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Obstacle Course

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2012 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; rope; cuffs; hood; insects; bites; irritant; true; cons; X

The obstacle course

My plan was to expose as much naked flesh as possible to the biting flies, mosquitoes, and any other insects for as long as it would take to get my escape completed.

So first, the course:

I took my hemp rope out to the backyard, to the trees. I tied one end to a small tree, ran it to a larger, second tree, then knotted it around the bottom of the trunk. I walked about 50 or 60 feet to a Box Elder tree, wrapped the rope around the trunk, knotted it, and tied it to another tree off to the side. This will be my track. Once in position, I would not be able to untie the rope, and release myself. I had taken two 6 foot 2x6's, notched both on the ends with a 2 inch by 3 foot "slot". I had also rigged a spring release to each of the slots to keep my legs in place, once I passed those springs. This notch will hold my ankles in place once I make it to the tree. I brought those boards out to the Box elder. I nailed them on edge to the trunk, got onto my knees, spreading my thighs, and marked about where my ankles would be.

I marked the spots, then staked the loose ends closer together, creating a "V". This would be my release spot. I added a 2x12 board as a shelf. I had notched the board with an 8 inch by 4 inch cut in the middle of it. This would hold my neck, and will make me raise my arms up to get to the release rope. I bolted an eye bolt into the tree at about throat level. I took the keyring holding my handcuff key, locked to a steel ring I had bought before, and then tied a nylon rope to the ring. I threw the rope over a branch about 8 feet from the ground, brought it back down to the eye bolt, threaded it through the eye, and started tying simple knots. I tied about 35-40 knots before I was done. To make sure I would be able to get to my key, I had tied a piece of twine to the key ring. I tied the loose end of that to the threads of the eye bolt.

I had taken four lengths of small steel rods, and bent them into "U" shapes. I spaced each of these from the first tree about every 10 feet, and pounded them into the ground, holding the hemp rope down. I had purchased a package of "octenol" bars. These are used to refill the electric bug-zappers, and actually attract insects to the zapper. I tossed two of the bars between the 2x6 boards. There was my course.

Next, I went to work on my bindings.

I had an old closet pole that I had cut down to about 18 inches. I put small eye bolts into each end, and clipped my ankle straps to the ends. I have 2 dog collars that fit perfectly around my thighs. I tied a piece of rope through the "D" ring of one, and knelt on the floor, over two other 2x6's to get the length right. The length of this rope was to keep me held to the ground, but still allow me to move my knees, but not allowing me to move once I make it to my release spot. Once I had the measurement, I cut the rope, and knotted it to the other collar. Lastly, I lock my cuffs to the collar I will use around my neck. All of my equipment is put into a tan colored pillow case. This case will be used to cover my head.

My trek:

It was a hot muggy Friday. I had worked all day in anticipation of my plan for the evening. It was harder than hell to keep my mind on business, and finally the day ended.

I got home, downed a beer, and took a pull on my bottle of Jack. I know the warnings of self bondage and liquor, but I had no intention of getting anywhere near drunk. It simply takes the edge off of the day.

I put the rest of the six pack into a small cooler, and changed into more appropriate clothes. I chose a simple "wife-beater" shirt, and a pair of light cotton trunks. I had to wait a while until the sun started to set. That's when the mosquitoes come out to feed.

I waited until about 7:30, grabbed my cooler, my bottle of Jack, and pillowcase, and went out to my starting point. I took one beer out of the cooler, and walked the rest down to the Box Elder tree. I could tell already that the insects were in full hunger mode. They were biting my exposed skin as I walked, and I needed to keep swatting them as I made it to the tree. I set the cooler down behind the tree, took a long pull of Jack, lit a cigarette, and tossed them and the lighter down beside the cooler.

I returned to the pine tree, and sat down beside it. I took my shirt off, opened the pillow case, and removed my collar- locking it in place. I stripped off the shorts, leaving only my tennis shoes on, and locked my ankles to the closet pole. I finished the beer, and crawled over to the rope on the ground. I put my ankles on either side of the rope, locked the collar to my right thigh, ran THAT rope under the hemp rope, and locked onto the other thigh. I took the last drag off the cigarette, smashed it out on the ground, and grabbed the pillow case. I double checked my path, saw that it was clear, and put the case over my head. Then slowly locked my left wrist into the cuffs, took a breath, and repeated that with my right. Now, I need to make my way down to the Box Elder, The length of the rope between my knees makes it relatively easy to do this, but with my ankles holding rope behind me tightly to the ground, there is really no way for me to get off my knees. This is just as I had planned. So far, so good.

Pretty much as soon as I had taken my shirt off, the insects found me. Now, totally naked, they had their feast in front of them for the taking. I felt them in various places not familiar with their bites. They were all over me. I could still swat them by slapping my thighs together, and moving my arms side to side, but even THAT protection will be gone at the Box Elder.

I started my way down the rope. I was already sweating, and I'm sure that added to the attraction of the insects.

After a few steps I found the first anchor holding the rope down. I backed up a bit, and lowered my torso down to the ground. This was a bit humiliating, having my ass stuck up into the air like that. But the humiliation was small compared to the insects finding the new, fresh meat to gorge on. They took their fill from places next to and around my asshole, over my ball sac, and up and down my cock. My ass cheeks were already covered with the little bites, and had gotten somewhat used to it. But the area that had been underneath me while I walked was fresh, untouched skin, and I shook as the insects bit into me.

I yanked the anchor out of the ground as fast as I could, and raised back up, slapping my thighs together to get them fuckers off me. I felt not one, but two flies take a bite out of my ankles. These little pricks are persist, mosquitoes are skittish,and will fly off with very little motion normally. Flies hold on, unless you swat at them. That option was not one I had, so they took their time taking THEIR fill.

I made my way to the second anchor. This time, I decided to lower myself down, then squat my ass down, pushing my cock and balls into the grass. That protected them by my ass once, once again attacked with hundreds of bites.

I raised back to to go on, then felt the double-pronged pain of a deer fly right on the under curve of my right ass cheek. If flies are persist, deer flies make THEM seem skittish. They do NOT let go until they are full. You, literally have to kill them to get them off. Suddenly, I felt a second one on my left ass cheek about half way up. These stopped me in my tracks for awhile. The intense pain from their two prongs dig deep into the flesh, and burn for minutes. Finally, they were done, and I could carry on.

At the third anchor, I miscalculated the distance that I need to back up. I ended up about 10 inches behind the anchor, and had to crawl those few inches opening my skin between my ass and balls once again to the insects. I yanked that one up as quick as I could, and felt some satisfaction of killing those things that hung to my thighs as I slapped them together.

Now, the last anchor, and my release.

I made the anchor, pulled it out of the ground, and started into my wooden area. I felt the "V" and opened my thighs to make it around the boards. I kept opening them as I made my way up the "V". I felt like the old commercial on TV where the man reached into a glass box filled with mosquitoes. My skin felt completely covered. I worked my ankles into the slots cut in the 2x6, and heard then snap of the springs. Now I was held in place. I lifted my arms, found the shelf I had made, and discovered another miscalculation. My plan was to be closer to the tree once I made it to this point. But, I was going to have to lean INTO the tree to reach to eye bolt. By doing this, My cock and balls were going to be dangling down from gravity. The skin between my legs was already on fire, and having my cock hanging out completely bare was going to open the entire shaft to the bites. If I had been closer, I could have been able to shake it and at least the underside would be protected. Well, THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!. So I gave in, I was ready for this ordeal to end, and chose to just go for the end.

I got my arms up onto the shelf. Now my underarms, chest and nipples were open for feasting.

More of the mosquitoes joined and flies came along. They had moved up from my ankles, and were now feasting on my thighs. One or two deer flies got to my stomach, and public hair area.

I finally began untying the knots. This kind of release gets more difficult as you go. At first, the loose end of the rope is only inches long. As you untie more knots, the loose end lengthens.

Now my skin felt covered with insects. My cock was getting bitten the entire shaft, as well as the head itself. They had taken bites from my asshole too, and not an inch of skin, other than my head did not itch like hell. With my arms up, my pits, chest, and especially the nipples were attacked. Maybe it was the darker color of the nipples that attracted them. Their climbing over my skin was getting to me, and my cock started to stiffen. Dread filled me, knowing that that meant More blood was filling it, and the mosquitoes were going to smell that. I was right. My entire shaft felt covered all at once. Pain was shooting from base to head, and covered the head as well. I had to get out of this... NOW!

I had untied most of the knots, but had probably 10 or so to go. The rope had grown to about 5 feet of loose end, and would twist and catch when I tired to pull it through the next knot. That was maddening.

FINALLY- the last one. I heard the key fall onto the shelf, grabbed for it, and unlocked my wrists. Believe it or not, the first thing I did was reach down to those bars, and pitch them as far as I could. I knew it wasn't going to help much, but at least it would keep more from being attracted to me.

Next, I swatted as many off my crotch, and ass, unlocked my ankles, and thighs and rolled off to the side of the tree. I pulled the pillow case off my nead, rubbed my entire body into the cool grass, and felt some relef from the itch.

I rolled around to the back of the tree, laid on my stomach to protect my cock and balls, figuring my ass would be given to the insects instead. And the grass felt great on my hard-on. I took a cigarette out, lit it, opened a beer, and grabbed ahold of Jack.

Sipping whiskey, my ass. I chugged a burning throat full, and cooled it down with the beer.

I was cooling off now, and feeling my ass continually being bitten NOW, was a bit of a turn on, so I laid there for 2 or 3 more smokes, before I went inside to clean off. I left everything I had built where it was to be removed later.

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