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The Package

by Chas M

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© Copyright 2001 - Chas M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; scarves; gag; bfold; cons; X

A package came for you today.
I left it on the bed.
See you later. Love, L"

The note was left on the table where he would be sure to see it. I had stumbled onto an Internet page that had some discussion about self bondage. It intrigued me how sensuous and exciting it sounded to be helpless. Maybe I could use several of the scarves that David bought me on his trips because I thought he had some sort of fetish for them.

At noon I came home early from work. After showering and writing the note, it was time to begin. I started with a long black silk oblong that I put around my waist like a belt. The second scarf was my Hermes from Paris that I folded on the bias about 6" wide and wore it bandeau style over my breasts. The silk was cool and I could feel my nipples tingle as they became aroused.

The third scarf was gray, white and red that I folded about three inches wide. I remembered from a sailing class a figure 8 knot and tied one with the scarf. I placed the knot against my nether lips and tied the ends of the scarf front and back to my black waist scarf. I now had a crotch scarf tickling my clit.

I was ready to work from toe to head now. A pink and gray square wrapped my ankles together. At my knees, I wore a green and gold oblong from Italy. Over the top of my thighs and tucked under my buttocks was a wide band of a scarf. The pattern was gold keys and chains on a white background with a royal blue border. As I tightened it, it nestled the crotch knot deeper into my love-nest. I wondered to myself if mermaids always felt this good?

David had shown repeated interest in one magazine model who "coincidentally" wore a bright green scarf around her neck. My lime green scarf wrapped around my neck twice in a choker style finished with a square knot. After all, I was interested in his pleasure too, right?

One web page showed how to make a scarf bit gag by rolling a folded scarf inside of another and tying overhand knots to secure it. It took a couple of tries before mine looked like what I saw in the picture. When I tucked it into my mouth and tied it behind my head my muffled moans of pleasure could be heard.

For my blindfold I chose the paisley scarf with the cranberry border. When he gave it to me, he had said the colors matched my palette as though he was interested in fashion.

My senses were getting subdued one by one. Since we don't own any handcuffs, I had to pre-tie a double looped slip knot on a scarf that I hung on the corner of a chairclose to the edge of the bed. The longest free end of the scarf I had placed in the drawer of the nightstand. Once my hands were behind my back and encircled by the loops, I leaned my knee against the drawer and cinched up the knot.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded I fell onto the bed and inched my way to its center. I smiled at my accomplishment and tingled at the sensations of the silk and the knot nestled against me. I had seen Martha Stewart once suggest wrapping a present in a scarf. I wonder if she ever thought of anything like this!

I guess that now all I can do is wait........ and wiggle



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