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This is an account of a selfbondage scene I did about one year ago. All of this is true and factual, and this was a very intense scene. I will recall all the details that I can.

Ever since reading a story that involved an enema during a selfbondage scene, I wanted to try it. The story was of a female who had much more equipment than I, but I knew that I could do it and make it work.

As always, I am very careful about proper setup of a sb scene. This insures that the scene will go without unplanned incident, and that the release will go as expected. The last thing one needs is to put oneself in a scene, and be stuck there when the release does not work. I always set up two releases, one for a backup in case the primary release does not work. Sometimes if the scene is going to be very intense, I will set up an emergency release instead of a second timed release. If there is a need, I can call upon the emergency release, but there will be a price to pay. Generally the emergency release I use is a spare key tied to a string that is attached to my cuff. The other end with the key is attached to a pitcher of water. If I need to, I can pull that key to me, but the pitcher of water will spill and require that I clean it up. Some people use a pitcher of used oil, but I don’t need THAT big of a price to pay, and it would ruin the carpet.

So I started to plan the scene in my head a few days prior. I would be in a standing spread eagle, with an unstoppable enema administered at some point after I was bound. The biggest problem would be the timing of it all, making sure that the enema started after I was tied, and that the keys would be released later. There is also another part of the scene here that you will discover as you read.  I have done some experimental timing with ice releases, different amounts of ice and various sized rings. Maybe I should say here, that my favorite release works like this. I take a nylon stocking or pair of pantyhose and put some ice in the toe of one leg. Then I take a keyring with keys attached, and slide it down over the leg of the stocking, so it is held on by the ice in the toe. This is then hung from the ceiling or the top of a door, with the toe and ice hanging down. When the ice melts, the keyring will slide off and thus the keys are released to you.

On the morning I was going to do this, I started early as I knew that it would take some time to set up. As it turned out, it took almost 4 hours to set this up properly. I went to the basement and removed some of the ceiling tiles, thus exposing the floor joists above. Some quick measurements, and I started drilling holes in the joists and installing some screw eyes. After all the screw eyes were installed, I started tieing on ropes and strings, etc. My primary release would be an ice release, but because of the intensity of this, I would use an emergency release in case something went wrong. There are three ice timers involved in this scene, so a lot of setup was involved.

I hung up an enema bag with one and one-half quarts of quite warm water in it. This was because I wanted it to still be warm when this was all started. The bag was not hung very high, so that the enema would be fairly slow, to ease any cramping that might occur. I set up an ice timer with only one cube in it, so it would be the first release to drop. This was attached to a string with a clothespin on the end. The enema bag was clamped off, but I made a second clamp of two short small pieces of wood. These were placed over the hose of the bag, and each end secured with clothespins, one of which was attached to the previously mentioned ice timer. Then the primary clamp was opened up. When the ice melted, a small weight attached to the string with the clothespin would pull the clothespin off the wooden clamp, thus releasing the enema.

A second and very similar timer was set up with a string attached to two wooden clothespins. These would be nipple clamps that would be jerked off when the ice melted and a weight attached fell to the floor. This timer was set up with two ice cubes, to release at a point after the enema was started.

The third ice timer would contain the most ice, and would be the release for the keys.

Soooooo, the scene....... I had taken a medium sized butt plug and drilled a small hole from the base, all the way thru the tip. I had attached a small slender regular enema tip to the hose on the enema bag. I had taken a complete cleansing enema before I started this all, so I was clean throughout, and my bowels were empty. This would assure that I could take the entire 1 ½ qt. enema with minimal problems and cramping. I inserted the plug in my ass, then fashioned a waist/crotch chain with chain around my waist, locked with a padlock, then ran thru my crotch and locked to the waist chain. This held the plug in tight. I was then able to insert the tip of the nozzle into the hole in the plug thru a link in the chain.

I then put leather cuffs on my ankles, and attached them to a three foot spreader bar. I then put in a ball gag and put on a posture collar. The effect of the two together renders my head very still and I can barely turn it in either direction, nor look down. I then put on the nipple clips. I had chosen a pair of clothespins that I had relaxed the pressure on the springs some. I knew that they would be on for some time, and didn’t want anything very severe.

I then started to attach the ropes to the leather wrist cuffs I was wearing. The rope for my left cuff was attached directly to an eyebolt in a joist. The right cuff was attached to a rope ratchet so that I could pull my arms tighter in the spread eagle. The rope was attached to the cuff by a padlock that i could unlock when the key was freed from the third ice timer. After getting all the ropes attached, I started pulling the rope thru the ratchet, tightening the spread. When I reached the point that I was spread pretty tight, I released the rope leading from the ratchet.

So there I was....... gagged with a posture collar holding my head up very straight, legs held apart by a spreader bar, arms stretched out tight, nipple clips that I knew were going to be taken from me at some point in time, and a crotch chain holding in a butt plug that was attached to a bulging enema bag. I could not see the ice timer on the enema bag, so I had no idea when it was going to start. I could, however, see the timer on the nipple clips, and had to watch it drip slowly, knowing the sharp feeling I would get in my nipples when the clips were torn from them

About 15 minutes or so (i was not able to see a clock) after I was secured, I heard the timer behind me drop, the clothespin was pulled from the wooden clamp, and i felt the warm enema start to enter my ass. I knew there was no stopping it until it was done, so I was there for the long haul. The enema was nice and slow and warm, so there was no cramping. Just the warm wet wonderful feeling of being invaded by something so simple as plain water. Lots of plain water.

The dull pain in my nipples was so evident as I stared at the timer that was to change all that. When would it go???? The enema was flowing slowly and wonderfully. I was lost in a haze of my bondage and the torment that accompanied that with my ass filling and my belly feeling the bulge. Because of the posture collar, I could not look down at my belly, or the tent pole that was growing beneath that. I was hard as a rock, and excited as I could be. I wanted to massage my belly, and touch my cock, but my hands we held out securely at my sides, and all I could do was wait..............

And wait I did. But I did not have to wait long. About 10 minutes after the enema started to flow, the timer on the nipple clamps was looking like it was getting mighty close. I was almost afraid to look at it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it go off. But go off it did! I watched as the ring with the weight attached fell over the last of the ice holding it in place. The weight fell to the floor and you know what happened then..... JERKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Off came both nipple clamps simultaneously, torn from my nipples in a sudden burst. That was all I could take. The combination of all the bondage, the warm enema filling my insides to the fullest, my bulging cock, and the rush and pain as the blood flowed back to my tortured nipples was the end.

I came. I came long and hard, spewing cum all over in front of me. Thank goodness I had put a plastic dropcloth down first, in case of any kind of accident, especially with the enema. I spewed cum farther than I ever have before. There were no hands to hold it back, or direct it. I came with all my might, and some of my cum went over the edge of the dropcloth and onto the basement carpet.

So now there I hung in my bondage. I was spent, tired, my ass was full of water, and I had to wait for the key for the cuffs to drop before I could do anything else. And some time later, (I had pretty well lost track of time now) drop it did. I had to feel getting the key into the padlock, as my collar did not permit me to turn my head to the side to see what I was doing. When I was finally able to get the lock undone, I went about undoing the rest of my bondage. Off first came the posture collar, then the ballgag. I needed that relief. I then untied my left arm, then my ankle cuffs from the spreader bar. I had to then get the key for the crotch chain, unhook the enema bag from where it hung, and walk, slowly I might add, to the bathroom. I did not dare to unlock or remove the chain till I was near a toilet. But when I did, I was surprised to find that the enema was resting comfortably inside me, and the plug was holding it all in place. I reclamped the tube, sat down on the toilet, and slowly worked the plug from my ass. Although I was relieved to be rid of the torturous water that was inside me, I also missed it. The ordeal had left me spent, and the water was the last pleasurable thing about it.

So that is my account of a self administered self bondage enema. I have not done it since, but that is not to say that I won’t. It all worked so well, the timing being almost perfect. I’m not sure a second time would be better than the first. It was a day that I will never forget


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