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I should not have had that row with Dave. Okay, he was unfaithful, but I should have worked it out with him and not sent him on his way. I should have realised working on the oil rigs for weeks on end would make him frustrated. And they should not have sent that pretty nurse in. I should have forgiven him. He was kind to me and what he made me; he had no ways of making something like this for himself. Oh how I wish Dave was back.


To pass my time and keep me faithful to him he had spent a lot of money and time making my chair. I have used it many times and it kept me sane until he came back. When that happened I made sure he knew I was grateful for the chair. 


The chair was like the back of a chair with the seat arranged like a small pummel horse; you know those things you see on the Olympics where those athletic young men swing their charms about. I used to sit on the chair and imagine it was Dave or play one of my recordings of the Olympics and imagine I was being used by the winner of the event.


The back of the seat was made of oak and was covered in leather. From the back Dave had secured some shoulder bars that cross my shoulders like the ones in the theme park rides to hold you in. My head just fits between these bars and they certainly hold me in tight! The bars come right down at the front and across my breasts so I have to slide under them bending my head forward and lifting my body up. My body is held quite firmly until I slide my butt forwards and drop my shoulders.  My breasts are held up by the cross bar. Dave loves the look of that.


The seat was only 9 inches wide. But 3 feet forward from the back!  It is covered in leather. My legs are held in the clamps that swivel to let me slide under the “safety bars” as I call them. I have to lock and release them with the strings Dave attached to them. They are quite ingenious. Dave used to love me stuck in the chair for hours while he watched football.


But the seat is the important bit. It is covered in leather and has a hole in it. The seat is battery powered and this can last for 12 hours, tormenting me and giving me my much needed sexual release. Dave was afraid of a power cut, which is why he made it battery powered. I can bless him for that.


Through the hole a rubber dildo slides up and down. I have to position myself to receive it. I got myself ready for today’s session. This will help me get over Dave. I have gagged myself as I don’t want to scream out in ecstasy like I have done on this seat before.  I do not want the neighbours to hear me.


Dave was thoughtful and split a pair of handcuffs so he could attach each half to one of the safety bars. But he has given me a good foot of chain. The key to the cuffs are on a chain around my neck so I can reach it.  I have laid the release strings for my leg restraints over the end of the seat for easy access. My right hand has the switch nearby. I am fastened securely.


Looking in the mirror at myself, I can see this helpless creature looking back at me. Now to switch on the seat. Dave had somehow managed to get the seat to start slowly and build up the sped and pressure. I can always stop it when I want to. I have no expertise on electronics to tell you how he did this, but it is wonderful. I am wasting time telling you all this, I need to be satisfied once again.


I switch on the chair and I can feel the dildo rising to my lips. I ease myself over it and it enters me easily. It is nice and sloooow! Oh that was nice. For the last few moments it has gently eased in and out, about 4 inches movement each time. In and out, in and out. Ooooh that was nice, it has built up speed now, just going a little faster now.


“Aaaahhh! Hyuuumph” That was wonderful. Every girl should have a chair like this. Dave used to love watching the chair and me in action. “Ahhhhhh!” The pleasure is getting better now. I am starting to warm up inside already. I involuntarily move my back to get the best position for it to find my G-spot.


“Hmmmmm!” I am purring now. So is the chair’s motor!  “Agh?” I swear that went a little bit further than it should have done. I must be imagining it. “Hmmm” it seems okay now. I must have imagined it. It must be the pleasure I am receiving. May the Lord make me thankful for what I am about to receive! “Hymmmm!” The motor is going a little bit faster now.


I am wet already. The seat is covered in my love juices. “Hmmmmm!” “Agh!” It did go a little bit further. How could it. It is only a wheel with a rod running along the top of it. It is spring loaded so the wheel acts like a cam and the rod and dildo spring back down again.


“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Now I am nearly at boiling point. I can’t wait much longer for my climax. “Agggghhhh!” It definitely has gone a bit further. Has Dave mucked about with it?


“Hmmmm!” This is wonderful. I am squirming in my bonds in time with the motor and the dildo.  “Aggghhhhkkk!” It has gone a lot further than it was supposed to. I am afraid it will hurt me. “Argh”. That hurt. I scream against my gag. I explode in the most tremendous  orgasm. Wave after wave has hit me sending shivers all down my spine.


What is this? The motor has stopped with the dildo deep inside me. It takes a few moments to get my senses back. I undo the cuffs on my wrists and remove my gag. Now I can release my legs. Only one last thing to do, to get out of the chair.


I can’t. The dildo is too far inside me. I can’t lift my butt over it. I try arching my back, but the safety bars hold me down too far. I can’t stoop forward because of the back of the chair. I am stuck. Perhaps the dildo will slide back down inside the chair soon. I flick the switch to start the motor again, but it is silent. I switch off the motor hoping the battery will recuperate enough to move the cam wheel round and let the dildo drop down from deep inside me.


I have given it a half hour. Now to try it again. Click! The motor half heartedly groans but the dildo does not move. What can I do? I have just heard my neighbours leave for their holidays.


I try to wriggle but cannot get past the dildo. Damn this chair!  I am well and truly stuck. I knew I should have not rowed with Dave, but forgiven him. I wish I had put my mobile where I could reach it so I can phone for help.


I have been here for 12 hours now. I am bursting to use the toilet. My bladder is giving me pain. It is no use; I am going to have to do it as best as I can. I watch the water spread out across the chair. It is awful. But so is this dildo stuck in me. I try to think of all the women who have been held prisoner for months, years even and had these used on them. Probably some so big they nearly split them in half.


Oh please come back Dave I forgive you! If only I could ring you to let you know!


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