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Oh Shit!

by Tiffini

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Storycodes: Sbf; chain; cuffs; leg-irons; ballgag; lockbox; heels; stuck; orgasm; M/f; D/s; bond; basement; punish; hood; sendep; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

Oh Shit Tiffini Sbf; chain; cuffs; leg-irons; ballgag; lockbox; heels; stuck; orgasm; M/f; D/s; bond; basement; punish; hood; sendep; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

I've been wanting to write some more for this site, but haven't had any fantasies "stick out" in my mind like my previous stories. This time, it may not be as well written, or as long as my previous stories - but this one is true.

It was a Wednesday evening - my hubs is flying out on a business trip to come back on Saturday. I realize how stressed I'm feeling, and that I really need a stress releaver - so what do I turn to - good old handcuffs & chains. Little did I know that this time would end up teaching me a lesson.

I thought while on my way home from work about how I'd like to chain up. I decided I wanted to wear next to nothing - just my bra and panties. I decided I wanted to use my waist chain, cuffs & lock box. I go down into the basement, and pull out of our toy bag our waist chain, handcuffs with cuff box, leg irons ball gag & a few padlocks. I go back upstairs and strip down. I take the handcuff keys and lock them in our K-Safe. (for those of you who don't know, a K safe is a plastic box with a locking lid. You set the timer, and 5 seconds it locks for however long you set it to).

I went easy and just chose an hour. I didn't lock it yet. I wrapped the waist chain around my waist good and tight. I put the loop through the lock box, and looped the chain back through, and locked the end of the chain behind me. I put the leg irons on and double lock them. I then lock the k-safe. I then put a pair of 6" heels on, which have an ankle strap - so I can't remove them without being able to reach them. I sit down on the couch and turn on a TV show, put my feet up, and then cuff myself in front.

I start watching TV and then have an "Oh Shit" moment. I realize I hadn't thought this through, and have no way to reach the padlock which will release me. I start to panic. I try to stand up, but can't get the leg rest down. I realize just how wet my panties are geting at this point. I start to think how I'm going to get out of this. I can't stay like this for days on end. I'd get in so much trouble from my hubs for chaining up without him around. I calm myself, and end up sliding over to the next seat on the couch, and slide down to my knees. The little bit of pressure brought me to a hell of a mind blowing orgasm.

Once I stop seeing stars, I manage to get to my feet. "ok", I thought "what now? How can I get out of this?"

I remember I have a pair of bolt cutters down in the basement. The stairs to our basement are wooden, and very steep. I realize that unless I call the cops, I have no choice but to go downstairs and hope I don't fall. I realize how good of a chance of hurting myself I have, I'm so unsteady on tall heels. I don't have a choice though. I make my way to the basement door, and open it. I turned the light switch on using my nose. I look at the stairs - they have never looked as long or as steep. I take a deep breath and start downstairs.

One step, stop, breathe... another step, stop, breathe. I finally make it to the bottom and get to the bolt cutters. Another problem. I can open the bolt cutters with my cuffed hands - but can't get enough pressure to cut the chain. I start crying.. the feeling of now being able to get out brought me to yet another mind blowing orgasm.

Once I'm able to think again, I make my way over to the wall, and put the bolt cutters between the wall and my thigh. It takes a few minutes, but I finally hear the snap. I hold onto the bolt cutters, and start shaking, trying to release the chain. I can't get it off. Stopping and looking at it I realize I need to cut the other side of the link. I manage to cut it, and am so relieved when I hear the waist chain hit the floor. I make my way to the toolbox, and manage to get a screwdriver to pry off the lock box. I'm finally able to somewhat move!

So happy. I head back upstairs slowly - but thankful to be able to hold onto the railing. I make my way back to the living room, and look at the K-safe. I have another 30 minutes before I'm able to unlock. I sit back down on the couch and watch the rest of the show. I finally hear the K-box unlock, I stand up and get over to it, get the key, and relase my hands. Then I'm finally able to unlock the ball gag, and take it out. My jaw hurts like crazy. I sit down and unlock my leg irons, and finaly take the heels off. A lesson learned - they say "measure twice, cut once"..

In my mind it's now "think twice, lock once"

* * * *

My husband finally gets home on Saturday. I know I have to tell him about what happened. I make him a good meal, making sure to cook his favourite foods. I dress up how he likes, wearing a tight short skirt and a tight white sleeveless top with a bright pink bra. He knows something's up.

After dinner, we sit down in the living room, and I tell him all about what happened. He's happy that I'm safe and didn't have to call someone to let me out. Yet he's disappointed in me that I broke our rule about not chaining up without letting the other know - and he's very sad that I had to cut our waist chain. I managed to fix it - I got a replacement link and put the chain back together. I can't get it back apart, I used 2 pairs of pliers and tightened that replacement link tight - no way it can be undone without tools.

He tells me to get the same clothing on that I had when I chained myself without him. I strip down to my bra and panties, and put the 6" heels back in. He tells me to put my hands on my head. As I do that I feel him wrapping the waist chain around my waist, and feel the cuffs and the cuffbox behind me. Next thing I know he's cuffed me, palms out, with the cuffs firmly chained to the small of my back. He leads me down to the basement. He has me stand against the concrete wall, that we've attached rings to. My legs are spread wide, and chained to the rings.

He puts a coin against the wall, and tells me to hold it against the wall with my nose. I know better than to let the coin fall. Last time that happened I was nose to the wall for a few hours. I hate that punishment. Then he goes upstairs, and turns out the light. Leaving me, pretty much naked, handcuffed, chained to the wall, holding a damn coin with my nose. I'm pretty miserable by now. Yet I'm very aroused.

He comes back down what feels like hours later (although he tells me it was only 20 minutes.) He takes the coin, and releases my legs. It feels so good to be able to close them. He takes our hood, and puts it over my head - tying it tightly, and then padlocking the collar around my neck. I can't see a thing, and I can barely hear anything. Talk about sens dep. he pushes me down to my knees, and then I feel his cock pushing against my lips. He grabs the back of my head and forces me to deep throat him. It doesn't take long before I feel him start quivering and the muscles start flexing. Then the unmistakable taste of his cum flowing down my throat.

He pulls himself out and pushes the ball gag in, locking it tightly behind my head. He pushes me down onto my stomach flat on the floor. He drags me back over to the wall by my feet. He spreads my legs, and locks them to the rings. I feel him start rubbing my backside - I know what's coming. Starting lightly, he gives me a good spanking, getting harder and harder, going from cheek to cheek, upper cheek to lower cheek and upper thigh. Then he stops. He rubs my sore backside, calming me down.

I feel him put the wireless doorbell button in my hand, and then feel the string being tied around my wrist. I know he's going to leave me, going to abandon me for a while. He kneels down and tells me (quite loudly so I can hear him) "It's 10 o'clock - I'm going to bed - see you when I get up at 4"

I scream out behind the ball gag, and struggle, shaking my head no. I know it won't do any good, but I really don't want 6 more hours of this. Then nothing...

I know he's no where around. Yes, I can press the safety button, but if it's not very important, I know my ass will hurt more from the caning I'll receive. So I just lay there. trying to get comfortable(ish).. not having any luck though. The minutes go by VERY slowly. I think I managed to fall asleep for a while.

Next thing I know I feel him unlocking my legs, and helps me stretch and move them again. He helps me to my feet. He leads me over to his workbench, and bends me over it. My panties are pulled to the side and he fucks me from behind - hard and fast. Yes, we both came... hard.

He takes the gag off - then the hood off. He takes the cuffs and waist chain off. He helps my tired, sore, weak body over to the bed, he lays me down, covers me up, and lays down beside me, holding me close, loving on me. After we both wake up, He thanks me for being so loving, and so accepting. and I thank him for his love, and for his disclipine. No way will I ever chain up again without him being close by.

This was very intense.. I understand - This type of lifestyle, this type of punishment, our dynamic isn't for everyone. If it's not for you - that's OK. If it's what you enjoy, that's OK too. To each their own - don't hate - nothing stopping you from flipping to another story.

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