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Oops by jayjaybound

I had been into bondage for as long as I could remember, and soon I realized that being dressed in feminine clothes just made it even better. Once I moved into the dorms at Santa Clara University it was much harder to do. Having a suburban for a car does have some advantages however. Right after I had thought of this I started planning. I was parked in a lot that wasn't that well lit, so the only part of the car that was visible was the front two seats. The back windows were darkly tinted so no one would be able to see me back there unless they looked straight in to try to see me. I decided that to make this a bit more fun I would leave a note saying what I was doing and leave it at a home that was under construction across the street. I figured that it would be safe since no one would be there until morning and by then I would be long gone, yet just knowing that it was there would make it more fun. The note was:
  For anyone who might find this, My name is Jason, and if you look in the suburban in the lot across the street you will find me bound and waiting for you to use me however you want. The back door will be unlocked, but I will only be there for 2 hours. If you find me I am your slave, and since you have this signed contract, there is nothing I can do during or afterwards. Have fun.

After printing this off the computer and signing it I grabbed my stuff and headed out to my car. First I dropped the note in the middle of the construction yard, but didn't see anyone there. I then proceeded to my car still wearing normal clothes. Once in the back, I locked all the doors, but the back door didn't lock anymore. I started by stripping off all my clothes and locking them in the console and then tossing the key on top of the car. I then dressed in my other clothes. First was a simple girl's white long sleeve shirt with 4 different phrases written on it: Cock sucker, SLUT, Fuck my throat, and Rape my ass. Just the thought of these things written on a bright white shirt for anyone to see turned me on. I wouldn't want to ever live out these things as I was straight, but the thought of being used as nothing more than fuck toy by a bunch of guys did turn me on because of how humiliating it would be. 

After the shirt came a small pink thong that rode uncomfortably up into my crack. The last piece of clothing was a pair of white, mid thigh, lace top stockings. After I had done this I set up ice with a string with a key attached to it. I hung this from a hangar hook so that the key would fall after the ice melted. There was a small tie down ring mounted right under the hook, and I used a padlock to attach a pair of normal steel handcuffs to it. I then stuck a rubber covered ring gag in my mouth and buckled it tightly behind my head. I then used 3 long lengths of rope to secure my legs above and below my knees and at the ankles, cinching them tight in between my legs. I then sat down with my back to the wheel well so that my hands were right over the cuffs with my legs extended out in front of me. Before I could talk myself out of it I latched the cuffs closed on my hands.

I sat there squirming in my bonds, knowing that there was no way out until the ice melted and the key dropped. The feeling of being tightly bound and not even being able to touch myself was driving me crazy. My cock was rock hard, but I knew I had about 2 to 2 1/2 hours until the key dropped and there was nothing I could do except try to get comfortable. My mind ran wild with fantasies of a beautiful girl finding me here and making me serve her for the rest of the night, and then keeping me bound as her slave. I was so engrossed in my fantasy that I didn't even notice the people approaching the car behind me until they opened the back door.

I froze when the door was flung open. It was the construction workers from across the street!
"Well I'll be damned, there really is someone here! I'm glad we stayed late to finish the kitchen or we might not have gotten that note till tomorrow."

I sat there stunned as the 5 construction workers tried to decide what to do with me. When one of them produced a camera and started snapping off pictures I snapped back to my senses and struggled to try to get free. This just caused the workers to burst out laughing at me. The one who had first spoken reached up and grabbed the ice off the hook. He handed it to one of the others and told him to go refreeze it. After he left they started looking around for the key to the padlock holding my cuffs to the floor. They finally found it where I had stashed it in a corner of the rear area. They undid the padlock and rolled me onto my stomach before I could even start to resist. They then used the padlock to lock the cuffs to the rope around my ankles. I was in a strict hog tie, but kept struggling to get free. Finally the leader, who I guessed was the foreman, grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up.

"Listen up slut, you had better start struggling cause there is nothing you can do about this. We're gonna fuck your sissy throat and you are going to enjoy it aren't you slut. If you try to resist us we are gonna take that little invitation and those pictures and post them up all over campus. Now how would you feel about that? So you are gonna do exactly what we say, got it."

It wasn't like I had much of a choice in the matter. Just then the guy who had left with the key returned and told the foreman that it was in the freezer with a little more water. I couldn't believe it! Here I was hog tied in the back of my car wearing a T-shirt with names all over it, a thong, and stockings, and surrounded by a bunch of construction workers who were about to rape my mouth like it was a pussy. I closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them they would all be gone, but my eyes sprang open when I got a hard slap to the face. The sight that greeted them was much worst then the slap however. Less than an inch from my nose was a long hard cock. I looked up and saw that it was the foreman. All the others had their cocks out and were stroking them as well. It was then that I realized that the ring gag was going to keep me from even closing my mouth to keep these cocks out. 

To reinforce what I had just figured out, the foreman aimed the tip of his uncut cock at my mouth and with one thrust pushed it all the way to the back of my throat. I started gagging and struggled for air as he started thrusting in and out of my mouth. He was picking up pace and soon he was fucking my mouth as hard as he could. I couldn't stop gagging, and it seemed like an hour before he really started fucking me hard and rammed his prick in as hard and far as he could and started spraying his seed down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it if I didn't want to suffocate, but with his cock plugging my throat, I couldn't breathe anyways. By the time he finally pulled out I felt like my lungs were going to burst. I was gasping for air as the next guy stepped up to me, and before I had even caught my breath he shoved the head of his cock in through the ring. By now drool was quickly streaming out of my mouth, as he started to push his cock in. it wasn't long, and by the time he hit the back of my throat he had already bottomed out. He stayed there for a few moments with my nose stuck in his pubes. 

The smell of piss and sweat was strong and caused my eyes to water. Finally he pulled out, but started fucking my throat just like the foreman had. Soon he was going much harder and faster than his boss had. Tears were streaming from my eyes, but they weren't just from the skull fucking. The humiliation of being used as nothing more than a fuck toy by these men dropped me to the lowest point I had ever felt. I was nothing more than hole for these guys to fuck. Soon the guy pulled out and sprayed cum into my mouth through the gag. I couldn't swallow it so it just sat there pooled on my tongue for me to taste. Seeing the cum sitting there in my mouth just brought another round of laughter from the group. Another one stepped up to replace the guy who had just gotten off and was soon fucking my mouth just like the previous two had. I took load after load down my throat; it seemed like it would never end. Each guy had gotten off twice, either shooting down my throat, or spraying on my mouth or face.

By the time they had finished my face and hair was covered in their cum. Finally all but the foreman had wandered back to their cars and taken off, but it seemed he had something more to say, "You did pretty good tonight slut. So good, in fact, that I've decided to give you a job. You are going to be our own personal whore, and like any good whore you will be paid for it. As soon as you finish classes each afternoon you will come over to the site to do your job. You will do whatever we tell you too no matter what. If you have a problem with that I don't really care, cause if you don't show up those pics and the letter go public. We will have a uniform for you there, and it will probably be a lot like what you have on now since you seem to like it so much. From now until we finish that house in three months you will be there every weekday whenever you aren't in classes. If you're late you get punished, if you resist, you get punished. You have no say in this slut so you had better be there. Now you sit tight and I'll be right back with your key."

 He returned about 5 minutes later, but instead of the small block of ice I had, the string was frozen in a liter soda bottle. I was shocked. This block wouldn't melt by daylight even! He hung it back up where I had it, reminded me to be there tomorrow, used the padlock to lock me to the mount again, and then closed the door and left. As the realization of what had just happened washed over me I felt more humiliated than I had ever been. I had just been used as a fuck hole by five guys, and now I had to go there every day for three months to do the same. I was stuck here now, on my side wearing my SLUT shirt, thong and stockings, with cum dripping off my face and out of my mouth while I laid there on my side hogtied and locked to the floor of the car. All I could think about was what a piece of trash I had become.

When the ice finally melted enough for the key to drop the sun was already peeing over the horizon. I untied myself as quickly as I could which was difficult as I had lost most of the feeling in arms and hands. Finally I did it, and by the time I had gotten the key and gotten dressed again the sun had already risen above the horizon fully. I tried to use the shirt to clean the cum off of me, but by now it had dried and was caked on my face and in my hair. I left the stuff in the suburban, and made my way to the dorm building as quickly as I could; luckily it was just around the corner. I hustled past the lobby, and got lucky as it was still before the front desk person had opened up. I just quickly grabbed my shower stuff from my room making sure to not wake up my room mate. I made it to the shower and back alright, but even as I made my way to my first class, the humiliation of the night and the knowledge of what awaited me in a few hours kept me in a state of shock.

In one night I had gone from being a college student with some different hobbies, to being a full on whore for a group of construction workers to use as their fuck toy. And I still had the next three months ahead of me.

Oops 2

My heart dropped when my professor let us out of my last class. I knew that I had to go over there, and didn't want to risk pissing them off by going later. After dropping my books in my room I walked over to the site, and knocked on the front door. The foreman answered with a smile, "I'm glad you came slut, we're gonna have a lot of fun with you."

With that he led me into the house, stopping in the living room. Laid on a small table that was set up there was a bundle of clothes. He ordered me to change and go out to the back yard quickly and then he left. I looked at the bundle and started going through the clothes. There was a short black skirt, a black thong and stockings, and a pink tank top. There was also a bra that looked really thick for some reason. Set aside from the clothes was a brown shoulder length wig. I dressed as quickly as I could and it was then that I realized why the bra was so thick. Looking in a mirror, it looked like I had b or c cup tits. Even with the wig, however, I still looked like a guy. After working out every day at the gym I had a solid body even if not in perfect shape. I walked to the door to the backyard, and sitting by it I noticed a pair of black 4 inch heels. I knew I had to put them on, but as soon as I did, I knew I had sunk to a new low.

I stepped out into the backyard to the catcalls of the construction workers. They were working on adding a cement pathway around the yard as well as a wooden gazebo in the middle of the large lawn. The foreman walked up behind me and before I could stop him had pulled my arms back and cuffed my wrists together. He then buckled a leather collar around my throat and snapped a leash on.

"What took you so long slut? You're going to have to be punished for that."

I opened my mouth to protest, but had a round rubber ball pushed in before I could say anything. He buckled the ball gag behind my head and then led me by the leash to the gazebo. He left me in the center of the platform as he reached up and pulled down a hook that appeared to be attached to a pulley on the ceiling. He brought the hook down behind me and I couldn't see what he was doing but soon figured it out as he started hauling down on the other end of the rope causing my arms to rise up until I was bent 90 degrees at the waist. The next thing I felt was my legs being pulled apart, and looking down I saw the foreman attaching leather cuffs to them and then padlocking them to eyebolts in the floor about 3 feet apart. I could hear him moving around behind me and had no idea what was going on, until,

"I think a nice lashing should make you more punctual next time whore. So you are going to get 50 lashes from my belt this time, and 100 if you ever do it again."

The first lash came as a complete surprise. The belt felt like it was at least an inch and a half wide as it smacked down onto my ass. The blows started raining down on me quickly and I was screaming into the gag before 10th one. They kept coming though, and all I could do was scream and try to move.  By the time the last blow hit me my ass was on fire and tears were streaming from my eyes.

The foreman stepped up in front of me and I could see the smile on his face as he unbuttoned his already unbelted pants. He then reached behind my head and undid the gag and pulled it out. He then pulled out his cock leaving no doubt as to what it was that he wanted. He held onto both ends of the belt with the middle of it going behind my head, and started pulling me forward, stretching out my arms. Soon his cock was at my lips and both them and my eyes were clenched shut. I knew it would just upset him, but I couldn't do it. It wasn't until I felt someone grab one of my nipples and twist hard that he got what I wanted. I opened my mouth in pain and surprise at the pinch, but before I could make a sound, the foreman had his cock lodged in my throat. Soon he was pumping in and out of my mouth like he had the night before. When he hit the back of my throat I thought he would stop, but I was wrong. He kept pushing deeper and deeper until I thought my throat was going to split open, until he pushed all the way in. I rested there for a second, with my nose in his pubes and his balls resting against my chin. I couldn't breathe, and thought I was going to suffocate, until he finally pulled out. He started skull fucking me again, using the belt as handles. The humiliation lasted about 4 or 5 minutes before he finally shoved all the way into my throat and I could feel him spraying his seed. After a few seconds he finally pulled out leaving me gasping for air. He redid his pants and then just went back to work leaving me hanging there.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was, tied up in a gazebo with my ass sticking out wearing a pink shirt and miniskirt, a thong, stockings, high heels, and looking like I had real tits, and I had just had my mouth raped like a cheap whore. And seeing as I was being paid for it, that was exactly what I was.

I spent the rest of the afternoon standing there tied up like that for anyone to see. Whenever anyone would get a break there were sure to come over and use their whore. By the time they let me go, I had blown each of them during their break and again when they finished for the night. Finally the foreman came over and let my arms down. The pain was excruciating as the blood rushed back into them, but at least I could stand up straight after being bent over for 4 hours. He tossed me my clothes, told me to leave the other clothes on the back porch, and to be back tomorrow, and then just left me to deal with my pain and humiliation.

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