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Outside Selfbondage

by Boundagain

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© Copyright 2005 - Boundagain - Used by permission

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Outside Selfbondage by Boundagain
With my wife away for the weekend, I finally have another chance for some outdoor self-bondage.  I live in a fairly populated area, so my outdoor bondage is usually done at night.

Early in the evening, I gather up my restraints and go out to the shed in my side yard, closing the door behind me.  After removing all of my clothing, I take out the restraints, and begin to put them on.  First, leather ankle and wrist cuffs are locked on, as well as a leather collar.  Then I pull out the restraints I made to connect them.

I have a brass cock ring to which I have brazed a smaller ring at a 90-degree angle.  Attached to this ring are three chains: the first one, when I use a spreader bar (but that’s another story), puts a slight pressure on my cock and balls. The second chain goes through my legs and attaches to the back of the collar, and again causes just a slight pull.  The third chain again passes between my legs, and is just long enough for me to lock my wrist cuffs to it behind my back

Using a chain between my ankle cuffs, which is attached in the middle to the first chain, I can take short steps with only a little pull.  Longer steps pull on my cock and balls with the intensity proportional to the length of the step.  When the whole assembly is worn, I can only barely stand straight, kneel straight, or lie down without causing pain or pressure on my neck or cock and balls.  In addition, the lengths of chain do not allow the cock ring to be removed, especially after a padlock is secured tightly around the head of my penis.

Having put on the cock ring and connecting the chains to the collar and ankle cuffs, put my clothing in a bag and toss it out the shed window, though it is now impossible to put on my clothes anyway.  I put on nipple clamps with bells, and lock my wrists to the final chain.  I had left the keys to my restraints in my locked house, and the key to the house at the other end of my yard, about 100 yards away, so I was now trapped in the shed until dark.  My safety release was simply the embarrassment of several hundred short steps totally visible to my neighbors and anyone on the street.

Release seems to be a simple trip across the yard to the keys after waiting for dark.However, there is one obstacle - a spot light with a motion detector.  I have set sensitivity on the motion detector as low as it can go, so it is possible to move very, very, slowly across in front of the detector without setting it off.  Any quick movement will set it off, lighting the whole area.  Should the lights turn on, moving fast will cause great pain, and the bells on the nipple clamps will ring, certainly alerting my neighbors.

After dark, I stepped out of and then behind the shed.  I listened to see if any of my neighbors were still outside, and whether any vehicles were coming.  As there were only the usual night noises, I moved slowly toward the keys.  Before I got within range of the motion detector, but too far to duck back behind the shed, I heard a car start up, and saw the lights coming down the street.  I was near my wife’s flower garden, so I quickly and painfully knelt and then laid down among the flowers, accompanied by the ringing of the bells attached to my nipples.  How will I explain what happened when my wife returns?  The car slowed as it passed, and I wondered if the driver had seen me before I had hidden.

I was able to slowly stand up - it requires a lot of twisting and rocking to minimize the pain - and again started across the yard, thankful that the car had come before I was in range of the motion detector.  I was successful in getting to the house key, and knelt down behind a bush to rest before the trip by the motion detector to the front door of the house.  After successfully passing the motion detector, I turned my back to the door in order to unlock it.  Just as I got the key in the lock, a car slowly crept up and the driver turned on the lights.  I managed to get the door opened and get inside before the lights hit me.

Did the driver of the car that had passed earlier see me and return to see what was going on, or was it someone else?  I guess I’ll never know.

Tomorrow night, I’ll do it again, but this time I’ll start in the wooded lot across the street, meaning that I will not only have the motion detector to worry about, but also being visible to anyone coming down the street.  I can’t wait.


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