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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; chast; steel; bra; leather; pins; zipties; cuffs; chairtie; torment; torture; toys; climax; extreme; cons; XX

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Pain Mikel Sbf; chast; steel; bra; leather; pins; zipties; cuffs; chairtie; torment; torture; toys; climax; extreme; cons; XX  

Sitting as she had been for the last seven hours had given Jane lots of time to think, she had already gone through panic and fear now she was angry as she sat bound to the heavy rod iron chair that she had so meticulously and carefully bolted to the floor. Jane craved pain she didn’t know why but ever since she had been in an accident in college and spent a year in traction she had yearned for it, and had an increasing need for it.

Her cravings had cost her one marriage and every relationship she had been in, never finding the right combination in someone to understand her needs but not truly threaten her life, her last boyfriend had turned out to be a mentally disturbed psychopath, only finding this out weeks after they had been dating when he had her tied to a metal bed frame with heavy gauge wire that had been turned on its end and secured to the wall. During the three days he tortured her he explained, when she would wake up from being electrocuted until she had passed out, that he had stopped taking his medication so he could make her dreams come true.

Jane hung from the frame by her wrists, her feet trapped in steel high heeled shoes he had made for her that caused her so much pain that she couldn’t support herself in them any longer, while he whipped and shocked her. He had stuffed her mouth with a plastic bag full of cracked walnut shells and then wrapped her entire head in black tap, leaving only one small hole under one nostril for her to breathe through. When they had started she enjoyed these torments, by the second day she felt like she had glass cutting into her mouth and only felt throbbing in her head as the blood pumped through it. By the third night her body was beaten and bruised, her wrists and ankles were bleeding from where the thick wire held her in place and her breasts felt like they had been ripped off by the wires wrapped tightly around their bases that had also been used for sending bolts of electricity through her body.

Jane had been found by the police when her captor had gone outside and got into a fight with his neighbor and someone had called them and to this day still craves pain especially breast bondage. She always wore tall high heeled shoes or boots almost always locked on with uncooked rice or walnut shells in them when she went out, her bras as with most of her clothes were all too small and were filled with similar means of torture, but her favorite was her leather bra that had small sharp pins inside it with one that sat right on top of her pert nipples and protruded out of the bra making anything that touched it poke her nipples sharply.

Jane would wear it often at work locking it on, even sending her keys to her key master that had kept her keys to the steel chastity belt she was currently locked into and not given her any release from it for the last year. Even her belt had been redesigned to cause her pain, a fact her key master didn’t know, she had taken the front plate and widened the slits in it so her pouty lips would protrude out from them further and be pinched hard under the front cover once it had been locked in place, making every move or twist from the belt painful from the plate stretching and pulling on her sensitive flesh.

The other modification was the strap that ran between her firm butt cheeks had been made wider and like her other adornments was ordered intentionally too small keeping the straps pulled extremely tight the entire time she wore the belt. Last week when she had gotten the package from her key master she thought might be finally able to remove the belt, even though she could still force herself to orgasm by binding and struggling in the steel but she missed being able to fully enjoy a vibrator and had grown tired of the daily enemas and constant stimulation from the belt.

When she opened the package the note simply said, “Put this on over your leather bra” she squealed with excitement when she saw the steel bra and quickly strapped on the leather one clamping the steel over it and locking it as she struggled with holding the tight orbs over her breasts. After the excitement wore off she found that the steel pushed the pins tightly into her breasts and now she couldn’t remove either item and could swear she could feel blood flowing under the cups.

Jane had been trapped inside the steel belt and bra for over two months now and hadn’t seen or touched her pussy in well over a year, her desires to orgasm had finally driven her to the situation she was in now. Jane had dressed herself up in a tight leather dress and shoulder length leather gloves and had been toying with her encased breasts when she slipped two long cable ties under the straps and began carefully working them under the breast cups until she had felt them snug up around the bases of her breasts, as she kept working on the ties she pulled them tighter and tighter making sure the locking ends stayed accessible so she could remove them, the more she pulled them tight the more she felt her breasts swell in the leather under the steel cups causing her more pain, until she was leaning her head back moaning into the large ball gag strapped into her mouth as she continued to listen to each click the ties made as they trapped her breasts more.

When she finally stopped herself and looked down the straps had slid completely under the steel cups with only the long tail of each still accessible, Jane moaned into the gag as she realized that now there was no way to reach the ties and her swelled breasts were now trapped, feeling like pin cushions until she was able to convince her key master to release them. The sudden realization of this made her extremely horny and she decided to do some impromptu self bondage.

After pulling the straps holding the ball deep in her mouth several notches tighter and stripping off the dress she collected her needed gear and went to her chair, the chair was made from thick rod iron and had held her securely for hours on end many times in the past, it had no padding but multiple cross bars and connectors on it for securing her firmly to it and today she planned on using all of them. After locking her feet into the same steel shoes she had been tortured in, she locked a wide steel collar around her throat then placed her steel shackles around her ankles, two more sets around her legs below her knees and above her knees, locking each before repeating the procedure on her arms locking shackles tightly over the leather gloves around her wrists and above her elbows.

Now that she had her steel in place she slipped into her long overcoat and carried the small package to the mail box, in it was her keys to all of her shackles, collar and heels with several loose keys for any extra chains she might add later and posted the package to herself and returned to the chair feeling even more excited and horny over her brief appearance in public wearing her restraints and gag for anyone to see.

Once seated she locked her ankles directly to the chair legs with padlocks, her knees needed short chains but even with these would be held firmly to the chair, the thigh cuffs were locked directly to the chair making it impossible for her to move her legs for than a fraction of an inch. These were enough to hold her to the chair but Jane was nowhere close to being finished as she continued to lock herself to the heavy chair, before locking herself more she reached over and found her Hitachi that she had plugged into a timer and strapped it tightly to the crotch plate of her chastity belt, this would not only let her feel the vibrations but would become quite painful if left on for more than thirty minutes, the time had been set to run for two hours before shutting down for 15 minutes and repeating the cycle. She had only been planning on restraining herself for a few hours until the ice melted and dropped her keys so she hadn’t set the timer to turn off and stay off this time.

Once the vibrator was set she locked each side of her belt to the chair and took a length of chain and wrapped it around her waist and behind the chair pulling her waist in severally before locking the ends to the straps of her metal bra literally locking her whole body in place, testing her bonds she thought the chain was too tight but couldn’t do anything about it and decided to move on locking another short chain tightly around the wide steel collar and directly locking it to the chair keeping her head totally immobile.

Pulling the leather hood down and lacing it tight was her last act of freedom, she was now blind, partially deaf and utterly silent as she sat panting through the small nose holes in the hood before reaching behind the chair and pulling the cable through the elbow cuff d-rings and tugging on it until her elbows were almost touching then locking the ends to the sides her waist belt, now if she had been able to twist in the chair each twist would have pulled her elbows closer, before finding the short chain that was connected to the leg support of the chair Jane reached around and in a state of frustration and lust yanked the ends of the cable ties making her breasts bulge even more and forcing the pins to push even harder into her breasts and moaning loudly before quickly grabbing the chain and pulling it as tight as she could while reaching down with her free hand and slid the hasp of the lock through the chain and the ring on her cuff.

Grunting from the effort she struggled with the lock until she finally had it through both cuffs and quickly closed it sealing her fate until the keys dropped. Once the lock snicked closed Jane tried to relax but found she had actually locked her hands too low and was now pulling against the chains around her throat and even forcing the chains around her torso to pull tighter as well. Jane now felt the pain beginning to rise in her breasts and from the tight steel shoes as she struggled against the chains and fought the feeling of being choked by the tight collar.

When the vibrator turned on the sudden noise and sensation made Jane scream behind her gag as her body jerked, yanking hard on her collar and the quick inhale forcing the pins in the cups to pierce the tender skin of her breasts. As the vibrations intensified Jane struggled against the steel holding her body unable to force herself to have an orgasm and continued to struggle as the pain in her body increased. By the time the vibrator shut off the first time Jane was a sweaty, panting frustrated mess, normally she would have come by now but the added stress of her being slowly choked had kept her on the edge and now that the vibrator had shut off she could do nothing but sit and try to catch her breath.

When the vibrator turned on again Jane had already been struggling in the chair for almost 3 hours and knew if she didn’t come soon the keys would drop and ruin the whole experience so she struggled harder and inhaled deeply forcing the sharp pins to hurt even more as she twisted her feet in the tight steel heels that held them in a high arch causing them to hurt more as well.

She was about to orgasm when she felt the keys hit her hands and desperately wanted to cum so she flung the keys away from her body letting them swing away from her hands as her orgasm made her whole body begin to convulse and shake. Jane sat screaming as the pleasure and pain washed over her in waves until she slumped in her bonds gasping for air and moaning loudly then whining as the vibrator turned off again knowing she had now been restrained for over four hours and reluctantly reached for the keys with her finger tips.

Now becoming more aware, as she groped for the keys, of how little she could move her hands as she struggled against the chains trying to find the keys and being unable to locate them. Panic set in and she flailed her leather covered hands around hoping to feel the keys, grunting and whining finding nothing as she sat trying to turn her head as if she was looking for them through the thick leather covering her head.

When the vibrator turned back on the pain was intense and immediate, Jane was now screaming as the vibrations continued to assault her sore pussy lips and her deep breathing forced the pins deeper into her breasts, as Jane became light headed from the low air flow she felt another orgasm building as she desperately tried to control her breathing and fought her bonds, when the orgasm hit her body and made her gasp and tense her body and kept her in a constant state of pain and pleasure for the remaining time it ran. When it shut off Jane was sitting limply whining quietly as she hung on the edge of consciousness, after a few minutes she began her search for the keys praying that she would not have to go through another cycle with the vibrations.

Jane frantically searched for the keys knowing that any minute the vibrations would start again and would hold her in pain making it impossible for her to concentrate on finding the keys and forcing her to endure another two hours of torture. Just as the vibrations started Jane had found the key and screamed as the pain hit her pussy making her jump in the steel circling her body, the only thing she could do was grip the key and hold on biting hard on the gag as her sore pussy and breasts caused her to begin to orgasm again over and over as the pain increased driving her even further into her orgasmic torture.

Jane was sitting panting again when the vibrations stopped and she tried to force herself to unlock her hands but having them not respond as she started to cry not wanting to go for another two hours under the torture of the chair, she felt the lock and slid the key in and grunted loudly as her hands popped free and Jane reached for the vibrator forgetting the elbow cuffs and having to stop and unlock both locks. She was working on the second lock when the vibrator came to life again, Jane squealed as she fought for control and continued to unlock her elbows when she felt them spring apart and quickly reached around and turned off the vibrator and sat panting, thankful she was finally free of it.

Letting her body recover Jane sat for another hour before proceeding to unlock the remaining restraints and was slowly able to rise from the chair, her feet were screaming with pain as she walked to her bedroom wincing under the hood until reaching her bed and sat down. As she sat, still blind with the steel encircling her limbs her true masochist came out as she attached short chains between her ankles, knees and thighs and even locking a chain between her elbows before locking her wrists together in front of her knowing it would be another day or two before her keys would return to her and she could make the long walk to the mail box and release her arms and legs.

As she lay back on her bed and swung her legs up she smiled under the hood as the pain increased again from her breasts, thinking I should really take the hood off and send an e-mail to see if I can get the keys back for the bra at least but deciding she really needed to sleep first and not sure if she wanted to remove the bras yet, starting to enjoy the idea of being trapped in her steel again as she drifted off to sleep. Jane would sleep until the next morning awaking too late to make the trip to the mail box to see if her keys had come not knowing that her key master had sent her keys to her and that they had been in the mailbox shortly after her trip out to send her keys to herself.

Jane struggled through another twenty four hours before she tried to make the trip to the mail box only turning back before half way from the pain her shoes were causing due to the extremely short steps she had forced herself to make not wanting to cause herself that much pain if they hadn’t shown up yet, deciding to wait another day to be sure they were there and to wear her panel gag next time to cover her whines as she walked not wanting to draw any more attention to herself since she was unable to wear anything over her metal covered body.

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