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On a Hot Summer Day

by tiedash

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On a Hot Summer Day by tiedash
Yesterday afternoon, I felt so relieved that I had finished an eight day shift at the hospice where I work and was going to be off for the next couple of days. Where I work is an old Victorian building, doesn't have any air conditioning and is really hot making it very uncomfortable for staff and patients alike, apart from those who feel it necessary to be wrapped up all year round. I have a love/hate relationship with heat, so I was pleased when I left the building and got out into the open air.

As soon as I got home, I opened all the windows and switched on a fan in my lounge and bedroom to try and cool the place down a little. After preparing and eating a cold salad with ham, I kicked off my shoes and reclined on my sofa with a nice glass of white wine.

I switched on the TV, and after several minutes of channel hopping, I came across a channel that was showing re-runs of the old cartoon Penelope Pitstop. I used to watch this when I was younger and I remembered at the time I almost wished I was in her position, being  the damsel in distress, tied up with no possible means of escape and waiting for the Ant Hill Mob to come to my rescue.  After an hour or so, I switched off the TV and with Penelope's bondage and the summer heat as forms of inspiration, I started to formulate a plan as to how I was going to spend the next day.

I finished my wine and went into the kitchen where I filled twelve pint sized plastic glasses with freezing cold water and put them into my freezer for around two hours.  When I took the glasses back out of the freezer, I noted the time. When the ice had melted, around three hours had passed.  I then put the glasses back and left them to re-freeze overnight.  I wanted my impending self bondage session to last most of the next day, so I opted for an early night.

Today, I woke up quite early, around sevenish, but I lay in bed until eight listening to the birds twittering and chirping and daydreaming about the tasks I had lined up for myself today.  I took a nice long shower and brushed my teeth to prepare myself for my day ahead... It was really warm and the sun was out, I was so excited!

Quickly, I dressed myself. First, I put on a pair of knickers but no bra. Next, I zipped myself into my one piece black lycra catsuit which covers all of my body to my wrists and ankles and up to my neck, enjoying the tingly feeling the material made as it came into contact with my bare skin.  Over the catsuit, I wore a fleece top that zips right up the neck, a long black skirt that touches the ground and my winter coat that buttons up to the neck as well.  The fleece and the coat I left open. To finish off my outfit I loosely wrapped a scarf around my neck.

I packed a seven foot long thin white rope and a two foot long rope as well into a small leather shoulder bag.  I also packed a pair of stiff leather ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and my three inch wide collar. Not forgetting five small padlocks as well... very important. Slipping on a pair of my favourite comfortable flat heeled shoes, off I went.....

I left my flat and walked for fifteen minutes or so to the local cafe. When I got there I was quite hungry, so I ordered a breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg and beans.  A cup of coffee followed to wash the food down, very nice I tell you!   When I had finished eating and paid the princely sum of three pounds, I went into the cafe toilet to start the days events.

Locking myself in one of the cubicles, I took off my scarf, coat, skirt and fleece.  Next, I unzipped myself out of the catsuit and took off my knickers.  As I knew I wouldn't be speaking to anyone more today, I scrunched them up and stuffed them into the back of my mouth and closed my lips, enjoying the slight tangy taste of my juices.  My cheeks didn't bulge out at all so that was a good start.

After putting my catsuit back on, I quickly buckled a cuff onto my left ankle over the top of the lycra.  It was tight enough not to slip but loose enough so my ankle wouldn't swell when I walked.  Obviously I locked the cuff on with one of the little padlocks and then repeated the process with my right ankle. Next, I tied the small rope with several knots to the D rings so that I created a hobble that was about twelve inches long.

Pulling up the catsuit sleeves a little, I buckled the other cuffs tightly onto my wrists until they dug into my skin a little and padlocked them on also.  Pulling the sleeves back down over the cuffs made sure they would be hidden from a flash view from anyone later.

The next phase was to tie the crotch rope.  This was an idea I had got from reading a story on Gromets plaza a while back, but this was the first time to put it into practice.  I wrapped the seven foot rope around my waist and tied it off with a double knot at the front.  I pulled the rope tight between my legs and bum and took note how long it was.  I pulled it back through so I could tie three knots side by side.  Next, I tugged the rope tightly back through my legs up and through the waist loop at the back and down my bum again.  I tied another three knots and pulled the rope into position between my legs, forcing the lycra and knots deep into my cleft, spreading my cunny lips wide and digging into my clit.  I tied it off neatly at the front with several knots.

Finally I fastened my leather collar around my neck snugly, but not too tight.  I adjusted it so the four D rings were facing the correct positions.. When I was satisfied with my look, I snapped on the final padlock. This is when I realised that my restraints were staying on until I got back home at least.  My first self imposed task has started and there was no turning back now! 

Without hardly thinking, I put my skirt back on, zipped my fleece up, buttoned my coat up to the neck and put my scarf on, covering the lower part of my face.  Just before I left, I checked myself in the toilet mirror to make sure nothing was on show.  Here I was, bound and gagged by my own hand and dressed in hot winter clothing feeling a little silly, but hey, that's what this part of my day was meant to be like.

To the outside world I would look a little abnormal on such a warm day, but I didn't care.  The whole process of getting ready took me only ten minutes to complete.  I checked myself once again, making sure that my skirt hid my hobble rope and the coat and scarf hid all my other restraints.  I put on my sunglasses, took a deep breath and slowly walked, or should I say hobbled out of the cafe ignoring the strange stares I was getting from a couple of people... If only they knew what I was up to!

Before I went back home, I decided to buy myself a nice bunch of flowers to brighten up my kitchen a bit. The florists was one of these old style street corner affairs with loads of bright flowers and various plants proudly on display inside and out.  After browsing through the window for a couple of minutes I stepped inside the shop, a little bell above the door tinkled which I thought was well old fashioned and I had a little smile behind my gag.

A kind looking lady of around sixty with white hair and wearing a floral patterned plastic apron came over to me and with a false teethed smile asked if she could help me with anything.  I noticed she was wearing hearing aids as well.

This was going to be fun I thought to myself,  gagged as I was!  I tried to mumble my order to her the best I could, but it was no use she couldn't hear me properly.  I was feeling a little embarassed mumbling away, so I motioned for the old lady to give me a pen and paper.  I wrote out my order of what flowers I wanted and also wrote that I had been to the dentist and had a tooth out and wasn't feeling too good after having anesthetic gas.

I think the old lady felt a bit sorry for me looking all hot and bothered because there was a lot more than twenty pounds worth of flowers in my rather colourful bunch..... Nice touch I thought.  I waved the old lady goodbye knowing my restraints were hidden and hobbled out of the greenhouse like shop feeling rather pleased with myself. 

At the speedy rate of one mile per hour and feeling really hot it took me twenty five minutes to get home.  Negotiating the six steps leading up to my flat was a bit of a task in itself, hobbled as I was. That took another five minutes at least.  Once inside, I put the flowers into a vase of water and put them down on my kitchen table.  I pulled down my scarf and gave them a little sniff.... I do like the smell of fresh flowers.

I slowly went around my flat and closed all the windows and curtains and locked the front door.

With all the walking I'd done, the friction was making me feel quite sore between my legs and bum, and for a moment I seriously thought about taking the crotch rope off.  I eventually decided against it, but took a mental note maybe not to tie the rope as tight next time....

I removed all my clothes apart from my catsuit savouring the cooler but still quite warm air penetrate the lycra and settle onto my skin underneath, folded them and put them on the floor of my lounge in a neat pile.This signaled the start of my next task of the day.

I untied the rope from my ankle cuffs and replaced it with a double sided snap which is about four inches long.  This would severely shorten my steps just as I had planned.  I shuffled my way into the kitchen and got the first glass from the freezer and placed it on top of my clothes in the centre.  I shuffled rather slowly backwards and forwards from the kitchen and lounge until all the glasses were on top of my clothes in a circle.  In the middle of the circle I randomly scattered seven small keys.  When I had completed that little sub task I noted the time, just after two pm.

With my key escape preparations in place,  I picked up two pairs of scissors and placed them on the floor.  One pair was near the pile of clothes and the other in the between the doorways of the lounge and bedroom, and then shuffled with some effort into the bedroom with my bag of ropes and materials and a large tumbler of water.  I didn't want the bedroom or lounge doors to suddenly slam shut so I tightly wedged an old shoe under each one, keeping them wide open. 

In the bedroom, I placed a rather large bean bag on the floor at the foot end of the bed and pulled a quilt over it creating a slide for when I started my escape later.

I attached a four foot long string to a pair of scissors, tied the free end to the bed leg and tossed them under the bed for added security. You can never have too many safety tools!

 Next, I hopped on the bed with my feet touching the floor.  I undone the snap on my ankle cuffs, unlocked them, tightened them again so they dug into my skin a little, checked for any slippage and relocked them.  Next, I set a digital timer for four hours and picked up two locks and a skeleton key from my bag of equipment.I replaced the snap with one of the locks. I also relocked my wrist cuffs as well over the sleeves of my catsuit, effectively sealing me in.  The skeleton key I put in the middle draw of the bedside cabinet so the only keys available for my bonds were in the front room.

I took a six foot thickish rope and wrapped it three times around my legs above my knees and cinched it.  I done the same below my knees with a smaller rope making sure that it was so tight that would surely leave marks for at least an hour or two.  I was making sure I was going nowhere until the right time came.

I used a ten foot long thick rope to wrap around my breasts three times above and three times below, which was a bit uncomfortable and made me gasp as my ribs were pulled in with the tightness of the rope.  Awkwardly I secured the rope at the front and tucked the knots under the coil below my breasts.To this "bra", I tied thin rope between my breasts and either side of them to sort of cinch the other rope into my bust making them swell and strain against the lycra,  just to add to the effect.  Maybe next time I'll do a full rope corset I thought.

By now I was getting quite sore and my flat was heating up fast... I was really sweating inside my catsuit and was feeling hot in more than one way!  Time to push onto the final part of my self imposed bondage task and get myself secured before my hands started to wander.... 

After mopping my brow and taking my knickers out of my mouth, I drank all of the water in preparation for my gag.  I rolled a black terry facecloth into a long tube, folded it in half and forced it into my mouth.  When the gag opened up in my mouth, it kept my jaws wide open just the way I like.  I like to use terry cloths because they soak up drool like a sponge and it makes it very hard converse. To keep me from biting down too much, I managed to squeeze a white plastic ball with lots of holes drilled through into the space.  I feel that a good gag is very important to my self bondage, yum.  When I tried to scream, the only thing that came out was a very muffled low toned sound.  I pulled out the ends of the cloth so that they covered my lips.  I wrapped clingfilm very tightly around my mouth trapping the cloth between at least six layers and my skin so the gag wouldn't slip down my throat. When that was done, I poked a couple of little holes in the centre of my wide open mouth so I could easily breathe through my gag but make even less sound!

As I was already quite sore between my legs, I was reluctant to add another rope to the one already there, but I did.  I tied a four foot long thick rope around my waist with the knot at the front and pulled the loose end between my legs in between the two knotted ropes, spreading my labia further and tied it off at the back, making me wince a little.

I glanced at myself in my full length mirror that was opposite my bed.  What a sight I looked.  The contast of the white rope against the black of my catsuit was electrifying.  My leather collar and cuffs and my wide open mouth were making me feel so hot I could have orgasmed there and then.  I wasn't quite finished yet, so reluctantly and with a fair amount of will power I looked away and rolled onto my side on the bed.

I tied a five foot long rope to the D ring at the back of my collar, pulled it down my back, and threaded it through the D rings on my ankle cuffs.  I bent my legs as far as I could comfortably, pulled hard, and threaded the rope back through my collar.  I pulled it again to make it even tighter and tied it off with three knots just below my collar and leaving the remainder sitting near my ankles.  My legs were bent as far as I could get them and I could feel the muscles straining.

I lay there for a couple of minutes so that my legs could get used to their new position. Another thing I found, was that my collar felt tighter from being pulled back but not to the point where I was choking.  Safety is very important and I wouldn't risk my life for a dare or task.  I thought about this for a moment, and decided to reach for the string attached to the scissors under the bed and put them on top with me just in case I started choking when I rolled onto my front

With this safety in place I quickly pulled tight the loose end of the rope through the D rings on my ankle cuffs, and tied it to my left wrist cuff with at least five knots, pulling my arm down my back so my hand and feet were only a few inches apart from each other . Finally I grabbed the last lock, pulled my right wrist down to the other and with a lot of manipulation, snapped it onto both wrist cuff D rings and rocked myself until I was on my stomach squashing my breasts against my body and the bed.

Straight away I could feel the strain on my legs, back and shoulders increase as gravity took over and my bindings seemed to tighten further as I squirmed about trying to get comfortable, making sure I didn't knock the scissors off the bed in the process.  My back was arched and my head was pulled right back.This must have been the best hogtie I had put myself into for a while!  Even though my collar was very tight, my breathing was fine considering the position I'd put myself in.  My arms weren't going anywhere and only a slight mewing sound got past my gag.

After a few minutes of vigourous struggling, it sunk in that I was absolutely helpless and a prisoner of myself.  I was a feeling a little hot and bothered so I settled down to conserve energy and to enjoy my bondage.  This was the moment I had been waiting for and I was excited but scared at the same time.  Here I was, in a boiling hot room tightly hogtied and severely gagged by my own fair hand wearing a black lycra catsuit waiting to be rescued, just like Penelope Pitstop, so to speak.  I had been building up for this feeling all day and my body agreed.

I could feel my nipples harden and get more sensitive as they rubbed against the lycra and the bare mattress.  My breasts felt great being all tied and squashed.  The crotch ropes and lycra rubbing against my labia and clit were driving me absolutely mad. The knots were soaked with a mixture of sweat and my juices, my whole body was shaking with excitement and my head was swimming with adrenalin and endorphins.

I love the  feeling of being abandoned, knowing I have to escape on my own.  I lay there trying really hard to keep still as I could and not to push myself over the edge into orgasm just yet. My whole body screamed for release. It was really difficult for me to keep absolutely still when in this severe state of arousal, but it was part of the game I was playing in my head not to move until the alarm went off.

I lay totally immersed in my own little world, fantasising that I had been abducted from a fetish club by person unknown, taken into their dungeon to be used as a living model for their new clothes, restraints and toys.

The toy I imagined I was enduring now was called an electro mattress.  I imagined it worked by placing the victim, in this case me, either tied or untied onto the mattress and switching it on and setting a timer for any period of at least one hour and up to twenty four maximum.  Apart from breathing which the mattress compensates for, any other movement would result in the user receiving a little shock anywhere on their body.  Although not enough to hurt, just enough to make the person jump a little and to think twice about moving until told to do so. The ultimate restraint and not a rope in sight! 

I drifted so far into my fantasy world I almost fell asleep, and for a while nearly forgot that I was tied up.  I was totally relaxed and felt so at one with myself.  Even though I was very tightly bound, I felt no pain only a raging heat between my legs and my nipples.  I so so much wanted to bring myself off but I had to wait for the alarm.

By now the bedroom felt like a furnace and I was really sweating under the catsuit. All my hair was wet and some of it was sticking to my bare face and the clingfilm.  I was leaking from every pore in my body.  My hands and feet were dripping with sweat and everywhere around me was soaked.  I must have looked a mess, but I felt great!

Finally, the digital alarm started to bleep. The time was up, I had been a good girl and had beaten the electro mattress.  Now it was time for my long awaited reward.  I struggled and wrenched at my bonds like a woman possessed, revelling in my helpless situation.  No matter how much I wriggled and twisted the ropes didn't budge an inch.  The locks, although quite small were far too strong for me to break.  My struggles to escape only resulted in my squashed breasts being kneaded against my body like pastry and the crotch rope massaging my clit hard.

I couldn't take no more, so with all my energy I started to hump the mattress furiously.  My hips were bucking up and down and I was pushing my torso back and forth forcing the the knots of the crotch belt to sink even deeper into my cleft as it ground into the mattress.  This mad action went on for what seemed ages and I was exhausted, but then I thought to myself in my best dominant way, that if I stopped now, I wouldn't be allowed to have an orgasm for at least seven days.  Now that's motivation!

I humped and thrashed around like never before and at last, finally and not a moment too soon, I metaphysically crash landed and exploded into one of the most mind blowing orgasms I have ever had in my life.  Still grinding myself into the bed, yanking at my bonds and screaming mutely into my gag, I had well and truly arrived!! My whole being erupted with pleasure and lust not too mention the juices that were gushing out of my cunny.  I started to feel slightly dizzy and was seeing stars behind my tightly closed eyes as another and yet another wave of pleasure took over me... Panting hard through my gag and nose, I focused on nothing but my crotch... I was truly in bondage heaven!  Another two orgasms followed rapidly one after the other, sending my senses whirling and then, finally, after what felt an eternity, it was over.

I had experienced the ride of my life and I was now totally spent both physically and mentally. With the combination of the restraints and my little fantasy, I had put myself through a lot but loved every moment like it was my last.  I was so tired by now, I could hardly move a muscle, so I let myself relax and for a while I drifted into a little daydream involving me being all tied up and left in a hot and steamy sauna for a couple of hours....

As I came back to earth, my whole body started to ache from my struggles.  I could now feel the ropes digging in me again, my jaw felt like it was going to break and I was baking hot.  No-one to blame but myself I suppose.  Now that I had fully indulged myself, this was a good time to try and escape.  No-one was going to come and rescue me so I didn't really have much choice in the matter.  The final and the hardest task of the day was just about to begin.

I had lost total track of time being so wrapped up in my own little world, so when I finally came back to my senses and opened my eyes, I was surprized that it was almost dark in the room.  It slowly dawned on me that I had been tied up for a very long time, a lot longer than I had planned for.  I glanced at my bedside clock,and the glowing red read-out said 10:15pm.

I'd been bound in some sort of way for over eight hours at home.My cuffs and collar I had been wearing nearly all day, but they still felt surprisingly comfortable in spite of my now uncomfortable position.  At this point I could have used the scissors on the bed to cut the hogtie which would have made it a lot easier to retrieve the skeleton key from the cabinet drawer to free myself.  Me being me, I decided that a task was a task, unless it was an emergency of course.

With aching muscles I managed to wriggle backwards down the bed toward the beanbag slide I made earlier.  Lycra hasn't got a lot of grip so it took me quite a while to get moving, dragging my flattened and now somewhat sore breasts along.  With the wriggling action, the crotch rope started to torment me again. Ignoring this, I eventually I made my way off the bed and onto the floor, landing on my knees with a soft bump and a slight wobble.  I rather hoped I wouldn't fall over, life would have been so much harder if I had.

Trying not to lose my balance, I found my bearings and slowly shuffled around in a semi circle towards direction of the open door. As my head was still pulled back by the hogtie, I was forced to look up at the darkened ceiling.  With my body arched backwards, it took a lot of effort to keep myself upright by leaning forward as much as I could.

The ropes binding my legs were by now really digging in me, and my back was aching badly.  My mouth was so dry from the terry cloth the only thing on my mind now was to get free. The growing heat between my tormented legs would have to wait.

Using my shins and knees as skis, I scooted along the floor towards the open doors, using my toes as the propellent.  The best thing about lycra in a situation like this is it doesn't stick to carpet like some materials do.  I made what I thought was a lot of progress in quite a short time.  I could see the top of the bedroom doorframe.

Only a few feet to go I thought, then I could cut the hogtie.   I scooted with all my strength and eventually I was in my lounge. It was just as well I was, because I lost my balance and fell onto my side.  I felt the bump as I hit the floor, but I was so intent on getting loose I ignored the pain and all the other aches and pains I was feeling after my adventure.

At least now I could vaguely see the floor, which was something I suppose.  I could make out the darkened shapes of my furniture and also the pile of clothes on the floor.  Edging myself towards the clothes, I felt something touch my left arm.... the scissors.

Oh joy!  I was going to be free soon.

I managed to worm my way around and get the scissors into my left hand and immediately cut the ropes that were keeping me bound so tightly.  I had been hogtied for so long now, my body hardly moved, only my head went forward with a loud click coming from my neck. Very slowly I straightened my body and rocked myself onto my front and lay there for a few moments waiting for my cramped and abused body to recover a little.

With some effort I rolled myself onto my back and then sat myself up using the side of an armchair as leverage.  I shuffled along on my bum, using my hands and heels until I reached the pile of clothes.  I flicked at the clothes with my feet, knocked over all twelve pints of water onto my clothes and the surrounding carpet.  The plastic glasses went rolling off in all directions.

Knowing that now finding the right keys for the right locks was my only problem, I rolled myself on top of the soaking clothes, revelling in the cool embrace as the water seeped through my catsuit and onto my bare skin.  What a relief that was after being kept in greenhouse conditions for so long, but I still needed to get away.

I started to fantasise again to help me along.  I imagined that my captor would be back at any minute and this was to be my last chance of freedom, or to spend the rest of my life as a slave, and never to be allowed to orgasm again!!

I fumbled around on the wet clothes until I located a key, this I kept in my right hand.  I continued to fumble around with my left hand and came accross two keys together.  This went on until I had all seven keys in my right hand.  I systematically tried each key in turn into the lock connecting my wrist cuffs together.  Typically, it was the last key, the first one I'd picked up that unsnapped the lock to freedom. 

My arms, almost devoid of strength, flopped to the floor.  After a moment of wiggling them around to get a bit of feeling back, I picked up the soaking wet scarf and mopped the part of my face that wasn't covered in clingfilm.... that felt really really nice.  I squeezed the water out of the scarf over my head and shivered slightly as the cold water ran down my face and neck under my collar.  What moisture that was left in the scarf I squeezed through the holes in the cling film wetting my very dry mouth and throat.  I was so looking forward to having a real drink, but I was okay for now.

I could have got totally free at this point, but I decided to put all my wet clothes back on instead to cool me down a bit before having a shower.  I slipped the fleece over me, enjoying the cool touch as it came in contact with my catsuit and skin and zipped it up.  My winter coat was quite heavy when I picked it up, but nevertheless, I put it on and buttoned it up all the way. I slipped the skirt over my still bound ankles, pulled it up to my waist and slowly massaged the wet material into my sore labia and bum.  Now that cooled a big heat!!  Finally I tied the scarf rather tightly around the lower part of my face, forcing the cloth and ball even deeper into my mouth than it already was.  Slowly and with a bit of a wobble I got to my feet.

Now I was starting to feel horney again, so with a hobble of less than an inch, I shuffled to the sofa and plonked myself on it.  I snapped the lock back onto my cuffs with my hands in front this time, pulled back the bottom of my coat and massaged myself through my skirt.  As I rubbed myself, my clit was on fire again despite the extra moisture.  I rubbed the ropes against me, grinding them further into my cunny.  I thought I'd tied the ropes tight, but here I was thrusting away and pushing them and the lycra into me until I couldn't take any more.

I tensed my body and stretched my head right back on the sofa then screamed silently into my newly reinforced gag as an orgasm rocked me for the umpteenth time today.  As I screamed my whole body vibrated, and another gush came from between my legs and I screamed again and again until the feelings finally subsided in my crotch.  I lay in this tensed up position for another few minutes and then relaxed.

With my wrists and ankles still locked and fully dressed again in winter clothing which, with the extra weight felt like I was wearing a suit of armour, I shakily got up from the sofa.  I composed myself and hobbled my way around my flat opening all the windows but leaving the curtains shut.   Immediately I could feel the cool night air breeze into the flat which had been stuffy for so many hours and twitched my nose as the fresh air tickled the insides of my nostrils when I inhaled.

Looking at the clock in my lounge, I realised with mild shock that another two hours had past and it was 12:30 am.  It was definately time to get loose and shower todays various secretions off me.  I hobbled my way into the bathroom feeling so tired but exhilerated that I had spent so long in my self imposed bondage and had so many orgasms.

With a little bit of fiddling about I unlocked the lock joining my wrists together and the one to release my ankles.  With a bit of effort I took off the wet ropes that were tied above and below my knees.  For the first time since this morning I was able to walk without any restrictions. Quickly I took off all the soaked winter clothing and put it in a large plastic bag, ready to be taken to the dry cleaners the next day.

I gathered my matted sweaty hair away from my face and neck in a pony tail and unwrapped the layers of cling film from my lower face and chucked the whole smelly mass into the bin.
However, that was the only bond I did remove.  I jumped into the shower cubicle still wearing my leather bonds, gag and catsuit.  I sighed deeply into my gag as the refreshing and viatalising cool water cascaded over the whole of my body.

I stayed motionless for at least ten minutes enjoying the steady flow of water on me.  Eventually, I stepped out of the shower, loosened my bonds just enough so I could get my catsuit off and relocked them.  I was so used to the cuffs and collar by now, I decided I was going to wear them all day tomorrow as well!

As all the ropes on my crotch and breasts were soaked through, it took a while to undo the knots, but eventually I managed to get the ropes off and step out of my catsuit and put it in the bag with the other clothes.  Once again I stepped into the shower, but this time I soaped and shampooed all the sweat off me and spent quite a while pampering my very sore breasts and cunny back to some sort of normality.

After my long shower, I dried myself off, and went into the kitchen for a long awaited drink... in this case, freezing cold orange juice.  Slowly I pulled the ball and saliva dripping terry cloth out of my aching wide open mouth and worked my jaw around a bit feeling it click a few times.  When my jaw had recovered sufficiently I slowly drank all the juice in one go.  After two more glasses of juice, my thirst was quenched.  My mouth and throat felt so refreshed after being stretched so much and breathing nothing but hot air all day.

Now I was cleaned up and refreshed, it was at long last time for bed.  I brushed my teeth, picked up the two locks and keys and went into my bedroom. Turning on a fan, I lay on top of the quilt on my bed, locked my ankle cuffs together and my wrists as well with them in front again.

I was so exhausted physically, but my mind started thinking naughty thoughts about what I could get up to tomorrow.  Ah the possibilities.......


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