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The Party

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2012 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; party; outdoors; woods; strip; padlocks; hogtie; caught; M/f; hood; gag; cartrunk; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

You look back at your clunker of a car, mentally kicking yourself for not agreeing to the lift you were offered before you left. Now here you are, dressed for a night on the town, not for a walk in the country in the pre dawn.

It started like a normal evening. The invite to the vicar's and tarts party had arrived last week and you had barely been able to contain yourself with anticipation. Your partner had elected to remain at home (never one for socialising at the best of times, let alone in fancy dress) so you had busied yourself getting the perfect outfit together. Never being one who was shy of your figure, most of your outfits were quite revealing but nothing seemed to set the right tone. However, while shopping, you had come across the perfect dress. Black leather, halter necked, scoping between your breasts and ending no more than an inch below your bottom. Not something to be worn to a meeting with the boss, but for a party where everyone was going to be looking like a tart (or a vicar) perfect.

As with all shopping trips, after the dress was found, then came shoes and accessories. The shoes were easy. Your favourite shop had a pair of 4 inch patent leather pumps. Closed toed but open from the instep back to a small strap around the heel, good for tottering round the party (and stepping on people's feet when they get too close). However, the finishing touches were proving to be elusive.

It was approaching closing time when you had just about given up your search. Heading back to your car took you through some of the backstreets of town and it was here that you came across the 'Condom Shop'. Gazing into the window at all the forms a rubber could take you noticed the perfect finish for your outfit.

Nestling at the back of the display, half hidden by a large inflatable sheep was a box. The packaging was done in typical 50's 'B' movie style, all yellow with bright red lettering. The contents of this box were 'The beginner's kit to seductive bondage.

You enter the shop and look for the item on display, unable to find it you have to ask the shop assistant if you can look at the one in the window. Cringing at his knowing leer you take the box to the corner of the counter.

On opening the box, you find something extraordinary. In complete contrast to the packaging, the box contents were very elegant. Lying in the tissue paper were five strips of leather of varying lengths and thicknesses, each tipped with a chrome D ring. Five small silver padlocks and a length of fine silver chain were also included. Picking up one of the straps, you were surprised at how supple and soft it was. You see various notches in the end away from the ring and it becomes obvious that the ring passes through one of these and is secured with a padlock. From the length of the one you are holding you assume it is for the wrist. Two more slightly longer and thicker straps therefore must be for the ankles, which leaves one long but thin strap which has to be a chocker.

Putting the items back into the box you quickly pay the assistant (in cash) and head off to your car.

On arriving home, you realize you only have an hour and a half to get ready before you have to leave, even allowing for being fashionably late. You step into the shower and quickly rinse the grime of the day away. Stepping out, you wrap yourself in a towel and head into the bedroom. Laying your purchases on the bed, you start to get ready.

You spread the dress out while trying to decide what underwear to wear. The halter top precludes a bra and because of the skin tight nature of the dress, all but the skimpiest of thongs would leave VPL. Ordinarily, you wouldn't consider wearing a G-String for any length of time due to the way they slip between your cheeks making you uncomfortable. However circumstances required it so out came your tiniest pair of black knickers.

Over this you wriggled your way into the dress, smoothing the figure hugging form over your body and tugging it down as far as it would go (which isn't very far). Next came the shoes and with this you stood in front of the mirror admiring your form. The way the dress clung to all the right places, the curve the shoes give to your calves, even the way the arch of your foot is accentuated by the shoes height and shape.

Finally you come to the straps. Realizing now what you didn't in the shop. The straps would prevent you from wearing any other jewellery. Or more precisely, the straps were your jewellery. Starting at your ankles, you slip the leather around, pushing the ring through one of the notches ensuring that it is snug against you flesh. An incident with a leather strapped watch that you wore too loose comes back to you and you don't want the skin to be rubbed raw by the straps moving. Clicking the padlock through the ring you feel that the strap is now secure and move onto the other leg. Making sure that both the padlocks are on the inside of your ankles, you move to your wrists, and finally your neck. You look at the silver chain left in the box and toy with leaving it there. But in a moment of madness you attach one end to the padlock for your chocker and allow the rest to dangle down your back ending just between your buttocks.

Looking at yourself in the mirror again, you see a different woman, slutty tarty and suitably playful. Too bad your partner isn't going to come tonight because a lot of fun could be had.

You wander downstairs, being careful not to fall in the heels and kiss goodbye to your partner. He looks you up and down and offers you a lift to the party and a ride home when you are ready to leave, but you independent spirit forces you to decline and you leave to drive yourself in your old MG sports car.

The party was at a friend's house about 20 miles away. One of the problems with living in the country is that nothing is ever close at hand. However after half an hour you were pulling up outside. The party went with a swing until the early hours of the morning. You know you chose the right outfit when you had to step over the tongues of the men that were there and endure the jealous looks of the women.

Because of the nature of the party, flirting was the nature of the game. Everyone was trying to outdo the others without making an overt pass. Your chain 'Leash' got lots of attention and some gentle tugging from time to time and you were asked if your partner had given you a chastity belt to wear with the outfit.

By the time you were leaving, you were exhausted. Slipping into your car, your removed your shoes to allow your feet to relax. After sitting for a moment, you removed your knickers as well. The thought of spending another half hour with them riding up between your cheeks didn't appeal.

Feeling more relaxed you set off for home. Winding your way through the country roads up into the mountains you felt at peace. The faint glow of dawn off to the east heralding a new day and the further you went, the less signs of human presence there were to be seen.

As you rounded a bend in the road the engine spluttered and died, par for the course when you own an old car, and you allowed it to coast to the side of the road. Several attempts to get the car started with no success so you decided to phone home on your cell. To make matters worse, the lack of human habitation was against you again and there was no signal. Only one more choice was open, to walk.

You remembered passing through a town a while ago and know that it is closer to go there than to carry on to home, and hopefully the cell will get a signal before you get there.

Getting out of your car, you make sure that everything is locked and turn to walk into town. The tarmac of the road was hard and sharp beneath your feet so you moved to walk on the verge. The cool grass tickling your feet and soothing the aches in them.

As you walk, you feel the cool chain swinging against your bare back. Your mind begins to wander as you walk in the countryside. After an evening of flirting, and now walking alone in the backwoods, you feel your groin getting moist. The jangling of the chain does nothing to dampen your mood. All night you have been wondering (with some helpful suggestions from the party) what it would be like to have the chains and straps used on you. You have the keys to the padlocks in your bag and start to fantasise about being taken into the woods.

After a mile or so, you can take it no more. Knowing that if you don't do something about the itch between your legs soon you will go crazy, you slip off behind the tree line. Kneeling down on the mossy ground your dress lifts allowing your bare ass to rest on your heels. Feeling the breeze between your legs and across your naked pussy makes you hotter and more determined. You fantasise about being tied to a tree. Capture by who knows what, left to suffer an unknown fate. Your hand slips between your legs, franticly rubbing your wet clit and you feel your climax building but too quickly. You slow down, wishing to savour the feelings. Your free hand slips the halter neck of your dress over your head, baring your breasts to the cool air. You pull on your nipples, feeling them harden under your touch then pucker from the cold.

As you rub yourself towards cumming, you arch your back and tense your muscles. As you arch you feel the end of the chain rub against the soles of your feet, gently tickling. A wicked idea comes into your head. You take the padlock keys from your bag and unlock the straps around your ankles. Standing up for a moment you slip out of your dress so as not to get it dirty. Standing naked in the woods you listen for sounds that anybody may be around, bit hearing nothing you kneel down again. Arching your back you allow the chain to fall between your ankles. Attaching one padlock back through a strap you pass it through the end of the chain and finally through the other ankle strap. Pressing it closed, you can no longer stand up and can only shuffle around on your knees. You roll onto your side and from there onto your front. Lying on the floor, your bare breasts pressed into the grass and soil on the floor. Your feet are pulled up behind you until they are resting on your ass.

Your right hand slips back between your legs and you quickly bring yourself to orgasm. As you lie on the ground coming down from your climax, you reach your hands behind you until you can grab your ankles. Again your mind comes up with an idea. Taking the keys again you put your hands behind your back and see if you can get the key into a lock at your wrist. With a bit of practise, you find that you can so unlocking the straps at your wrist you take the keys and throw them over to your bag. It would take some wriggling to get over to it but the struggle would be worth it.

Putting your hands behind your back again, you reach back as far as you can and attach a lock to the straps and the chain. Now you are hogtied on the floor, pulled into an arch because you reached back so far. You struggle on the ground for a while reveling in the helplessness of your situation.

Suddenly you hear a twig snap right by your head, turning as much as your bonds allow you see a pair of jeans before a black cloth bag is pulled over your head. You open your mouth to scream only to feel a rubber ball being pushed into it. As it settles behind your teeth, you feel a strap being buckled behind your head, and then the bag is pulled down and fastened around your neck. Without sight your ears strain to discern what is going on. You hear footsteps, then an arm slips under your belly and you feel yourself lifted onto someone's shoulder.

You are carried for about five minutes, and then your hear a car door being opened. Suddenly you are dropped onto a carpeted floor followed by a loud thunk. You realise that you are in a car trunk and are now being driven to who knows where. You realise how stupid it was to tie yourself up in public without a quick getaway but there is nothing you can do about it now. You drive for what feels like hours but in reality is probably only 30 minutes until you feel the car pull up along a gravel driveway. The engine stops and then the trunk is opened. You are lifted out again and then placed on your back on what feels like a mattress.

A fumbling at your neck makes you realise that the hood is about to be removed and you blink in the sudden bright light. As your vision clears, you see your partner before you.

"When I saw how you looked this evening, I followed you to the party. While you were there I siphoned most of the gas from your car and then followed you home at a distance. I knew it was only a matter of time before you would feel the urge to play with yourself so I waited until I could make my move. Now I have you here, let's have some real fun."

You close your eyes as you realise your wish is about to come true.


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