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The Ownership

by BoyToy

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© Copyright 2006 - BoyToy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; slave; gag; chain; cons; X

I walked up the path to the back of the house, the route I always took so as not to attract attention. Using the key I had been provided with I let myself in. walking to the cupboard in the corner I opened it and removed all my clothes and placed them inside, taking an unlocked padlock from inside the cupboard locked the door shoot. Now my clothes can only be returned by the owner of the key. I then made my way upstairs to the bathroom. Wash, dried and continued on to the main bedroom, there was a built in wardrobe with sliding doors. I walked to the end of the room and slid open the walk-in-wardrobe. I then reached in and pulled down a bag from a shelf and empted the contents on to the floor. 

Wrist and ankle cuffs, padlocks, ball gag, 3 lengths of chain and a set of keys, I unlocked all the padlocks and placed the keys on the bed side table. I then knelt down and placed and locked the wrist and ankle cuffs on, then with a little squeeze popped the ball gag into my mouth and buckled it reasonably tight not to cause too much discomfort. I then attached a length of chain to each of my ankle cuffs. Picking up the rest of the padlocks I made my way into the wardrobe and slid the door close leaving a  gap with enough light to finish my work. At the rear of the wardrobe where two rings built into the floor about 4 feet apart and another on the bottom of the shelf above my head.

I knew because I had installed them. I locked the final piece of chain to the ring above my head, then feeding the chain one from each ankle cuff threw opposite rings on the floor, then picking up the final two padlocks, got on my knees and pulling each length of chain together causing my feet to move apart and then padlocked the two chains as much as much a my leg would allow together this causing my ankles and knees pretty far apart and leaving me exposed. Then placed the padlock threw the chain above my head and in turn each cuff to the padlock and with a deep breath “CLICK!”

That was it naked helpless and exposed in someone else’s house. And no way of release until the owner returns.

I guess you’re a little confused, well let me fill you in my name is John I’m 25 years old about 6 foot tall brown hair and blue eyes. The owner of the house is a lady called Alexis widowed in her late 40’s 5,8 about a size 14 with dark brown hair and brown eyes. But why am I putting myself in this predicament, well she moved to the area about 5 years ago and one day after a residents new years eve party I had tried it on and with a few drinks in me had confessed my fantasy I had had of being a sexual boy toy (sex slave) for an older lady and that I had sometimes included her in those fantasies and she had just simply smiled. A few weeks later I had plucked up the courage to visit her and ask what her views were, with the knowledge it could go terribly wrong. But as you can see my fantasy has become reality. Now every so often with prior arrangement I make my way to Alexis’s house about 4:30 or 5 and prepare myself, as Alexis doesn’t return home till about 6:30 leaving me with more than enough time to secure myself for her return. Unfortunately the clock said 5:10 when I had closed the wardrobe door. And I had quite a wait.

My jaw and body had started to ache when I heard the front door. My heart started racing as I heard Alexis making her way up the stairs, she entered the bedroom and I could hear the dull thud of her heels on the carpeted floor. Then the wardrobe was filled with light and there stood in front of me was my Mistress Alexis, I always called her Miss Alexis but she was still my Mistress. Alexis was wearing a pleated knee length black skirt, black stockings, well I knew they were stockings as she liked easy access when I was around, a white blouse and matching black jacket, with her hair flowing just past her shoulders.

“Hello John hhhmmm, helpless as ordered. Good.” She moved her hand to my chin raising my head so I could gaze into her beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile. I was weak with excitement, kneeling there all exposed to this goddess. “Two days off and a naked young man to play with as I wish.” As Alexis said this she ran her hand down my arms and across my chest pausing for a moment. “Wait a moment this isn’t fully as I ordered.” Alexis hand continued down to my exposed shaft, giving it a quick stroke and then cupping my balls. “I’m sure I ordered you to be fully exposed.”

Alexis turned and got the keys from the table. She returned, got on her knees and reached for the padlock under my legs. After unlocking it Alexis pulled the two chains even further, forcing my legs and knees further apart and replaced the padlock.

Stood up unlocked the padlock to chain holding my wrists and lifted my hands as far as they would go. “That’s better wouldn’t want you getting too comfortable.”

“OK, I have a few things to do now, but I will have a use for you later.” Alexis turned and went about tidying up her room, then left leaving me to await her return.

After about 30 minutes I heard the shower being turned on. Alexis returned to the bedroom and was about to get undressed then turned to me. “Ooops! Forgot you’re here for my pleasure not me for yours.” And with that Alexis pushed the wardrobe door shut with a click.

After what seemed like ages she returned and I heard her getting ready. Then the wardrobe door opened. There stood in front of me was Alexis wearing Bra, garter belt, stockings and knee high boots. Alexis unlocked my wrists and handed me the keys. Ok unlock yourself and come make yourself useful. Alexis got on the bed and lay back with her legs astride.

After removing the chains and ball gag I got onto the bed and got to what I do well. I got between her legs and started to kiss from the bottom of Alexis’s boot up her leg. Then just before her sex I moved to her other boot and started my way up again. On reaching her sex I slowly placed my hands under her thighs and round and started work caressing her beautiful natural sex. Alexis stirred a little and after a while started to moan, grabbing my head and rubbing up against my face. After Alexis had had her fill she pushed me away and pointed to the wardrobe. Obediently I replaced the chains and awaited my mistress to complete my bonds.

Alexis came over and wiped my face with what must have been a baby-wipe and placed the ball-gag into my mouth with a pop, and tightly buckled it behind my head. Then as before tightly padlocked the chains to my ankles and wrists.  “Oh you are an obedient slave. For that I may let you have some pleasure tonight. But only if you continue to do as ordered.”

“Well John, I have a friend coming round for a drink in half an hour, and I have to tidy a little, but I am sure you’ll wait.” Alexis then took two steps back and looked me up and down. “I wonder what Clare would think about one of her ex-students as a sex slave, and in my wardrobe too.”

Alexis went to close the door and stopped. “Maybe I should ask Clare a little about you. Hhhhmmm, maybe she would like to see what her young student has turned out like.” With that the wardrobe door clicked close.

For the next hour or so I knelt there knowing that my old teacher who I wasn’t the most cooperative of students for, sat downstairs with me bound and naked in her friends wardrobe. Well the only thing I am now is cooperative.

After what seemed like a lifetime the wardrobe door opened again.

There Alexis stood as before, but to my horror Clare stood next to her. “Yes that John alright.” 

“John I hear you’ve learnt a thing or two since leaving school.”

With that, Alexis unlocked my wrists and gave me the keys “OK time to make some use of you. Unlock yourself leave the gag in for the moment and I want to see you in the main room, cuffed hands behind your back on your knees facing the couch I’ve told Clare about you and she would like to see just how obedient you are.” Alexis and Clare turned and left.

Oh my god I had never done this with anyone else it had always been a secret.

I had thought about two women or even more, but never my old teacher. I didn’t want my thing with Alexis to end, so I did as I was told.

I locked one of the chains between my legs and my hands behind my back and made my way downstairs. I readied myself in front of the couch. The door to the left opened and the two ladies entered. “Well you do have John well trained as a slave.”

Clare was in her early 50’s and of similar height to Alexis. “Well John I always said you would find your calling.” She giggled. “At least now you can’t get into much trouble.”

Well let’s just say I wasn’t the greatest student. “Well today you get to repay me for all that trouble you caused.” Alexis and Clare sat on the couch Clare was in a white blouse and red skirt and had short blond to grey hair. “Now John your going to treat Clare as you do me, OK!?”

I nodded my agreement.

“Now greet Miss Clare.” I shuffled over and mimicked kissing her foot as best I could with the gag in. her raised foot from her crossed leg.

“That’s a good boy now time for you to show Clare what I’ve taught you.” As she leant forward and removed my gag. At this point Clare slid forward a little uncrossed her legs and opened them.

“Well what are you waiting for, get started.”

I shuffled forward on my knees, and Clare lifted her skirt. I leant forward as best as I could and fell a little, my chest landed on the edge of the couch.  Clare placed her skirt over my head and I made my way as best I could to her sex. As Clare moved forward a little more and I felt her warm wet sex in my face. The feeling was great as I got to work. Kissing around her thighs and lapping at her sex. Powerless to another woman, and all my doing, and the best thing I couldn’t be happier.

“See, I told you he’s not a bad lad. He’s learnt his place well.”


To be Continued…………………



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