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Old Baldy

by Soloist

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© Copyright 2002 - Soloist - Used by permission

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Old Baldy 
by Soloist 

When you are in bondage, there is no such thing as unbearable

The man was spread eagled on his bed.  The penis vibrator with the velcro pouch contained his cockhead while it did a slow dance.  As it had been doing for the past three hours. 

The afternoon had started out nicely.  First he put on his hood with its gag in place.  After setting the timers, he slowly set his bonds, first securing his ankle cuffs to the snap hooks on the rope across the foot of the bed.  He worked slow, savoring the mounting excitement that went with each step.  After adjusting the nipple teasers he placed the velcro vibrator on its guide wire and slid it down to take hold of his throbbing cockhead.  He then connected the teasers to the battery pack on the waist belt and threw the switch starting the timers.  Quickly he reached his arms out to the sides and padlocked his wrist cuffs to the chain stretched across the head of the bed.  He felt the rush that he always felt when he snapped the lock that rendered him helpless.  Then he remembered that he had forgotten to place the phone on the bed in case of emergency.  It did not worry him, he never screwed up anymore. 

For the first 20 minutes the nipple teasers worked his nipples over, exciting him still more.  Every time he moved his chest muscles, the teasers slid just enough to add to the sensations they were producing.  He squirmed on the bed enjoying his pleasure/torment. 

At the end of the 20 minutes, one timer started the the velcro vibrator riding on his cockhead at a slow speed. The cock vibrator joined the nipple teasers in producing still more pleasure/torment.  His whole body was part of the sensation, the excitement would have been unbearable if he could escape it.  He couldn't, so he endured. 

Just 40 minutes later the second timer switched the velcro vibrator to a higher speed, bringing him slowly to a fantastic orgasm.  The vibrator continued working on the super sensitive cockhead, keeping his body is spasm for for 5 minutes more.  The timer then switched the vibrator back to the slow speed. 

Then things went wrong.  The third timer did not release the keys that would let him free himself.  He felt a different kind of rush, not one that he liked.  He was well and truly trapped!  All he could do was lay there, squirming while the teasers and velcro vibrator continued there work.  It was no longer pleasure,  just torment.  The man writhed on the bed and fought his bonds, but it did no good.  The hours passed. 

Finally he heard the door, his wife was home from work.  She did not know about this playtime of his, it would take some explaining, but at last he would be free. 

She entered the bedroom and froze.  "You bastard! You cheating bastard!", she cried, "What happened, did your bitch screw up or just leave you like this for me to find?". 

He tried to tell her that he had done this himself and there was no other woman, but all that came through the gag was "mmmfff". 

After a few minutes, she recovered from the shock and walked over to the bed.  She looked him over a while longer and finally started removing his toys.  She removed the nipple teasers, cock vibrator, and wire guide and belts.  But she did not release him.  She just stood staring at him.  He felt a cold shiver run up his spine, she was really steaming.  Then she turned around and left the room. 

After a bit she returned and knelt on the bed between his spread legs, facing him.  He saw that she had a pair of his short needle-nosed pliers from his shop in her hand. 

A trace of sweat appeared on his body as he tried again to speak, to explain.  All that came out was more "mmmfff"s. 

"Oh? Let me guess, you are sooo sorry and promise never do it again. ", she said, "Am I right? Well I promise to never do this again!". 

Leaning forward, she grasped a single pubic hair with the pliers and slowly pulled it out.  She then proceeded to slowly pull out another.  And another. 

"I hope she likes bald balls", she said, "And I hope it itches like all hell if it grows back". 

And he just squirmed on the bed, tears in his eyes, unable to do anything but make strange noises, which seemed to delight her.  Questions flashed through his mind.  How many hairs did he have? How long would she take?  Would she stop when she had pulled all his pubic hair, or go on to head, armpit, and eyebrows? 


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