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Pantyhosed and Self-Bound

by Candy Cotes

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© Copyright 2008 - Candy Cotes - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; pantyhose; toys; caught; M/f; insert; anal; cons; X

A story of Candy’s most prevalent and recurring self-bondage/self-pleasure fantasy

As I fumble to grab my briefcase out of my trunk, close it and get inside as quickly as possible, I am giddy with excitement about surprising you later.  Mmmmm, I can just imagine the smile on your face when you come by tonight and “catch me” squirming around in self-bondage.   I get inside, slip off those little 3 1/2" heels I’ve worn at the office all day and step out of my skirtsuit... then step up into those 6" "fuck me" pumps (left suggestively just inside the door by you, of course) and strut triumphantly into the kitchen and snatch a cold brewski from the fridge, pop the top, then head towards the bedroom in nothing but my black hosiery, bra & a smile.

I sit on the edge of my bed, doing a mental inventory of the contents of my nightstand, then open the drawer and remove several of my favorite (ahem) "toys."  I lie back and raise my hips up so I can pull my pantyhose down to mid-thigh, managing to spend just a moment letting my fingers gently caress and manipulate my moist puss.  I take another drink of my beer, then set it on my nightstand, close my eyes and open my mouth, then slip my pink jelly dildo between my lips and begin to tongue and suck it as if it were you.  My hips squirm slowly as I imagine taking you all the way into my mouth and down my throat.  The corners of my mouth curl up as I smile to myself and withdraw the wet dildo from my lips and place it briefly at my moist puss, before twisting the base to "click" it on.  This dildo gyrates, but I don't like the speed at anything more than a crawl.  I fiddle with the control a while, turning it to just the right position, so that my toy hums and slowly gyrates.  Once satisfied with the rhythmic pace of the sex toy, I inhale deeply, then slide it all the way inside. 

The sensation of something squirming around deeply inside is unusual to me every time at first, in spite of the many, many times I've enjoyed this gyrating vibe.  I close my eyes and rest my head back on my pillow and cross my legs at the ankles, then flex my thighs... causing my coochie to clench tightly and squeeze the dildo snuggly in the grip of my cunt, allowing me to feel every curve of the toy as it slowly turns within me. 

With my eyes fluttering from the wonderful sensations, I grope around next to me for my vibrating anal plug.  I know you like variety and I'm not sure exactly how you will choose to "use" me for your sexual pleasure later... but I want to guarantee that every opening I have will be stretched wide open, waiting for you to replace what ever toy with your warm, yummy cock.

Still enjoying the gyrating dildo, I uncross my ankles, part my thighs and raise my knees up to my chest so as to have access to my hiney.  I lick the butt plug, letting my tongue slip and slide up, down and all around the smooth flesh-toned silicone surface.  I push the bulbous intruder into my mouth while the fingers of my right hand snake their way down to my occupied puss.  My juices are now seeping from me and my eager fingers trace little circles around the base of the dildo, then smearing the fluids down the short distance to my ass.  My fingers continue to massage my cunt, slipping in and out, and going back and forth to and from my bum, each time transferring more lubrication from my dripping honey pot.  Within a minute, my hiney is as wet and eager as my cunt, having been probed deeply by my slick and nimble fingers.  I pull the butt plug from my panting mouth and position it at my puckered ass. 

I take a deep breath and try to relax myself, wondering why in the world I let you pressure me into accepting gifts from you.  It had started out somewhat light: some erotic lingerie, some sexy heels, then a some furry wrist cuffs... then things escalated to a little dildo.  I remember you emailing me every day, asking if I had used the dildo the night before.  You have SUCH a perverted imagination. 

I remember... sometime after that, you asked me about a butt plug.  I didn't recall you seeming overly interested in anal, and I was actually a little surprised by your question, but it seemed a logical progression of toys, so I agreed that I'd try what ever you came up with.  LOL... words I almost wish I hadn't uttered!  I remember opening the box you sent me and thinking "Oh My Gosh!" when I saw that the label on the sealed package didn't advertise the butt plug as being "small" or "medium"... but rather... it was the "LARGE" one.  Imagine my surprise when I turned the package over to open it and saw that the manufacturer also had pics of the X-Large and I actually clenched my butt cheeks when I saw the image of the GIGANTIC models they also sold.  LOL.. at that point, you had no idea how relieved I was that you had picked only the large one for me *WHEW!*  It had taken me 3 weeks of masturbating with it before I was even able to have my hiney relaxed, lubed and stretched enough to let it all the way inside.

I smiled to myself as the tip of the large butt plug pressed against my waiting hiney, wondering why it seemed to be your personal mission to stretch my holes w/ so many contraptions and devices, but knowing you were so Ga-Ga and head-over-heels for me made it all alright.  With surprisingly little effort, I gently worked the large, bulbous plug deeply into my hiney... squirming a bit as my sphincter muscles clenched tightly around the base.  I then "clicked" the switch to "low" and almost lost myself in the sensation of the low “humm” of the vibrating plug working in unison with the dildo that was still slowly gyrating inside of me.

Once I caught my breath, I pulled my pantyhose back up all the way, to secure my "toys" right where they were, and to ensure they wouldn't work themselves out no matter how much I squirmed, tensed or pushed. 

Satisfied with my “toy” selection and placement, I retrieved my drink from the nightstand and just laid there, sipping and enjoying the sensations.  I then took a strap and looped it around the corner post of the head of my bed, and looped another one around the foot board corner post diagonal from it.  Then, resting my legs flat on the bed, I sat up and took another leather strap and leaned down to secure my ankles.  It was difficult to lean so far forward & buckle the bindings with the large toys filling my insides, but I was able to bind my ankles securely, then loop the tail of that strap to the one from the corner post of the footboard. 

Sitting upright, I placed a second strap around my legs just above my knees... pulling the buckle so tight that there was no way the toys could wriggle out of me.  Then I reached and felt in the nightstand drawer and removed the pink furry wrist restraints you got me, the leather plug gag you treated me to, the black satin blindfold that I loved, and of course... my Ipod.  The sensation of the bondage, coupled with toys working away inside of me was making me weak and it was difficult to resist the temptation to just go into a self-pleasure frenzy, begin masturbating my clit and rush to an orgasm in a matter of seconds!  Oh... but if I did that, then by the time you got home I'd be out of bed and vacuuming the house... which is not your favorite sexual activity. 

I drank all but a final sip from my beer, then stretched over and sat the bottle on my nightstand.  I opened my mouth wide and inserted the large leather plug gag between my teeth, imagining it was your delicious dick. "Mmmmmmmmm, leather!” I thought to myself as my fingers worked quickly to buckle the gag around behind my head.  Then I inserted the ear buds of my Ipod and selected my playlist entitled "The Erotic Collection," and giggled with delight as I closed my eyes and placed the black satin blindfold over them.

There are lots of different degrees and techniques of erotic bondage, but something about being blindfolded and gagged sends me into overdrive.  You don't always require me to be bound, helpless and so passive during our lovemaking, so on occasion... when I wear the thigh high boots to bed and am instructed to "ride you until you buck me off", I am treated to getting to do so blindfolded and gagged.  It is such a turn on for me to be making love with you, but unable to see you.  Then when I lean down to kiss you... I can't because I'm gagged... how naughty is that?  It's such a tease, so titillatingly frustrating to be getting fucked silly, but unable to do anything but make muffled "Mmmmphhfffss" to say "I love you."

Now, with the blindfold and gag in place and the tunes blaring, I'm almost finished.  I take the furry pink wrist restraints and slip one wrist in.


Now with one wrist secured, I ooch across the bed so that I'm lying diagonally.  I stretch and reach up over my head, feeling for the strap I had looped around the corner post.  I'm barely able to reach it with my finger tips, but I manage to grasp it, then gingerly slip the other cuff through the strap.  I reach up and, while holding my body taught, am able to stretch up and get my wrist into the padded, pink cuff.  I hold there for a moment... before it "clicks" tight and locks me in where I would be unable to reach the key in the nightstand drawer where you keep it.

I do a quick mental checklist on what I've done to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.  I remember that, according to the alarm clock on my nightstand, it was almost 8:00p.m. when I put on the blindfold, and that earlier today, you had called and said you'd be by my place "a little after eight." 

Feeling everything was perfect, I squeezed the cuff and squirmed with delight as I felt it "click" securely around my wrist.  I was past the point of no return and there was no amount of struggling that would get me free until I am released by you.

Just to get my juices flowing, I pulled on the straps holding my ankles and wrist and was delighted at the reaction my body gave.  A hot, tingling began in my crotch which I new where the initial embers that, with patience and imagination, could be fanned into a roaring orgasmic flame!  I curled my toes inside of my patent leather pumps as I squirmed a bit more but, to my horror, one of my stilettos slipped off of my pantyhosed foot!

"Ohhh, Brandon won't like that I'm not wearing the heels he set out for me!"

I began struggling to slip my stockinged foot out of the ankle strap and try to fish around on the bed for the shoe.  My struggles pushed my body closer and closer to orgasm, even though my true objective was to try and find my shoe.  I knew that if you caught me orgasming without you, you'd most likely leave me bound all night and not release me until the morning... after you'd had your coffee.

I cursed the gyrating dildo and butt plug that continued to work their magic on me... distracting me and causing me to twitch and involuntarily buck my hips.  I bit down hard on my leather gag and tried with one last surge to pull free of my bonds, but it was useless.  I had tightened the straps much to well to allow me to pull my foot free and now my struggles had inadvertently managed to trigger little spasms in my vaginal muscles that always precede my orgasms.

It was all I could do to be careful not to hurt myself pulling on my bonds as my body convulsed and shook in the throes of multiple orgasms!  My breath came in short gasps around the wet leather gag filling my mouth as my toes curled and fists clenched.   I scream into my gag as I felt like I was just about to pass out!


After a bit, I caught my breath and begin to stir.  I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but I was still bound and I could feel a cool, moistness between my legs and on my hiney.  I wondered how long I had been sleeping so that the wet spot would feel this cool beneath me.  I suddenly realized how quiet it was, there was no more music! 

"Why in the world did my Ipod stop?  I'm pretty sure it had a decent charge..  it should have been capable of playing for several hours straight!"

There was no way I could have dozed off for that long, besides... you were on your way over and surely you would have released me, kissed me "hello" or something. 

I figured I must have not charged my Ipod or maybe I squirmed over onto it, was laying on the button and accidentally turned it off.  I was, however, concerned that maybe something had happened to you.

I began squirming and turning my head from side to side, rubbing the black satin blindfold on the insides of my arms that were pulled up over my head, to try and work the blindfold loose so I could see what time it was.  As I wriggled around, I was startled when I felt a hand caress my shoeless foot.  I froze for an instant, then smiled behind my gag as another hand caress my hips and then touch the soaked satin sheets I was lying on.  I was so embarrassed, knowing that you had caught me cumming without you.  I squirmed a bit, "Mmmpphfff" I uttered through the gag, wanting you to remove it and kiss me.

Now both hands returned to massaging my pantyhosed foot, then I felt what must have been a cock pressing against the nylon-coated sole of my foot as I heard the telephone ringing in the other room. 

"Mmmmmmmmm a bound, pantyhosed foot-fuck... my my... Brandon certainly is a kinky fella!"

I relaxed and wiggle my toes with delight, hoping to tantalize this newly discovered foot fetish of yours, as my answering machine picks up the call.  Your cock humps my foot more rapidly and your hands continue to caress and massage my lycra encased legs as I sense you were about to cum.
 As the first spurt of cum squished against the balls of my feet and the head of the cock massaged it between my pantyhosed toes, I heard the message being left on my machine...

"Candy, I'm sooo sorry to do this to you, but I'm held-up at the office..."

(I feel a second glob of cum land on my nylon-encased thigh)

"... I'm not going to be able to leave for another couple of hours..."

(a third spurt lands on my bare tummy, pooling warmly in my belly button)

"... I understand if it's too late to come by... call me back on my cell if its okay for me to drop by, otherwise... I'll give you a call tomorrow afternoon after you sleep in."

(the last squirt of cum lands on my left cheek).

My mind is reeling and I can do nothing but freeze... lying totally still.  I feel some warm breath next to my ear... I wince and try to turn away as I start to sob quietly into my gag. 

"Awww, don't go pouting, getting shy or being embarrassed on me pretty lady, we've got all night to explore the depths of depravity, sexual humiliation and bizarre perversions.  Hmmm, let's see what other sorts of toys you have in this nightstand... or maybe there are other household items I can entertain you with."

I close my eyes tightly and take a quick, deep breath, preparing to scream through my gag as that burning hot twinge sensation returned to my puss, threatening to betray me by starting another series of orgasms at the hands of this stranger!  My body is forcefully rolled over, and I find myself lying on my tummy.  I feel his strong hands grip the waistband of my pantyhose just above my hiney cheeks, then pull them down to middle of the backs of my thighs.  I wiggle and thrash about, snaking back and forth trying to get loose as I hear him snicker.

“My MY... what have we here... looks like someone has been plugged!”

My stomach begins to feel queasy as I can feel him grip the buttplug and begin moving it around, stirring my insides, then suddenly, he violently pulls the plug from my bum, leaving it gaping slightly at the rapid loss of what had been filling it.  Something cold is dripped on my hiney and I can feel several cool drops fall into my open bum for just a split second before I clench my checks tightly and my anus winks shut.

“Awww Candy, don’t fret... by the time I’m finished with you, your hiney will be so stretched and loose that your boyfriend will thank me!”

Tears moistened the inside of the black satin blindfold that I was still trapped behind, as fluids continued to pour from my puss and coat the dildo still distending my cooch.  I was humiliated that my body continued to enjoy the abject sexual torment by this anonymous lover.

My body froze and I went completely stiff as I felt something cool and rigid press against my puckered, exhausted but still well-lubed bum-hole.

“Oh, I see you have excellent taste in Mexican beers, I’m sure in just a moment you’ll be thankful you were only drinking a 12oz beer, rather than wine from a larger bottle.”

In the time it took me to register what in the world he was talking about, he pushed the base of the bottle sharply inside of me, causing my mouth to open around the gag probably as wide as my hiney did around the bottle.  My breath came is short gasps as he twisted it slightly, then, as the widest portion of the bottle pushed inside of me, the ring of my sphincter clenched tightly around the much narrower neck portion of the bottle, working to “pull” the bottle inside of me. 

“MMMMmmmmpppppffffffhhhhhhh ! ! !”

The orgasm was instantaneous and I held my breath for the entire duration.  I was dizzy with pleasure and light-headed from the lack of oxygen, and could not conceal the arousal being constantly elevated at the hands of this mysterious lover.

“Awww my sweetie, see how you’re hiney holds that beer bottle so nicely... I have no doubt that within another couple of hours, your bum will serve doubly as wine bottle warmer and holder for that nice California merlot I saw sitting on your bar as I let myself in.”

I began thrashing wildly at the thought of something so huge being stuck inside of me and that twinge returned to the pit of my stomach!  I bit down hard on my plug gag, savoring the taste of the leather... I held my breath... then Mmmmm, it hit me again!

The orgasm was so intense that it awakened me with a start!!! 

“Whew... that was an intense dream!”

As I began to get my bearings back, I was able to fumble with my exhausted fingers and find the little release levers on the “safe” handcuffs.

“Wow... how long was I asleep w/ these toys inside of me?  I’m exhausted!”

The bed was cool and sticky beneath me, as my self-bondage/self-pleasure fantasy had resulted in my making a HUGE wet spot.  My legs were feeling a bit numb, having been bound so tightly for so long.

“Sheesh... that butt plug feels like a freaking football inside of me!”

Once I managed to free my sore wrists, I reached up and lifted my blindfold from my eyes... half hoping/half expecting to see the mysterious stranger from my lucid fantasy.  I was still alone, as I surely always had been.  I removed my earbuds and sure enough, though my Ipod still appeared to have a charge, it was no longer playing.  Though only a dim, nightstand lamp was on, my eyes squinted at the light, having been blindfolded for so long.  I glanced at the clock... it was already 3:30 a.m.! 

Still laying on my back, I rub my face, then let my hands reach down to the waistband of my pantyhose so I could pull them down and withdraw the gyrating dildo and the HUGE butt plug.  Rather than the nylon of my pantyhose, my warm hand finds nothing but the cool, bare flesh of my hips.  I sit up quickly and am uncomfortable in that position, due to the toys still inside of me.  I reach beneath and behind me to grasp the butt plug, and am shocked when my fingers wrap around the rigid long neck of a beer bottle.  My eyes shoot to the nightstand where I KNEW I had placed my beer and all that was there was a small, wet circle where the bottle had once been.  My eyes dart around the room and hear footsteps on my hardwood floors out in the hallway.  I quickly roll over onto my tummy and reach for the telephone handset on my nightstand.  In a panic... I try to focus on the handset buttons to dial.

I hear my bedroom door creak as I find and press the “9.”

I hear more quick footsteps enter my bedroom as my thumb nimbly moves across the handset down towards the “1” key.  I then heard a wicked little voice say, “Oh... there’s where I left my empty beer bottle!”

I closed my eyes, sighed and shook my head in disbelief... and relief.

“Brandon... you are soooo going to get your ass kicked!”

I turned off the handset and layed my check down on the cool sheets, then bagan to slowly sway my hiney back and forth.

“Lover, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t stick your empties just any old place.”

I felt his strong hands grip the neck of the bottle protruding from my bum.  I relaxed as well as I could as I felt him pull and begin to withdraw it from me.  As soon as he had removed it from me... I did my best to remain relaxed... giving him the opportunity to see my hiney gape for him. I heard the unmistakable rustle of clothing as his scrubs were shucked onto the floor.  I moaned a little louder than usual, so he would know just how content I was, then without even thinking, slipped both of my arms down by my side, then reached my wrists to the small of my back and rested them there as if they were bound behind me where they should be.  I felt him hover above me, positioning himself just right as I struggled not to clench my sphincter so he could enjoy the gaper he had caused.  The next sensation I felt was his crotch resting heavily upon my hiney cheeks and my ass involuntarily tried to clench closed, only to find he was already fully in my bum.

Mmmmmmmm was the only sound I could muster as my tired hiney accommodated his rhythmic thrusts.  I gyrated my hips back towards him to meet him and the electric tingling sensation began in the pit of my tummy.  I knew it this wouldn’t take long at all.

I felt his hands rest upon my wrists, pinning them against the small of my back as he pushed deep into my bowels and held there.  I closed my eyes as my own orgasm began... then gasped for breath as I actually felt his hot cum spurt into my welcoming ass. 

I nodded off again... and dreamed something about enjoying a bottle of wine from my favorite California merlot region... Mmmmm, delicious.


Te he hee... I hope you enjoyed reading it because I sure enjoyed writing it. 
  Smiles and sunshine, candy


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