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Overnight Success

by Holly B

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© Copyright 2009 - Holly B - Used by permission

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This is a true story and this happened about six months ago. It took me awhile to get over this but most of us make mistakes.

This episode happened about six months ago. At the time, I was thirteen months into my gender change. I had been on hormones and other therapies for more than two years. I have been a bondage enthusiast since my early childhood. Never had a partner, obviously, so I resorted to selfbondage early in my life. After fifteen years of practice I became very proficient. I love very tight bondage. But even when bound very tightly, I knew I could escape when ever I wanted too.

So I always fantasized about being bound by someone else. But there were two things I really wanted. I wanted a good ball gag and I always wanted my elbows tied together tightly. I had tried maybe a dozen methods hoping to get my elbows bound good and tight, but was never successful. I could always wiggle out somehow. My job involves a fair amount of travel so I spend a lot of time in motels. Needless to say, it also gives me plenty of time to practice. On this particular trip, I was rained out of my field work so I grabbed an early dinner.

Out of the blue, a new idea popped into my mind on how to get my elbows tied. I finished dinner and headed to a hardware store. I bought two hundred feet of ¼” nylon rope and fifty feet of 1/8” nylon cord. I like nylon because my cinch ropes slide easily. I decided to tie myself up super tight even if the elbow try was a failure.

As luck would have it, I passed an enormous adult video store. I found a ball gag I liked and bought it. It was a black, jelly rubber ball, 1 ¾” in diameter. It had a heavy, black leather strap through it with belt buckle type ends. I was shaking all ready with excitement and nervousness. I arrived at the motel and got cleaned up for the night. I slipped on a brief panty girdle and a comfortable bra. I looked in the mirror and saw I was shaking more by the minute. Then I slipped on a sleeveless T-shirt and removed the ball gag from the plastic. I washed it and stared at it for five minutes. Finally I put it in my mouth. I didn’t buckle it but I liked it immediately. I sat it down and started to prepare all my ropes.

First was for my wrists. I cut a piece of the ¼” about ten feet long. I tied the ends together and looped it into smaller coils that fit easily around my wrists. When finished there were ten loops in the coil. Next was a piece of the 1/8” cord. I doubled it, and then tied a hangman’s knot in the loose ends. I opened it and doubled it before sliding my wrist coils in the middle. Then I sat them on the table by the door. I like to use the 1/8” cord for all my cinch ropes because they pull tight, knot easily and are easy to cut with my escape knife.

Next I cut three, long pieces to bind my legs and feet. Following that I cut three short pieces of thin cord. Then I sat them beside me on the bed. Next was a very long piece of the ¼” rope. I doubled it and tied a knot in the doubled end, making an eye. Then I sat that one down. Then I made a hangman’s knot in a short piece of the 1/4 “rope. Now to prepare the ropes for my experiment. I cut another long piece of the ¼” rope and tied the ends together. Then I looped it into smaller coils that fit loosely around my chest and arms. There were eight loops when I had it to the correct size.

Next a piece of the cord. I doubled it then tied a hangman’s cinch in the loose ends but I made the noose around the ropes I made for my chest and arms. When I picked up the cinch rope, the chest coils were inside of it. Last, I cut one more long piece of the ¼” rope, doubled it and tied another cinch knot. I opened the cinch and doubled that before setting it on the bed.

Now my ropes were ready. I looked at my knife and thought. Instead of just grabbing it and cutting myself free, I decided to make it a little more difficult. I tied a string to the end of my knife and looked at the coat hanger system that was on the wall. The rack was about a foot above my head and had two, thing metal rods between the wood supports. There were grooves cut into the rods about four inches apart that the hangers rested in. I tossed the string around the front rod between two hangers and stretched the string against the wall beside the rack. Then I taped the string to the wall well below the height my hands would be soon. Now I would have to pull the string off the wall and let the knife fall to the floor. Then I would have to work my way to the floor, get the knife and cut myself loose.

I sat down on the bed and thought everything over. I was going to read the paper but I was just too excited. So I began tying myself up. First I bound my feet together followed by my legs both above and below my knees. After tying them all off, I took the three cords and cinched everything as tight as I could take it. I stood up and practiced hopping around. Satisfied that I could move around with no problem I picked up the long rope with the eye in it. From behind I stuck the eye between my thighs. I pulled the ropes through until I had enough slack to drop the eye behind my back. With a rope on each side of my head I threaded the loose ends through the eye and removed the slack. I pulled the ropes tight keeping the eye at the small of my back. Then I tied the ends together at my belly button.

After picking up the cinch rope I made with the ¼”rope, I wound the ropes around my waist three times, each direction passing the ropes through the cinch loop each time. Then I tied that all off as tight as I could. The idea is to tie my hands against my back. Now it was time for the experiment. I slipped the chest coils over my head and pulled my arms out. I straightened the coils out and pulled them up under my boobs. I made sure that the cinch loops were directly behind my back. Then I picked up my ball gag again. I pushed it into my mouth as deeply as I could and fastened the buckle. For the first time, I was gagged. But when I pushed the ball with my tongue, it came out of my mouth. I pushed it back in and tightened the strap one more hole. This time I could push it around but not out of my mouth. So I tightened it down one more hole. Now the ball was in tight. I could hum but otherwise I couldn’t make any intelligible noises.

I was really shaking now but continued on. I picked up the big cinch rope and pulled the chest ropes out and dropped the cinch rope over it. I put my left arm through and adjusted everything up until the ropes were above my elbow. I stuck my right hand through the small cinch loop behind my back and pulled the big cinch ropes through it. Then I pulled two chest coils above my boobs, and then pulled all the chest ropes through the big cinch rope. Finally I wiggled my right arm through the gap between the big cinch rope and the chest coils. After working all the chest ropes above my elbows I stopped and rested. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “this is going to work!”

My theory was to cinch up the chest coils between my back and arms, making separate coils around my chest and arms above my elbows. I hopped to the door and looped the big cinch rope around the door handle. I hopped away tightening the cinch down. When the slack was out my elbows began to come together. When the big cinch rope closed all the way, I looked again in the mirror. My elbows were only about two inches apart. This was by far the closest I ever got them. I began to feel like someone else was telling what to do.

My common sense was telling me to stop but an invisible force just wouldn’t let me stop. I hopped to the table where my wrist ropes were. It took me a while but finally I got my wrists into the coils with the small cinch and the cinch connected to my back all where they belonged. Shaking like a leaf, I backed up to the door again and got the small cinch rope around the door handle. One hop forward and a quick jerk and my hands were now tightly tied together. I couldn’t stop myself from backing up to the door again, take the little cinch rope off the handle and connect the cinch connected to my back. Again, one hop and a hard jerk bound my wrists tightly against my back. The ropes around my chest were also tight now.

I stared at myself again and saw that the small cinch rope that started out around my chest coils was now between my elbows looped around the ropes holding my elbows together. I tried but couldn’t stop myself from looping that cinch around the door handle. Two hops and a jerk later, my mission had been completed. I was tied up the tightest I ever had been and gagged for the first time. I unhooked myself from the door and hopped to the bed. I fell down and got on my side. I stared at my legs before closing my eyes, all ready fantasizing about being bound this way by someone else. I rolled on my belly and looked at the clock. It was a little after seven PM. I tried to pull the ropes to see how much I could move about. But man, I was tied up tight.

I laid still for a long time getting used to having my elbows tied together. Eventually the room began to get dark. It was a little after eight when I decided to get loose. I got to my feet and hopped to where the string was taped to the wall. I turned around and hopped backward against the wall. I fiddled a bit but had no trouble getting a hold of the string. But when I pulled the knife slid toward me until the string fell in the groove next to a hanger. And when I let go of the string, I nearly passed out when the knife stayed right where it was. The string was hanging limp and I just stared at it for a bit. I hopped to where I could grab the string again but when I pulled, it just went deeper in the groove, wedged against the hanger. I stared up at the knife for at least fifteen minutes before I got back on the bed. I pulled against the ropes as hard as I could but nothing happened.

After calling myself an idiot a few dozen times, I conceded to myself that was going to spend the night bound and gagged real tight with no rescue in sight. I tried and tried to think of a way to get the knife, but it simply was not going to happen. I don’t know what bothered me the most. Being tied up all night or having to be untied by a maid in the morning.

By midnight I was becoming very sore. I laid on my belly and moved as little as possible. Saying the night lasted a long time was the same as saying that the ocean is wet. I couldn’t believe I had become a victim of my own fantasy. But I couldn’t budge. Eventually the room began to brighten. But the clock said it was only seven in the morning. I ached something awful but not a lot I could do about it.

Finally a few minutes after noon a maid knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. I moaned as loud as I could and she nearly left. But I made as much noise as I could and she finally opened the door. She yelled out, “my God, who did this to you? Were you robbed?”

I shook my head no and she finally removed my gag. She said that she would call the police but I told her that my girlfriend had done this to me. I told the maid that my girlfriend got mad and left me alone. I convinced the maid to let me handle everything because I was embarrassed enough. She agreed and let me sleep some before I checked out.

Needless to say, my method was successful but I learned a new lesson about complacency. Pay attention!


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