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by Too Shy

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© Copyright 2002 - Too Shy - Used by permission

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In my last story, I mentioned how I'd built a timer safe - I've been asked about how several times, so I've created a document with photos of the safe for those that want it - just drop me an email.

This time I thought I'd describe how I've taken inspiration from the other writers here...

I've always had a deep fascination of self bondage, and have devised many elaborate ways of restraint and release - however, it has almost exclusively involved being inside the house, or in very close proximity.

I was inspired by several writers who have published here to try an outdoor scene - this was something new for me, and the risks involved when you live in a built up area always struck me as just too high.

However, not too far away from where I live is a well used forestry commission park - it's a managed forest, used by walkers and mountain bikers. I've thought about using is, but it is a bit well travelled and also the only entrance is gated and locked out of normal hours - i.e. when it is dark or less likely to be busy.

However, I decided that rather than take a car, I'd use a push bike - it's a fair trek out on a bike, so I wanted to make it a nice long session with lots of fun.

I'd also just purchased a new vibrator from Ann Summers called the Pulseatron - it is a powerful device with multiple programmes for vibrations - it is fantastic - get one! This would offer stimulation on one of the programmes, but with no ultimate relief - good for extended use.

So, here is what I did:

Push biked out to the forest (8pm) - hopped over the gate (only designed to keep cars out, so it's low - easy to lift a bike over. I wore my ordinary clothes, and carried a strong rucksack with a lock - the two zips lock together, and you can't get inside without a key - it might have looked flimsy, but I experimented with my hands locked behind my back, and you can't get in.

I decided to change on site, just for the added thrill of it - the choice of clothing - easy, the normal Basque, stockings, suspenders, heels - I added a tight sexy maids outfit because the late evening was a little chilly - it also looked the part with the heels and stockings - it is very short, and doesn't cover my arse even slightly.

I decided to use one of my more complex head gags - once on and locked, you can't get it off – straps everywhere.

Next, I pushed the vibrator up my arse - not too big - I was going to be walking over uneven ground!

I used a bondage belt, and leather strap between my legs - this had the bonus of holding the vibrator in, and also squashing my balls and cock tight against my body.

Next I used some of the great leather locking ankle cuffs - they are very strong and soft for long term wear - I used a small hobble chain to shorten my stride. I then needed to sort out the release mechanism, and how I'd make this last a reasonable length of time.

Well, I locked my bike to a tree, and put all the clothes in the rucksack and locked that. Now, I simply put the key to the cuffs under a small stone 10 cm in front of the tyre of the bike - I know this means I could pick it up anytime, but what I wanted to do meant that this wasn't a problem.

I stood there for five minutes, contemplating if this was a good idea - of course not, but then it wouldn't have been fun otherwise!

I put one of the leather wrist cuffs on my right wrist and locked it in place - I attached the other wrist cuff to the D-ring on this cuff, and then it was an easy thing to simply reach behind me, lock the D-rings to the back of the bondage belt and put my left wrist in the cuff, pull the leather tight, and push the lock through the holding clasp - for those of you who use padlocks, you'll understand this bit.

I stood there, with the padlock spun round, so it was ready to shut - I love just gentle pushing the padlock together against the spring - almost closing it, almost... waiting for the click - how far can I go without engaging the lock - I sort of bounce the lock between my fingers - those who do it know what I mean - a bit more force every time - until suddenly, CLICK - it's done.

The shiver this sends through my body hasn't faded with time - it's one of the few things that hasn't. I had an easy out just a few feet from me - the keys were under that stone.

However, what I wanted to do was just walk - see how far I was brave enough to go - the tracks are quite open, and you did get late evening runners who jumped over the barriers to use the forest trails - part of the thrill - could I hide in time.

Well, I started walking - at first I found it difficult to make myself put one foot in front of the other - I forgot to mention that I'd put the controller for the vibrator in the top of the Basque round the front, a little bit of careful positioning, and it wasn't going to fall out - it also meant that I wouldn't be able to change the setting - I'd put it on the intermittent strong pulse - drives you crazy after a while up your arse I can tell you - but it's a great feeling.

So, off I set, further and further from the keys – I hate to say it, but this is a true account, and I didn't get caught or seen, it turned out to be just me - walking along - makes you feel a bit insignificant I found - and I could see why the other writers on this site had tried this - I felt amazing - every time I stumbled a bit, my heart raced, the vibrator pushed against bits that is wasn't touching when I was just walking straight - I'd bite harder into the gag, and the pulse of sexual energy in me would jump - fantastic!

Well, I was brave enough to walk for maybe 30 minutes - quite a long way I thought - now what I wanted to do was may a relatively easy trip out a much harder trip back - so here is the surprise in the tale ;-) - I'd been clutching a last padlock in my right hand the whole time - what do I do with it - simple, I halved the length of the hobble chain - easy, but oh boy, how effective!!!! - I squatted down to reach the chain, the wind blew under my arse, sending shivers down my spine. I just couldn't help but bounce the clasp of the padlock again - harder and harder, until - CLICK - done again....

So, what was 30 mins out was now at least 60 minutes back - not a hard calculation - also, it would take me twice as long to get off the trail if I heard anyone coming.

Well, the excitement that I felt was fantastically intense - I almost forgot about the discomfort of the gag, and the insistent buzz buzz buzz of the vibrator - I found that the shortness of stride caused me to wiggle my hips round a lot more that the trip out - this caused my cock to rub almost painfully against the leather strap holding it against me - my erection had been with me for a good hour now, and almost anything was making me feel close to orgasm - but I had a way to go, so I kept stopping to try and hold back a bit - this slowed me down even more, and although it's summer, it was starting to get a bit darker than I wanted to cope with, so I decided to speed up a bit.

This obviously ended up making me waddle along, step, rub, step, rub, buzz, buzz - you get the idea – 15 minutes later I had one of those moments that the chaps will know about - you know, you think that stopping, staying still will stop the orgasm – but something - usually a stray thought about what you are doing, whether its fucking - or locking in sexy clothes out in the forest ;-) - makes you tip over the edge - god the orgasm was absolutely fantastic. As the feelings died off, the cum dribbling down my stockinged leg - I still had a 15 minute hobble ahead - not too bad. So, 15 minutes later, when the gag, vibrator and cuffs were really beginning to get a bit much. 

I made it back to the bike safely, fumbled about with the keys for a bit - but I was out - I had a mad five mins when I was naked of riding the bike round the now dark, (it was unlit) carpark in the nude - just for the hell of it - hey - it's the first time out side like this for me! - then I got back to normality.

Well, I want to thank the writers who have talked about out door scenes - as long as you are really careful - after all, getting arrested like that would probably just about do you in mentally - I found it an amazing experience.

Hope you liked it - I sure did ;-)


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