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by T.S. Fesseln

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© Copyright 2002 - T.S. Fesseln - Used by permission

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Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below. Permission is granted for private use. The author wishes any agencies that wish to publish this work, to please contact him at [email protected] . Any comments are gladly accepted and encouraged.

Pulling back the blinds, Katy could see that the snow had already piled up in lovely pillows of white and listening to the weatherman's forecast on television, it appeared that there was a lot more to come.  Fortunately, she had got all of her last minute Christmas shopping done and was getting ready to give her husband Alan a big surprise for Christmas Eve.

Katy shivered a bit looking out at the snow from their upstairs apartment.  She normally didn't go prancing around half naked, but that was a big part of what she had planned this evening.  The young blonde had on a sexy, bright red corset and stockings as well as matching silk opera gloves; all of which she had just purchased on the way home from work.  The corset hugged her slender 5 foot 4 frame deliciously and sent a wanton swirl of warmth rushing through her.  It was going to be hard waiting for Alan to get home from his job at the airport.

She was always proud of her looks.  Both of Katy's parents were of  Scandinavian descent and gave to their daughter naturally blonde hair, laughing blue eyes and skin like ivory.  She was one of those women that did not have to work hard to keep trim, though she did go to the complexes' gym every week to workout. Her breasts were not huge but graced her frame nicely and she had nice, wide hips that gave her a wonderfully curved figure.  Alan said that she looked as if she had fallen from heaven.

'Enough of that,' She said to herself, glancing at the clock above the fireplace, 'There is still a lot of work to be done.'

Katy glanced about the room.  Alan always kept the apartment clean and clutter free.  She was the messy one and Alan always kept after her to pick up her coat or put away their CD's.  Now the living room was filled with their festooned Christmas tree.  Both of them just loved and collected ornaments and they crammed as many as they could onto the poor tree.  However, there was a 2 or 3 dozen more that she needed to add to it.

On the coffee table Katy had laid out her other purchases for this evening.  There was an assortment of black leather straps, chromed padlocks and chains and a bright red ballgag.  It had taken her sometime to find them, but finally she found an adult store that carried some of the higher quality ones.  It was a whole new world to her, opened up by finding some of Alan's bondage magazines hidden in the closet.  The pictures of beautiful women in bondage intrigued her and she decided Alan needed one more present under the Christmas tree.

Also on the table were several dozen brass keys, each having a red velvet ribbon tied to it as well as a tiny hook.  Most of these keys were blanks and would not open any of the padlocks she a bought for tonight.  However, there were some that did and Alan would have to find which one was which before she could be set free.

The young blonde carefully grabbed several of these and began hanging them one by one onto the tree.  They blended easily with the rest of the ornaments that you would have to look twice to find them.  She imagined what she looked like right now, costumed all in red with a red bow tying her long flaxen hair back and balancing delicately on some very high heels.  She had elected not to wear her panties and it was a purely lascivious feeling that sent a heated chill through her.

It didn't take Katy long to hang all the keys and all that she had to do now was to wrap herself up for her husband.

The pictures in the magazines pretty much showed Katy what she need to do and the clerk at the leather shop helped her pick out the right cuffs, gag and the other things that she needed to complete her gift.  One of those other things was still in its box and it was the first thing Katy needed to put on.

Carefully, the young woman opened the box and took out the chastity belt that she was going to wear.  The rich smell of leather filled the air as she pulled it out of the box.  The store had had several choices of belts and Katy had decided that the one with the dildo built inside would be just right and would keep her occupied until Alan came home and found her.  It took her a second or two to figure out how to fasten it before she tried it on.

She first buckled the strap around her waist and took the first of several padlocks and locked the belt in place.  Katy then spread her slender legs apart and eased the short, thick phallus into herself.  As it filled her, a shiver of pleasure ran through her; A feeling of doing something forbidden and wanton.  She tightened the strap and with a little difficulty, locked it into place.  The key hung somewhere on the tree.

Next, Katy selected the cuffs that were to be locked around her ankles.  The thick leather was lined with fleece and as she sat down and fastened it around her ankle, she felt another warm flush of bliss swirl through her.  She did the same around her other ankle and locked a small chain between the two.  Sitting on the floor at the foot of the tree, Katy struggled against the cuffs a bit to test them.  They were not going to come off until Alan took them off.

Katy picked up the gag.  Many of the models in Alan's magazine had these fastened between their lips and to Katy, it looked a bit uncomfortable, however, if they could do it, so could she.

She inserted the red ball into her mouth.  She had chosen a small ball rather than a larger one and it still filled her mouth.  She lifted up her ponytail and buckled it tightly.  There was no way to lock it into place, but Katy didn't think she could force it out of her mouth anyway.

There was just a few more items to go and Katy went back and forth in her mind whether or not to wear the blindfold that she had bought.  On the one hand, she wanted to she Alan's reaction when he got home and saw her bound underneath their Christmas tree.  On the other hand, the thrill of not being able to see what Alan was going to do to her was such a turn on.  In the end, Katy decided that the blindfold was the way to go.  But first she had to get her wrist cuffs on and ready to lock them together behind her back.

The blonde gathered the padlocks, blindfold and cuffs together and positioned herself on her stomach beneath the tree.  She wrapped each cuff around her wrist and buckled it into place.  She lay the padlock beside her so she could easily find it and then she fastened the blindfold over her eyes.  The darkness was complete and the smell of leather seemed to fill the air.  Blindly, she felt for the padlock and carefully threaded it through the chain between her ankles and through the two rings in her wrist cuffs.

Then, with a single click, Katy became a prisoner.

She wriggled and writhed a bit, feeling out just how helpless she actually was.  It was a feeling so delicious and lustful that she could feel a warm tide slowly forming within her.

Katy rocked her hips a bit, feeling the dildo rub within her.  With every squirm and buck, a warm tide of bliss flooded through her.  Her helplessness actually freed her to focus on just those sensations that mattered.  She struggled to get more friction out of the phallus, but it would only move so much.

Katy rocked faster and faster, moaning through her gag.  She could feel an orgasm building, but it was doing so way too slowly.  The cuffs that were keeping her in a hogtie were frustrating her need to cum. 

The tide of pleasure was slowly building as she thrashed helplessly on the floor.  Katy was moaning louder and louder, feeling the waves of pleasure boiling up within her until a white-hot tide of pure bliss cascaded through her and filled her very soul.  She had cum like she had never had before and it had drained her of all her strength.

Exhausted, Katy lay bound, enjoying the warm glow radiate through her when she heard their phone ring and the answering machine picking it up.

"Hello honey, it's me.  The airport is a real mess right now and they asked me to stay a bit longer.  I don't know when I will get home but don't stay up for me.  I am really sorry about this.  Love you.  Bye."

The message machine stopped with a click and Katy moaned in frustration.

It was going to be a long winters night.


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