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One Rope Too Far

by Jay Jenson

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© Copyright 2005 - Jay Jenson - Used by permission

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One Rope Too Far by Jay Jenson
This story is completely true. It is a true account of something I literally just got out of.

My wrists...have never been this sore before. I’ve made wrist coils and cinch nooses too tight before. I’ve had someone tie my hands a little too tight with rope that was a little too small. But I’ve never had wrists this sore, and it was from handcuffs, of course.

It all started with the harness ballgag. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a real ballgag, like I want to. There aren’t too many fetish shops out here in the country, and I’m too lazy to get a credit card and order one online. I know one day I’ll get my hands on one, but there’s not really a rush. Especially since the substitute that I just discovered, that works as well as anything could. It’s a home-made harness ballgag that actually works. Believe me! I just put up with one for 5 hours, and I was trying my hardest to get it out of my mouth.

I started everything by freezing a handcuff key from the night before. I made sure to let the key sit alone in the freezer for about an hour, just to make sure it didn’t screw up the ice cube it was in. Then I poured the water in the ice tray and dropped the key in it, and let it sit overnight.

Today, when I was ready to begin my adventure (and what an adventure it turned out being), I started with a waist/crotch rope to hold the handcuffs down with. I held one end of the rope right above my butt and brought the other end around my right side to my front. Then I crossed my crotch, above my manhood, and brought the rope down to my left leg, and back behind it. I pulled it tight and already felt a little bit of what was to come. I then wrapped the rope around my back once, then threaded the two chains of the handcuffs in with the rope and pulled it tight, holding them firmly to the small of my back. I then did the exact opposite with the other end of the rope, making an X on my crotch right below my manhood and tying it off in the front. Those cuffs weren’t going anywhere.

Now for the gag. I wanted something that felt industrial, but only needed the following things to make it with: - a blue raquetteball, about 1.5 inches in diameter
- 2 long white pieces of cloth. They used to be the body of a t-shirt that I cut vertically and then into horizontal strips. It makes for great gags, blindfolds, or anything you want.

I needed a mirror to help me. I took the ball and placed it in the middle of one of the cloth strips. I folded the strip around the ball so that it overlapped itself, enclosing the ball entirely. I then twisted the strip on each side of the ball so that it wouldn’t move around at all. This is common to see on many sites, actually.
I placed the ball in my mouth, which felt filling but kind of comfortable, and tied it in the back of my head, knotting it, as tight as I could. Now’s where it gets interesting.

I took the other cloth strip and held the middle of it right under my chin. I brought the ends underneath the gag on my face, then down again on the outside and pulled tight. This closed my chin firmly. I then brought the strips back under and up again, effectively “locking” the chin strap as tight as it was. I looked like I was wearing a real ballgag with a chin strap, except that everything was made of cloth. I took it up another notch now.

The two ends of the chin strap were still pretty long. I brought both of them up to the top of my head and tied them in a knot very tightly. This firmed up my chin even more, and I felt like the ball wasn’t going to move too easily, but I still wasn’t quite satisfied.

So, I brought up the long leftovers on the top of my head and I pulled them down, tight, on the side of my face. Then I threaded them under the original gag strip, near my ears, turned them around, and pulled them back up to the top of my head tight.

Next I needed to reinforce this, so I took the long leftover strips from the original gag and knotted them to their opposite side (left to right, right to left) with the other strips on top of my head. I now had 3 knots on my head and 4 strips to work with, each of which were still long enough to do something else.
So, to make it completely complete, I took the two longer of these strips and pulled them down, tight, crisscrossing them on my nose, and threading them (this was very tight to do) under my chin strap. The other two strips came down tightly behind my ears, under the original gag strap, and out to the front, where they each made a final knot with the other two strips.

It’s very complex and very difficult to do, but I now was wearing an exact cloth replica of a true harness gag. And the ball wasn’t moving anywhere whatsoever, no matter what I tried to do.

That being done, I finally went to restraint work.

I wanted to keep it relatively simple, since all the complexity went to my gag. I tied my ankles securely with a long piece of rope. Then just below my knees. Then I tied just above my knees with a very long piece of rope. I then got a touch fancy and used one rope to cinch each one of these ties individually and tightly, effectively pulling my legs together with knees bent and all the ropes cinched. I wouldn’t be able to move much.

I crawled to my freezer (it’s a small one that I have on the floor) and got my ice cube key. I threw the key covered in ice to the other side of the room and looked to make sure it was okay. It was fine, out in the open. Across a 30 ft room...

I put on my one torso rope, pre-sized to be just a touch big on me. I then used two shoelaces (one under each shoulder) to cinch the rope tight to my body. Then I put on my other torso rope and cinched that one just above my elbows. My arms were now pretty much immobile, and I was just now really starting to feel how uncomfortable a good sized ball in your mouth can get. But I pressed on.

With my arms mostly immobile, getting my blindfold into position was tough, but I got it done. I had the warm, black, thick felt headband just above my eyes and another strip of cloth over it, tied loosely but not knotted in the back, ready to be pulled down and tightened.

And here’s where I made a nearly-fatal error. Literally.

I was about to slip my hands into my cuffs when I noticed that there was quite a bit of leftover rope on my lower torso rope. And it seemed a shame to let it go to waste. I had doubled up my torso rope before I made it into a loop, so one end was actually two loose ends of rope, and the other end was a loop.
I wanted to full monte on this experience, so I took the loop end and pulled my upper body forward, pulling it under and through the rope that was just above my knees, and it was sticking out the top. I took the two ends and did something I really would wish later that I didn’t do. I took each one and slipped it underneath one of the crisscrossing straps on my nose that was part of my gag.

I figured I’d seen it so many times where the harness gag was used to secure the head to something that I might as well use it here. I then tied the two ends together inside the loop, effectively securing my head, by my nose, to my knee with only about two centimeters between the two. Without hesitation, I reached up and pulled down my blindfold, and pulled it tight. Really tight. I didn’t want to be able to see at all. I reached back and locked one hand in a cuff. I took a ballpoint pen and double locked it. I then took my other hand and placed it in the cuff and got ready to lock it. I took a really long, deep breath and knew what I was going to do. I locked the cuff. Tight. And I used the pen to double lock it. I threw the pen away and fell over on my side. I was now completely, completely, completely helpless.

My only way of getting out of this was on the other side of the room. 30 feet is a loooooooong distance when you can’t extend your legs more than half an inch and you can’t extend your torso at all. I effectively ball tied myself and was in self-bondage HEAVEN.

I lay and enjoyed my dream come true. My hands couldn’t move in the slightest. But, even if I tugged a little bit, there was an explosion of tightness, pain, and pleasure in my crotch. My feet, legs, and entire lower body were completely immobile, save for an inch of extension and my toes. I made a note to myself to be sure to tie my toes securely next time. Something I foolishly forgot. Or maybe not so foolishly.

My arms were completely pinned to my body. There was no mistaking how tight I made both torso loops this time. And the rope holding my torso to my legs was amazing. The blindfold was not going to slip either. I think part of the reason was because it was gripping onto the cloth strips of the gag better than it usually grips my skin. Maybe next time I’ll put the blindfold under the gag...just to see what that’s like. And speaking of the gag... holy Toledo, it was indescribable. It was just how I imagined it would be to have a harness gag in my mouth, filling it completely, and not being able to spit it out.

After what I would guess was about twenty minutes of just sitting and enjoying myself, I decided it was time to at least try to make my way over to the key. I knew it wasn’t near melted yet, but I didn’t want to just sit here. I hadn’t turned, so I knew what direction the key was in. I tried to start moving that way. Immediately I knew I was in trouble. My movement was practically non-existent. The thirty feet it was to get across the room might as well have been four football fields, keeping me from my key. So, I did what just about anybody would do when their plan goes slightly wrong. I panicked a little bit.

I struggled and kicked and pulled and tried my hardest just to move farther than I could. With all the effort in my body, I managed to get off my side and seated on my butt and started moving backward across the carpet, feeling frantically for the key with my very tightly cuffed hands. Now I wish I didn’t put the damn blindfold on so tight. And it was about now, in all this effort and this extreme workout, that I noticed how hard it was to breathe.

I could feel what had happened. When there’s a large ball in your mouth, with a coating of cloth over it, and your chin is being held tightly shut, there’s not a lot of room to open your mouth for air. So, you kind of have to breathe through your nose. However, that becomes complicated. Especially when on top of the two crisscrossing strips of cloth on your nose that were already pressing tight against it, you foolishly, stupidly, moronically place a rope under each strip, to hold your head to your knees.

Now, not only was I having to breathe through my nose, but I had a number of other problems. First, I had to breathe into my knees, not leaving a whole lot of room for fresh oxygen to get in or get out. Second, the strips holding tightly to my nose were holding the ropes under them tighter to my nose, meaning that with the pressure on my schnoz at this point, I was finding it kinda hard to breathe. Throw in a whole lot of aerobic exercise in thrusting and pulling with every movable muscle of my body, and you could probably guess that I was a little winded. And when you’re winded and it’s hard to breathe, you’re royally fucked.

I ran over my personal rules to myself, quickly.

First thing, calm down. I’m feeling short on breath. The dumbest thing to do would be to panic and try to get to air, because I’ll just need more air in doing so. Just relax...loosen up...try to slow down your breathing and your heartbeat...and try your hardest just to breathe deeply through your nose as best you can.
And it started working. I was breathing deeply, slowly, and thoroughly. In almost no time I was exited panic mode, and I could breathe alright. I was still pretty scared though, and breathing was still a chore. So this adventure had lost a lot of its fun already and I was about ready to get out of this bondage. So I decided to try to look for the key.

I was on my side again at this point, so I decided to rub my head against the carpet, to try to dislodge my blindfold. In my frenzy, I’m sure I had twisted and turned and was no longer facing the direction I thought I was. After about three minutes of scraping my head across the carpet as hard as I could, I gave up. There was no way this blindfold was going to come off. Between the tightness that I had tied it, mixed with it clinging to the cloth strips of my harness gag, and finally mixed with the huge amount of sweat that was pouring down my face, the blindfold wasn’t going anywhere.
And since I had tied my waist/crotch rope so tight, I couldn’t get any leeway to reach up and get it.

I decided to do what I needed to in an emergency.

I was going to try to slip out of the handcuffs, like I had a couple times before.Of course, I guess a couple times before I didn’t do them this tight. This is why my wrists are still freaking killing me now, because of the fact that I had metal handcuffs slowly coming up my wrists onto my hands, pretty much peeling away skin, and not coming off. They were just too tight this time. It wasn’t even a matter of trying to dislocate my thumb, which I’ve heard works. Because I don’t think I could get them up high enough for that to even slip them off. Besides, if I dislocated my thumb, I might risk passing out or going into shock from it. And God knows how easy it would be to pass out and land my head in such a way that I couldn’t breathe, and then that would be it. I’d be dead.

And that was the first time the thought really hit me.
I honestly could die like this.
I could barely breathe. I couldn’t move. I had no clue which direction the key was in. And even if I did, I could only feel about a square inch of the carpet at a time. And this was a 30 ft by 40 ft room!
Panic started to set in again. And this time, I did that which I truly did not think I’d ever do.
I tried to call someone for help.


That was probably the most intelligible of the many phrases I tried to shout.
Of course, don’t let the capital letters and the exclamation points fool you. It wasn’t loud. You could probably have easily ignored it if you were watching TV in the next room with the volume on low. It translated to “Someone!!!” I knew all the windows and doors were shut. And locked. This house is pretty fucking soundproof, but I figured it was worth a shot. Right now I didn’t care if my 80 year old neighbor lady came over and saw me, I just wanted out. I just wanted out, and I didn’t care who knew.

Of course, nobody knew. Nobody could hear. My parents are out of town for a week, and I’ve been inside minding my own business, on the internet and writing music and watching TV and sleeping that the neighbors wouldn’t even notice if I wasn’t heard from for a week. And that’s the point where facts about how long the human body can live without water started swirling in my head, and I got more scared than ever.

I knew so far that my gag was not coming off, moving, allowing me to breathe, or allowing any sound to come out.
I knew that I couldn’t reach any knots to any ropes, since my hands were held firmly in back and all the knots were in front of me.
I knew that I couldn’t see a damn thing, and I couldn’t get my blindfold off.
But...I knew that somewhere out in this carpet jungle, there was a key waiting for me. So, I set off again.

Inch by inch I moved forward. I knew the odds of finding the key. I knew the probability that it was still frozen. But I also knew that I needed to find it, and I’d worry about the rest later.

After probably a half hour of inching, I found the best discovery of my life!
...well, except for the key.

I discovered the feel of something beneath my feet besides carpet! It was metal! Followed by linoleum was the next room! I was in the small doorway to the next room! This could only mean one thing. The doorway was on my right, which meant that if I turned left, the key would be somewhere behind me. If I went the entire way across the room and didn’t feel the key anywhere, I could just turn around again after moving an inch down and move across again.
Long and tedious, yet. But it was hope!

I worked at this for about two and a half hours, I would guess. I’ve been trying to figure it out since I got out and looked at the clock and realized I’d been in very strict bondage for 5 hours. I’m not sure how many times I went back and forth, but I think it was something like 4 and a half times. The entire time I was inching slowly toward freedom, I was doing one more thing I do to avoid panic. Yes, I was praying. You will never hear anything more pathetic than the words “Jhethuth pleethh” being spoken by a young man that can’t do anything. 

It’s weird when you think about it. I’m 22, and I think I’m invincible. Go driving and do 70, 80 mph on average. Drink and smoke and do whatever I can to put myself in harm’s way. And here’s that same kid, unable to move but an inch at a time, finding it very hard to breathe, and not able to say anything intelligible. And if you didn’t think this was a true story, consider that I just said something like that. I’m sure if I waited until tomorrow to tell this, that would have been left out.

When I found the key, at first my heart sank again.
It was still frozen in ice. Big time.
I could barely feel the loop of the metal coming out one end of the ice. The part that sets me free was in the middle.
It had been sitting there for close to 4 hours, and it wasn’t even near melted.

So, for the next hour or so, all I could do was sit there. All my body and joints would let me do was sit there. Holding that key for dear life, pressing it with my left hand, hoping to speed up the melting process. I left my right hand free because I didn’t want it numb when I went to unlock myself.

After 5 hours of very, very, very strict and extensive self-bondage, I could finally feel the end of the key. It only took me about half a minute to fit it into the cuffs, and off they came. And once I got out and massaged my extremely sore legs and arms, the last thing to go was my homemade harness ballgag.

...and now, an hour later...I’m still wearing it.


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