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Out of Control

by Jayne

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© Copyright 2002 - Jayne - Used by permission

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The following is a true story of actual events in my teen years, and if there’s an interest in hearing more, I can continue!?


It was an act of simple curiosity, nothing more, nothing less I think, but the day I saw my sister dressed in sexy underwear, I knew I wanted to try wearing it also. I was 18 at the time and had two sisters, Rachel 21, and Becky 19, I always had to show my ID to prove I was 18 as I looked younger & smaller for my age.  Rachel had recently left home to live with her best friend whilst at university. Becky had shared a room with Rachel before she moved out, and this room was all hers now. Things always seem unfair when you’re the youngest, and this situation was no different.  Becky had the biggest room with a spare bed for when her friends came to stay, and Rachel had left her loads of clothes and stuff when she moved out, some for keeps, and others that she could use ‘til Rachel finished university.  What did John (that’s me!) get out of this… nothing!

It was a Friday night, and Becky was being allowed to stay over at her friend Sara’s house because they were going to a disco, Mum still controlled what we got up to. More injustice!

Anyway, back to the underwear. I was lying on my bed reading a comic when I heard the bathroom door open, I glanced up in time to see Becky walking towards me or at least her bedroom which was next to mine.  She was wearing underwear I’d only ever seen in a catalogue before!  All black and matching, she had on a bra, knickers, suspender belt, and stockings.  The sight was incredible. 

“What are you lookin’ at pervert” she said when she saw me staring (mind you I was staring!!!) and disappeared into her room. She reappeared 30 minutes later in a shortish black dress that made her look really good.

“Goodnight pervert” she said flashing her stocking tops, and went downstairs.

An uneventful week at work went by and we arrived at another weekend, only this one was special.  Our mother was going away to Aunt Mary’s first thing on Saturday morning, and was not due back ‘til Sunday night. Becky and I were to be trusted to look after ourselves (mother’s widowed) while she was away. I was lazing around my room until about 10am on Saturday, when Becky came in and announced that she was going to meet Sara in town and that they’d be back about 2pm with something to eat. I had to promise to keep quiet.

I enjoyed time in the house alone because I liked tying myself up.  Becky could not have made it to the bottom of the street before I was into my treasure chest. Originally a big wooden chest with a hinged lid made by my father to keep toys in, it now had a hasp with a big lock to keep sisters out! Inside there really was treasure… rope, chain, locks, leather belts, and even two pairs of real handcuffs. I also had one of Becky’s swimming costumes and a leotard that I had saved from being thrown out one day; I really enjoyed wearing these for my bondage sessions.

Off with my shorts and T-shirt, I opted for MY swimming costume. It was a fairly ordinary style costume with shoulder straps, scooped back, medium cut legs, and was white with small pink and blue flowers all over. I was picking out some bondage stuff when I suddenly thought back to the sight of Becky last weekend, and I was overcome by the urge to go looking through her things, so I went to her room. I opened a drawer full of her underwear, which all seemed pretty ordinary, and at that I felt disappointed.  I knew I had to find the black underwear and maybe try it on. After rummaging through another drawer I realised that that sort of stuff would have been Rachel’s, not Becky’s. I went to Rachel’s drawers and hit the fucking jackpot! Bra’s, knickers, suspender belts, basques, slips, even a couple of girdles! Couldn’t find the black underwear, but didn’t really care!

I found a white suspender belt, but couldn’t see any stockings, only a few pairs of tights.  Not really sure what I was doing at that point, I stripped off and started putting on the tights.  The feel of the tights on my legs was amazing, so much so, that by the time I’d pulled them up my cock was the hardest it had ever been. I tried walking around the room and was instantly addicted. My legs rubbing together were electric. I picked up the suspender belt and fastened it around my waist.  Fiddling around I pinched each leg of the tights to be able to fasten each suspender and it worked.  Now I was standing with my nylon-clad cock sticking out from just below the belt, and could feel the tug of the suspenders as I moved. This was fucking heaven!

Thoughts of bondage back in mind, I quickly stepped back into my costume and pulled it up my legs. That did it, the costume was now forcing my nylon encased cock up against my body, and the tight suspender belt was chaffing against the top of my cock. This coupled with all the other sensations as I moved was giving me a buzz I would remember for the rest of my life! I had to be tied!!! The walk to my room and back had my body tingling, and I returned with some chains, rope, locks, my handcuffs, and ball gag. Noticing a pair of heeled sandals as I walked back into the room, I thought ‘yes please!’ and picked them up also… I was on a high!

I sat on Rachel’s bed and slipped my feet into the sandals. Even the simple task of bending forward to fasten the ankle straps set a surge of electricity through my body as the suspender belt moved along my shaft. Once the sandals were fastened, I wrapped a length of rope around my ankles a few times then a couple of times between them to cinch it tight, and tied it off at the front. I picked a very short length of chain and padlocked it to the cinch rope at one end, and a pair of handcuffs at the other. I fastened a 2-inch wide dog collar around my neck, and put the home-made ball gag, which was a plastic wiffle ball and one of Becky’s old thin leather belts (shortened for the job) into my mouth and buckled it tight.

I stood up and threw the quilt and pillow off the bed onto Becky’s, then lay flat on my belly and put the key to the cuffs beside me on the bed at about waist height where I’d be able to reach them. Totally wrapped up in the moment, I drew my hands together behind me, brought my feet up to meet them, grabbed at the cuffs, and making sure the keyholes were facing my hands, I snapped them shut. The hog-tie was very tight and at first I just lay there fantasising about the situation I was in, soon I was starting to writhe around on the bed enjoying the helplessness, and more so, the feelings in my crotch. This truly was cloud nine; I had never experienced anything like this!

More and more I was starting to float into a world I had never been before when BANG… Fuckin’ hell, that was the front door… Shit, I can hear voices.

Fuck, it’s Becky and Sara.

I jerked onto my side to reach the key. I couldn’t feel it. I rolled back onto my front to have a look. It’s fuckin’ gone. I could feel something under me. It was the ring.  My weight on the bed had allowed the key to slide down the sheet under me. I started to thrash around trying to get to key, but the key just kept finding a spot underneath me. I tried gently moving around on the bed, but it was no use.  I couldn’t stop; I had to have the key. All the thrashing around had my cock going crazy. I was at a point where I was out of control something inside me was forcing me to keep moving. I was bucking and humping, writhing and jerking, grunting into my gag, and I couldn’t stop when suddenly, BOOM, I thought my body had exploded. My pelvis had gone into some kind of spasm. I had cum in the swimsuit.

‘Becky… come upstairs now… hurry’

I turned my head and looked to the door.  Sara was standing there looking at me with I just don’t know what kind of expression on her face.

‘Becky… HURRY’ she shouted.

I heard footsteps running up the stairs.

Oh shit!

Part 2

Just a couple of things to tell you before I get going with the second chapter…

I’ve been tying myself, and being tied, since I was young. Both my sisters and my mother knew of this interest and viewed it as just a quirk of mine. Again, it all started through what I believe was quite natural curiosity when looking at comics, detective magazines, films, and T.V. shows like The Avengers. When I was younger I would experiment in tying myself like the images I had seen, and often challenge my sisters to tie me to see if I could escape. Sometimes they even let me tie them when I couldn’t explain what I wanted them to do to me (I enjoyed that also!).

I, as a result, spent many hours tied and helpless when my sisters ‘looked after’ me while mother was out. They’d often gag me whether I wanted them to or not to shut me up. This went on for about 3 years then naturally started to fade, or at least that’s what my family thought. The reality was that I had come into possession of MY swimming costume & leotard. Being tied in a costume or leotard was much better than a T-shirt and jeans, so not wanting to ask my sisters for this, I had gone underground!!!

Anyway, back to the story… here’s the memory jogger!

‘Becky… come upstairs now… hurry’

I turned my head and looked to the door.  Sara was standing there looking at me with I just don’t know what kind of expression on her face.

‘Becky… HURRY’ she shouted.

I heard footsteps running up the stairs.

Oh shit!

Getting caught!

‘What’s up Sara’ I heard Becky say as she came to the door.

I looked again and saw Sara point to me. ‘It’s your John’ she laughed. ‘I think he’s just had an orgasm!’

It was true; I had just orgasmed and the stain was showing through the swimsuit. Sara was my favourite of all Becky’s friends, in fact, of any girls I knew, I had a serious crush on her. Becky followed the pointing finger and looked around the door to her room.

‘What are you doing in my room you little shit, get owwww….’ Becky had started shouting before she had even saw me, but the sight before my sister and the girl I deeply desired soon silenced her.

I just wanted Rachel’s bed to swallow me. 

Becky slowly came over to me followed by Sara.

‘You shit, you’re wearing my shoes… and that costume… it’s mine. I lost that a year ago… you stole it didn’t you… what the fuck are you doing in my room like this?’

‘Becky, he’s gagged himself… look… he can’t answer’ Sara said.

‘Right, we’re going downstairs. You’ve got five minutes to untie yourself, put my stuff back where you found it, and get out of my room.’

As Becky grabbed Sara’s hand and started to walk out, I began to fight against my bondage and tried to shout through the gag that I couldn’t get free. The girls stopped and just looked at me for a while. I was trying to plead with them to help me ‘hllkkk nnnngggeee’ was all that could be heard.

‘I think he’s trapped Becky… I really think he can’t get free’

With that, the two girls came back, Becky’s sat on her bed facing me, and Sara started to unbuckle the gag. As she took it out of my mouth she saw the state of the bed… ‘Uuurgh, he’s dribbled all over the sheet.’ 

‘Becky, I’m really sorry… please help me to get free… I won't do it again, just please help me’

‘Oh my god, he’s handcuffed’ Sara exclaimed ‘Where’s the key?’

‘The key’s underneath me… it wasn’t meant to slide under me… I can’t reach it… please help’

Sara pushed me onto my side and saw the key under me. Retrieving it, she was just about to release the cuffs when… ‘Wait a minute Sara… this perv has some explaining to do’ Sara stopped and joined Becky sitting on the bed.

‘You said he’s had an orgasm’… ‘Well, is that what you’ve been doing in my room… is it?’

‘You’re gonna tell us everything, or you can stay like that till mother gets home tomorrow night, and believe me, I’ll do it!’

I spent the next half-hour explaining the clothes I was wearing, and how I had come to be tied as I was. The seemingly endless questions, with intermittent laughter were absolute torture. When their curiosity was satisfied, Becky started to whisper to Sara. Next, she stood up and said ‘OK then perv, if you don’t want mother to find out about this you’re gonna do exactly as you’re told… agreed?’

I had no option… ‘OK Becky, just please let me go’

‘Not so fast Jayne’ Becky said

‘Jayne?’ I questioned 

‘Yes Jayne, if you want to be a girl, the first thing you need is a name, and we’ve decided that you’re gonna be called Jayne from now on… OK! I’m leaving you with Sara now while I warm up the lunch, she’ll help you to get ready. Make sure you do as she says.’ With that, Becky walked out of the room.

Sara came over to me and started to unlock the chain connecting my handcuffs to the ropes at my ankles. Once off, she attached the chain, which was about 6 inches long to the d-ring on the front of my collar. With my hand still cuffed behind me, Sara then untied my feet. She then stood and said ‘OK Jayne let’s go and have some lunch’.

‘Sara, the handcuffs, please take them off so that I can get changed, I don’t want to go downstairs like this’

Sara turned to look back at me and started to laugh again. ‘Sorry Jayne the sight of you standing there like that is funny’ with that she tied the length of rope which had previously bound my ankles to my collar. ‘…Now come on Jayne’ she said. Sara led me out onto the landing and downstairs into the kitchen.

Becky looked up from the oven where she was warming our food and fell apart with laughter. I was standing there, red as a beetroot, still with my swimming costume, tights, suspender belt, and Becky’s strappy heeled sandals. Hands cuffed behind me. And guess what, the walk to the kitchen had worked it’s magic on my cock. I had a stiffy again.

‘Sara, best take Jayne to the table and get her seated to hide her embarrassment’ Becky said. ‘I’ll bring the food.

I sat down with Sara, and soon Becky appeared with our lunch.

Looking at the plate in front of me, then at the girls… ‘Please take the cuffs off’ I said.

‘Sorry Jayne, silly of me’ Sara said. She came over to me and unlocked one of the cuffs. Then bringing my hands to the front, she quickly re-secured me, but it didn’t stop there, she used a padlock to fasten the centre link of the handcuffs to the chain hanging from my collar. While Sara was doing this, Becky had untied the rope from collar and was on the floor binding my ankles together.

‘You don’t expect me to eat like this?’ I said.

‘Just eat your food Jayne, we’ve got some surprises for you afterwards’ Becky said with a smile on her face.

They both giggled from time to time as they watched me struggling to eat my pie, chips, and peas, with my hands cuffed only 6 inches from my neck.

All I could do was to wonder/worry about what they had in mind for me…

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