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Outdoors Bondage Adventure

by Pallum 1-2-3

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I want to tell you about an actual self-bondage adventure that I had this summer. I have been practicing self-bondage for a number of years since I do not have a bondage partner. My self-bondage adventures, while they do not occur too often, are usually quite elaborate. My adventures all involve complex escape mechanisms. Regardless of the method of release that I use, my adventures always require me to work at getting release. Simple bondage is not enough. I must believe that I am securely bound and that release will not come easily. I want to feel that release is not certain without the prospect of being discovered and embarrassed while in bondage. I normally use chains, cuffs, and locks that require keys for release. In all my adventures I am naked so as to add to my bondage excitement and embarrassment if I am discovered. I take precautions to avoid discovery but discovery is possible. I place my safety keys in areas that, if I try to get them, may result in my discovery while in bondage. I want the use of my safety keys to be a last, no other alternative, resort.

This adventure was one of my more elaborate bondage adventures. This adventure, like many that I do, took place outside. While my outside adventures take place in areas that are remote, they are in areas that are publicly accessible. Discovery is always a possibility and the prospect of discovery adds spice to my adventures.

This adventure took place in a National Forest area crisscrossed with trails and logging roads accessible to utility-type vehicles. This adventure required me to move a great distance (9 miles) along the trails and roads while nude and in bondage. While moving along the trails and logging roads I am always aware of the prospect of discovery. If possible, I will move off the trail or road and hide in nearby brush if I hear or see someone coming. I know this may not be possible and that I could be discovered (I have been discovered once but that was another adventure).

I actually began planning for this adventure 8 months before it was to take place. A new padlock (Lock A) with two keys was to be key (pun intended) to my adventure. In the fall of the previous year I took the two keys, two 12-inch lengths of chain, and two more padlocks to the area that I had selected for my future bondage adventure. I parked my pickup near the head of a logging road and hiked to a nearby knoll overlooking the road intersection. I selected a small tree and rapped one of the chains around the base of the tree. From this tree you could see both roads and someone on either road could see anyone near the tree. I then took one of the locks and threaded the lock shackle through the key hole of one of the two keys to Lock A. This lock was a small lock with a small shackle that just fit though the key hole; although small, it was a secure lock. I then locked the shackle to the ends of the chain. Now a key to Lock A was fastened around the tree. The key could not be removed from the tree without opening the lock. I then walked down the logging road. After approximately a mile I pasted an intersection with a trail that I would use in my future bondage adventure. I continued on for another mile. I located a small tree a little ways off the road and secured the second key to Lock A to the tree. On the way back to my pickup I took the two keys to the tree locks, jumbled them up so I did not know which key opened which lock, and threw one key away. I now had one key (Key B) that would open one of the two tree locks but I didn't know which lock.

The next summer I began my long planned and anticipated bondage adventure. I gathered my bondage equipment of locks, chains, cuffs, and locking boxes. The locking boxes are small metal boxes designed to hold petty cash. Although they have a built in lock, I added a hasp to each box so they could be locked with a padlock. Into one box (Box 1) I put into it a single key for a second locking box. I locked this box with Lock A. Into a second box (Box 2) I put the keys that would release me from my bondage at the end of my adventure. The key to open this box was locked in Box 1. To open Box 2 to get the keys I needed for release from bondage I would have to open Box 1. To open Box 1 I would have to get one to the two keys locked to the trees.

On the way to the location of my bondage adventure I drove to a bluff where the road overlooked a trail that I would later use. At this point I threw Box 1 down a steep embankment toward the trail at the base of the bluff. When I threw the box I closed my eyes so I could not see where the box landed. I would have to search for this box later on as part of my bondage adventure. I then drove to the area of my bondage adventure. I gathered up my bondage equipment, including Lock Box 2, into a small backpack and I hiked to a logging road that would lead to the start point of my bondage adventure. I put my emergency escape keys into a can and placed this can next to the side of the road. If I needed to retrieve the emergency keys I would have to expose myself while in bondage to any cars that came along this road while I was retrieving the emergency keys.

A short distance down the logging road I threw Lock Box 2 down an embankment toward a small stream. Like before, I closed my eyes so I could not see where the box landed. I could hear the box land and then roll. Although I did not see where the box rolled, I assumed it rolled into the stream. I then moved to a clump of brush off the logging road. I remove the remaining bondage equipment from the backpack, took off my clothes, and placed them into the backpack to be retrieved later. I locked leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I put a chain abound my waist; from the back of this chain hung two lengths of chain. I pulled the chains between my legs so a chain was on either side of my scrotum. I then locked everything with a padlock. Locked to the chain between my legs was a short, 3-inch chain. This chain was locked to the rear chain just above my buttocks. It was positioned so that when my cuffs are locked to this chain my hands are securely pinned behind me near my buttocks; there was no possibility of reaching my hands around to my side.

I then locked a 12-inch length of light chain around my scrotum (although the chain was light and the padlock small they were quite secure because of their location). I now moved to the road to finish my bondage. I locked a 10-inch chain to my ankle cuffs to act as a hobble. I stooped down and locked a 5-pound lead weight to the chain hanging from my scrotum. The purpose of this weight was to force me to carry something in my hands to further limit their use (dropping the weight would be painful). Still stooped, I laid the weight on the ground and got ready to pass the point of no return. I quickly moved my cuffed hands behind my back and taking the last two locks; I locked my wrist cuffs to the 3-inch chain.

I was now secure. To get free I would have to climb down an embankment while in bondage, find Lock Box 2, and open it. The key to open this box was locked in Lock Box 1 over a mile away along the logging road and a hiking trail. The key to open this box's lock (Lock A) was locked to trees over 2 miles away from Lock Box 1. It was now abound 12 noon. I grabbed Key B, the key that would open one of two locks holding the key to Lock A firmly in my cuffed hands. If I lost this key I could not get free without using the emergency keys and I would be reluctant to do that because of fear of discovery. I picked up the 5 pound weight hanging from my scrotum, stood up, and began walking toward one of the trees around which was locked the key to Lock A. My hands were now useless; they were cuffed behind me and in one hand I carried a critical key and in the other hand I carried a 5-pound lead weight.

After a half mile along the logging road I turned onto a little used trail. I discovered a storm had blown down a number of trees across the trail. I had not expected this. Some tree trunks lay on the ground while others were well off the ground. The fact that I was hobbled made getting past the trees difficult. I could not step over any trees if they where more then a foot off the ground. I had to either crawl over or under the trees or try to go around them. Going around was frequently not possible since the trail was mostly along the side of a hill. On one side was a steep drop off and on the other side was a steep embankment. This meant I had to crawl over or under the tree trunks. In one case I had to pick my way through a prickly tree crown. I had to be very careful not to drop the key or the 5-pound weight attached to my scrotum. Since my hands were secured firmly behind my back and since I had to be careful not to drop the key or weight, moving over or under the fallen trees was difficult. But I had no choice. I had to go along this trail to get the key to Lock A.

As I moved along the trail, I pondered what other surprises might await me. Where the trees to which the keys to Lock A still there or did loggers remove them? Could I even find the specific trees? Finally, what if the locks did not work after 8 months laying on the ground in the rain, snow, and mud? After an hour I arrived at the logging road along which the keys to Lock A where located. At this point I could go either left or right along the road. I turned right onto the logging road. I figured the key to the right would be easier to retrieve. There was less chance of being discovered since the road lead deeper into the forest. Also the area where I locked the key to the tree was level. After walking a mile along the logging road I found the area I was looking for. After some searching for the tree with the chain and lock, I found it. I turned my back to the tree, stooped down, put the weight on the ground (so I could use my hands), and tried to open the lock. It didn't open! I tried a couple more times to make sure I properly inserted the key. Either the key I had was for the other lock or the tumblers in the lock where rusted in the lock position. I hoped it was former; the key I had was for the other lock.

I had to backtrack a mile and then go another mile to the next tree. As I neared the area with the key I had to be very careful. I was now near a main road and there was the possibility of someone coming down the logging road. But I had no choice. As I approached the area I could see a gate at the head of the logging road was closed. This was good; there would be no off-road vehicles coming down the road; however, the gate would not stop any hikers. I could also see vehicles go along the main just beyond the gate. I had to get off the logging road or risk being seen by a passing car. I had to climb an embankment to get to the top of a ridge that would lead to the knoll and tree with the key. This was more difficult then I expected when I placed the key last fall. The 10-inch hobble and lack of the ability to use my hands made climbing the embankment difficult.

After moving along the ridge to the area where the tree was located I discovered that I would be visible from the road as they drove by. The area had considerably less concealing brush then it had last fall when I placed the key. As I pondered what to do the wind picked up and thunder sounded. A strong summer thunderstorm was approaching. In some ways this was lucky for me. In a short time it became dark and it started to rain. I figured I could now chance moving to the tree, find the lock, and retrieve the key because I would not be so visible to passing cars. I found the lock, tried the key, and it worked!

I moved back along the ridge, climbed and slid down the embankment, and moved back to the trail leading to Lock Box 1. By the time I got to the trail, what had been moderate rain and some thunder changed to a strong downpour with much lighting and thunder. I wanted to get out of the area but I had nowhere to go. By this time I was very tired and thistly (I had not figured I would become so dehydrated). I needed to rest before continuing. Thankfully, the rain provided the water I needed to relieve, somewhat, my thirst. I huddled still secure in bondage on a log is a low area concerned by the lighting. I was in the middle of a forest with tall trees all around and I could not leave the area. I had to wait the storm out. After 30 minutes, the storm died out. I now had new concerns. Did the strong winds and nearby lighting knock down new trees along my route back? If so, could I get around them? Did the heavy rains cause the small stream where Lock Box 2 was located to flood and wash the box away? I had no way of knowing.

I took the trail back and luckily no new trees where blown down across the trail. Going was still difficult and now there was mud I had to crawl through to get under some trees across the trail. As it turned out wet vegetation along the trail washed off a lot of the mud. After an hour (to go only about a mile) I arrived back at the logging road where I started my adventure. I sill had another mile to go to find Lock Box 1. This mile was fairly easy traveling and this took only about 30 minutes. I now had to find the lock box. I only knew the general area where to look. I didn't even know it the box made it all the way to the base of the hill or if it was caught in brush partly up the hill. After much searching and wondering if I would find the box, I finally found it. I used the key to open the lock and to retrieve the key to Lock Box 2.

As I hobbled back to the area of Lock Box 2, I was very concerned that the stream carried the box away. If so, I would have to use the emergency set of keys. I vowed that if I did, I would wait for night to decrease any chance of discovery. I would have to wait a number of hours until late night since the road where the emergency keys where located is relatively heavily traveled. By this time I was tired, thirsty, hungry, and bug bitten and the prospect of waiting 5-hours more in bondage was not appealing.

As I climbed and slide down the embankment toward where I threw Lock Box 2 I could see the stream was a torrent because of the heavy rain. My heart sank. If the box landed in the stream, there would be no telling how far it was washed down stream. The thick brush along the stream would prevent me, bound as I was, from traveling along the stream and the torrent would prevent me from walking in the stream. Finally, after I got to the bottom I realized I would have a very difficult time getting back up to the top still in bondage. I don't think I could have made it back up especially at the spot I came down. I would have to find the box and get loose, find another way up, or hope someone would fine me. However, the sun was now low in the sky and it was getting dark down by the stream. If I hoped to get loose before tomorrow I would have to do something fast.

After some searching and a lot of worrying I found the lock box. It did not go in the stream but instead lodged next to a tree just above the stream. The box was actually balanced against the tree and only a slight jar would send it tumbling into the stream. I had to carefully crawl backwards to the box. As on the trail with the fallen trees, I had difficulty. I did not want to chance losing the key since I was so close to freedom and I could not let loose of the weight attached to my scrotum. With my hands pinned behind by back and inability to use most of my fingers that were rapped around the key and weight, I had to very careful backup to the box. I finally got the box, moved to a safer spot, opened it, and took out the keys to release me from my chains. After release, I washed off the mud in the stream, climbed up to the top of the embankment, put on my clothes, put away my bondage equipment, and hiked back to my pickup. It was now late evening. I had been in bondage over 8 hours. It was a grand bondage adventure.

Thinking back on it makes me realize that many things could have gone wrong and I would not have able to free myself without using the safety keys and possibly being discovered. But that was the intent of the adventure in the first place. I created a situation where escape was not a certainty without discovery. Would I do it again; I don't know. However, now 6 months later, I still get excited thinking about the adventure.


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