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One Tie too Many

by Robert Deane

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© Copyright 2001 - Robert Deane - Used by permission

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One Tie Too Many
By Robert Deane

'Okay,' she kept telling herself.  'Calm down and you will get out of this. You always do, and you will somehow manage it this time.'  That's what Suzanne kept telling herself, but this time she didn't believe it.

Suzanne was one of those people who loved bondage very much but had little opportunity to experience it with others.  So she developed ways to put herself in tight, challenging bondage.  Granted, it might take a while, and her poor little body might be almost torn apart from orgasm after orgasm while she was tightly tied, but she always somehow succeeded in removing her bonds without ever cutting a rope.

This time seemed different, almost from the start.

She met him online, and they became friends after a few short chats.  There was a mischievous side to him that attracted her to him like a moth to a flame.  She frequently reminded herself about what happened to that moth when it got too close to the flame, but the warmth and excitement were almost addictive to Suzanne.

It was after several discussions about bondage - she never did like the word self-bondage, but preferred simply to talk about placing herself in bondage - that he began making suggestions.  He called them challenges, and again, like that proverbial moth, she flew closer and closer to the flame.

Each time the challenges became more difficult, and after each challenge was met, she found herself craving the next one.  They almost always involved nipple clamps; her firm young breasts with their perky nipples could handle the tightest of clamps.  She loved it when the bondage involved laying face down on the bed.  That always pressed harder against the nipple clamps, causing a pain that aroused almost every nerve ending in her whole body.  And lately, he had taken to adding a strip of duct tape across her mouth.  She had to learn how to wear that gag - breathing through her nose alone was a challenge.  And when the orgasms would slam through her body, her inability to cry out, let alone to breathe through her mouth, added to the heightening of the moment.  She did not know why or how, but she simply accepted it and enjoyed the results.

With each new challenge he gave her, the number of knots in the ropes increased.  It started with two, then increased to four, then continued growing in number depending on his whim.  Adding wet ropes to her bondage made untying herself difficult - especially after the wet knots dried.  This challenge was for her to remain in the bondage position all night long, which she had accomplished without hesitation or reservation.  But when the morning finally arrived, the combination of the dried knots and her aching body was too much for even Suzanne to handle.

She was laying there in a position that even she could not have imagined, had it not been explained to her as a "challenge" from her online friend.  With the ropes and other toys in hand, she had, the night before, climbed up onto her bed au natural and began the process of binding herself.  First, she tied coils of rope around her ankles, then she tied the ropes to the footboard, as far apart as possible.  Although she was only 5' 2" tall, she was able to almost reach the outer edges of the footboard.  She remembered the day when she bought this bed, knowing the fun it would bring.  The footboard was sturdy wood with a flat, cushioned piece across the top, wide enough for her to sit on and contemplate her challenge each night.  Last night she sat on it as she firmly and tightly tied each ankle to the footboard.

Prior to beginning the ties, Suzanne stretched her body well, warming up for the strenuous night that faced her.  She had not forgotten the duct tape that was now pressed firmly against her lips, mouth and cheeks.  Nor had she forgotten the nipple clamps.  The wide clamps he chose for this night were squeezing her nipples tight, almost flattening them.

And, of course, there were the two vibrators: the one she called the silver bullet was named for its shape.  A wire to the plastic control, already set on medium, connected it.  Most would think that a high setting would cause the most torment; few - except for him - realized how subtle and tormenting a medium setting would be.  Then there was the vibrator he called Mr. Butterfly, also named for its shape.  It was pressed against the most sensitive part of her body, between the apex of her thighs.  Both were held in place by a tight, unforgiving crotch rope.

While she sat on the footboard binding her ankles, she was fighting against the urge to experience that first orgasm.  But she had much to do before she could let herself fly away in orgasmic bliss.  She attached another rope to the center of the footboard; the purpose of that rope would become evident in less than a moment.

Suzanne lowered herself onto the bed and felt the strain as her heels pressed against the footboard of the bed.  She had done her work well; her legs were spread wide and were held firmly by her ropes.

Before she could change her mind and admit to herself that this challenge was beyond even her capabilities, she grabbed hold of the piece of rope that she'd left on the bed and began to coil it around her wrists, behind her back.  Even then her mind raced with myriad emotions: anxiety about what could happen if she couldn't release herself, and arousal at the same thought.  Her mind pushed aside the anxiety and focused on the arousal.  She caught herself already grinding against the bed, enjoying the sensations caused by the vibrators and the nipple clamps, all the while coiling the rope around her wrists.  In an instant, she slid the rope around the center of the coils in a tight cinch, repeating the cinching several times.  Each cinch pulled the ropes tighter than before.  Without pausing, she knotted the rope, once, twice, three times, four times, and finally a fifth time, willing each knot to be tighter than the knot before it.

As she realized that she was almost at the end of her task, her fingers, her hands, her entire body seemed focused only on one goal - completion of the challenge and the orgasms that awaited her.  Thinking back, it was probably then, right at that moment, that she made the mistake.

Grabbing the rope that was connected to the middle of the footboard, she slid it between her bound wrists, then pulling on it, pulled her body into a tight arch.  The arch lifted her breasts up off the bed.  Her mind raced towards the finish line and the body-wracking orgasms that awaited her.  At that thought, she pulled even tighter, arching her body to such a degree that her tight firm belly was almost up off the bed.  Before she lost her grip, she used her fingers to form a loop knot in the rope, one that would tighten when she released herself.  Then in a moment of little longer than a millisecond, she let go of the rope.  She felt the loop knot slide between the palms of her hands, against the cinched ropes.  At that moment, she realized what she had done.

She had just tied herself into a position from which she could not release herself.  She was arched too tightly to permit any slack in the rope holding her body towards the foot of the bed.  With each struggle, each pull, she tightened the knot even tighter.

That realization pushed Suzanne over the edge, to the most mind and body stimulation she had ever encountered.  Not a single orgasm, but a series, one after another causing her entire body to explode both physically and mentally.  One after another, after another until her body was almost lifeless.

In that tight arched position, her body eventually collapsed.  Awakening hours later, she strained until she ached, but was still tied tight.  She had not taken what she knew should have been her safety steps.  She had told nobody about her plans; she had even locked the keyless deadbolt on her apartment door.  Yet she cared not when she awoke that it might be hours, or days, until she was missed or found.  Because she had achieved what her body and mind craved - tight, inescapable bondage with mind-blowing and body-numbing orgasms.

Moments later she awoke from her sleep, laying in her bed, the sheets soaked from perspiration.  Had it only been a dream?  She looked down at her wrists and saw that they were free of ropes.  No, it was not a dream - it was so real.  But she decided that even if it was a dream, she could make it real as she gathered her ropes and other toys to begin that challenge.

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