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One Stormy Night

by DMW

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© Copyright 2008 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; candle; stuck; toys; cons; X

Author's note: Sometimes I see a picture and I almost immediately come up with a story for it so from the "A thousand words" genre is the picture. (see below)


Erin stumbled in her 6” heels but managed to maintain her balance.  Even if she wanted to take them off, she couldn’t; the padlocks on them saw to that.  She’d started a self bondage session when a streak of lightening and the roll of thunder gave her an idea to add to the thrill.

Now, dressed in a white blouse, which had gone practically see through from all the rain that had lashed her body, grey skirt, matching black bra and knickers as well as pull up stockings and locked on black shoes, she pressed on towards home, her mind filled with fantasies.

She arrived home and kneeled down on the doormat to look for her key.  Resisting the urge to play with herself, Erin went indoors, locking the wind and the rain outside.  Looking at herself in the hallway mirror, she liked what she saw.  Her blouse was see-through, her makeup had smudged and her hair had begun to curl, giving her a rather messy look that she found sexy.

Picking up the white ball gag she had left on the hallway table, she placed the ball in her mouth and slowly pulled the buckle through and tightened it up.

In her mind, it wasn’t a ballgag, but a hand clamped firmly over her mouth with a voice in her ear telling her not to scream.  She obeyed and did so again when the “voice” told her to go into the living room.

Laying there were the items Erin had set up before going for her impromptu walk in the storm.  A thick duvet lay on the floor with various cuffs, chains and padlocks.  At the edge of the duvet was a candle sitting on a holder.  It was 12” long, 3” in diameter, dark purple and definitely custom made.

Erin had received a make your own candles kit from a good, if unimaginative friend.  Lucky for Erin, she had a great imagination and almost immediately made a candle in stages, looping various keys through the wick to allow her a staggered release to the predicament she was about to put herself in.

The voice in Erin’s head declared that it wanted to see more of her.  She started undoing buttons but that took too long so she just grabbed each side of the blouse and pulled, sending buttons flying everywhere and exposing her bra.  Another pull on the split in her skirt revealed stocking top and the skin above it.

The rain fell.

Erin knelt down and picked up a length of chain.  Wrapping it around her waist, she set it tight enough to make sure it couldn’t fall over her hips before linking it together with a padlock which locked with a snap.

Rotating the chain to move the padlock to the small of her back, Erin then took two thinner chains and with two more padlocks, locked one around each ankle.

Still kneeling, she pulled on the chain around each ankle and, happy that she would be able to undo the padlocks with her hands less mobile, locked them to the chain wrapped around her.

The wind howled.

Picking up her handcuffs, Erin studied them as if it was the first time she’d ever set eyes on them even though they were her favourite pair.  She took another small padlock and locked the central link of the cuffs to the end of the chain around her waist.  It would afford her some movement but not a great deal.

Erin turned around as much as she could and looked at herself.  Her legs were bent double and she knew she’d be sore but she’d booked tomorrow off work to recover.  Her arse was slightly raised and looked very spankable which caused her to smile.

Lightening flashed across the sky.

Looking at the candle, Erin decided it was time to light it.  It was a large candle and should take several hours to burn down.  Even with the time off tomorrow, Erin didn’t fancy too many of those hours in her adapted hogtie which was why, if she’d got her padlocks right, the first two keys would be the chains around her ankles, followed by the one holding the cuffs to her waist chain, then the handcuff key and, right near the bottom, the key to her shoes.

Thunder rolled.

As she reached for the matches, Erin caught sight of her vibrator.  She’d picked it up before going out but wasn’t sure she was going to use it.  After all, in a situation like this, the only setting she’d let herself put it on would be extremely low; enough to keep her on the edge but no chance of getting that orgasm and she’d be denied that until the handcuff key was exposed and her fingers were free to do some walking!

Knowing she’d probably regret it, but going for it anyway, Erin slipped in the vibrator and turned it on low.  Immediately feeling the need to play with her clit, she pulled a match out of the box, struck it and lit the candle before throwing the matches across the room.

Watching it for a minute to make sure it caught on, she ground up and down, looking for a touch that wouldn’t come and, happy that the candle wasn’t going out, put the cuffs on behind her back and sat still.

The weather had really picked up and Erin couldn’t even hear her breathing over the wind and the rain pounding against her window.  She watched as the lightening struck, lighting up her living room, even with the curtains drawn and was glad she wasn’t still outside.

She knew that from her bonds, she would be able to kneel but not stand, sit but not comfortably and, for maximum respite, would have to lie on her stomach although she was a little reluctant to do this since she’d have to be on her knees to retrieve the keys.

Feeling the need to put pressure on her boobs, she allowed herself to topple forward and press her erect nipples, through her bra, into the duvet.  Made hard from the cold rain that had been poured on them, they became extra sensitive against the rough lace as she twisted her body from side to side.

The feeling was good and, just as she was wondering if this would be enough for her to cum, a huge gust of wind rattled the window in its frame and, almost simultaneously, the power went out, leaving Erin in just a small pool of light from her candle.

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For Erin, time froze.  She stopped stock still and waited, hoping that the power would come back on soon.  After an age for Erin, but in reality only 5 minutes, she realised it wasn’t going to and, given the time (she knew it had to be after 10pm) it was doubtful any works crew would come out to fix it until morning.

Then she had the thought that it might not be as bad as that as her mind wandered into fantasy.  Clearly, she had been kidnapped; her captor had tied and teased her then left her with the keys to her freedom in the one candle that bought warmth, light and the chance of freedom.  It had to burn for a long time or she could have followed him.

Erin got lost in her fantasy, grinding her boobs against the floor to no relief, even with the intruder inside her.  She didn’t notice the candle had started flickering as she closed her eyes, totally lost in her own thoughts.  It wasn’t until she opened them again she realised she was now in totally darkness.

The matches were in a corner of the room she couldn’t see and wouldn’t be able to for another 8 hours at least and by which time she’d be sore, stiff and frustrated as hell.

In the darkness, Erin smiled.  In the darkest fantasies of her mind, she’d always wanted to be truly trapped and now she was.  She knew that no matter the frustration now, the orgasm tomorrow would be completely worth it and, even as her legs began to cramp, she wondered what she might do next time.


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