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Origins of a SB life

by Legs

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story continued from part one

ORIGINS - phase two

As I became more comfortable with the realization that I liked bondage I became more adventurous with my experimentation. I found web sites that gave me plenty of ideas for self bondage and some in case I ever found a partner. I created a notebook of ideas that excited me and wrote notes in hopes of one day trying them and actually finding out if I did like them.

I also began buying equipment. Most of it came from a hardware store, but some were “made for” bondage. I quickly realized that my part time job did not pay near enough to obtain the equipment I wanted. Although my family had money, for this, I needed to have my own money.

I found a house/child sitting opportunity. The parents were to be gone for a month. The grandmother was going to watch them for two weeks, but they needed someone for the other weeks. I really sold myself and got the job. Actually, I think I was the only person who would take it.

I would be watching three girls, twin sisters and a friend. The one sister [Abby] and friend [Gin] were a bit strong willed, assertive and mature for their age. The other sister [Beth] was more reserved and gentle. However, during my stay we all got along and all three obeyed and were helpful. As it turned out they were extremely helpful with the source material that makes writing this story possible.

The house sat on a ten acre lot and had a huge yard with woods surrounding it. At the far end of the yard cut into the woods was a picnic clearing. There were several paths from the yard through the woods to the clearing and paths deeper into the woods. In the clearing there was a gazebo, a couple picnic tables and two arches that looked like E’s turned ends down. They held swings for children and adults, but the swings were not up at that time.

On Tuesday the girls were to go with other friends to an amusement & water park and return Thursday night. I would have three days alone. So while they were out with friends I took the opportunity to rush home and grab my equipment. I took care of all my chores the night before they were leaving. As soon as they left I brought my equipment inside and picked out some bits and pieces I was brave enough to try.

I donned a bikini and went to the picnic area. I was so nervous I could hardly walk. However, I enjoyed the day getting more and more brave and skilled until I could tie myself in positions that made me struggle to gain my freedom. By late afternoon I was mentally and physically drained.

Again, I took care of responsibilities so the next day would be totally mine. While doing the chores I was mentally planning my adventure. I was more relaxed that day and left my toys laid out on the bed as well as on a picnic table. Still a bit nervous I tried a couple of light ties in my bikini and then decided it was time to seriously test my ambitions.

To push myself to play naked I removed my bikini and placed it where a path met the yard. I was then about one hundred feet from any form of covering or protection. It was extremely exciting just walking back to the picnic area naked. I could hardly breath as I began to tie myself.

I was in a simple tie of hands behind my back and ankles bound together. When I turned to hop to the picnic table I froze in shock and shame. With eyes wide in stunned disbelief, there standing before me were the three girls. For a long time we just stared at one another.

Finally, I tried to say something, but just a couple strange noises came out as I was so stunned and unable to find words. They went to the picnic table and examined my equipment and had an intense discussion often looking my way. This was the first of several arguments until Beth decided not to participate. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they eventually came over to me each with a whip or crop in hand.

They made statements about my love of bondage and pain and pledged to fulfill my dreams. At that time I might have agreed with their assessment of me loving bondage, but I wasn’t at all sure about the pain component and had no clue about the dreams comment. Gin forcefully asked if I wanted my desires fulfilled. I was kind of in shock and confused as I stood there naked and bound and the result was; I didn’t say anything in response.

It was at that point, I believe, that I gave them tacit permission to do what they did to me. I didn’t really mean to do so, but it worked out okay in the end. My not refuting their premise about my desires, not demanding to be untied and not complaining about their treatment of me undoubtedly reinforced the idea of permission. I think subconsciously they took all that to mean I was okay with being their captive and they had permission to treat me as such. After taking the opportunity to review the situation, I also believe, that subconsciously, it meant I in fact was okay with being a captive.

They stared at one another for several seconds, like, what do we do now and then Abby & Gin struck me with a whip and crop. Their strikes were aimed at my butt and legs and the blows were not very forceful. The magazine cover came into my mind and I was that tormented woman.

My thought was, this is not that bad, maybe I can see where this is going and use it as an opportunity to learn more about my desires, likes and dislikes connected to bondage. After a few minutes they stopped and ordered me to fix them some lunch. I gave them a questioning look and their response was, “that’s your job so get going slave girl!”

As I hopped through the yard toward the house I became more and more embarrassed as I was now out in the open and thinking I could be seen. It would have been impossible, but at that point my thinking was not very rational.

The girls lagged behind and I could hear more edgy discussion, but not what it was about. I was too busy trying to get my naked bound self to the house.

Upon reaching the house I had to sit and bump my butt up the steps to the porch then struggle to stand so I could go into the kitchen. As difficult and embarrassing as that journey was, I recognized the excitement it created in me and how satisfied I was with my physical effort while bound. I remember thinking, “I should not be this happy about what’s happening to me.” It was the first of many times I wondered about my sanity.

For the next, approximately thirty hours, they tormented me in ways I would attribute to adult sadist not young teen girls. However, the real issue was, why was I willingly going along with it. What follows is a synopsis of the torments I suffered.

Returning to the picnic area they tied me spread eagle between two post and whipped me with crop and whip. At first the blows were light and aimed mostly at my butt, legs and torso. I remember at one point thinking I’d actually be agreeable to a more stern test. After all, needing to decide if my bondage desires were genuine I thought I would take that opportunity to learn. To my surprise and approval, their efforts became more concerted.

I was whipped between my legs and on my breast with a force beyond which I thought they were not capable. I pulled hard on the ropes holding my limbs spread wide, but there was no give. I yelped and moaned, but uttered no complaints or a desire for them to stop. Here again, I believe my reaction, or lack thereof to their assault on my breast and pussy provided unstated permission on my part, because after they had another discussion their strikes became far more forceful.

I once again doubted my sanity and thought of calling it off or trying at least. Because as my breast and pussy were struck again and again I remember thinking, surely a teenage girl should not be okay with what is happening here. However, there was a powerful feeling of excitement and fulfillment that permeated my being. I was making strange noises, my body shuddered and involuntarily jerked on the ropes that bound me, but the thought of complaining or demanding they stop never materialized.

I was untied and my hands retied behind my back and my feet were secured to a spreader. I was surprised that the ropes were so well tied, tight and secure. They blindfolded me and tied me in a bent over position by securing my neck to the spreader. I had always been very conscience and embarrassed by my large prominent vulva and now it was shamefully displayed between my legs.

My breast were not large, 32B at the time, but their shape enabled them to hang from my chest clearly vulnerable for whatever evil was planned for them and evil they did suffer.

I had placed a couple sets of clover clamps on the picnic table with heavy weights attached. My plan was to select what weights to use with the clamps. My guess was, they assumed they were to be used the way they found them and snapped them onto my nipples.

I say “snapped” because they opened the clamps wide aligning the pads on either side of my firm nipples and just let go, allowing the clamp to slam closed in the middle of the nipple. That, of course caused some vicious pain as four pounds of weight suddenly dragged each of my tender nipples, with breast, toward the ground. The shock and weight almost toppled me.

In that position I was led to a new location. The walk was awkward, embarrassing and painful as any movement caused the weights to swing and bounce, yanking my tender nipples all directions. My defenseless, openly displayed pussy was whipped and cropped. My arms were tied strappado style semi suspending me. The difficult position caused pain in my shoulders and severely stretched my nipples and breast.

I noticed the girls kept running off for short periods just before changing my situation. After one such time Beth no longer participated. Only Abby and Gin participated, but that was plenty!

I wasn’t overjoyed with the embarrassment and pain, although it had its thrilling moments. However, I really did want to discover why I was so powerfully drawn to this dark alternative behavior. I kept thinking about that magazine cover and the resolve in that woman‘s eyes. So as difficult as it was, I resolved to discover if I was serious about bondage or I would leave it alone.

Today, I feel very fortunate, thankful and delighted I allowed myself to have that experience.

I was untied and moved again. Standing caused the heavy weights to pull the clamps deep into the soft flesh of my breast almost disappearing. My nipples were still in pain, but not as much as when bent over. A rope around my neck served as a leash and I was led into the yard.

Having to waddle due to the wide spreader made the weights swing so that my nipples were constantly being jerked about as the clamps scraped back and forth across my breast. In the yard they had me half squat and tied a cord from a peg in the ground to the chain of the nipple clamps so that I couldn’t stand up straight. To deter kneeling they told me boards with nails covered the ground. A board with nails was pushed against my butt to prove it.

They told me to stand when I wanted the clamps off or didn’t want to fall on the nails. I withstood the embarrassment of being spread wide open and the agony in my thighs and nipples as long as I possibly could. I was determined to put my desire for bondage and my physical pride to the test, but eventually had to make a choice.

With the last ounce of strength in my legs I pushed upward ripping the clamps from my nipples. I screamed, believing I’d ripped my nipples off. After the acute pain subsided slightly, a different agony began as blood rushed back into my tortured nipples. I must have looked seriously crazy or ridiculously silly as I tossed my head and breast to and fro trying to mitigate the pain that consumed my chest. Soon, a dull ache and extreme tenderness became the constant companion of my tortured nipples.

I was eventually assured my nipples were still attached as the two girls pulled, pinched and twisted them and even smacked them with a crop. That pain was incredible! However, I thought afterwards about how exciting it was to be tormented while being that helpless. And once again I had to deal with the “girl, you are genuinely crazy” demons.

The girls had left me alone and I had forgotten the nail boards and being weak in the legs fell to the ground. About half way down I remembered and screamed, but nothing but soft grass met my tortured naked flesh. Evil little liars!, I thought. The grass felt really good against my sensitive nakedness. Almost like a reward. That thought influenced many future SB situations.

When feeding me supper they put it on the ground. Blindfolded, I had to nuzzle around in the grass to find it. It was awkward, difficult, humiliating and exhilarating with my bare butt in the air, legs spread displaying my pussy, breast hanging down with my tender nipples stroking the cool grass and an overall feeling of, don‘t I look silly. I felt like an animal foraging for their food. Finally the hotdog and chips were found and they were literally on the ground, in the grass!

After eating I was led back to the picnic area where I was stretched between two poles lying on the ground . Hands secured to one and feet to the other for the night.

As they were saying good night they asked if I was okay and did I want in the house. Again I didn’t know how to respond. I was in a quandary. The day had been seriously difficult and my body was extremely tender. Yet, there was this desire to push myself, to discover, to know! There was also a feeling of fulfillment, a mysterious pleasure, a feeling of “rightness.” Those feelings were mixed with; girl!! you’re and idiot and indeed crazy. I was grievously befuddled.

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I somehow conveyed that I was okay with being their captive. I didn’t understand their response; “well then slave, that leaves us no choice, but to sure you get what you want.”

That night, a most degrading incident took place. And I’m ashamed to say, one that was also quite exhilarating from a mental aspect. I was awakened by my stomach growling and gurgling. I thought it was gas from eating grass earlier, but to my surprise it was much more.

I absolutely and profoundly experienced my captivity in that moment. Lying naked, helplessly bound degrading myself by losing bodily control and covering myself in my own waste. The feeling of humiliation was beyond describable. However, I came to appreciate it as a real experience of a captive and so it was also very exhilarating as I surrendered completely to the circumstances in which I found myself. It made me profoundly aware of my deep dark secret hidden desires to be “captive.”

It was absolute embarrassment. Degrading in the greatest sense! I was mortified! Yet, there was not one teeny tiny thing I could do to alter or rectify the situation and that was the thrilling part. Even that night I was aware it was going to have an impact concerning my bondage experience. Although it took some time to truly appreciate that event.

The next morning I was hosed off and fed. With hands behind my back my breakfast of syrup covered pancakes, eggs and bacon was again eaten in the grass. Although I could now see, breakfast still included some grass and much humiliation. A thin coat of breakfast and grass blend covered my face and mixed into my hair.

After breakfast I was led into the woods where I was placed face first against a tree. My hands were tied separately stretched out on either side of the tree. Tied off to other trees so my arms remained outstretched as though I were hugging the tree. My legs were then tied similar to my arms. A limb about three or four inches in diameter was pushed between my legs and braced against the tree in a way that forced me to ride it. Its hard roughness pressed firmly against my pussy and scraped my tender sex with any movement.

I wondered then as I had throughout my ordeal, how such young girls could concoct so many ways to torment someone. Especially a girls intimate bits. However, I was too caught up in the experience and much too busy coping with all the emotions of captivity to give it much thought. Evaluating the experience and coping is what took up most of my time.

The ropes were adjusted so that my breast were just barely pushing into the tree. My nipples were in constant contact as well as my pussy against the limb. I wondered what torment they had in mind for me and I didn’t wait long to find out.

They either used the crop, whip or sharp stick to strike and poke my defenseless nakedness causing me to jerk away from the point of attack. This in turn either caused my breast and nipples to be scraped by the rough bark of the tree or my pussy to be mashed and scratched by the limb between my legs.

When finally released from that torment it felt as though my breast, especially the nipples, and my pussy had been rubbed raw with course sandpaper. My arms were again tied behind my back with a longer rope. My hands were pulled up to the small of my back and the running ends of the rope were wrapped around my stomach, cutting deep into my soft flesh and knotted at the front. This held my wrist securely against the small of my back. My legs were again tied to the spreader.

I was led through the woods by a leash connected to my neck. Due to the terrain, every movement was challenging and painful. When we stopped I was made to drop to my knees.

I was then blindfolded again and clamps were attached to my nipples. I was shoved from behind, causing me to fall breast and face first into the debris covered ground. There were sticks and rocks poking me from my knees to my head. With my skin being so tender and sensitive from the whippings and tree torment that the poking torment was almost unbearable. Each movement to avoid a pain only served to create more.

Then they did a most vile thing. They tickled me! I was squirming all over the place and even in the midst of tremendous pain was laughing hysterically. When they finally stopped I lay there exhausted and aching all over. The girls knelt beside me and said, “We’re sorry, but hope we gave you everything you wanted. See you at the house for dinner.”

Their words again confused me, but I had a more pressing matter; getting up and getting to the house. Getting up with legs spread wide was an enormous struggle. In doing so I had to mash my breast into the ground, rub my face in the dirt and strain every muscle to reach my knees.

After reaching my knees and scraping the blindfold off, I took inventory. My entire body was red with welts and scratches. My hair was full of syrup, dirt, grass, leaves and sticks. I wanted to rest, but I wanted food and water more as it then hit me, I hadn’t eaten in a while.

Getting out of the woods was difficult and as I struggled to the house I contemplated their final words. It made no sense. As I considered the different things done to me it hit me like a tip of a bull whip right on the nip.

They found my notebook full of pictures and thoughts about positions and ideas I wanted to try some day. However, because of how I wrote my notes they took it as things I liked and wanted done to me. Things they must have thought I was trying on myself when they discovered me. I knew then why they used the words tight tie and pain, in the beginning. Well, as it turns out… they were actually correct. Thanks to them taking my notes the way they did, it facilitated and accelerated my learning a great deal about bondage and myself.

When I finally did make it back to the house I was untied and clamps removed. After a shower, a very long shower, I fixed dinner, naked. I couldn’t put clothes on for two days. I assured the girls I was fine and okay with everything they did. We did however, make a pact never to speak of it ever and as far as I know, no one ever has. That is, until now.

Of course, many of the insights listed did not come to me during the experience. It was weeks later that I truly began to understand my desires and be genuinely comfortable with what I permitted to happen. Although I had pretty much decided I wanted to somehow be engaged in bondage activity I was terrified most of the time. And, although accepting of the situation and all that occurred, it was traumatizing. It took several months to sort things out in my head. I wrestled with and sometimes still do, the idea of sanity and the question why, but have essentially accepted who I am and what brings me pleasure and satisfaction.

Being bound helplessly naked and at times blindfolded while tormented was terrifying and yet thrilling. I was in a constant state of arousal, like there was a strong pulse of electricity coursing continually over and through my body. That experience truly established my desire to experience captivity and solidified my attitude toward bondage. I guess the scariest or most unsettling thing to come out of that experience was to realize how much I enjoyed pain. Well, not really enjoy, rather tolerate and feel fulfilled and pleased, even thrilled, with the accomplishment.

The two girls admitted to having a very difficult time doing what they did, but believed they were being good to me. It really bothered them, but we discussed it for many hours and I did everything I could to relieve any guilt and make them believe they were good to me and did right. And yes, I do thank them, as it probably saved me months of experimenting to gain the same knowledge about bondage and myself that I did in two days.

And OH!! I almost forgot. I made really good money from the contract and really, really great money from a tip given on the girl’s recommendation. So based on the satisfaction and joy of my bondage life today, I’d say that experience was well worth the suffering.

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