange attire even starting to treat her like she was a daughter making sure ate even leaving food outside her door when he hadn’t seen her in a few days. Linda took her bag of food and walked out into the bright sun, she no longer cared if people noticed her shiny jet black hands or the matching high collar sticking out of the stretched neck of the t-shirt. Linda wondered to the park a few blocks away relishing the heat increasing her perspiration and making the fluids move freely under the tight rubber. Linda sat at a picnic table and ate her breakfast watching the people moving around the play areas with their kids as her arousal grew from the sensations of the tight rubber and wearing it so boldly in public. Linda deciding she needed to bind and trap herself in the warehouse this evening to reward herself for working so hard. Linda could feel her pussy tingling as she finished her meal and began walking back to her loft listening to her high heels click on the sidewalk wishing she could rub her breasts under the large t-shirt.

Linda carefully walked up the steps to her loft, her mind lost in dreams of wondering around in total blackness helplessly bound while her nipples screamed in pain with her pussy and ass being mercilessly vibrated. She had already decided tonight would be the night she would start her adventure from the far side of the warehouse, this part had always been avoided due to the many support posts for the heavier roof above it. It also had many dips and waves in the uneven floor. She had wandered around in it with her eyes uncovered and almost fell several times walking on the uneven floor in her towering heels and now felt she needed the added difficulties to increase her sense of helplessness.

Linda removed the t-shirt and leggings deciding to wear the cat suit for tonight’s adventure wanting to change her shoes and add some more restriction before covering her eyes. Linda unlocked her shoes picking the seven inch stiletto heeled thigh high boots, one of her firmest girdles with garters straps and smaller breast cups to wear over the modified one she had worn earlier. The two latex hobble dresses hung in front of her as she stared at them trying to decide which one to wear grabbing both she said “Why not” and carried them to her dressing area. The wide steel cuffs were still on the table so she darted to the kitchen grabbing her keys and the cuffs dropping the keys into the melted water in the bucket and setting it in the freezer making sure she lined up the chain that was bolted to the floor with the slot that had been cut out of the freezers lip.

Linda knew it would take about four hours for the deep bucket to freeze solid planning on being completed with her challenge long before then if not she would have to wait for the ice to melt before she could remove any of her bonds or torments. Linda rushed back to her dressing room unzipping the crotch of the cat suit and relieving herself before lubing the vibrating plug and slowly working into herself moaning as it popped in place. The vibrator leapt into her damp pussy making her smile and moan as she felt it slide deep inside her. Linda slowly zipped the cat suit closed and sat purring in her tight rubber suit. Linda pulled the girdle with the pins in the cups up her legs and over her exposed nipples squeezing her breasts into the firm cups settling the crotch of it against her filled pussy and ass.

Linda worked the much tighter and heavier girdle up her legs and over the first one snapping the shoulder straps over the first girdle then pushed her feet into the boots. Linda loved these boots and the steep angle they forced her feet into often wearing them while she went out for her late night walks covered of course. Linda zipped up the boots lacing the tops tightly around her thighs then clipped the girdle’s garters to the boots guaranteeing that neither item would slip. Linda locked the wide cuffs around her ankles leaving the short chain locked between them even though it was much shorter than she normally used she was getting very aroused and wanted to hurry up and get started. Once her boots were locked together Linda began wriggling into the tight latex dresses grunting and cursing herself for locking her feet together too quickly. She was able to pull the first dress up and zip it closed still trying to ignore the pins already torturing her poor nipples.

The next dress was a heavier type of rubber and fought her less not getting snagged on her undergarments but forcing her to lift her chained feet up together to get them inside it then she had to struggle to stretch it up and over her rubber encased hips. She could already feel the two dresses pressing her legs together and almost stopped and took it back off. Once she had her arms through the long sleeves she loved the feeling of having some much pressure on her body so she zipped it up sealing herself in three layers of latex with two layers of old fashioned girdles. Linda quickly locked the wide steel collar around her neck having to squeeze it slightly to make it close over the three collars of rubber around her neck. Once Linda snapped it closed she tugged at it in a brief panic attack before feeling her pussy tingle at the thought she was now locked into the rubber.

Standing was difficult between the tight rubber and the sheer height of the shoes but she managed to stand and tried to take a step finding the two dresses definitely would make her moving much slower since she could barely step a few inches. Smiling again Linda grabbed her newest purchase, she had only worn it once waiting for a special night to try it out and hung it by its laces around her wrist. The cuffs were next one still having the short chain locked to it she closed them snuggly onto each wrist then wrapped the huge red ball gag straps around her head pulling each tight and locking them. The locks were unnecessary but she couldn’t help herself loving the added idea of being forced to wear the gag until she retrieved her keys.

Linda inspected herself in the long mirror admiring how the rubber smoothed out the lines of the tight girdles underneath them knowing the between the tight hems and the girdles the rubber dresses couldn’t ride or be pulled up very far. Linda quickly got into a rhythm as she learned to walk in the tight rubber snatching the remotes for the vibrators as she walked out of the room and into the warehouse. Immediately she felt the heat of the large room hit her smiling around the monster gag in her mouth and started shuffling as quickly as she could towards the back of the unlit room, she wouldn’t need lights in a moment she thought as she almost tripped over a large buckle in the floor.

Linda shuffled almost frantically for half an hour before deciding she had gone far enough and stopped to finish binding herself. Linda took the leather hood off her arm straightening out the laces before pulling it over her head. The new hood was a sensory deprivation hood made of heavy leather with thick pads over her eyes, mouth and ears and once laced tightly would block off all light and most sound from her. Linda had also liked how much she knew it also limited any noises she made once she was gagged and began lacing it tightly around her head.

Linda was panting through the single hole in the hood as she tucked the laces under the short collar attached to the hood then buckled it tightly above the wide steel one already around her throat thinking, “Next time I’ll leave the steel one off”. Linda groped around the base of the hood until she found the small lock dangling from the strap stroking her encased head making sure everything was ready before locking the collar closed. Linda stood gasping for air in the stifling heat giving her next actions some thought opting to complete her bondage before turning on the vibrators and heading back. Linda reached behind her back finding the chain slowly turning as she struggled to get the lock to capture the chain and d-ring and feeling it snap closed locking her hands behind her back. Linda kept turning to completely disorienting herself for a few moments then stopped and turned on the vibrators. Linda moaned loudly as the vibrators ramped up then slowly lowered to where she wanted them to stay but the higher vibrations had felt so good Linda changed her mind quickly turning them up then tossing the remote away from herself. It only took a minute for Linda to be gasping and whining while she shuffled slowly forwards with her hands flailing behind her back feeling the building orgasm getting nearer.

As Linda struggled to fight the orgasm already wishing she had left the vibrtors set much lower she continued to move herself a few inches at a time hopefully in a straight line teetering on the tall spiked heels of her boots. When the orgasm slammed though her body her spinning head made Linda feel as if she was falling and she shuffled faster as she tried to catch herself. Linda’s rubber covered body finally bumped into one of the posts crushing one tortured nipple then the other as she tried to move around the post making her scream into the hood as she stood gasping and shaking from the pleasure of the orgasm. It took Linda a long time to regain control of her restricted breathing while she tried to control her building panic attack and felt another orgasm begin to build right after the first one faded.

Linda was already concerned about her choices mumbling to herself “You wanted to make it more interesting” and started shuffling towards a wall hopefully. After another orgasm passed this one bigger than the last Linda still hadn’t found a wall and could already feel her body getting tired. Linda had no way to know she had headed almost straight back to where she had started and if she had kept going he would have ended up next to the door to her apartment. Linda felt as if she had been shuffling for hours deciding she must be going in circles and purposely veered to the right heading away from her goal. After another long walk and two more orgasm’s Linda was exhausted slumping to one side as she fought her bonds causing her to turn again to the right and was heading back into the dark corner of the warehouse she had covered her head in.

Linda shuffled slower as her body wanted to rest but her mind made her keep pushing one foot forward against the tight hem of the dresses, her hands no longer flailing behind her instead they just hung lifeless from her drooping shoulders. It took another hour and three more orgasms before the vibrtors stopped their relentless attacks on her sore pussy and ass making Linda whine loudly. Linda knew she had been wandering aimlessly for at least two to three hours and if she didn’t get back to her apartment soon she would be trapped in her rubber torture cell for another ten to twelve hours. Linda was about to lie down and take a nap when she bumped into something hard. After hitting several posts and almost falling off her tall heels from a few of the buckled floor boards she could only hope it was a wall and slowly slid to one side then the other before turning her back to it using her hands to verify it was actually a concrete wall.

Linda leaned against the cool concrete relieved she had finally found a wall knowing she had a fifty fifty chance of turning the correct way that would lead her to the sheetrock walls of her apartment. After resting Linda felt revived and turned to her right and began shuffling slowly bumping the wall with her shoulder to make sure she stayed near the wall. The exhausted woman drug her feet along the uneven floor feeling the aches and pains increasing the difficulty of moving her body making her whine under the tight leather hood as her jaw began to ache. Linda stopped twice to rest and feel the wall relieved each time she was still near the wall before stopping to rest and leaned back feeling something across her bound hands. She had leaned back to rest and suddenly felt the “wall” behind her moving. Linda couldn’t stop her momentum as the door she had leaned against opened dumping her outside the warehouse making her shuffle backwards as she desperately tried to not fall down.

Linda was losing the battle to stay upright when her shoulders slammed against the wall stopping her from falling but knocking what little air she had in her lungs out of her. Linda leaned against the wall gasping through the small hole in the hood whimpering as she tried to calm her breathing and figure out what had happened. When Linda could finally breathe normally she started rubbing the wall behind her feeling through the rubber on her hands the wall was different but not sheet rock or wood. Thinking while she groped the wall she remembered feeling something across her arms before the wall moved and started mummphing and whining as she realized she had pushed her way through one of the doors leading to the stair cases and was now outside not only her apartment but the warehouse as well!

Linda froze in fear, she knew that in any direction could be a staircase and a fall down them in her current condition could be fatal. She stood motionless gasping as she tried to think her way back into the warehouse recalling the layout of each of the stairwells trying to remember which direction she should go. Linda figured she was across the well from the door by the way she had been stopped by the wall hoping she could walk straight forward and find the door again. Linda slid her foot forward very slowly knowing that the stairs were the width of the small room and if she took one misstep she could easily fall. The anxiety was making Linda gasp as she moved very slowly wishing she had something to tell her if she was going straight or not. After what seemed like hours Linda felt something strange under her steep high heeled foot carefully sliding it over and back finding the edge of the stair well and pulling her foot back up finding the fear of falling down the steps made her shake and her body refuse to move further.

Linda stood shaking in fear for half an hour before she could force her foot to move again and slowly shuffled across the stair well bumping her breasts into the door whining loudly as the pins were driven into her tender nipples. Linda whined in relief leaning her head on the door waiting until she was sure she was correct before turning slowly and groping for the door handle. Linda had figured she was in the back stairwell since she hadn’t smelled the bakery below already knowing which way to go as soon as she made it through the door. Her flailing hands found the handle pulling and twisting on it as Linda’s desperation exploded making her yank and pull whining and grunting until she almost blacked out and slumped against the closed door.

Linda was almost in tears knowing if she couldn’t open the door she would have to sit down and scoot down the stairs to be able to go outside and hopefully get someone to help her. The best scenario would be one person finding her and helping but she knew that the police would probably be called and since her keys were frozen and she couldn’t explain what to do somebody would have to cut the cuffs and locks off her rubber encased body meaning even more people would be in on her secret. Linda was slowly getting control of her breathing when her hands felt something strange and she flexed them up wards realizing she hadn’t pressed the thumb knob down. Muffled grunts could be heard from the leather hood as Linda cursed herself for being so stupid and pushed the button walking away from the door pulling it open behind her.

Linda shuffled around the open door feeling it pushing against her back as she moved into the door frame relieved when she felt it click closed behind her. Linda knew exactly where she was at now turning towards her apartment and shuffling directly to the wall then to her door. Linda felt much better knowing she was safe in her apartment and closed her door reaching up and locking it before shuffling as quickly as she could to the freezer. Opening the freezer was difficult with her hands chained behind her back but after a few grunts and whines the freezer popped open and she started pulling the chain feeling the heavy bucket attached figuring quickly she was too late and would now be trapped inside her latex and leather prison for another half day at least.

Linda dropped the frozen bucket onto the floor struggling to close the freezer again thinking “Why not?” as she slammed it from the back. Linda was dejected, exhausted and now extremely frustrated wanting to be free from her ordeal as she walked slowly to her bedroom crawling on her bed rolling onto her side falling asleep immediately. Linda was awakened several times though out the long wait for the ice to melt, once by her body rolling onto her nipples screaming as she had rolled onto them the other from her body struggling to get enough air both times deciding to check the bucket each time returning reluctantly to her bed struggling with her bonds until she got light headed. Awaking again Linda was in a lot of pain from her encased body, each part of it hurting due to either the tight rubber or steel restraints holding her captive. Linda wined while she struggled in her bonds finding nothing had loosened or been magically removed settling down not wanting to make the long trip to the bucket for nothing again and found a position that didn’t hurt as badly and feel asleep again.

Linda struggled to her freezer kneeling near the bucket finding the bucket had completely melted retrieving her keys standing on her knees next to the bucket. Linda removed the lock connecting her wrists then fought the small locks holding the thick leather hood on so tight. Linda gasped as she peeled the hood from her face and head quickly unlocking the gag and pulling it out of her aching mouth relived to be able to see and breathe freely again. Fighting to her aching feet she shuffled to her dressing area again removing each piece of gear and latex before running a hot bath and submerging her sore body looking at the small clock and adding up the time thinking she had been bound for twelve hours. Linda had not realized she had actually been bound and encased for over twenty four hours. As she lay soaking her sore body and removing the plug from her sore ass she thought about her adventure and began planning her next one using even more restraints, “Maybe I’ll chain my cuffs to the belt and wear two cat suits under the dresses.

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