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Once Upon a Time

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2008 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chain; hood; basement; mast; cons; X

It was a dark and stormy night. I sat by the fire reading a boring bookas thunder rolled in the distance. Suddenly the lights flickered and in a blink the power went off. The warm glow from the fireplace made eerie shadows on the walls. I lit several candles and sat them around the room. Too dark now to read, I begin thinking about all the selfbondage I had done and wondered what new mischief to get myself into. A plan begin to form in my head and I could feel the excitement building as I focused in on one of the candles, sitting in its large brass holder.

Using a flashlight, I gathered goodies from my toy box, stripped totally naked and proceeded to the basement, taking a candle with me. In the basement there are steel support posts that support the main beam of the house. They are spaced about 10 feet apart and consist of a smaller pipe that slides into a larger pipe. The big pipe is fastened to the basement floor and the small pipe is fastened to the big wooden beam overhead that runs the length of the house. The pipes have big holes all the way through them to allow a steel pin or rod to be inserted to lock the pipes together.

After looking over the pipes, I decided to return upstairs and fetch several chains. Ropes would have worked but I wanted the feeling of being totally helpless and making escape impossible. The power was still off and I was glad for the handy flashlight. Returning to the basement with four chains and a box of padlocks, I went to work getting everything in place. I locked a length of chain around the bottom of each post and layed the excess out in the middle, where I would stand spreadeagled.

I threaded another piece of chain through one of the holes towards the top of a pole and wrapped it around and padlocked it in place. Now for the interesting part. I sat the candle across the room on a table. It would be behind me way out of reach. Now I realized that I needed some more stuff. So back up stairs one last time for string, a kitchen knife and a straight pin. I tied one end of the string to the straight pin and stuck it in deep near the bottom of the candle. The string then was run over to the other pole, the one with only one chain, and I draped the string over a bolt at the top of the pole and down the side near one of the adjustment holes.

I tied the kitchen knife to this end of the string. Sticking the last piece of chain all the way through the hole, I dropped the knife through the link of the chain. Now the chain cannot be pulled away from the steel pole until the knife drops on through the link and it won't drop until the candle burns down and releases the straight pin. I tied another piece of string to the two chains that would be locked to my wrists. This would hold them out between the posts until I could get my cuffs fastened and then I could break the string.

All the padlock keys were on the floor right under where I would stand. My cuffs consisted of regulation hospital restraints, made of very heavy leather with slots for adjustment. I made sure that I hadn't turned on the basement light from reflex action even though the power was still off. Now my only light was from the candle behind me. Now its time to get serious and lock myself up. First comes the gag which consists of a head harness with a penis gag attachment. By the time I buckle the chin strap, I'm so excited that I dare not touch myself. I sure don't want to have an orgasm prematurely.

I attach two very short chains to my wrists cuffs. They are just a few inches long but will allow me to easily lock these short chains to the longer ones coming from the posts. Two more locks sit on the floor at my feet and I placed the last two locks at the ends of my short wrist cuffs chains, but not locked. Spreading my legs apart, I lock a chain to one ankle cuff and then with difficulty lock the other ankle cuff to the chain from the other post. It wasn't easy because I wanted my legs spread apart as far as possible. I was bare footed and bare all over and now totally exposed.

Reaching out with my left hand I attached the lock from my wrist cuff chain to the chain coming from the post and clicked the lock closed. I can still hear that sound in my mind and get excited all over again just thinking about it. Now for the point of no return. I reached out with my other hand, threaded the lock in place and CLICK. I was stuck till the candle melted down. My breathing was heavy now and I was starting to prespire even though I was down in the basement which is usually cool. The candle flickered some and cast my shadow on the opposite wall. A naked girl chained, gagged, helpless and isolated out in the country with no one to check on me, probably for days.

I don't know how long I stood there but a sound caused me to jump. I realized it was the food freezer motor starting up but it quickly went off. I figured the power company was testing the line somehow. When I hear the motor run a long time I will know that my power was restored. Time passed slowly. I could still see flashes of lightning through the tiny basement windows but the storm seemed to be not as intense and maybe moving away. I felt so helpless and it was a good feeling. What I wanted and needed. A true damsel in distress. A prisoner waiting her fate. A sex slave to be used and abused. Time dragged on, but finally after what seemed like hours, I noticed the string had gone slack but the kitchen knife was still holding my chain from pulling through the hole.

Shaking my arm around finally allowed the knife to drop away from the chain link and hit the floor with a bang. The chain fell out of the hole and my arm was free. Guess what I did with my hand. Did I mention I orgasm easily? Remember I still had one wrist chained to the other pole and my ankles were chained wide apart. I found out that picking up the keys from the floor was very very hard to do, but I did it by bumping them around with the loose chain to just the right place so I could snag the ring with my fingers. Poof and the candle went out and now I am in total darkness. Seems like a good time for another orgasm.

After freeing myself and returning upstairs, I found the power had been restored. Afterwards while taking a nice long hot bath I got to thinking about what all could have gone wrong. Using a candle to release the keys was very risky. The flame could have went out and never loosened the pin and then I sure would have been stuck and never found in time. I was out in the country, on a farm, in a basement all alone and no back up release plan. An ice release is the way to go. So next time, and there will be a next time, I'm using ice and oh yes nipple clamps and a blindfold.



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