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One Hundred to One

by b

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© Copyright 2003 - b - Used by permission

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One Hundred to One
by b
 One Hundred to One. by b

After moving away to college, and living in the dorms for a short time, I finally got a chance to move in with a great friend in a two bedroom apartment. Dorm life was great. It was there that I met Mark, my roommate, but life there really got in the way of my self-bondage and submissive fantasies.

While living in the dorms I would write an occasional bondage story to help express my self-bondage needs. Although I wrote many stories of my submission to both Dominant Women and Dominant Men, my favorite was called One Hundred to One. It details my capture by a Dominant Male Master, who keeps be bound and gagged constantly, only removing my gag long enough to train me to enjoy the taste of his cum! (As you can see I love stories about being submissive to Men--not just to Women!) The story progresses: I am further forced to endure orgasm denial (to keep me submissive and aroused) until my Master declares one day, while I am ruthlessly hogtied and ring-gagged, that I will only be allowed to spurt my slave-semen ONLY after swallowing 100 full ejaculations from my Master! Whew! I have a difficult time controlling my urge to masturbate (and cum hard!) each time I read that story.

Fast forward to this weekend. Mark is going away to visit family, and I have been busy preparing for some self-bondage fun. I hope Mark hasn't noticed my preparations as am totally shy about my secret fantasies! 

The first thing I did about a week ago, was freeze two big "ice" cubes of my own cum, and kept them hidden at the back of the freezer. I have my biggest dildo ready, my ropes, and two 20 foot lengths of ace bandage, and a white cloth. I have a pair of TIGHT nipple clamps too. And, I also have a pair of hand cuffs and a key for them that has been frozen in a BIG ice cube. (It's gonna take hours for that cube to melt and release my handcuff key!) I also have my One Hundred to One story out, and I've placed it on the floor so I can read it while in self-bondage.

I'm already getting aroused as I get naked. I lubricate my dildo and insert it all the way inside me. It's very big and I have to twist and I let out a moan as I penetrate myself and push until the last inch disappears inside me. I am completely filled! 

Next comes my gag. This is a special gag-idea I dreamed up to kind of let me live out my cum-fetish. First, I tightly wrap an ace bandage around the back of my neck and across my open mouth -- leaving it just a bit slack so that I can put the gag stuffing in my mouth without it going down too far (Hey, safety first!) I get my two cum-cubes from the freezer and wrap them in a wet white cloth. Then I pack my mouth with the cloth! My submissive hard-on is raging as I wrap the cum filled cloth into my mouth by wrapping another ace bandage around my neck and across my mouth. I knot it off behind my neck. Next I wrap duct tape over the ace bandage to help me to feel more completely gagged and helpless. The warmth of my mouth begins to melt the cum-cubes and streams of my cum slowly begin to fill my mouth and coat my tongue! OH, the taste is at once both awful and wonderful. Very spicy and bitter, yet so sweet. The scent both strong like alcohol and sweet like sugar!

I am almost delerious as I continue with my self-bondage. I am breathing quickly and my erection is very, very purpled as I sit down, in my room, crosslegged. I wrap and cinch my ankles with 50 feet of rope, and leave a two lengths of rope connected to my cinch ropes after I tie the square knot securing my ankle. The first of the attached rope lengths is looped over and around the back of my neck and pulled tight, bending me over into a harsh bent over position. I pull the rope so that my chin is just about 8 inches from my bound ankles and feet, and I knot off that length back to my ankle cinch-ropes.

Now, to finish things off. I attach the TIGHT nipple clamps to my nipples! These are a special toothed pair that really bites! I love nipple clamps! And, I tie my handcuffs to the second length of rope from my tied ankles. I reach back with both my arms and have to scoot closer to my ankles to allow enough slack to grab my handcuffs behind my back. I take a deep cum scented breath and with a loud CLICK CLICK CLICK I lock my cuffs on my wrists--behind my back.

Submissive thrills tingle up my spine as I struggle, utterly helpless! My nipples are clamped so tight! As I rock back and forth, front and back, I force my dildo deep, then deeper inside me in a slow faux-fuck! My own erection is throbbing and bobbing--straining for relief! Yet, in this bondage position, there is NO WAY for me to touch myself, or to masturbate. Ther is NO WAY for me to release my building sexual tension!! I close my eyes in utter submissive bliss as my cum soaked gagged mouth savors the special pleasure of tasting my own cum!

I quiver with submissive delight as time blurs away. Have hours passed? I moan into my gag and re-read my story, and I dream of swallowing my cruel Master's cum over and over! I am sweating and the smell of cum from my mouth is very strong. My penis, as I glance down at it, is still HARD and a large clear drop of pre-cum glistens at it's tip. The dildo inside me feels huge. My back is getting stiff. My nipples are screaming. The ice cube imprisoning my handcuff key has only just begun to melt about the edges. I moan, dreaming about being left this way by my Master when suddenly: SLAM! The front door has opened and closed! Mark must be back!

I struggle with every muscle to escape my bondage and not get caught like THIS! 

I only succeed in causing my ropes to tighten. I hear some papers shuffle, then I hear Mark's footsteps, then he walks into my room!

Mark picks up my story. I must look bright RED as I am blushing and humiliated and aroused and scared all at once. My penis betrays me -- showing Mark how much I really love this! I hear the pages turn. Then I see that Mark has removed his shoes and his clothes have dropped to the floor! I moan, wondering what is going to happen. Suddenly I hear his voice, "Don't be frightened. I happened to notice that when you got back from the hardware store last week, after I told you I'd be gone this weekend, you only bought rope and duct tape, and it didn't take me long to realize what you were up to! I cancelled my trip just so I could be here." Mark reached down to pick up my handcuff-key-ice-cube, saying, "You won't be needing this key any time soon!"

All I could do was moan and struggle. I couldn't believe what was happening! Mark returned and when I looked up he was naked and his erection was bobbing out in front of him. His erection was a big and thick and 8 inches, at least! He said, "If you'd like to continue, slave, then nod your head up and down." I was only TOO EAGER to nod: yes Yes YES!

I felt his strong hands unwrapping my gag. Mark must have been surprised to discover how completely gagged I was. It took quite a while to get the packing out of my mouth. My jaw was sore from being gagged so deeply. Mark immediately knew that I had cum-soaked my gag from the smell and dampness. Suddenly, he said, "So I see you enjoy tasting cum! I am going to enjoy this more than I thought!" With that he knelt down in front of me, and with his hands he lifted my chin and positioned his big erection right at my warm (and secretly willing) lips! I couldn't believe it.  He pushed in slowly, yet forcefully. I moaned, closing my lips over the tip of his cock. I sucked and kissed and moaned and relaxed my throat as he pushed in Deeper......Suddenly my nose was nuzzled into his pubic hair and tried not to gag as he thoat-fucked me over and over and over.........I was in bondage-slave heaven!

Finally, I do not know how much time passed, his erection swelled and he orgasmed loud and hard -- letting his cum fill my mouth! With my mouth full, I kissed the tip of his cock one more time as he pulled slowly out, and I savored and then swallowed all of Mark's cum.

I was sweaty and breathless and my body was still very aroused as Mark reached down for a length of rope I had left on the floor. He walked around behind me and quickly ball gagged me, leaving the taste of his cum in my mouth, and then--thrill of thrills--he looped the length of rope around my elbows, bringing them close together -- then cinching the rope between my arms and knotting it off.

Thank goodness he removed my nipple clamps!  MMMMMMGggggghhhhh!!! I moaned into my gag. As he removed them from each nipple. Suddenly Mark stood up and I saw his muscular body walking towards the door. As he turned out the light--leaving me helpless and bound in the dark--I heard him say that I only had to "swallow" 99 more times! And with that the door shut leaving me struggle in my own submissive-bondage-heaven...............



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