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by Soloist

When you are in bondage, the is no  such thing as unbearable

For some time I have been developing a lady I met on the internet to act as a safety for my self bondage games.  We met on a chat channel where I visit in my ‘straight’ persona.  She turned out to live only six blocks from me. We met and become friends.  No sex, real or cyber. She has, though, played at cybersex with at least one partner.  She is 30, married, with four young children. She seemed to be free spirited enough that I thought it possible to utilize her as a safety when I play my games.

As a feeler, I sent her a copy of  my ‘Trial Run’ story, claiming that I had found it on the internet and thought it sounded like an interesting idea.  Her first thought was that I was nuts, but most importantly, she did not go into shock or revulsion.  I said no more about it for a while then brought it up again saying that I was getting ready to gather the necessary bits and pieces.  Finally, after a bit, I  remarked that if I did this thing I would need a safety person.  This led to an explanation of just what a safety person was.  I let the idea gel for a while, only mentioning it occasionally.  Finally she started asking how my shopping was coming.  I just told her that it was slowly coming together.  During this period we had several discussions on how this was really the male trying to attain something close to the degree of excitement that a woman could enjoy by his being teased for an extended period of time.

After a while I told her that finding a safety person was a problem, I could think of no one that I  trusted that much.  This was not just a matter of life or death, I would  be completely vulnerable to this person.  Finally, I suggested that she was the only person that I could think of that I would trust this much and asked if she would be my safety person.

Her first comment was actually a question. “But wouldn’t you be all naked?”, she asked.  Laughing, I told her that that was part of the game.  I then hastened to point out that she would only be needed in case of an emergency. and then all she would really have to do is run in my house and hand me the key so I could free myself.  Hopefully that would never happen.  She had to think about it first.  Several days later she agreed to do it.

I am not a submissive, but I found myself fantasizing about the lady.  The idea of being completely naked and helpless in the presence of this tall, full bodied, attractive young woman was extremely exciting.  I imagined her stroking and fondling my body while controlling my vibrators, taking me to near climax and stopping short over and over.

I did several sessions, first calling her and giving her a time.  Later I would call and let her know all was well.  But all the fantasizing finally got the best of me.

One afternoon I decided to do a spread eagle as in “Real Run”, but without the nipple teasers.  I stripped and made the bed ready, positioning the rope with the snap-hooks across the foot and the chain across the head end.  I then called the lady and told her that I was going to do a session and gave her a cutoff time.  She said OK, but be careful.  I told her not to worry, by now I knew just what I was doing.

I then set the timers and took my time getting into the restraints.  This time I decided to gag myself thoroughly so I only grunt not be able to talk myself out of this when she came.  I  stretched out and spread my legs, securing the ankle cuffs to the snap-hooks with my legs wide apart.  I then lay back, threw the switch starting the velcro vibrator riding on my cockhead and stretched my arms out as far as I could and padlocked my wrist cuffs to the chain across the head of the bed.  I did not want any more slack in my bonds that necessary.   I relaxed and let the vibrator begin its work, contemplating what I had done to myself.

I  had deliberately goofed setting the timers.  It would be about 30 minutes until the time I had set with the lady.  Approximately 45 minutes after that the second vibrator would join the velcro vibrator and they would both go to high speed for my climax.   Five minutes after that the key would drop.  So now we would see what the lady would do.  Actually, I no longer had a choice.  The idea was to be well teased if she came to rescue me but still have my orgasm and get free even if she did not.  In the mean time I was getting more excited than ever before.

What would she do if and when she came?  Just look and run away?   Take advantage of the situation and tease me?  I did not think she had a mean streak, but if I were wrong, I could be in for some serious abuse.  Or, after the deadline time had passed, would she chicken out and not come at all?  How would she react, finding me helpless, squirming on the bed as the velcro vibrator teased me out of  my mind.  Thinking of her and that unlocked door had my blood boiling.

I had no idea how much time had passed when I heard the front door open and her voice calling “Hello”.  Then she was up the stairs and in the room. 

I lay there, only able to look at this very attractive young woman in shorts and a halter examining me and my situation. Still looking me over, she walked around the bed to where the timers were.  Laying there completely naked, completely helpless, with her eyes on me I felt more vulnerable than ever in my entire life.  And more aroused.

“Ah, screwed up setting the timers.”, she said.  “Was it really an accident?” she asked with a smile.

She pressed the ON button on one of the timers.  The padlock key dropped, but before I could get it, she grabbed it and put it out of my reach.  Then she pressed the ON button on the second timer, switching the vibrators to climax mode.  Seeing my body stiffen and arch as I approached a climax, she quickly switched the timer to the OFF mode, leaving me with only the velcro vibrator teasing me.  “We don’t want to rush anything, do we?”, she asked.  I knew that I certainly didn’t.

She started experimenting with the power supply and switch settings.  She quickly figured out that she could turn on the velcro vibrator alone to tease my cockhead alone and vary the vibrator speed for different effects.  She also found out how to turn both vibrators on and vary their speeds.  She then sat on the side of the bed and said, “After I experiment a bit I bet I will be able play these vibrators like musical instruments while you dance to the tune.”

As she began experimenting, I realized it was going to be a long, long afternoon.


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