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Orchestrating Pleasure

by Lefty

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© Copyright 2015 - Lefty - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; pantyhose; leather; lycra; cuffs; chairtie; denial; cons; X

I am a happily married fortysomething, who loves his wife more than life itself. Maybe that is the reason that 'straying' is only ever as far as taking matters into my own hands, as such. I worry sometimes that something isn't quite right with me. I am almost always like a dog on heat and have some mildly kinky ideas and items squirreled away. My wife is a decade younger than me, but she doesn't like anything kinky, although she has tried dressing up, role playing and tying up with me in the first throes of our relationship. She also appears to be more grounded in reality and lovemaking is great, but vanilla and a little less frequent than my desires.

The opportunity to stray tends to be prized and cherished, as we both work from home, so there isn't much opportunity to pleasure myself. Having said that, once a week there is a prime opportunity. My darling wife is a sought after classical musician and is a member of a number of musical ensembles and a philharmonic orchestra. During concert season, the orchestra rehearse for a couple of hours, one evening each week. This gives me alone time, which I rarely orchestrate a plan to make optimum use of. This week, I hadn't come up with a master plan either, but I knew that I want to make use of my time alone.

I dropped my wife at orchestra rehearsal as usual and drove home. We live not too far from the rehearsal space, which means the drive lasts a couple of minutes. It also means that my wife could finish early and decide to walk home, which has happened before now. As I park up outside our house, I receive a text message from my wife telling me that a number of musicians haven't arrived at rehearsal, so they might finish early. She said she will keep me informed, but as I enter the house, I'm careful to lock the door and leave my keys in the lock, preventing the door being unlocked from the other side.

I rush upstairs to my office and undress as fast as I can. I was already straying a little as I had put on a pair of old tights and my leather g string under my jeans before I went out to drop my wife off. The thought of going out wearing alternative clothing, with my wife unawares, felt naughty. What can I say, this isn't part of the life I lead normally. I reached into the white sack I have hidden in the back of my wardrobe and pull out my lycra wetlook playsuit. It's a bit like a short wrestling suit, but without a crotch. I pull this tight garment on and it hugs me like an old friend reassuring and supporting me.

Settling down in my office chair, I hit upon an idea. I remember my wife, who I love so much, had thrown out an almost new pair of tights the day before, because she had laddered them. They were still in the bedroom bin. I quickly head off to retrieve them and head back to my office, almost tripping over the cat on the way. My wife is a Christian, I'm agnostic, but things like this make me wonder if God is sending me a message to stop what I'm doing. Has the devil dragged me too far down the wrong path? I figure that it is enough to doubt myself as I slip the tights over my head and breathe in my wife's scent.

I reach back into the back of the wardrobe and pull out some nylon straps. My office chair is one of those swivelling faux leather executive chairs.  I quickly pull the cuffs onto my ankles and connect them together, behind the central column of the chair, using the spring catch and D rings already on the cuffs. I use another cuff to fasten one of my wrists to the arm of the chair. It is very difficult trying to put the nylon strap through the plastic buckle with one hand, but I manage to sufficiently secure my wrist. Maybe I should think of a better way to secure my wrist next time.

Maybe I should figure out a way of fastening my other wrist,  but that would also need me to figure out a way of freeing myself too.  So here I am wearing tights on my legs and my head, leather g string, lycra playsuit and with three limbs secured to the chair. The front door is secured and my wife hasn't got a key to the back gate. I'm fairly confident that I'm safe, then the phone on my desk rings!

I'm the type of person that instinctively answers a ringing phone, I'm like Pavlov's dog! It's my mother, a 10 minute conversation ensues about everything and nothing. Somebody really is trying me! As the call finishes, I realise that I suddenly feel a bit stupid in my predicament. I really don't feel horny anymore, that particular fire has been brought under control by talking to my mother. Also it occurs to me that I can't see my computer screen well enough to read any literature that might stoke the fire again and my wife isn't coming home early because it is only 20 minutes before the time I normally go to collect her. One thing is for sure though, tonight has served as a very useful dry run. I think we have a master plan for next week's alone time.

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