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The One Small Mistake

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2014 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; basement; pole; rope; gag; cuffs; stuck; caught; M/m; bond; strip; hum; predicament; party; cons/nc; X

Will knew he was in trouble as soon as the key slipped from his fingers and rattled on the tile floor. The plan had been so simple, yet somehow he missed a very basic concept. Keep the key in a way that it can't get away. Now his planned method of escape was gone and he shuddered to think of the one that was left.

Will was a college student. He was about medium height, but suffered from thinking his cock was too small. That was why he was afraid to have a girlfriend. He'd come home from class an hour ago, plenty of time to indulge himself before his roommate got home from the part time job he had in the afternoons. Will had been looking at the metal post in the basement for some time, waiting for a good opportunity to use it for a self bondage session. Today his professor had started the class, then complained of chills and finally ended class a half hour early. If he hurried home he would be there 2 hours before Conrad and could indulge his fantasy while still getting free with plenty of time to spare.

Will got home, threw his backpack down on the couch, and went to his room to get his bag of bondage goodies. With his heart pounding, he carried it down to the basement and set it down near the pole. The pole held up the beam that ran across the basement ceiling, so surely it was going to hold him securely. Since he couldn't set up an ice release or anything elaborate, he had decided to simply tape the handcuff key to low enough on the pole that he would have to work his way down from the standing position he planned to start in.

A little disappointed that his release would be so easy to reach, he stripped down to his underwear (no sense taking too much of a chance) and got out the items he would need. First, he grabbed the key to his handcuffs, tore off a piece of duct tape, and knelt against the pole. Where his hands rested against it, he taped the key in place. The next step was to tie his ankles together, properly cinched, with about 2 feet left free at the end of one end of the rope. He tied a rope around his waist, knotted in the back and this time leaving about 2 feet on each end of the rope. He picked up the 2 inch collar, not sure if he should put it on or not, then decided to buckle it on but not tie it to the pole for safety. The last item was a ball gag. Once securely buckled in place he was ready.

Stopping only to make sure he could see a clock, Will backed up against the metal pole, a little surprised and aroused by the feel of the cold metal. He was flexible, but even so it was hard for him to bend over, wrap the loose end of his ankle ropes around the pole, and then tie it off to his ankles again. Standing up, he took the two ends of the waist rope, wrapped them around the pole, then tied them off in front of himself making sure they were loose enough to slide over the taped key. He leaned forward, satisfied that he was held at the ankles and waist, then grabbed the handcuffs he had hooked over the waistband of his briefs. He locked one wrist, making sure the key hole was turned to be found easily, then reached behind and around the pole, quickly finding his other wrist and listening as the metal ratcheted down around it. He was stuck now, but with an easy release.

A look at the clock told him he had about 20 minutes before he needed to work his way to the key, so he struggled, imagining he was captured by a girl who was going to torment him about his small penis before stroking him to an orgasm. He closed his eyes to picture the girl in his mind as she moved around him, poking him and tickling him. As the saliva dripped from his chin to his chest he found himself getting an erection, wishing there was a real girl there to be with him and to keep him locked up.

He was enjoying his imaginings and was disappointed when he realized it was time to recover the key and get loose again. Since he wanted to be careful about the key, he grabbed the pole and slowly worked his way down, finding it much more tiring than he had expected. It took several minutes to get low enough to where he felt he could just drop to his knees and he stayed there for a little while catching his breath, aware of a layer of sweat covering his chest and back. His fingers found the tape easily and pulled it from the pole, but it was useless in the tape. Working behind his back, he pulled the tape off the key and that was when it all went wrong. The tape suddenly came off the key as it was pulled from bottom to top and the slipped from his fingers. Will was never able to recover it and it clattered to the floor, bouncing against his foot before sliding across the floor and well out of reach.

Will knelt in a state of shock, realizing his escape was gone. It had been so simple he never considered a backup. He tried to figure out some exit plan, but the waist rope was tied in front. He wasn't sure if he could reach his ankles, but even if he could that knot was also on the other side of the pole. For several minutes he tried to slip off the cuffs, reach the knots, anything he could think of before finally realizing he was in a lot of trouble and could do nothing about it.

One time while Will was releasing himself from a self tie his roommate, Conrad, had come in early and Will had scrambled to his room, slamming and locking the door just as Conrad reached it. His roommate was laughing and asking if he wanted to come back out to get tied up really tight. Conrad said he could invite all his friends over to play with Will if he liked bondage so much. Will lived with Conrad, but that was to save money for college. He really didn't trust his roommate NOT to do something like that, but realized that in about a half hour he would be finding out.

Right on schedule, Will heard the door open and slam shut, a Conrad trademark, then footsteps crossing the floor above him. The steps paused about where Will thought the couch was and he suddenly remembered his backpack, left on the couch. Conrad would know he was home. The footsteps went to the area of the bedrooms, where both doors were left open. Will closed his eyes as he heard the footsteps return to the kitchen area, then the door to the basement was opened. Conrad clomped down the stairs, turning as he reached the bottom and looking right at Will.

"Hey roomie, it looks like you had some fun while I was working. That's not very fair." He walked over, a little surprised that Will didn't at least stand up. Then he saw the key on the floor. "Oh, it looks as if your escape went wrong. That means you're stuck, right?"

Will looked up at Conrad, just a few feet in front of him, nodding slowly. Conrad was almost 6 feet tall and muscular, the kind of guy who had no trouble finding girls willing to spend time with him. The smile didn't give any encouragement to Will.

"Ok, first things first." He walked over, picked up the key, and set it on a table against the wall, far from where Will was stuck. "Then we get you ready for tonight. I'm having a party, and since it's Friday I'm sure some people will be getting drunk. When somebody needs to use the toilet, I'll send them down here and you'll be seen. After that, well, who knows what will happen but you're probably going to be seriously used, abused, or both. So let's get you comfortable."

Conrad walked over to the laundry area and came back with an empty bottle and a knife. Kneeling in front of Will, he slit both sides of the boy's underwear and pulled it off, leaving Will wearing only ropes, a collar, and a gag. Conrad pushed Will's cock down into the bottle. "Pee."

It took him a while to relax enough, but eventually Will filled the bottle halfway. Without a word his roommate carried it over to the toilet and poured it out, rinsing the bottle before putting it back into recycling. He then pulled items out of Will's bag, smiling, grunting, or setting things aside while Will tried in vain to somehow cover himself. At last Conrad seemed satisfied and put most of the items back into the bag.

"Let's make sure you don't go anywhere." Kneeling in front of Will, Conrad wrapped a short rope around Will's balls a few times before tying it off, then pushing the loose end between the bound boy's legs. Moving to the other side, Will felt a pull on his balls and he followed it until his back was against the pole. Then Conrad tied off the rope. Another length of rope was wrapped around Will's ankles and then around his thighs, holding him in a kneeling position. The rope around his waist was tightened, ropes were added around Will's chest, and the collar was tied back to the post. He was very securely tied now, but Conrad had one more thing to do. He folded a washcloth he'd brought from the laundry area and held a piece of rope up to it.

"The rest of your night will be a surprise, roomie." Conrad pressed the cloth over Will's eyes and wrapped the rope around pole and head several times, effectively blinding Will. Suddenly very afraid, Will began to struggle, but the bonds were tight and he couldn't do much more than turn a little from side to side.

"Now, let's size this up." Conrad stepped forward, rubbing himself against the bound boy who began struggling harder when he felt Conrads bulge rubbing over his nose and cheeks. "Yeah, maybe a little booster for the shorter people. Besides, maybe a girl will want you to lick her, though with a little cock like that, I doubt it. I'll move something over for them."

Will froze, stung by the comment. He heard a rustling sound that made him think Conrad was back in his bondage bag, but he wasn't sure. Then strong hands were pulling at the straps to his gag, releasing them. But before he could enjoy his freedom, a metal object slid into place as the ball was pulled forward. His spider gag! It would hold his mouth open! His grunts and sounds were ignored as the new gag was buckled in place. "Almost as good as a sign saying use me."

Conrad took a couple of steps away, then turned back. "The party starts in less than an hour, so your discovery will probably be in about 2 hours. Just remember, you're the one who tied yourself there and dropped the key. I just helped you do a better job, and took that ball out of your mouth so other things could go there." He walked to the bottom of the stairs again. "You better hope one of the girls wants to spend the night with me. Otherwise, when the party is over, I'm coming back and will be looking for a release of my own before you get any release. I think you get my meaning."

He did, very clearly. Will tried to close his mouth with absolutely no success at all. This was going to be a long night, if he knew Conrad's friends. And he had no doubt he would not be enjoying it. As Conrad's footsteps went back up the stairs he felt a large blob of saliva run down his chin and drop onto his chest. He shuddered again, thinking that in a few hours there would likely be more than saliva on his chest.

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