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The Old House

by HappyCamper

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© Copyright 2017 - HappyCamper - Used by permission

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Part One

I push open the heavy front door with some effort... the hinges hadn't been oiled for a while and the door had little use for the last year. Once in the front the hall, I dropped my bags and pushed door shut, I'd finish unloading the car later. The hall was clean, with just a little dust and you could see a few patches on the walls where furniture and pictures had been. It was a large old house, on expansive grounds, well back for the road. It had been owned by the parents of my friends, Jennifer, who had passed away the year before. Jennifer was travelling overseas and I had volunteered to help with the house, making sure the few remaining items of furniture were picked up and removed and the house was clean and ready for sale.

The actual sale wouldn't take place for another 6 months, so I had the place to myself for that time, in return for getting it fit for sale. Jennifer had planned to do this herself, but her company had wanted her to work on a large project in Japan, and in all honesty, I think she was glad to go and not have to deal with the sale of her family home. The death of her parents in such a short time had been hard on her and this was the first chance she had to get away from it all and try to get on with her life. They'd left her a pretty large inheritance and but she seemed to be not all that keen on the house and was happy enough to see it go.

We'd known each other since university and when my current job was off-shored and my finances not looking so healthy she'd kindly offered me the house sitting job. It was simple enough. Make sure the hired gardener kept the grounds in good condition, ensure the house was ready for sale and otherwise maintained until then. I got free lodgings, a generous amount of money to cover food and costs, and I could hire in any services required to actually do any necessary work. I was there to ensure work actually got done and in good quality and time rather than need to do anything myself.

I took my coat off and put it across my bags, I was going to explore the place before doing anything else. The ground floor contained a large and still cosy sitting room. The sofas and comfortable looking chairs were still there, but the book shelves and cupboards were mainly empty. The extended family had been gifted items of personal interest, bits of furniture and knick knacks from around the world had been given away or sold off, as had various collections of valuable books and antiques. There were a few books and odd things left behind, but nothing of any real value. Next to the sitting room was a study, containing a large old desk and several more mainly empty cabinets. Back in the hall way a door led to a large kitchen and utility room. The utility room had a door that lead down to the basement. In the kitchen I plugged the fridge and freezer back in, there was a food delivery later in the day. I also found some tea in a cupboard so filled the kettle and left that to boil while I explored.

At the back of the hall was a door that lead into a large conservatory, that over looked the garden. The garden looked well kept and neatly trimmed, so it looked the gardener hadn't been shirking. Back into the hall way and up to the first floor. The master bedroom was grand, with a huge four poster bed, several large and expensive looking wardrobes and surprisingly modern ensuite with jacuzzi style bath and large shower. The other rooms on the floor were old bedrooms, with little to no furniture, so I guess I'd be sleeping in the big bed, this made me grin. There was also a master bathroom with nothing special about it. Continuing up the stairs to the smaller second floor was another bathroom and two bedrooms. Once was empty, the other pretty minimal. A single brass framed bed with bare mattress, a large old wooden chair facing a vanity. I could see where a wardrobe had been and could see marks on the walls where posters had been. I wondered if this had been Jennifer's room?

Continuing my exploration, the final set of stairs led to an attic, it was spacious, with a good solid floor, rafters, and odd hooks and rings mounted at various places. At the back I found several trunks with locks on. I was somewhat surprised as I thought all personal items had been removed. They were old steam trunk style things, made from wood and leather and surprisingly dust free. I gave them a shove and they barely moved, so they still contained things, but as they were locked I couldn't see further. I shrugged, I had plenty of time to sort them out.

I went back downstairs and finished unloading the car. I set my laptop up in the study and hauled my bags to the big bedroom and made the bed. By the time this was complete, my food delivery had arrived and I stashed about a months of food in the fridge and freezer. It was getting late, so I heated a pizza, sent Jennie an email saying I was settled in then went for a soak on the big bath. I hit the sack, soon after, it had been a long drive.

My sleep that night was strange full of odd dreams. In one I was wandering around the house naked, in another I was bent over the desk in the study. My feet were spread, tied to the legs at the front and I was leaning forward over the desk, with my hands tied in front of me and a rope leading to each leg ar the rear, meaning I couldn't move. I felt very erotic in this position, not being able to hide any of my nakedness. Then I was in that old chair, my legs hooked over the arms and tied in position, leaving me very exposed. My arms were behind me, in some sort of leather thing, pulling my arms and shoulders back and leaving my boobs pushed forward. In my mouth was a gag of some kind and I could see myself in the mirror, my nipples looked hard and my vagina was red and swollen, with drops of moisture slowly dripping down.

I awoke, feeling surprising refreshed and even more turned on. I always enjoyed bondage, an old girlfriend loved to tie me up, but had very little to do with it since then. Most people either weren't interested or just did the bare minimum. Without even realising I'd moved, I felt my hand stroking my very wet lips. My other hand moved to my nipples and I was soon moaning into a welcome orgasm. I snoozed for a bit, feeling a little slutty lying on the bed naked, sheets thrown back,with one hand covered in my juices and the other still playing with my nipples. I eventually got up, showered, dressed in cargo trousers and a loose t-shirt with an open shirt on top.

It was starting to get a little chilly at night, as autumn was here, but the days were still warm and sunny. The initial chill certainly kept my nipples pointy and as no one was expected today, I didn't bother with a bra. My boobs were a c cup, a nice handful, I thought, without being big enough to be annoying. Jenni's were massive and she was always complaining of back ache and the price of bra's, and they got in the way. To be honest I was somewhat jealous of her big bouncy boobs, though I was also glad I didn't have to haul them about. I also had large sensitive nipples, I liked the way they rubbed against my loose t-shirt when I moved.

I had a quick breakfast then took a stroll around the garden with a cup of tea. The garden was very large, several acres of mown grass, with flower beds near the house and small patches of trees around giving if a sense of being smaller and more private than just a big open garden would be. The edges of the garden were wooded and I knew there were several acres of woodland, then open farmland beyond. It was very secluded and private, yet felt very comfortable and friendly. The grounds also contained garages, now empty, a large shed with gardening gear, and a summer house out next to a pond. The summer house was mainly glass, looking very light and airy with a small veranda at the front facing the pond. I opened the doors and had a look inside. Cast iron garden chairs surrounded a cast iron table, all painted white. I dragged one chair out, it was surprisingly heavy and solid, on the veranda and enjoyed the view while I drank my tea.

Once my tea was down. I headed back to the house and grabbed a notepad and pen. I was going to audit the remaining furniture and see if what Jenny wanted to do with it. I started by heading down to the basement. This sounds like it should be dark, dirty, damp, and probably the start of a horror film, but it was actually clean, nicely lit and dry. The stairs lead down to what was a cinema room and games room. A big projector screen was hanging down from the ceiling along the far wall. Several sofas faced it and I could see cables hanging from the ceiling and walls where a projector and surround speakers once had been. The walls had held many DVD's and apparently there used to be a table tennis table and games machines at some point, but this had all gone. Leading off from the basement, was a wine room, still containing a few dozen bottles. The collectable wine had all been sold off or gone to family, but some half decent plonk was left and Jenni said I could help myself. I grabbed a random bottle for later.

Leading off the back of the wine room was a small utility room containing circuit breakers and pipes and the like. A second door from the cinema room led of to a small workroom containing a desk and some boxes of wool and craft materials. I headed back into the cinema room and was just about to head upstairs when I noticed the cinema screen move ever so slighly. "Odd" I said to myself, I could feel a breeze where I was. The screen again moved, ever so slightly. I walk over and had a closer look. I could feel a very slight draft, coming from somewhere. I pushed the screen and it wobble for a few seconds. I bent forward and lifted the bottom. Behind the screen was a solid looking wooden door. No door handle and only a large keyhole in it. As I examined the door, I could feel a slight breeze coming from the keyhole. Well, that answered the question of the cinema screen, but what was behind the door? I'd have to take a look, there was a cabinet in the utility room that contained all keys, so I'd have a look for a key in a bit.

I spent the rest of the morning compiling a list of items in the house then stopped for lunch. Some salad and a sandwich in the garden with a glass of white wine was very relaxing. Just after lunch, Pete, the gardener popped by to introduce himself. He was a tall wiry lad of around 20 or so. Blond hair, tattoos and a taste for metal if the racket coming out of his headphones was anything to go by, cute enough I guess, but a little young for my tastes. We chatted for a few minutes, he usually came around every friday and spent around 5 hours maintaining the garden, even with a ride on lawn mover, it was a lot of garden. He had an assistant to help with the weeding. We talked about one of the trees, that was going rotten and would probably need to come down and arranged for that to be done at the next visit. He said goodbye and left in another racket of noise from the headphones.

I decided to have a post lunch nap, so headed back inside and up stairs. I had another kinky dream. This time I was lying on the big four poster, my arms and legs stretched out tightly and blindfolded. I couldn't moved a muscle. I could feel a feathery object gently playing over my skin, cirlcing my nipples and very occiasonally brushing them, then stroking down my sounds and brushing over my mound. I could tell I was hairless and so very sensitive down there. I moaned and begged as the feather moved up and down continuously. Suddenly the feather was withdrawn and something gently sucked my left nipple, I groaned with the pleasure from it. The sucking continued then suddenly there was a slight pinching sensation at the base of the nipple and I could feel it throb and swell slightly, becoming even more sensitive. This was repeated to my other nipple, then I could feel a sucking sensation on my clit. As I came suddenly, I could feel the same slight pinching at the base of my clit and it was even more sensitive and throbbing.

Once my orgasm finally subsided, the blindfold was removed. There was no one in the room, but looking down a I could see a thin gold ring surrounding and slightly pinching the base of each nipple, holding them erect and puffy. Though I couldn't see from this angle, I could feel the same ring on my clit, holding it slightly out from the hood. I drifted off to sleep and awoke on the bed with massively erect nipples and clit but otherwise the same as normal. They slowly subsided as I relaxed, but never quite as much as they did before. I dressed and headed downstairs. The rubbing of my sensitive bits were... distracting. I grinned to myself and decided now wasn't the time.

I went to the utility room and sorted through the keys. I couldn't find anything big enough for the door in the basement, but I did find two keys on a ring, that looked like they'd fit the locks on the steam trunks up in the attic. I grabbed them, then headed upstairs, stopping in the bedroom to remove my knickers, they were really rubbing in the most distracting way! Clad in loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts, I headed up the attic and result, the keys fitted. Opening the first trunk displayed a pile of cloth. Lifting the first item out was what turned out to be a dress, somewhat older looking. Long flowing skirt, narrow waist and low cut top designed to reveal a lot of cleavage, it looked like something out of an 18th century romantic artwork. Burrowing further down I found clothes and accessories from many time periods, all female and all designed to show a little, and in some cases a lot, of female flesh.

I opened the second trunk expecting more the same, but even I was shocked. It was filled with sex toys, plugs, gags, chains and restraints of all types. Heavy metal manacles connected by big links chain. Supple leather cuffs, hand cuffs, nipple clamps and much more. I could feel myself getting a bit damp just looking. I just had to try a few things. I stripped naked and rummaged around. I took out a leather collar and put it on, strapping it so it was only just loose. Then some length of chain, I clipped one end to the collar and the other I hooked onto a rafter. I know had about six foot of slack. Next a small ballgag was inserted into my mouth and strapped up nice and tight, no chance of spitting it out. Then some nipple clamps connected with a chain. I threaded the chain through a ring on the leather collar and then attached them to my throbbing nipples. Holy shit, that stung a bit, I was glad I had the ball gag in or there would have ben some very unlady like language. The chain was slightly too short and pulled slightly on each nipple, lifting them. I almost changed my mind and removed them, but the pain started to reduce so I ignored it for the time being.

I closed the lid of one case, sat on it and spread my legs wide, fantasizing I was a kidnapped victorian lady, kept in the attic and used as a sexual toy by the house's owner. I was getting very aroused at this point and could barely contain myself. I could feel my juices dripping down onto the lid of the trunk and I reached into the other trunk and grab the first dildo I could find. It was a bit of a monster, bigger than anything I'd usually go for. I pushed the head into myself gently and surprisingly it slipped in with almost no pain, I was that wet. I pushed, slowly inserting it's length into me. I swear it was so large I could count the rubber veins on it just be squeezing my muscles. I moved it in as far it I could go, then pulled out a few inches and slowly started fucking myself. I was snorting, drooling, sweaty and as turned on as anytime I've been in my life. The chained pulled at my collar, my boobs wobbled and pulled at my nipples, my nipples were a mixture of pain and and throbbing pleasure and the massive dildo was driving me insane. I came good and hard, clamping down on the huge think and shook and twitched.

I could barely move my legs and breathing like I've just ran the 100m sprint, sweat and other juices dripping off me. Small quivers kept shooting through my body and when I tried to pull the big bugger out I almost came again I was so sensitive. I leaned back against a rafter and relaxed and let my pounding heart calm down. Eventually I could pull out the dildo and could put my shaking legs back on the floor. Sadly what had been an awesome orgasm was slightly ruined when I breathed in a flake of dust, sneezed and screamed as I felt I'd almost ripped my nipples off. I gingerly undid the nipple clamp, wincing at the stinging pain, then removed the collar and chain and went downstairs for a good soak in the bath. After that I decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. A nice dinner, glass of wine and a good book in front of the fire, before heading to bed.

That night the dreams were a bit different. This time I was standing the garden, naked again. The gold rings were back and a thin gold chain ran around my waist, each wrist and ankle had a matching gold chain. I felt warm and comfortable even though it was dark and obviously night, a bright moon light hiding the garden. I heard a voice.

"We are very impressed with you"

"Who are you? I can't see you" I said

"There is nothing to see" said the voice "we are the spirits of the house. We are part of the land since the land escaped the sea, we are parts of all who have lived here and all who had worshipped us. We are part of those who welcome us and those who willingly give to use"

"Well, fuck me" said I. Apparently I get all back to my northern bruskness when I'm surprised.

"We hope to!" said the voice. It was deep and slightly melodic, like a several people all speaking in perfect union.

I gulped.

"Do not worry, little one, nothing will happen here without your agreement"

"So, what do you want?" I said, relaxing. I did feel it was being honest and my usual cynicism managed to stay dormant.

"We wish to experience you and to enable you to reach your potential. Some of your essence will become part of us. In return, we will show you delights of many kinds. We will shape you and mold you, should you wish, give you the peak of experience it is possible for your kind to reach."

"Shape me?" I said

"Yes, we have the power to shape you in anyway, temporarily or permently. Whatever is your wish."

"So, you could give me bigger boobs? Or make me taller?" I said, not really believing it


I felt a hot flush rush through me and my angle of view changed as was suddenly good 3 inches taller than before and my chest a lot more wobbly!

"What, no!" I said in a slight panic.

There was another hot flush rushing through me and returned to normal.

What came out of my mouth at the stage probably shouldn't be repeated. I felt rather than heard a chuckle coming from it.

"Well, that I wasn't ready for that" I said

"We apologise" it said "but we felt a demonstration would be quicker and more effective way if getting our point across"

"Oh it's ok, I just wasn't expecting it, that's all" said I.

"We understand. We will leave you now, return when you are ready and let us know your decision."

"How long do I have?"

"As much time as you want, we understand you will be here for a period of time, you may decided at anytime and you may change your mind at anytime."

"OK, now what?" I said

"Sleep" said the voice, And I did.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. My sensitive parts had return to normal and I could dress as I usually did.

The dream, if that what is what was weird. I could remember all of it, which is unusual for me, I very rarely can remember anything about my dreams. I potted around the house for the first half of the morning them Pete and his assistant, Gina, a rather attractive redheaded teenager, arrived and did there usual friday session on the garden. They had the rotten tree down by lunch and the garden in tiptop shape before they left. They even cut up the old tree into handy logs for the fire place. I did take a look at Gina's rather cute bum as they left. I don't mind men at all, and have been attracted to a few, but I have a thing for tomboyish girls. I hoped to see more of Gina over the next few months.

I spent the afternoon giving the house a once over with a damp cloth and a hoover. It didn't need much so didn't take to long, so went for shower, got dressed in jeans and a shirt and walked into the village for dinner. There is supposed to be a pretty nice pub and it was only a couple of miles across country. The weather was still mild and clear to I wanted to make the most of it. The pub was good, serving excellent food and I enjoyed an hour by the fire with some wine and petting the owners Alsatian dog. He was a big old boy, getting a bit grey and spent most of his life in front of the fire, but he enjoyed a stroke as much as any and quite happily sat with his head on my knee until I headed home. Said Hi to Pete and Gina as I left through the main bar, they were with a small group of teenagers laughing good naturedly at one of the younger lads.

The walk back was fine, though it was getting cooler and I was glad to get in and get into a nice warm bed. That night I slept well without dreaming. At some point I remember saying "Are you there?"

And the voice said "We are".

I said "OK, if I chose to agree, how does this work?"

"We already understand your pleasures, wishes and dreams. We will make them come true as far as you wish them to. You may stop or pause at anytime. We will grant any request that is in our power. There are two parts to this. Your world of the physical, here we have limited control but can interact with what is there to meet your needs. Our world is the world of dreams. Anything can happen here, but whatever happens here cannot be transferred to the physical world except as dreams and memories."

"OK, I agree, when does this start?"

"I will start when you sleep next. Now sleep" and I did.

The next morning I felt wonderfully rested. I have had the best nights sleep of my life here. After breakfast I decided to move the crates from the attic to the bedroom. I hauled each trunk carefully, make sure I didn't scratch the cases or the floor, it was quite a challenge getting them down the stairs. Eventually I got them down and into the master bedroom. I went through the case of clothes, carefully unpacking and hanging the up the clothes and accessories in the wardrobes. They fitted as if they were made to hold them. "Aha" I said to myself. The contents of the kinky toys box went into the drawers and cabinets. Anyone walking into this place would be think they'd walked into a high end bespoke sex shop. There were shelves of sex toys in every shape and sized and for every hole (even I went a bit red looking at some of them). Straps, belts, ropes, leather, latex, buckles and locks (and a rather large bunch of keys!). A couple of metal things that I realised were chastity belts, I'd never seen one in real life. Masks and hoods. Gags of every shape and type. Armbinders, spreader bars. Clamps and spiky things. Corsets and kinky underwear, high heels, suits with weird short fat arms and legs. It was endless and amazing erotic just looking.

I chose a latex leotard with boob holes. I push my legs through the holes and pulled it up over my hips, then pushed my arms though the holes and pulled it up over my shoulders. It cupped my mound as I pulled it up, then I squeezed my boobs through the holes. They were a touch small, which made them stand out amazingly well. I then added a latex mini skirt, leather waist cincher and and a leather choker, along with 3 inch heels (I did actually have stuff to do do, so six inches were out). I felt incredibly erotic as I did the days work. Though I did discover heels don't work well on soft lawn as I wandered over to the summer house. The sun felt amazing on my boobs as they jiggled about and I thought some little clamps with bells would just be right on them.

The rest of the day was pottering around the house doing small jobs. I had dinner then decided to try something else. I went up to the room and stripped off. I tried the 18th century looking dress, but I couldn't get it done up around my waist, it was just too small. While I was pondering this I noticed a bundle of string and cloth. A little dinging sound went off in my head and I grabbed to the corset. It was an older looking one, stiff and boring looking. I wrapped it around my waist and pulled the strings, tightening it up. Looking in the mirror on the inside of the door, I already like, making my hips look curvier. Trying the dress on again I saw I needed at least another two inches. Pulling the strings as hard as I could got me one inch, but I just couldn't get the other. Looking around I spotted a hook on one of the bed posts. I pulled the strings over it and leaned against it as hard as I could. "Holy fucking shit" I gasped, I could barely breath! The corset was now closed and I carefully removed the string from the hook and tied it off, wrapping the excess around the now much narrower waist. I pulled the dress over my head, panting as I did and it fit! Yes! I did the buttons up at the back and looked at myself in the mirror, I looked amazing. Sweaty, but amazing. Curvy hips, narrow waist and boobs squished high for quite a cleavage. I sat down on the bed, then fell back across it. It's actually quite hard to lie down when you can't bend in the middle. I let my heart calm down and slowly felt my breath start to come back. I relaxed and closed my eyes.

I felt myself lying on a bed. Blindfold on and naked again. I could feel the gold rings on my throbbing nipples and clit.

"Welcome" said the voice.

"Thank you" I said.

"We shall begin."

I felt a hundred hands caress me all at once, making my skin tingle and twitch. The hands gently pulled me to my feet then pushed me to my knees on the floor. My legs were folded back on themselves and my arms bent until my hands touched my shoulders. Some clothing brushed against me, sending tingles through me as it touched my skin. My arms with pushed into sleeves and my head pushed through a hole. I was pushed down onto my back and my legs pushed into more sleeves. Cloth was wrapped around me and I was rolled over and could hear and feel a zip being pushed up along my back. Gently stroking hands pulled my boobs through holes on the chest and they stuck out, nipples erect. I was pulled onto my knees and elbows and I could moved my arms or legs except at the shoulder or hips.

The blindfold was removed and in mirror in front of me I could see I was in a body suit that was coloured to match the Alsatian at the pub. On a chair next to sat a tail and a dog mask. The tail floated up and behind me and I could feel it probe my bum. I squeezed trying to prevent entry, but it was well lubed and as soon as I relaxed it was pushed it. It didn't hurt, but felt very weird, I've not tried anal before. I could feel a pumping sensation and the bulb on the inside inflated. I squeezed, trying to push it out, but it was too late, it wasn't going anywhere. Next the mask floated over, closing over my face, I felt something at my lips and a penis gag pushed into my mouth as the mask settled on my face. Straps where tightened and the mask pulled itself fully on. I could see out of the eye holes now. Looking in the mirror I could see my eyes and the dog mask. A little drool came out of the mouth, there must have been hole in the penis gag. I tried taking a step and slipped. The elbows and knees were padded and had a grippy surface, but it is awkward moving around like this. After a few minutes I started to get the hang of it.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I looked over and a dog collar floated towards me and click around my neck. Looking in the mirror again, I could see a thick leather collar with a name tag dangling from it. It said "Gina's Pet" and that sent a shiver through me I can tell you. I moved around the room and noticed that the tail was weighted. As I moved, it swung around, wiggling inside me, it was odd, yet exciting. In the corner of the room was a large cage with a dog bed inside of it, I ambled over and carefully sat on my haunches and the gate swung shut with a small clang (more shivers!) and clicked. I pushed against it and it didn't move. I whined. Nothing happening. I settled down in the bed and went to sleep.

I awoke in the big bed feeling odd. Around my neck was a leather dogs collar with something dangling from it and there was definitely something stuck up my bum. I walked over to the mirror and turned around, hanging from a butt plug, in my bum, was a dogs tail. The collar around my neck was a heavy dogs collar with a a name tag that said "Gina's Pet". On the back was a phone number. Looking at me from the shelf next to the mirror was the dog mask. I put it on, pushing the penis gag deep into my mouth, tightened the straps and at the thought of being a pet had me dripping and I wanked myself senseless for the next 30 minutes, squeezing my nipples and sometimes pulling on the dog tail. It was quite the orgasm.

After showering, I decided to go for something frisky but practical. A pair of tight hot pants, halter top, and I re-fitted the dog collar. Feeling slutty, I went down for breakfast. The weather was a little cloudy and cool today, cool enough not to want to spend too much time outside in this attire. So the morning was spent updating paperwork and making a few phones calls to various trades people to book work in, the heating system would need a service, and some minor painting for exterior woodwork. I had a quick lunch then spent an hour browsing the internet and catching up with a few friends.

I decided to have a more kinky afternoon, something a bit more restricted. I popped up to the bedroom and stripped off. First I went for some strappy six inch heels. I'm comfortable in 3 inchers, but these were much higher and I knew I'd only be able to move slowly and carefully in them. I lubed up a small butt plug and inserted it, then had a moment of inspiration... I connect a link of chain to the buttplug, short enough not to drag on the floor, but long enough to swing around. I attached a small weight to the end. This meant I'd have to constantly work to hold it in. I fitted leather cuffs to my wrists and connected them together behind my back with a six inch length of chain, short enough to prevent me getting my hands on my sensitive bits, but long enough I had some movement. I then explored the house again, moving slowly on the heels, constantly clutching my buttocks to keep the butt plug in as the chain wiggled, constantly stimulating me. I felt incredibly sex, with everything on show and no way to hide quickly should someone appear. I eventually found myself in Jenni's old room. I looked in the mirror at myself, my hair half covering my face and I could see myself biting my lower lip. I wished I was in more intense bondage.

Suddenly the chain holding my wrists together start to lift, pulling my arms up. I was forced forward as my arms lifted to 45 degrees as if held there. My boobs dangled as my weight shifted forward and my feet moved apart to increase my balance. I felt a pull on each nipple, as if a weight had been attached, my boobs and nipples stretching down slightly. Then a sharp smack across my bum made me jump, this caused the weights on my boobs and butt plug to pull and moved around sending little shocks through my boobs and arse. Another smack, on the other cheek. I found I was breathing deeply. Next the feeling of fingers on my lower lips, pulling them open and spreading them, then the feeling something being inserted. I groaned as I was filled so slowly, the feeling so intense. Then gently movement slowly building speed, rocking me backwards and forwards, causing the weights to move out of sync with me, pulling more and more. Then my orgasm hit, I moaned and fell to my knees, my hands arms suddenly lose and I could feel a heat filling me as my orgasm rolled through me. The buttplug hit the floor as I lost control for a few seconds. When I recovered I got back to my feet, almost tripping on those blasted heels. I felt normal again, no weights on my nipples and no pressure on my arms. I crouched down and picked up the buttplug, and, as I turned to leave I caught the sight of a red mark on each buttock... almost hand shaped. I went back to the master bedroom, cleaned up and put everything, before dressing in jeans and shirt and making dinner.

The evening was spent watching netflix on my laptop with a glass of wine and some chocolates. A lady has to have some of the simple pleasures in life...

I went to bed early, wondering what the night had in store for me.

I seemed to be lying on a bed. My arms are pulled above me, my legs pulled into each corner by a rope. A pillow was under my bum and lifting my middle. It really made my mound stand out and feel soo erotically exposed. A small golden ring floated over my head and came to rest on my left nipple. A sharp pinch and I had a nipple ring. There was no real pain or blood, but I could feel the weight of it and the coolness. Another ring floated down and ping onto my other nipple. Further rings, one to my belly button, another to my clit (that one really pinched), then 3 each to my left and right labia. Another ring came down to my nose and another pinch and I had a nose ring. Then the lobe of each ear. Finally I felt a pressure on my mouth to open it, a gentle pull on my tongue and a final pinch. A ring now was in the tip of my tongue. My arms and legs came loose and I could rise off the bed. A full mirror on the wall should show me all my new piercings. I sat with my legs open and examined them. There was no blood or pain and they looked like they'd been there for years.

More jewelry flew around me. A fine chain went around my waist, through the belly ring. Another around my neck, with chains dropped down to my nipples. Then small golden bells, one to each nipple and on to the clit ring. I walked around the room, listening to the tinkling of the bells and feeling the the chains slightly pulling. Invisible hands gently pushed me back to the bed and helped me lay down. With gentle strokes they spread my legs and held them. A large golden egg floated down and gently inserted itself into me. Another golden chain appeared, connecting to the chain at my belly button, snaking down between my lips, sending shivers through me as it went and thread it self through my labia rings, locking the golden egg inside my, before snaking between my bum cheeks and attaching to the waist chain in the small of my back. The egg started to vibrate, gently at first and then with the occasional stronger throb. It was slowly building up, teasing me, but always getting stronger and becoming more powerful. I moaned and found I could move. I was rubbing my hands over my body, sometimes pulling at chains and rings, the bells continuing to tinkle away. My orgasm burst, sending waves through me, my arms and legs shaking and my toes curling with the shear pleasure, I moaned and cried out.

The egg slowed but did not stop... I'm sensative for a while after orgasm and normally need a few minutes to get back to normal, but with the egg going this wasn't going to happen. It started teasing me immediately and I tried to squeeze it out, but the chained rings in my labia kept it it. I reached down to try make space and pull it out, but there wasn't room, the egg starting to drive another orgasm from me. Everything about me was super sensative now, I felt I could feel every individual hair, detect the whirls of my finger prints as I touched myself again and again, the weight on each link of chain pushing down on my skin. I burst into orgasm, crying out this time, begging for more, begging for it to stop, begging for anything. As I came down I could still feel the egg vibrating and I knew I was in for more. I could move my legs, my arms felt like I'd spent to day doing rather too much weight work, my skin glistened with sweat, my juices dripped out of me and soaked the bed. The next orgasm caused lights to flash and strobe in my eyes and my cries were guttural and animalistic. I fainted in the shear pleasure mind blowing pleasure.

I awoke in the big bed. I could feel something in my vagina, and as I squeezed a vibrating egg popped out, barely vibrating as the batteries wore down. My nipples and clit were as erect as ever, but no sign of any piercings. On the footboard of the bed, directly in front of me, sat three small gold bells. I grinned as I looked and stretched out like a cat, that was an interesting dream.

I went for a soak in the bath while deciding what to do for the day. Over the next few days, tradesmen will be in and around the house, so today would be my last chance to 'play' for a while. I've had a fantasy of being a prostitute, dressing slutty and hanging around waiting for punters to have sex just to have enough to buy food. Of course I never actually intended to do this, but I could play at it. Once out of the bath and dried off, I selected some clothes. Fishnet stockings, a very short skirt, push-up bra, and tight shirt with the buttons open low, so my boobs all but fell out when I leaned forward. Lace choker, and some dangly clip-on earrings and bracelets, plus over the top makeup and a small hand bag and I looked the part. Finally back into those strappy six inch heels and I was ready to go. I headed down stairs and grabbed a cup of tea, taking it out into the garden. I locked the front door, then walked, carefully over the summer house and put the door key on a high shelf at the back. Now I was locked out, should anyone come to the house, but could get back if I needed to.

I wandered back to the house and around to the garages, pretending I was on a street corner. As I stood there, I heard a car coming down the drive away and ducked out of site, just as it pulled up at the front door. Peaking carefully around the corner, my heart beating, I can see the postman posting some mail through the door, then returning to the car and driving off. As he drove off, I realised the tight tiny skirt had pulled up a bit and anyone around would have a view of my bum hanging out of the back. I pulled it back down and headed around the back of the house.

As I walked around the back of the house a felt a pat on the bum. I whirled around to see no one there. Aha, was this my friendly ghost at play? I walked off again, strutting a little and making sure my hips swayed as I went. Another pat and then a pinch to the bum. I stopped. I felt hands on my hips, then gentle grouping of my boobs, then down to my skirt, lifting and then rubbing at my lips. I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling. I could feel a growing bulge against my bum, then the hands turned me around and pushed on my shoulders. I went down to my knees and felt something brush against my face and lips. I opened my mouth and felt a warm penis. I still couldn't see anything, but could definitely feel it. I sucked on it and brought up one hand to the dick and the other to fondle the balls, they certainly felt real. I got to work, sucking and rocking my head backwards and forwards, I could feel the dick getting harder and harder. Suddenly the hands of the ghost or spirit grabbed my head, pulling it back slightly and it came on my lips and chin, I licked at the jizz and could feel it dripping down onto my boobs. After a few seconds, the hands pulled me to my feet and placed something in my hand before wrapping my fingers around it, finally it place a gentle kiss on my forehead and left.

Looking down I could feel the ghostly jizz on my face and boobs and I could smell it, but I couldn't see a thing. I lifted my hand and opened it to reveal a small thing gold chain, very much like one from my dream. Looks like I earned something after all!. I place the chain in my hand bag and continued to walk around the garden. Every so often I was felt up by a spirit then performed for it. Several blowjobs, with it coming on my face and boobs (another fantasy, I find more degrading than simply swallowing and that kept me excited). Others bent me over garden furniture and fucked me up the arse or in my pussy. From each I was given a piece of golden jewellery, mainly different lengths of chain, but some rings, and what looked like fine bracelets, that contained hidden locks. I went over the the summer house to get the key, but was stopped at the door. Here I was felt up by what was either a six handed ghost or several individuals. I was pulled into the room and gently pulled onto the big cast iron table. My head and upper back was hanging off one end, my legs off the other, my wet on my bum and lower back. My legs were lifted and pulled apart and I felt something enter me. My shirt was pulled open, popped buttons flying across the room and my bra was pulled down, exposed my boobs. I can feel my nipples lift as they were sucked into warm soft mouths. Then I felt a penis at my lips and opened my mouth, sucking it in. The ghost at my head gently pushed forward, pushing more and more into my mouth and I swallowed it, something I've never done before, having something of a gag reflex. I could feel it's balls bouncing onto my forehead is it gently thrust into my throat, while the one between my legs also thrust away causing me to push forward to meet the other. My nipples were teased and sucked and gently bitten as I was fucked from both ends. After a few minutes, they came hard, I could feel the hot cum spurting down my throat and into my pussy, this made me cum and I enjoyed the feeling of being full as I twitched and moaned on the table.

After a few minutes they withdrew, and I stretched a bit, not used to this position. I was rolled onto my front and the other two spirits that had played with my boobs took their turn, one up my arse, the other in my mouth. This was repeated time and again, they would cum in or on me, give me a few moment to recover, then bend me into a new position and start again. Finally they finished, I was sat on a chair with my knees pulled up to my chest and my feet on the edge of the chair, legs open and pussy stretched wide. Looking down I could see it gaping open, and though I couldn't see anything but my own sweat I could feel cum all over me, on my face, in my hair, down my boobs and front and slowly leaking from my pussy and arse. My stomach felt like I'd drink several pints of the stuff and I looked about 2 months pregnant as my stomach slightly bulged. I felt more gentle kisses on the forehead and I grinned and said thank you. A final pat on the head and they left.

As they did I could hear a chinking sound coming from my handbag. Picking it up, I noticed the increased weight, grabbed the house key from the shelf and headed back. As I went I received more pats on the bum, but nothing else. I unlocked the door, staggered up stairs and stripped off my dry yet cum sodden feeling clothes, pushing them into the laundry basket. In the bathroom as I waited for the bath to fill, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair looked matted and dirty but dry, yet I could feel the cum on and in it, slowly drying on the rest of me. My pussy looked red and slightly swollen, still open and I could see my arse twitch, also slightly open, but slowly closing as I watched. It didn't hurt, there was no soreness or pain, just the feeling of being well exercised and possibly pumped with several liters of spirit cum! That thought made me smile. I slipped into the bath and dozed for an hour. My dreams were of lying in a bed, surrounded by warm clean bodies, feeling loved and comfortable.

I awoke into the cooling bath, got out, dried and dressed in jeans and t-shirt and went for a late lunch, I felt ravenous and ate a huge plateful.

Later that afternoon I open the handbag and tipped the jewellery out onto the bed. There were gold chains for my waist, one for each wrist and ankle, one to stretch down between my legs, one to go from each nipple to the necklace, and one to go from each ear to the nose ring, plus some that would go from the lockable bracelets to the necklace, these seemed to have enough slack to allow me to reach around my upper body, but not enough to hold my arms straight out in a t-shape. There were also a pile of rings, obviously for my nipples, labia, clit, tongue, nose, ears and belly button, but they were all solid so I could see no way of putting them on, even if I wanted such extreme piercings and I'm not sure I did. Oh well, a puzzle for another time. I put the gold back into the bag and put that into the wardrobe to puzzle out later.

to be continued...

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