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Outdoor Key Dash

by Sir Psycho

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© Copyright 2005 - Sir Psycho - Used by permission

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Outdoor Key Dash by Sir Psycho

This story isn’t strictly self-bondage as such, but it involves having bonds that force a situation that wouldn’t happen without them.

Its been a while since my first story “First Time Shock”. I haven’t really been in any situation since then that I thought would make good stories. 

I live just outside London, and while I love the idea of being naked outside, there are very few places where you can find your own space around here. England is just too densely populated, and even the countryside has people walking around all the time.

So… After a lot of searching I found a small secluded stretch of land, amongst the chaos of people. Basically, I have a small boat, and there is a bit of land that is on one side of the Thames. On the other is a busy road, and the bank is always dotted with fishermen. But on this side, there are lots of trees obscuring you from the other side. Past the trees is a big field, and on the other side of this is a motorway. 

So, I planned to get naked on this side, where I could still be seen if anyone looked from a car on the motorway, or through the gaps in the trees from the other bank, but anyone who did see would have a hard time catching me, and the chances of being seen were pretty slim.

So where do the bonds come in. I get too scared to strip and run around. I’ll get there, and bottle it. Basically, I want to be naked, but I want it to be out of my control, like something I have to do. I like being forced into situations. So in my boat I took a camera, a couple of small padlocks each with its own key, and a length of chain.

Firstly, I open the padlocks. Then I find suitable places to leave the keys. I put one down stream, much closer to the motorway, and involving a few more exposed sections to get to it. Then I walked away back up stream, and climbed up a tree and left the second key high up in the branches.

Now, I went back in-between, and found a sturdy tree that is nicely hidden. I wrapped the chain around it, then fed a loose end up my trouser leg, through my underwear, up through the neck of my t shirt, and held it to the other loose end. I then looped the padlocks through both loose ends. Now if I closed them, my clothes would be attached to the tree, and my only means of getting loose would be to take off my clothes, and fetch the 2 keys. Its funny how I wouldn’t dream of just taking off all my clothes, but with a bit of psyching up, I can close padlocks that will not only make me take off my clothes, but then force me to run into a more exposed area and even climb a tree to get them back.

It takes some time for me to pluck up the courage. Slowly I squeeze with a little force, then a little more. All the time knowing if I stop now I can walk away. Finally “click – click” and the realisation that there is only one way out of this. Of course, I try and find an alternative. 

Can I lift the chain over the tree – No. 

Can I break the tree or the chain – No. 

Nothing for it, I start to quickly strip. First my t-shirt, then my trousers over my shoes. I’m shaking so much they get stuck, and I have to take the shoes off to get my trousers off, wasting time that might lead to someone finding me. Finally my underwear and I put my shoes back on. My heart is racing so much now, and I stay crouched down, listening for any sound that might suggest I’ve been seen. Finally, I get down to the only thing that will get me out of this.

I figure I’ll leave the key that is up the tree until last as there is more chance of me being seen getting this one, and if I am seen I want to make a quick get away. So I run down stream, sticking closer to the bank this time as I’m still well hidden from the other side and more hidden from the road. There are more stinging nettles here so my legs keep getting stung, and I also loose track of how far I’ve run. I suddenly find the trees hiding me from the other bank have thinned out more than I remember. 

I start walking back but I find it really hard to spot the tree I hung the first key from. I start to panic. If I can’t find it I’m in real trouble. I re-trace my steps, and walk back the way I originally went. Thankfully, I found it. Quickly I sprinted back to the tree my second key is attached to. I hide behind it to catch my breath and wait for a pause in the traffic on the road. The motorway is so busy that this isn’t going to happen, so I bite the bullet and start climbing. I feel so exposed , but concentrate on reaching my goal. Second key in hand, I climb down and race back to my clothes.

Quickly I unlock them but don’t put them on straight away. Now I have my clothes back and have calmed down a bit I take the time to set the camera up to photograph the occasion. Then, I quickly get my clothes back on and get back on my way.

If you like this true story, please let me know, and if you want, I’ll send on of the pictures to you. And if you can suggest any way to make it harder or spice it up for me next time, I’d be happy to try anything as long as I think its safe, and there is no greater risk of getting caught. (for example, one plan is to try and find an area that is fairly shielded from the far bank where I can leave one key that would mean wading out into the cold water of the Thames while naked. Still looking for a suitable spot though). If possible, I’ll photograph me doing it and send it on.


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