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Over Eager and Trapped

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; stockings; corset; leather; collar; heels; handcuffs; gag; stuck; discovery; M/f; bond; nipple; bdsm; spank; tease; torment; toys; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Kim wanted to make Jeff’s birthday special and add a little spice to their sex life, she and Jeff had played with tying each other in the past so she thought she would look into doing something like that for him this year. After looking on the web for a week Kim found there were lots of options and began to dream of herself dressed sexy and restrained just for him, as her eagerness to be restrained grew and her panties got wetter she began to order things from an on-line shop. Kim had pictured herself in a tight corset with sheer black stockings like one of the pictures she had seen, finding the perfect corset she quickly ordered it and then found the stockings to go with it and ordered them as well. The leather corset had half cups that would support her breasts leaving her nipples just covered until they were messaged out and she hoped pinched and teased, the black leather corset had red trim so Kim looked for some really sexy shoes and accessories to go with it.

During her search Kim found a collar that had a large O-ring in the front and came with a leather leash and with the thought of him leading her around by the leash making her hornier she ordered it also. She was still looking for the right shoes and she was excited when she found a pair that had black bottoms with twin red ribbons that gave the appearance of a laced corset across her foot and would wind up her legs to just below her knee and like the other items she quickly ordered them. While she sat looking for ways to restrain herself she found a page of gags finding a black and red one and seeing the description “Trainer” she thought it must be for beginners. She ordered the one that was displayed and continued to look for ways to restrain herself that would not be too difficult for her to get into. Coming across handcuffs she imagined herself with her feet tied to each corner of the bed and her hands cuffed to the head board waiting for Jeff to find her and use her as he pleased. Quickly she ordered two pairs of police style cuffs and some black silk rope. Kim was getting ready to log off when she noticed at the bottom “Some people also ordered these items”. Finding some long kid skin gloves and a leather blindfold, both items went quickly into her basket and she checked out paying for two day delivery so she would have plenty of time to make sure they would work for what she wanted to do.

During the two days of waiting for her package Kim couldn’t stop thinking about the items she had ordered and wondered why she had never felt this turned on before by the idea of being restrained and couldn’t hardly wait for them to arrive. Kim dreamt each day about being held helpless while Jeff ravaged her body. Jeff wondered what had happened to his wife who normally was quite subdued when it came to sex but now seemed like she wanted it every night and wanted him to do more things to her while they were in bed. Jeff had always had a “kinky” side enjoying tying up his lover but had not pursued it after Kim had seemed put off by it when they had played around early in their relationship, but now he was thinking about bringing it up again and did a little shopping of his own.

Kim was waiting on the delivery, having tracked the package and knew it would be delivered today and when the doorbell rang she leapt to it signing for it quickly and slamming the door. Kim was panting as she ripped the paper from the box and began to remove each item. First out was the collar, it was much taller than she thought it was supposed to be and could only be held closed with a small lock, I’ll look it up later just to check I got the right one, she thought. Setting it and the enclosed leash aside she pulled out the stockings and draped them over the chair next to her and smiled at the little red bows near the ankle where the seam met the foot, “Perfect” she said out loud. Next was the shoes, opening them she gasped at the incredibly tall heel but loved the way the front ribbon would pull the shoe tightly to her foot with the second one starting at the heel guaranteeing that the shoes could not be kicked off. The brief instructions had said to wrap the front one up the leg after pulling the shoe tight and tie it in front after reaching her upper calf then take the second and wrap it tightly up and tie it in back of her upper calf then there would be red bows in front and back. Looking at the almost seven inch heels Kim was unsure but thought she could handle it for a short time and since she was planning to be tied to the bed she wouldn’t be on her feet much anyway.

The heavy corset was next and Kim stroked the leather breathing in the aroma as she studied it, surprised by the weight of the thick leather noticing a small paper saying 16-17 inch. She had no idea what that meant and continued studying it figuring out how to get it on. The sites she had looked at had all shown front openings and this one did not have one so she figured she would just have to shimmy into it and then lace it using a door knob like she had read how to do, the boning in the corset would make sure her torso would be held firmly rigid and pulled into a perfect hour glass shape.

Kim continued to rub the leather admiring the red trim and hoped she could make it tight enough to really give her the shape she was looking for. When Kim removed the “trainer” from its package she was stunned again at the complexity of it. The straps that would encircle her head and run under her chin all had small padlocks attached but she was glad when she figured out that they didn’t have to be used and thought it didn’t look this complicated in the picture. Kim studied the ball that was held under a leather cover that had a hole so the red ball could be seen under it and thought the ball looked big but having no real reference she continued to unpack her box as her pussy grew wetter and her eagerness to try on the entire outfit grew. Kim was even thinking to herself “Maybe I will use the locks” grinning as she opened the two small boxes holding her new handcuffs and worked them closed and opened them several times before locking one wrist then opening the cuff several times, just to get the feel of it.

Kim had read about being careful to not lock them on backwards so she could not reach the key holes and quickly figured out what they meant. Reluctantly Kim put the cuffs down and dug the coil of rope out feeling how soft it was but knowing how strong it was made her want to tie herself up right now, and she thought about how much this equipment was affecting her. Finding the blindfold she opened it and slipped the leather over her head until the soft lining covered her eyes and sat looking around discovering that it indeed did block all light and made her completely blind. Feeling for the handcuffs she ratcheted one around her wrist before quickly locking the other wrist in the cold steel and sat back struggling with the cuffs. She realized she had not paid attention to where the key holes had been placed and panicked for a second as she ripped the blindfold off and looked at the cuffs. One hole was correct and one was not, she breathed a sigh of relief as she unlocked them and sat panting as she realized how aroused she had gotten when she thought she might have trapped herself.

Giggling to herself Kim pulled the gloves from the box and slid her hands into them pulling the soft leather up her arms until they almost reached her armpits. Kim snapped the wrists closed and stared at her black leather coated arms then taking the cuffs she locked her hands together in front of her again. She sat twisting and adjusting the cuffs tighter until she could no longer twist her thin wrists inside the rings of steel. Kim looked at the clock trying to figure out if she had time to try everything on before Jeff got home and figured she didn’t so she unlocked her wrists deciding to try the shoes on just to see if she could walk in them or not. Slipping her bare foot into the shoe made her arousal soar as she felt her foot being forced into the extreme arch. Pulling the ribbon making the shoe tighten around her foot and force it even further in as it conformed to the shape of the shoe made her gasp as a small ripple of her building orgasm surged through her body. Wrapping the ribbon up her leg making sure it ended in front took more time as she fought it to make sure it was even and laid flat but soon she had the rear ribbon tied and quickly laced her remaining foot into its shoe.

Staring at her arched feet Kim noticed how small they made her feet look and how sexy the ribbons were and pictured them on top of the stockings as she flexed her legs to see them from different angles. Standing Kim grunted as her feet and calves immediately started to complain as she stood wobbling atop the towering heels forced to stand almost entirely on her toes. Kim figured out quickly that if she put her weight on her heels her feet felt better and took a few steps wincing with each as she moved towards her computer to look up why she had missed so much about the heels, collar and gag. Making it across the room Kim was glad to sit and went to the web site where she had ordered her new toys. Finding the ad for the collar she opened up the “more details” screen and it showed a lovely woman wearing the collar from several angles and described how effective it was at holding the wearers head firmly erect and in perfect posture, “Hence the name posture collar” Kim said to herself. Finding the trainer she opened up the view more screen and it showed the same woman wearing the gag with all the straps pulled tight keeping her mouth open and closed at the same time. Reading the description and finding out that the panel helped muffle any pleas from the wearer and the hole over the ball allowed the wearers lips around the ball to be seen and saliva to leak out. Reading more she found that the two and a half inch ball she had ordered was one of the largest and should only be used by experienced gag wearers, “I guess I’ll be one soon enough” Kim laughed to herself.

The final item was the shoes finding the more screen she read about them and how the soles were made mostly of leather covered steel and that the heels were six and three quarters tall. The ad said that these shoes would keep even the most determined slave from running away and great care should be taken with lots of practice before any extended walks should be expected from the wearer. Kim looked at her feet and decided it would be worth the pain because of how sexy they made her feet and legs look. Satisfied she had gotten the correct items Kim carefully moved around the house still wearing the gloves and shoes. She cleaned up the boxes and packing materials finally wrapping her new collar around her neck and locking it snugly as she put away the remaining items enjoying how it forced her to turn her body to see.

Kim still had week before his birthday and even though her feet hurt badly was determined to practice wearing the shoes everyday so she would be ready for Jeff. Wearing the shoes, gloves and collar until Jeff called and said he was on his way home Kim reluctantly removed them and put them in her hiding spot. Her feet and legs complaining about the sudden change to being flat footed again, making her smile as she unlocked the collar and slipped her hands out of the leather gloves. Jeff arrived home to find a very horny Kim who right after dinner practically raped him before they both feel asleep dreaming of each other and leather. The next three days Kim spent wearing each of the items learning how to secure the trainer was the most difficult. The large ball had to be forced behind her teeth making her open her mouth much further than she thought possible. Kim found she liked having her mouth full and when she added the collar she really became aroused as the pair kept her head completely still.

Kim continued to wear the shoes longer each day and could walk carefully but steadily in them but still had to remove them after a few hours. Kim was now wearing the gloves, collar and gag most of the day and even wearing the shoes on and off the same amount of time but the corset was her biggest problem. Kim could not get it laced tightly, she had tried hooking the laces to the door knob and then easing away from it but could never get it truly tight. She was beginning to really like the feel of it and grew more frustrated with each attempt to lace it tighter. While Kim had been practicing with her new toys Jeff had purchased several of his own including a set of leather restraints, a full face leather hood with locking collar a pair of nipple clamps and several vibrators for both him and her.

The forth day came and right after Jeff had gone to work Kim decided to do a full dress rehearsal wanting to see herself in the entire outfit and set up how she would tie herself. Sliding her legs into the stockings Kim immediately became aroused as she straightened the seam down her legs. She quickly laced the shoes making sure everything was straight and tying a small bow in front and back of each leg. Kim shimmied the long corset up her body and began pulling on the laces, once she had pulled it as far as she could she hooked them to the door knob and began pulling again. Kim had read that sometimes the wearer would have to wiggle and twist as they were pulling on the laces and in a few minutes she had managed to close the corset much further. She stood panting from the effort and while she rested she placed the blindfold onto her forehead then strapped the head harness trainer tightly around her head pulling each strap several more notches tighter and slipping the pad locks through each buckle. The small clicks of the locks making her push herself further as she became more aroused.

Once the harness was on Kim pulled more on the corset laces wiggling and grunting through her nose. The large panel over her mouth was now pulled tight enough around the ball and her lips that she could not breathe through her mouth anymore and could only grunt or moan. As the corset continued to tighten Kim’s breathing became more shallow and difficult until she finally quit and wrapped the laces around her waist and tied them off. Connecting the garters was difficult but as she stood staring at herself in the large mirror she thought it was worth all the effort as she stroked the tight leather around her waist and watched her heaving breasts barely contained by the small cups that were trying to hold them. The image she saw was exactly what she was hoping for, turning to see the back she loved the way the stockings and the corset framed her ass but hated the three inch opening and grunted as she decided she would try to close it later.

Wrapping her neck in the high collar she locked it one notch tighter than previously and attached the leather leash to the collar. Slipping her shaking hands into the leather gloves she watched herself in the mirror as she turned slowly studying her body from every angle. Kim was playing with the leash even bowing slightly as she held it up offering it to her new master getting very horny as she reached back and pulled on the locks holding her harness and collar on. Untying the laces she attached them to the door knob again and began struggling to close the corset. Her breathing was becoming more labored as she twisted and pulled for another twenty minutes before resting and reaching back and could feel the corset was within an inch of being closed. Kim’s head was swimming and she needed to sit down so she tied the laces around her waist and eased herself to the bed and lay back to catch her breath. Slipping the blindfold down she lay there enjoying the heavy compression on her body and the thoughts of not being able to remove the locked on items. Drifting off briefly Kim awoke startled she couldn’t see but quickly worked the blindfold up to her forehead again and sat up rubbing her chest and now tiny waist as she panted through her nose.

Kim was now fully aroused and her damp pussy was urging her to continue her preparations as she picked up the cuffs and locked one tightly around her left wrist and sat admiring it as a plan came to her. Taking the other pair she leaned forward and as the air was forced out of her body she quickly locked the cuffs around her ankles and sat back up gasping. Locking the open cuff just as tightly around her other wrist she sat struggling in the cuffs for a few minutes until she reached up and pulled the blindfold down and continued to struggle as she lay back again and fantasized of being stuck bound and gagged.

Trying to raise the blindfold with her hands cuffed so she could find the key ring next to her was difficult and she panicked slightly and felt another small orgasm shoot through her. That sent her cuffed hands to her pussy and she played with herself briefly before needing to find the key and working the blindfold up far enough to see it. Picking up the key ring she stood, stretching her compressed body and wobbled over to the dividing wall in the bedroom. This wall separated the short hallway to the bathroom from the bedroom, it was about four feet tall with spindles extending up to the ceiling. Kim had thoughts of securing herself to it for Jeff but had decided to use the bed instead and now her lust had inspired her to try the pole to see if she could get herself off. The cuffs around her ankles made her take short steps in the tall heels and she was again fully aroused and gasping for air when she reached the wall and stood thinking about how she could secure herself to it.

Kim first reached around the spindles as far as she could and slipped the open cuff around her right wrist, holding onto the keys with her gloved fingers as her breasts pressed against the outer spindle. The strict collar was forcing her to hold her face against the pole and the wall below making it impossible for her to bend her knees. Kim struggled for a few minutes and after enjoying herself she opened one cuff again, placing the key ring on top of the short wall before she turned her back to the pole. Reaching above her head she recuffed her wrist tightly, her cuffed ankles were now against the wall as she rocked and twisted in her restraints. Kim could feel her breasts slipping up out of the cups until they finally popped out letting cool air gently cross her nipples and make Kim moan loudly behind the gag. As Kim continued to struggle the blindfold that had been pushed partly up onto her forehead slipped back down making Kim totally blind, realizing she was now helpless, blind and mute Kim’s building orgasm rushed across her body making her thrash and twist as she fought her restraints.

Jeff was getting ready to leave work, the project he had been working on had come to a stopping point and he decided to go home early and called the house to tell Kim he was coming home. While he waited for her to pick up several of his team mates stopped by and asked him to go out for some birthday drinks and when the machine picked up Jeff agreed to go and left her a message that he was going out and to call him when she got home. Kim was still enjoying her orgasm and had not heard the phone ring and stood gasping for air as the afterglow receded and decided she needed to release herself. The plan had been she would bend her knees lowering herself until she felt the keys on the wall and then stand back up and unlock her wrist, that was the plan. Slowly Kim started to bend her knees, the tall heels and cuffed ankles making it much more difficult that she had thought it would be and after several attempts, each ending in her almost falling over she stood with her hands cuffed above her head around a thick spindle. The posture collar was now making the gag feel much larger and beginning to hurt her jaw.

Kim found that with the corset so tight she could not bend as she thought she would have been able to and now panicked for real and stood twisting and thrashing against the pole finally stopping as she felt her head starting to get dizzy not wanting to black out. Panting Kim tried again and finally made it to a full squat position only to find she could still not reach the wall with her arms bent behind her head. Desperate she slowly worked her feet out from under her making herself continue to slide down the wall until the heels slipped out from under her and she was seated. Her rigid back was held against the wall and her legs and feet sticking straight out from her body. The position was worse than when she was squatting and she had to fight for air as her nipples that were now being rubbed by the cups and her heavy breathing were making her desire to orgasm return as she sat with her arms trapped above her head.

Forcing her arms down she felt the wall and grunted for joy as she knew she could reach the keys now and began searching with her leather covered hands for the key ring as she panted against the tightness of the corset. Not thinking of her different position Kim reached back and for a brief second felt the key ring just before she heard it clatter to the tile floor in the hall. Kim froze as she sat panting hoping she had not heard what she thought she had and frantically searched the space between the spindles for what she knew wasn’t there. Being truly stuck sank into Kim’s mind and she began to thrash and twist desperately trying to find a weakness in her restraints. Settling down Kim sat gasping and whining no longer finding it erotic to be trapped and knew Jeff wouldn’t be home for hours and began to cry as the pains that were once so erotic now began to really hurt. She twisted inside the tight corset and tried to flex her feet laced tightly into the steep shoes but mostly she tried to work her jaw muscles and ease the pain there.

Sitting was quickly becoming too restrictive for Kim and she tried to raise herself to her feet by pulling up with her arms but she had cuffed her wrists too tight and could not twist her hands far enough to be able to get a good grip on the spindle. With her breathing getting more difficult Kim reached up as high as she could pressing her cuffed wrists hard against the spindle and pulled desperately upwards. Her cuffs slipped down then caught on one of the knurls in the spindle and she felt her body rising from the floor. As she pulled herself up she dragged her high heels backwards forcing them under her legs until she could raise herself no more. Resting for a second and flexing her hands before reaching up again and catching the next knurl Kim pulled with all her remaining strength and took tiny steps backwards until her feet were completely under her and she was able to stand.

Jeff was enjoying his impromptu birthday party but was constantly thinking about his sexy wife and the new toys he had waiting at home to use on her and waited on her to call him. Kim was now standing on her towering heels panting for air through her nose grateful she could breathe easier. She was scared of her situation as her hands flexed trying to ease the pain in her wrists and she shifted from foot to foot relieving the pain in each briefly. As Kim calmed down she could feel the A/C turn on as the vent above her blew the cool air directly onto her exposed nipples making them stand erect adding to her frustration. After several rounds of drinks had been purchased for Jeff he was feeling the alcohol and was enjoying himself more no longer worrying about his absent wife as he continued to drink and have a good time.

Kim had now been laced tightly and standing in her steep heels for over eight hours. The blindfold making her unable to tell the passing of time or able to see the setting of the sun as she stood moaning leaning against the pole with her hands above her head cuffed tightly behind the spindle. The cuffs around her ankles were keeping her from adjusting her weight for very long but her feet and restricted torso feeling better. As she stood helpless waiting for Jeff to release her, Kim’s thoughts drifted to Jeff finding her and using her for his entertainment and hoping she can get him to understand how uncomfortable she currently was before he started playing with her. As these thoughts progressed Kim became aroused again and as the cool breeze blew gently across her nipples. Kim began to struggle making the leash swing and occasionally brush her nipples sending sexy shocks though her body thinking of Jeff stroking and teasing her before inserting his firm cock into her dripping pussy and desperately trying to make the leash rub her more. Kim could feel the remains of her previous orgasms on her thighs as it was cooling with the breeze and became ashamed of being found like a slut in heat that had trapped herself after dressing like a whore. As these thoughts continued in her head Kim moaned loudly as another orgasm rocked her body causing her to struggle in her bonds and gasp through her nose.

Jeff was being led to a taxi as his friends sent their inebriated friend home. Jeff rode quietly home and staggered to the door fumbling with his key to unlock it before staggering in and sitting down at the kitchen table finding the note Kim had been writing for him to find when she tied herself to the bed for his birthday. Reading it three times before fully understanding it Jeff smiled a drunken smile and went in search of his bound wife already planning on using his new toys on her so she would enjoy the game so much she would beg him to tie her more. Kim had heard the door and stood silently waiting for Jeff to come a rescue her, hearing him enter the room she began moaning and pulling at her cuffs desperately trying to convince him to release her but to Jeff she looked to be playing the part and he stopped to take in what his beautiful wife had done for him.

Jeff stared at her feet being held so firmly in the extreme arch, the red ribbons criss-crossing around her feet and lower legs. The stocking tops framing her glistening pussy leading his eyes up to her tiny waist compressed by the creaking leather holding her firmly. Jeff smiled as he saw her pert nipples above the corset and watched them heave as Kim gasped for air, noticing the leash he reached out gently picking it up as her grew closer and followed it to the thick leather around her neck. Kim felt the leash move and moaned just as Jeff noticed the large red ball through the hole in the leather panel keeping her from making any intelligent sounds and causing her to be only able to moan. The blind fold made him smile again as he realized she had done all this to herself for him and he became determined to make her enjoy herself greatly before releasing her.

Kim was pulling hard on the cuffs as Jeff moved to the side and saw the steel circling her wrists and even in his drunken state could see how tight the cuffs were over the leather gloves. Jeff stepped back pulling on the leash and said “I found your note, I will do as you ask and I’ll thank you now for the fantastic early birthday present” Kim slumped in her bonds. She had forgot about the note and knew what she had written telling him she would be playing the damsel in distress and begging him to use her for his pleasure and assuring him she was ok.

Jeff pulled the leash until Kim had to step away from the pole and continued to pull until Kim’s arms were stretched tightly behind her and the chain on the cuffs pulled tight against the spindle. Once she was pulled tight Jeff tied the leash to the knob of the closet across from Kim locking her in a position away from the pole making her stand in her high heels and cuffed ankles with no support from the spindle. Kim was struggling again as she realized she could not step back and stood wriggling and twisting against the leash and her cuffed wrists as Jeff went and got his new toys. Returning to his bound wife he touched her softly for the first time making Kim moan and suddenly feeling everything was worth it again. Jeff twisted and teased her nipples before saying he had a surprise for her also and let the first clamp bite down on her tender and now very sensitive nipple. The clamp made her squeal loudly and try to twist away from him as he clamped the other nipple making her squeal again and begin moaning as she fought the cuffs trying to reach the clamps.

Jeff stood enjoying the show as Kim twisted and flexed her bound body making the chain swing from her erect nipples until she stopping writhing and stood panting and whining. Jeff admired her firm ass atop the stockings and took his new whip and began giving his captured beauty a few lashes making her scream past the gag and try to turn away from the stinging whip. After a few minutes Jeff stopped whipping Kim and stroked her warm ass making her purr as she felt his hands on her and pushing Jeff to continue torturing her. Jeff rubbed her breasts making her clamped nipples throb again as his hand slid down to her wet pussy making her moan and push on his hand until she was gasping when he stopped and walked away from her. Kim moaned after a few minutes alone and stood fighting for air shifting her weight from one foot to the other desperately trying to stimulate her wanting pussy but having no luck as the short chain between the cuffs wouldn’t allow her to raise either leg enough to stimulate herself.

Jeff returned with a fresh beer and watched and listened to her for awhile really enjoying her struggles and moans. Finishing his drink Jeff noticed the corset was still open in the back and as he moved behind her he said “This is still open, we can’t have that” and untied the laces and began cinching the corset closed. Kim struggled as she felt him tighten the corset but could do nothing to stop the further compression of her torso and stood whining as she felt her stomach and chest being compressed more. Jeff was grunting as he pulled the laces fighting them for ten minutes until he said “There doesn’t that feel better?” Kim was gasping for air and had no reaction to his question as Jeff smiled and said “Well it looks better, and my look at your breasts now” lifting one and letting it go watching it settle on top of the cup as the chain bounced making Kim moan loudly again. “I’ll let you get used to your new waist line” and left Kim again to gasp and wriggle as she tried to breathe.

Returning again Jeff rubbed the cold bottle against Kim’s thigh making her flinch and squeal moving it towards her breasts and rubbing it on both before taking a long drink while he stroked his struggling wife’s body feeling her gasping and twitching every time he touched her. Kim was concentrating on her breathing and didn’t notice Jeff loosening her leash until she was forced to move backwards. It was only a few steps but in the tall heels with the cuffs around her ankles the strain made her pant even more. Kim felt him unlock one cuff and groaned when Jeff eased her arms down to her sides. She felt him cuffing her hands behind her back and tried to pull away from him but it was too late. She felt him tighten the cuff again around her wrist then laughing take her leash and began to tug on it. Kim moaned and twisted as Jeff pulled harder on the leash making her take tiny steps blindly leading her somewhere and since she could not see the anxiety and the frustration was making her horny again.

Kim continued to resist until she felt him tug on the chain connecting her nipples, Kim squealed as she took another step forward and tried to twist her hands in front to reach the clamps. Jeff saw this and even though she was cuffed too tight to be able to reach them he stopped pulling and said “Hold it, that’s not going to work either”. Leaving her standing and twisting by herself Jeff grabbed the rope from the bed and took one of the lengths and looped it through the chain between her wrists and pulled it taught to her ankles and tied it to the chain connecting them. This forced Kim’s hands down and made her lean back slightly. Kim squealed again as her weight shifted and she realized what he had done and was trying to fight the rope as he said “That’s better now let’s go” and pulled on her leash again. Kim struggled with the rope ignoring his tugging until she felt her breasts rise slightly and her nipples scream with pain as Jeff pulled hard on the clamps and repeated his order “Let’s go!” Whining Kim moved one sore foot forward finding that not only had he secured her hands to her ankles but the rope was pulling on the chains making them slightly shorter and as she stepped the rope pulled her hands down further making her lean back more.

Kim struggled to walk as Jeff kept pulling on her collar learning how to balance herself she was beginning to get turned on again as she wondered where he was leading her. Jeff walked her slowly to the kitchen where he got another beer and then led her around the apartment while he watched her struggle. Telling her to continue straight ahead he let her pass him and watched her firm ass as she walked by him telling her to ease to her right then left until finally saying stop. Kim heard the patio door slide open and could feel the cool night air on her breasts and damp thighs. When Jeff said move she stood whining knowing he wanted her to go out on the patio and didn’t want to go outside thinking it would still be daylight. Jeff pulled her nipple chain again and continued pulling even as she squealed and her breasts stretched out away from her body until she finally inched her way out onto the patio. Jeff led her to the railing tying her leash to it before stepping back and saying “You look like you needed some fresh air, and the porch light frames your body so well I bet you look wonderful from the ground”. Kim began struggling again thinking Jeff had put her outside for everyone to see and quickly found she had been tethered to the railing and began twisting and pulling on the leash.

Jeff watched her struggle and smiled as he said “I have to go see what you look like from below so wait right there and I’ll be back” Kim heard the patio door close and listened as he even locked it leaving her alone on the patio struggling to free herself. As Kim waited the cool air did make her feel better as it washed over her body making her skin tingle as the rivers of sweat dried and she began to relax and enjoy her helplessness again. She continued to gasp for air and twist in her restraints picturing herself in her tight corset, high heels and cuffs standing proudly outside. The collar was holding her gagged and blindfolded head perfectly erect with the tight corset giving her a wonderful hourglass figure. These images made her pussy start to get wet again and she thought about being a bondage whore again and smiled behind the gag. After a few minutes she could hear someone yelling and in a panic she tried to back away from the rail only to be yanked forwards by the leash. As she rocked back and forth on her tall heels she heard Jeff yelling from below her saying how wonderful she looked. Kim’s first reaction was horror as she realized she was really outside alone and helpless. Then as she thought about it she became even more aroused and moved up to the railing pressing her compressed stomach against it and stood still, proudly showing herself to anyone who wanted to see her.

Jeff returned to the apartment and watched the dark figure standing alone outside. He had taken multiple pictures of her outside as well as inside but had never turned on the patio light and even in his drunken state knew no one was out this late around their complex. After drinking another beer Jeff slid the door open and stroked Kim’s bare ass making her purr behind the gag as his hand moved around and stroked her pussy. Kim leaned on Jeff as he continued to rub her pulling on the leash until Jeff untied it and the rope connecting her hands to her ankles. Kim hoped he was releasing her but suddenly she felt him bend her over and tie her leash to the rail again and as she fought for air she felt him pull the leash over her shoulder and wrap it around her cuffs. Jeff eased her arms up her back as Kim gasped and whined until her wrists were near the top of the corset. Tying the leash off he said “It’s my turn”. Kim was struggling as Jeff slid his cock into her damp pussy making her moan louder and continue to try to free herself from the rail.

Kim was gasping, the bent over position was making it harder to get air into her lungs as her leather covered hands flailed behind her back. Jeff’s cock thrust in and out harder each time making her moan and gasp as she got closer to an orgasm her body betraying her and making her wonder how she could get so aroused while being slowly suffocated. Kim spread her legs as far as she could leaning her throat on the railing, the building climax making all her aches and pains seem minimal and using them to help bring her closer her the growing orgasm. Jeff kept pumping her from behind and kneading her breasts while tugging at the chain connecting them as she moaned and twisted under him. Jeff continued to pump her pussy as Kim was enjoying herself, her body was involuntarily struggling against the steel holding her as it fought to get enough air to remain conscious. For several minutes Kim struggled until she felt the orgasm explode inside her and screamed loudly into the tight gag. Jeff continued pumping making the orgasm last much longer and her moans to continue until he finally tensed up and emptied himself into her.

Kim felt him lean on her back as he kept stroking her breasts before finally pulling his flaccid cock from her and stepping back. Kim moaned and pulled on her collar hoping Jeff would let her stand up straight again but could not hear or sense him nearby. As her breathing became more difficult again she started struggling to get away from the rail. Hearing voices Kim froze and listened, she could hear several people talking and could just make out “It sounded like it was over here”. Still panting Kim pulled herself back as far as she could but knew her gagged and blind folded head was still hanging over the rail and started waving her pinioned hands for Jeff.

Jeff touched her back as he unclipped the leash from her collar and helped her stand up straight Kim couldn’t tell him about what she had heard so she just stepped backwards trying to get to the door as Jeff worked on the knot he had tied the leash in. Kim had slowly turned herself and was easing her way towards the patio door when she felt her hands being pulled on and realized she was still tied to the railing. She immediately started pulling and twisting against it as Jeff yanked on the leash and said “Stop it” Kim froze again wishing Jeff would hurry and untie her from the railing. Jeff worked the knot loose and shoved it through Kim’s thighs pulling it up to her collar and looping it through the O-ring pulling her cuffed wrists tightly down to her ass and tied it off. Jeff unlocked the cuff around one her ankles getting a big sigh of relief from Kim as he pulled her inside by her nipple chain. Jeff led her by her nipples to the kitchen, Kim was grateful for being inside and even though the dangling cuff kept hitting her other ankle she was glad to be able to walk with an almost normal stride again. Gently Jeff cleaned her damp thighs and pussy then led her back to the living room and pushed her backwards into a big chair and told her to stay put, locking her ankles together again.

Kim squealed as she fell into the big chair but was relieved to be off her feet. As she settled into the chair she felt the cuffs click a couple of times pinching her wrists tighter but she didn’t care she leaned back and rested her throbbing feet. Kim hoped Jeff was going to release the rest of her bonds especially the gag as it seemed to be growing in her mouth and at the same time the corset seemed to be shrinking. Kim sat resting as Jeff readied the bed for her returning he said “I found the keys you left on the table for the cuffs but I guess you have a plan to release yourself from the head harness so asking you if you want a drink before we continue would be silly”. Jeff said this as he pulled at the locks holding the harness and collar on making Kim desperately try to shake her head. The tight collar wouldn’t allow her enough movement so Jeff though she was just teasing him by shaking her head and rattling the locks and helped her to her feet. Unlocking both ankles this time Jeff lead her into the bedroom by her nipple chain.

Kim wanted to be freed but she had no way to tell him where the keys were and had not set any kind of signal for distress so she walked carefully trying to keep up with his tugging as she panted against the corset. Once in the bed room Jeff untied her cuffed hands then eased her onto the bed sliding her to the center of it before tying her ankles to the foot board spreading them wide. Kim was holding herself up with her hands as Jeff uncuffed them but before Kim could do anything she felt him wrap the leather cuffs around each wrist and lay her back. While she moaned at finally being free of the steel cuffs she felt Jeff tug hard on the leather cuffs and tighten the spread eagle she was in removing any freedom she had. Kim was now in the position she had planned to be in and felt much more comfortable laying down. She lay purring as Jeff stroked her body commenting on beautiful she looked all made up for him. Even though her jaw and waist hurt Kim was feeling so comfortable that she almost drifted off before Jeff returned and began playing with her breasts again. Jeff pulled the chain towards the O-ring making it pull hard on her nipples as he stretched them towards the collar.

Kim was moaning and struggling again but Jeff continued to message her breasts and play with her moist pussy until she calmed down then he said, “You have been such a good girl I think a little reward is in order before we go to sleep”. Jeff inserted the vibrator into her and turned it on and began stroking her pussy and tits with his other hand. Kim was in heaven and purred and moaned quietly while her orgasm built loving the attention and the restraints again as she squirmed under his hands. Suddenly he stopped and she could feel him get off the bed leaving her gasping in heat desperately trying to move the now inert vibrator he had left inside her. Jeff went to the bathroom then got himself another beer before returning to a struggling Kim. Jeff poured some beer on her and licked if off making her squeal from the cold and giggle from him tickling her with his tongue. This continued for another hour, Kim thought she would go insane from the frustration of being so close but unable to cum. When Jeff turned the vibrator back on and started pumping her with it she moaned loudly and arched her back and ground her hips as much as she could into his hand both of them working to let her achieve another orgasm.

Jeff finally stopped pumping her with the vibrator and inserted his cock into her pussy leaving the humming vibrator laying in between their bodies rubbing against his cock as he continued fucking her until she screamed and her whole body shook. He continued to fuck her making her orgasm linger before finally coming himself and slumping on top of her. The pair lay panting as the afterglow dissipated and Jeff finally rolled off her laughing at how wore out he was. Kim chuckled a little and after Jeff cleaned her again she fell asleep very sated and happy that Jeff liked his early birthday present. Waking during the night Kim found her hands were cuffed in front of her as well as her ankles cuffed together again and could hear Jeff snoring in her ear as he lay partially on top of her. Carefully she reached up and worked the blindfold to her forehead and looked at the clock next to her and gasped, it was past four in the morning, she had started around two in the afternoon, almost fourteen hours in bondage!

Kim slowly slid out from under Jeff and worked herself to her feet reawakening the pain in her feet and nipples as she touched her breasts and found the clamps still attached, damn him! She thought he could have at least taken these things off. Kim moved carefully across the room towards the short hallway hoping to find her keys and be able to release herself now that she wasn’t anchored to anything and could see again it shouldn’t be that hard. As she eased away from the bed she felt her hands being drawn down to her crotch, trying to raise them she almost yanked herself down. Kim found Jeff had clipped the leash to her handcuffs and looped it around the bed post. Kim eased backwards until she could turn all the way around and looked at the leash looped through the opening on the head board and back through its handle. Kim stood leaning over looking at it and cursed into the gag knowing there would no way to un-loop it with it attached to her hands and running in between her cuffed together legs.

Trying to raise her hands Kim had to move closer to the bed until she could raise them up high enough to see over the thick collar and was happy to see he had just clipped the leash to her cuffs chain. Wrestling with the clip it took Kim twenty minutes to be able to manipulate it well enough to get it to finally open and fall to the floor. Sighing she carefully turned around and shuffled away from the bed. Reaching the hall she couldn’t see the floor well enough so she dropped to her knees and began searching the floor for the keys. An hour later she was about to give up and stop, the tight corset was cutting her air off again while she was bent over on her hands and knees and she was getting light headed from lack of air when she bumped something and it rattled. Giggling Kim found the key ring and forced herself to stand and shuffled back down the hallway and into the bathroom. Carefully closing the door and turning on the light before holding her hands up and seeing both key holes facing the wrong way. Grunting and almost in tears she twisted her leather covered hands desperately trying to unlock the cuffs.

Fighting them for a half an hour Kim finally gave up. She looked at her defeated face in the mirror, her cheeks bulging over the tight straps, the blindfold still resting on her forehead, her hair was a mess and sticking out everywhere. She looked as far down as she could and could see her tiny waist and heaving breasts. Deciding now that she could see them she would remove the tortuous clamps and carefully squeezed one then quickly the other dropping them in the sink as she moaned and rubbed her nipples trying to message the pain away. After easing the pain in her nipples she reached behind her head and found she could get to the locks holding the gag closed. Kim squealed as she found the first lock in her wild hair and after fiddling with it for a minute was able to unlock it, dropping it in the sink. The other locks soon found themselves next to it and Kim began to unbuckle the head harness trainer finally working the large ball out from behind her teeth grunting as she dropped it in the sink and rubbed her aching jaw.

Kim relieved herself and continued to struggle with the hand cuffs before cleaning herself and taking a deep breath then exhaling as she bent over to reach her ankle cuffs. Quickly unlocking them from around her ankles and stood back up taking another deep breath before doing it again. Untying her shoes took many more deep exhales until she had them untied and kicked them off moaning as she flexed her sore feet and legs. “If only I could get these damn hand cuffs off” Kim muttered to herself “Then I could reach the corset laces”. Looking in the mirror at the knot tied tightly near her middle back that held the corset closed around her body wishing she could reach it. Struggling with the cuffs for another hour and still unable to get her leather covered hands to twist enough in the tight cuffs to be able to reach the key hole Kim finally decided to get some sleep. She tip toed, her stretched legs muscles still complaining when she stood flat footed, back to the bed and snuggled up to the snoring Jeff relishing the tight leather making her nipples rub his back and fell back to sleep Knowing she had begun something new that they both could enjoy from now on.

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