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"Just give her a scoop twice a day. She'll pester you, but she's gotta lose weight."

Mittens, aka Mitt the cat, was, in fact, rubbing against Janet's leg meowing pitifully.


Gary turned to go, turned back.

"Oh and-"

"Gary! Go damnit! You've got a plane to catch. I'll feed the cat. I'll water the plants. It's just two days. Everything will be fine."

"I was just going to say I love you."

Janet's heart melted. She wrapped her arms around him, kissed him.

"Love you more."

She stood by the window, watched him drive away. The cat sat next to her on top of the TV. Janet looked at the cat. The cat looked back.



Janet stripped and took a quick shower. Drying, she looked at herself in the mirror, frowned, didn't like what she saw. Not that there was anything wrong with her, but what woman absolutely loves their body? As bodies go hers was pretty okay for 30. She wasn't skinny, but she was slim. That bit of extra weight on her hips had been there forever and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. She hefted her breasts. These, on the other hand, needed work. She had been carrying them around since she was 14 and had the bra strap grooves in her shoulders to show for it. A boob job was definitely on her bucket list. She ran her fingers through her hair. The dark roots were several inches long. She had decided to go back to her natural color and she should probably cut it, but she'd spent so much time growing it that she couldn't bear the thought. Besides, she liked her hair. It was her one vanity.

Janet padded, naked, into the kitchen, pulled a beer from the fridge. Something Scottish. Belhaven. Gary was a beer guy, into home brewing, the whole bit. She popped the cap and poured it into a warm glass. Before she'd met him she'd have just drunk from the bottle, but he showed her that beer, like wine, needs to be dispensed properly. Americans used frosted mugs to hide the taste. In his opinion American beer was weasel piss. She took the glass and wandered around the apartment.

It was his place. They didn't live together. Janet had her own apartment and, at 30, honestly, she was used to having her own space, liked having her own space, needed to have her own space. Although she was the one who brought him back to her place that first night. Still, she spent the weekends here. And they were talking marriage. So there were changes in the air.

Janet snooped a bit, opening doors, pulling out drawers. She had spent a lot of time in the apartment, but had never snooped. Well, maybe in the bathroom, but everybody does that. She was in the spare room, the combination computer room, junk room opening boxes when she had a thought.

"Hey, Sweetie."

"Hi, Nettie. What are you up to?"

"Nothing. Just hanging."

"I'm pet sitting for Gary. You want to come over?"

"Uh, sorry. My, er, little friend."

"Oh. Well, we don't have to have sex. We can just hang."

"No, sorry, Sweetie, I'm not fit for company."

"Okay. Love you."

"You, too."

Janet's heart sank.

Antoinette was her 'special' girlfriend. She had gotten the idea back when she was 20. She wasn't gay, but she'd done a little girl-girl stuff, decided she liked it, just not with, well, girls. Then she read a story about this British guy who was vacationing in Provence. One day he's sitting in a cafe when two women walk in. Actually one was still a girl, the other a bit older. They pegged him for a tourist, assumed he didn't speak French, so they start chatting. Seems the girl was upset. She had been married a couple of years, but she confided to her friend that the honeymoon was over and she suspected her husband had a mistress. Her friend patted and soothed her, fed her wine while she sobbed. The talk turned to male bashing as it usually does when women get together. The wine flowed. The girl got, if not drunk, very tipsy. The woman took her home. The story implied that she took the girl to her home, to her bed, where she would offer more, er, physical consolation.

That's what she wanted - an older woman. Not older, but more mature. Antoinette was actually a year younger than herself, but really had her act together. She was the anchor in the stormy seas of Janet's world. And in bed, she took charge. Janet liked that, liked being made love to by a woman.

And that's how Janet saw her life. She had Nettie and she and Gary were talking marriage and if he acquired a mistress, well ... well she'd cross that bridge when she came to it.

Mitt rubbed her leg.

"Yeah, yeah, okay. Come on."

Janet filled Mitt's bowl with kibble.

"Auntie Janet's here. Have as much as you want."

She rinsed and filled the water bowl. She grabbed her beer and went back into the spare room.

The boxes contained mostly books. There were a couple with clothes. So far Janet's snooping had turned up nothing of interest. Gary was, well, Gary. A nice guy. He was good to her. She loved him. But he was vanilla, as vanilla as they come. If you looked up vanilla on Wikipedia they'd have his picture.

Janet on the other hand was into kink. Not just into it, she was a lifestyle submissive, was registered on the slave registry, had her own slave number, the whole nine yards - had everything except an owner. Unfortunately, contrary to appearances, there are not a whole lot of people who are serious about a D/s relationship. 99.9% just play at it.

Sometimes the wife wears a bustier, sometimes fuzzy handcuffs. Sometimes both. It's just a game.

And it seemed all the good Doms had been taken.


Janet closed the box, shoved it aside. There was a large, green gym bag behind the boxes. Janet pulled it out.

"Holy shit."

She held up the red, rubber ball gag.

Gary? What the ...

Janet dug through the bag. There were leather cuffs and a collar, a bit gag, a leather harness, several sex toys, a butt plug with a tail, a couple of sets of handcuffs, and rope - lots of rope.

Janet stuffed everything back in the bag and took it to the living room.

This might turn out to be a fun weekend after all.

Janet poured herself another beer and settled in front of the mirror. It was a large thing, floor to ceiling, nearly three feet wide. Gary had installed it to make the small room seem larger.

She emptied the bag, laid everything out. There were spring clamps, screw down clamps, tweezer clamps. There were three rolls of tape, each a different color, red, blue, and black. There were straps, several, of different lengths. There were zip ties. There was a second ball gag, a black one with a chin strap. In addition to the tail plug, there were four others of different sizes. It was all quality stuff, too. Probably cost a fortune.

Then the nickel dropped. Janet went back into the spare room. There was a stick propped in the corner, behind the desk. It had a ring in its end. She had seen it a hundred times, but hadn't given it a second thought - until now. Now she realized it was a spreader bar. There was a slightly shorter one hidden behind the first.

"Holy shit."

Then she had a disturbing thought. What if Gary was a subbie? That would just suck. Yes, she had topped a girl or two during a scene, but never a guy. Call her sexist, but girls don't top guys - not in her world. Could they both be subs? No. That wouldn't work. The thought of doing a scene where they were both topped ... no, that wouldn't work at all.

She took the sticks into the living room. Feeling a bit depressed she fingered the toys. She took a cuff, wrapped it around her wrist, took it off. She picked up the collar and wrapped it around her neck, looked at herself in the mirror, naked and collared. Liked it, but she shook her head.


Then she noticed something.

The collar had been worn - a lot. The strap had a little dent in it where it had been buckled repeatedly. She wrapped it around her neck and buckled it. It fit! She turned it around so she could see the buckle. The groove was actually one hole tighter than she had it. Whoever wore this had a smaller neck than hers. And Gary's neck was not small, not by a long shot. Janet's heart lifted. Gary had had a serious bdsm relationship at some point, a relationship with a girl (Gary was most definitely not gay.) and Janet realized with a smile that she wasn't even jealous. Okay, maybe a little bit.

She played with the toys sitting on the floor before the mirror. She held each up, wrapped cuffs around her wrists, ankles. She clamped her nipples, clamped her pussy lips. Janet smiled, almost giddy.

She laid everything out again. Where to start?

She decided on the butt plug, the one with the tail. She wasn't much into anal, but this one was small, not much bigger than her finger. Janet got to her knees and turned so her ass was facing the mirror. She spit on her fingers and rubbed them against her anus. She sucked on the plug, getting it sloppy wet. She pushed the plug into her ass. Small as it was, it still took a effort, but, after a bit, her sphincter eased then closed around the thin base. Janet wagged her tail. Giggled at the sight.

She imagined herself kneeling, naked, wagging her tail in Gary's face, doing a little bump and grind. Even had the music all picked out. P!ink: Get this party started.

Yeah, let's start this party!

Janet smiled.

Next she wrapped a pair of leather cuffs around her ankles. There were little padlocks in the bag. She checked that the key worked and snicked them to the cuffs. She grabbed the spreader and clipped her ankles to the ends. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her pussy was open wide and it was wet - very, very wet. She could see it glistening.

Janet selected six green plastic clothespins, tugged at her pussy lips, clipped three to each lip. Janet winced. The suckers were tight. She took the roll of black tape, ripped off two pieces and taped the ends of the clothespins to her thighs, opening her wider. She could see her clit, could see into her hole. It cried out for filling.

She contemplated a vibrator, but decided against it. The fun of bondage was denial. If the pleasure came too easily it was no fun. Besides, she had a mental image of herself later, in bed, maybe wearing a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag, diddling herself. One of the vibrators said it was waterproof. Maybe she'd take a nice long hot bath.

Janet reached for the spring clamps. She put them on her nipples.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

She gritted her teeth, waited for the pain to ease.


Working her way up, Janet wrapped the collar around her neck again, buckled it, locked it.

She decided on the black ball gag with the chin strap. The ball seemed a bit small, but the strap would keep her jaw clamped shut. Even without the strap it was a decent mouthful. She fastened it in place, cinched the chin strap, looked in the mirror again. She liked what she saw, really liked what she saw.

Finally came the handcuffs. She looked at herself again, wondering whether she should add something, decided to save the other things for later. There would be a later, maybe a couple of laters. She had, after all two whole days.

Janet pushed the cuffs through to open them, wrapped one around her left wrist. She used the pin on the end of the key to set the safety lock. She put her hands behind her back and snicked the second home.

She gazed at her reflection for a long time.

Oh yeah.

Her cheeks were flushed red, as was her chest. Her breasts rose and fell, her breath almost panting. She looked at her pussy lips, pink and wet and oh so inviting. Her clit tingled.

Okay, so maybe wrists cuffed behind wasn't such a good idea. She pushed the key into the hole.

It wouldn't turn!

What the ...!

Janet tried the other cuff. Nothing. She tried the key again and again and again, first one cuff, then the other. She became frantic. She dropped the key, had to scuttle around to fetch it. Dropped it again. Managed to get her fingers on it, push it into the hole, tried to turn it. Nothing!


It took a while, but she went through all the stages. Finally, after a long time, she lay panting on the floor. Acceptance. There was no way around it. It was the wrong key. Who would have cuffs and no key?

Janet scuttled around, propped herself, back against the wall. She rubbed her forehead against her shoulder trying to dislodge a stray hair. Mitt walked over.

Janet looked at the cat. The cat looked back.


Part 2 - A Visitor

Janet sat, back against the wall. She glanced at the clock. It had been a bit over four hours. Four hours since she'd locked herself in the restraints. Four hours since she gave up on the key that didn't fit. Four hours of throbbing pain from the nipple clamps. Four hours down, two days to go. Mitt the cat rubbed against her leg. At least she had overfed the beast, so she wouldn't starve. The thought of food set Janet's stomach off. She leaned back and closed her eyes.

Knock! Knock!

Janet's head popped up.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Janet waited. Didn't have much choice given the situation.

The knob turned. The door opened a crack.


Janet hadn't locked it when Gary left!

The door opened a bit more.


It was Nettie!

A head appeared.

"Janet? Are you ... Oh!"

She stared at the naked, shackled woman for a long second.

"Did I, uh, come at a bad time?"

Janet gave her a look. She bobbed her head, gesturing for the other woman to come in. She did and closed the door.

"Okay. Well, I know you had a kinky bent. So when Gary's away you play by yourself. Is that it?"

She stood over Janet looking down with a smile.

Janet mmf'd behind the gag, brought her cuffed wrists around her side, wagged her fingers at the clamp on her nipple.

"Very pretty - and so you."

Janet gave her an evil look, or as evil a look as she could muster with a ball strapped in her mouth. She made a pulling gesture, mmf'd some more.

"What? What's that, Lassie? Did Timmy fall down the well?"

Janet's scowl deepened, the mmf'ing intensified. Nettie squatted down by Janet's knee.

"You want this off?"

Janet nodded. Nettie reached for the clamp, squeezed it open. Janet shrieked.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Janet nodded and gestured to the other. Nettie removed that one, too. Janet didn't shriek, but she made a fair bit of noise. After her breathing settled down she nodded again. She raised her chin and mmf'd. The other reached behind her head and undid the buckles, pulled the ball from Janet's mouth.

"Oh God. Thank you."

"You're going to explain this to me, right?"

Janet nodded.

"Could you get me some water, please?"

Nettie fetched the water, held it up for Janet to sip.

"The others." Janet nodded at her open crotch.

Nettie removed the tape and the six clothespins on Janet's pussy lips. Janet winced.

"Sorry. Don't mean to hurt you."

"It's okay," Janet gasped. "They always hurt worse coming off than going on. Unclip my ankles and there's some keys on a ring over there."

"Not just yet."

She reached down and stroked Janet's pussy.

"This looks so - so inviting."

"I have to pee."

"So pee. We're both girls."


Nettie laughed.

"Having you naked and helpless brings out the natural bitch in me. What was it you told me? Bondage is unbearable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged? Hm?"

She pinched Janet's nipple. Janet winced.

"And you know how I love to give you pleasure."

"Nettie, please, I really do have to pee!"

Nettie unclipped Janet's ankles from the ends of the spreader bar, grabbed her arm, and helped her to her feet. Janet padded into the bathroom.

Janet realized she couldn't wipe herself and decided she'd just have to drip dry. Back in the living room, Nettie was going through the toys on the floor. Janet settled next to her.

"So what's the story? Oh, before we start, how's the wine supply?"

"Lower cupboard to the right of the sink. Glasses above, next door over."

A minute later Nettie returned with a glass of red wine.

"Can you find the handcuff key?"

"I wouldn't know a handcuff key if it bit me."

Janet gestured toward the key on the floor.

"It should look like that."

"What's wrong with that one?"

"Well, duh! If it worked I wouldn't be in this mess."


"Just look for the key, please? I dumped everything out of the bag and there was a key ring with padlock keys and the one, loose handcuff key. I tested the padlocks, but not the handcuffs. And - surprise! - it don't fit."

Nettie ran her hand inside the bag, flipped it over, shook it.


"Maybe it's in with the toys. I went through everything and didn't see it, but maybe I just missed it."

Nettie picked up each and set it aside.

"Uh uh."

"Is that a pocket?"


"On the side of the bag."

"I don't see ... oh, yeah. It is. It looks like a bit of trim."

Nettie fished around in the pocket.

"Well, looky here."


Nettie held up the gold, bullet vibrator.

"That's not helping."

"Give me a few minutes and you may change your mind."

Nettie chuckled, held up her other hand.

"Is this what you were looking for?"

"Yes, Damnit! Undo me!"

"Don't know if it's the right key. It looks a lot like the other to me."

"Nettie! Please!"

"What's that joke you told me? The one where the masochist says to the sadist, 'Beat me, beat me' and the sadist says, 'No'."

"Nettie. Come on."

Nettie leaned in and gave Janet a kiss.

"No, you come on. Well, come anyway ... but not until I let you."

"Nettie ..."

"Let's see if this thing works first. No fun teasing you if I don't have the right key."

Nettie stuck the key in the hole and turned it.

"Uh uh."

"No. It turned. It's the right key. It's a safety lock. It keeps the cuffs from closing. Regular cuffs can keep closing down, cut off circulation. There's a hole in the cuff and a pin on the end of the key. You tighten the cuff, then push the pin into the hole and it won't tighten any further. To undo them you have to turn the key one way to release the safety, then the other way to open them."


Nettie turned the key the opposite way, felt the cuff start to open. She held Janet's wrist and reset the safety.

"Yep. Right key. So, tell me what happened."

"You're not going to take them off?"


"Can I at least has a sip of wine?"

"Sure, we're bff's we share everything."

She held up the glass for Janet.

"So talk to me."

"I was snooping-"

"Tsk tsk."

"Yeah, well. Anyway I found the gym bag and decided to play. Oh, if you're not going to let me go could you at least remove the tail?"


Janet knelt, turned, and raised her ass.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"No. It's glued on. Yeah. Come on, just pull it out."

Nettie pulled the plug from Janet's ass.

"I thought you were supposed to use condoms with these things."

"I'll make a note for later."

"Let me get more wine."

Janet stood, walked over to the couch.

"Did I give you permission to get off the floor, slave?"

"Bite me."

"I will, but not just yet," Nettie said with a leer. "Anyway. Go on. You found the bag."

"Yeah. And I was in total shock. I mean ... Gary?! Well, I tried everything on, then decided to play a bit."

"You like doing it, uh, by yourself?"

"Not really. Well, maybe a little. It's like sex and toys. Sex is better, but toys can be fun, too. I have some stuff at my place."


"Mm. A couple pair of cuffs, a collar, a gag, some tape, a few favorite vibes."

The other nodded.

"Well, there's not much to tell that you can't see. Bondage makes me horny. The feeling of helplessness, the anticipation. You know what's going to happen, you just don't know when. On the other side of the coin is the unbearable pleasure thing. So I'm either going crazy waiting for it or going crazy getting it."

Janet shrugged.

"Like I said, there's not much else to tell."

"But how do you do it? I mean, you've got the key, right? You aren't really helpless."

"Yeah. Yeah I am. Two simple tricks are to freeze the key or a string in an ice cube. Another is to use a candle and a thread. Until the cube melts or the candle burns the thread, I'm stuck."

Nettie held up the glass. Janet sipped.

"But I'm not really into self-bondage all that much. I'm just like you. I have my favorite toy. I just like to add cuffs and a gag once in a while. This," she said holding up her cuffed wrists, "was just a curiosity thing."

"Mm. Well, now it's made me curious."

So saying, Nettie set the glass aside, grabbed Janet's hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her - hard.


"You've already got the motor going, let's take this baby for a spin."

"I, er, thought it was the wrong time of month."

"So? You know orgasms cure cramps."


Nettie got up and retrieved the gag.

"How does this work?"

"Pretty well, actually."

"Come on smart ass."

"It's not rocket science. You put the ball into my mouth, buckle the strap behind my head, then fasten the chin strap."

"Why the chin strap?"

"Because if the ball's not big enough you can open your mouth and make noise."

"I may have to buy one of these for your next visit. The neighbors have been complaining, you know."

Nettie smiled.


Janet opened her mouth. Nettie pushed in the ball, buckled the straps.

"Is that right?"

Janet mmf'd and nodded.

"Now, where were we?"

Nettie kissed Janet's lips around the ball. She ran her hand over Janet's breasts, down her belly, down between her legs.

"Oh yes, now I remember."


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