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Patty Pole

by West Coast Comet

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“Damn, this job is boring!” Patty spoke out loud, although there was no one who could hear her. The only other sound was her footsteps as she walked through the dimly lit industrial building.

She was walking her rounds in her little uniform. The patch on the arm said “Orion Security”. Her job was to make sure the electronics factory was secure at night. So every night she arrived at 10:00 PM and walked around the building until 6:00 AM the next morning.

Well, she was supposed to walk around the factory, but she often studied, or slept, or sat around playing with her smart phone, texting or just browsing the internet. Her day-time activity was as a part time student at the local community college, and she needed the money for tuition, and this security job paid well enough.

Actually, the whole idea of her being a security guard was laughable, or at least she thought so. Patty was barely 5’ 2” tall and weighed not much more than 100 lbs. She was very slender, with long dark hair, which she always wore in a bun. She did have a nice curvy bottom and nice breasts. In fact she used to kid that they were 10% of her weight, which was probably pretty accurate. In any case, she was not physically imposing as a security guard in anyone’s universe.

“I don’t see what difference I would make if someone really wanted to rob the place. I am not going to wrestle anyone to the ground and throw my handcuffs on them”, she told the hiring manager, Joan Rodrigues.

“That’s alright Patricia”, the hiring lady said, “You just call the police and get out of the way. I don’t expect you to be Rambo. Think of yourself as the canary in the cage. You are going to be our early warning system should anything be wrong”.

The hiring lady went on to lecture Patty that a woman should be able to do any job a man could, and do it probably better. Obviously the lady had a private agenda in mind when hiring Patty as the security person. For certain, the hiring lady wanted to prove to her manager, the company president, a woman could do anything a man could do. Maybe there was something else on her mind too, but Patty wasn’t paying attention to her mannerisms. Heck, she was just worried about answering the interview questions.

During the interview, Patty tried again to lose this job. Yes, she needed the work, but she was fundamentally confused as to why they needed a night watchman.

“Don’t you have cameras or security systems?” she asked, “That should be less expensive than hiring me to walk around the building”.

“Yes, we do, but it works around the outside of the building only” the hiring lady explained, “Our problem has been with employees who are allowed access to the factory. We want you to be there to challenge and observe anyone coming into the building at night. Besides, security systems can be blinded by smart criminals. I promise you, you will be a much better security solution”.

Patty thought she heard the lady whisper something under her breath, “Fucking Accountants!”

6 Months in the Hole

After 6 months, Patty was bored. Nobody ever came into the building at night. Whatever problem they had with bad employees must have been resolved. Furthermore, she was finished with classes for now, and there was no one to text this late at night. To make matters worse, on the weekends she would often work a double shift, just for the money. She would work from 10:00 PM Saturday to 2:00 PM Sunday. Double pay, but double the boredom.

She was bored with the internet too, so she started looking around at the things she was guarding. One item caught her attention. The factory had boxes and boxes of 2” wide vinyl packing tape. It was not adhesive, but it would stick to itself very tightly. She began to play with this stuff, and that was the start of her troubles.

Sometimes she would sit on a roller chair and spin around, pulling the tape off a stationary pin, and wrapping it around her body. It was fun, and it filled the time. She started doing it with her arms down, pinning her arms to her sides and to the back of the chair. Later, she would wrap her legs together with the tape, then spin in the chair to pin her arms.

She had been captured by those nefarious employees intent on robbing the joint, and they had tied her up. The next time maybe she had fallen into the hands of some white slavers who were packaging her for shipment to the sheik. The fantasies were endless, and fairly harmless, for now.

She made sure there was a box knife handy and within reach whenever she played. No sense in getting too deep into this fantasy stuff. This gentle bondage play brought back memories of some of her first experiences with restraint. It also started as a slow escalation of the restraint process.

Daddy’s Jeans

When she was a young girl, she had an experience that aroused her greatly. She was goofing around with her daddy’s jeans when he was not home. Patty was in her underwear, just simple cotton panties and a T-shirt. She managed to stick both of her legs into a single leg of his jeans. She pulled up the jeans and found they squeezed her legs tightly together. To Patty, the feeling was highly erotic, and this surprised her a bit. The jeans were only pulled up to the bottom of her hips, however, the restraint was particularly arousing.

She hopped into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Hopping caused her breasts to bounce up and down against the fabric of her T-shirt, rubbing her nipples. She had well developed breasts, and this action just added to her arousal. As she looked in the mirror, the image was of a woman whose legs were pulled tightly together, emphasizing the curves of her hips. A narrow waist added to the curvy look. Hard nipples stuck out through the T-shirt. What she saw in the mirror looked so erotic that she was shocked.

She couldn’t see the bottom of her legs in the mirror, so she hopped over to a little footstool. Above the footstool was a handicap bar. It had been installed by the previous home owner, and it was a little bit too high on the wall for its intended purpose, but her dad liked it and kept it. He used it as a towel bar.

Patty reached up and held onto the bar as she hopped up on the foot stool. She wanted to turn around to look at her legs but she was too unsteady. The idea hit her to wrap the other leg of her dad’s jeans over the handicap bar. She held onto the second leg and pulled it as hard as she could. Now she was able to turn around and look at herself in the mirror.

She saw a young lady with both her hands behind her back (holding the second jean leg), with her legs tightly bound by the first jean leg. The vision was very erotic. Patty wanted to touch herself, but she dare not release the jean leg that went over the bar. She had never been tied up before, but for some weird reason, she found that this vision was highly exciting and sensual. She stared at herself for some time.

This game quickly escalated. She hopped down and pulled off the jean leg. It was a struggle to pull it off, and it pulled down her panties as she pushed out of it. She sat there a moment and decided that being nude was the right idea. She pulled her panties off and shucked her T-shirt. She walked out to her father’s bedroom and grabbed one of his belts. She was going to make that mental picture she had very real in a few moments.

Once again she pulled on the jean leg, with the second leg facing to the rear. It went up to the bottom of her now naked butt. She hopped up on the footstool again, and pulled the loose second leg over the bar. She knotted the leg around the bar so it would not slip. She hung the belt over the bar, uncertain of what she would do with it. She turned around to look at herself again. This time steadied by the knotted jean leg, she could run her hands over her body while watching the action.

To Patty, the girl in the mirror was somebody else. Somebody very erogenous. Somebody who had no inhibitions, hanging there naked. The jean leg covered her legs and made her look like she was just a body hanging there. She moved her arms around behind her back. Now she looked even more like some strange statue with no legs and no arms. Just a sensual body. Patty began to wiggle and gently undulate, pretending to fuck, at least how she thought people fucked. Her lips were slightly parted and she could see this wonderfully erotic girl in the mirror. She was fascinated by this vision.

When she bent her knees, she was surprised that instead of lowering herself, she just hung off the bar. The knotted jean leg held her perfectly, squeezing her legs even more. This gave her an idea. She kicked the footstool out from underneath her feet and just hung in the air. She pulled her arms as far behind her back as she could, and twisted and writhed in her jean cocoon.

Lust & Belts

In her lust she decided to really tie herself up. She reached up and grabbed the belt, looping three times and buckling it closed. She slipped her hand into the belt and placed it behind her back. She tried to push the other hand into the belt but found it was too tight. She hung there with just her fingers of the second hand held next to her other wrist. Still watching herself in the mirror, she could feel that she could slide her fingers, and then her whole hand into one of the belt loops. It slid up her arm. Then she slipped her hand through the second and finally the third loop.

The belt pulled her arms tightly behind her back and the unexpected helplessness just about overwhelmed Patty. She moaned out loud. She immediately tried to pull her arms back out of the belt, but found it would not allow her to. It was too tight.

She broke into a sweat, but something in her brain kept her from panicking. It was that girl in the mirror. She looked so aroused and sexy. So helpless and sexy, hanging on the wall naked. Patty began again to thrash and wiggle erotically in her suspension, moving slowly, feeling each pose. Watching the sexy girl in the mirror. She ignored the future problem of getting out of her predicament. She reveled in her helplessness, pushing her hands outward, feeling the restraint of the leather belt on her wrists and forearms.

After about 20 minutes of this erotic dance, she decided that she needed to get down and really began to concentrate on getting out of her wrappings. She was scared she would be discovered, and she wanted to get some relief from the stimulation. She really needed to touch herself, something she had made difficult by binding her hands behind her back. She pulled and twisted her hands to no avail. They would not come out of the belt. No matter how hard she pulled on her arms, the belt would not release her hands. After a while she just hung there, head down in defeat. That too felt so erotic.

“This is what I get for doing this. I knew I shouldn’t have done this, and now I will just hang here until my dad gets home. I am truly fucked…. And not in the way I want” she said out loud, “I am so fucked!”

She began to relax in her defeated stage. She thought about the situation and recalled that she had pushed her hand through the belt loops one at a time. She began to fiddle with the belt using her fingers, and positioned one loop at the edge of her wrist. She carefully pulled her one hand through. It worked, and with one loop off, the belt fell away, and she was quickly free, of the belt at least.

With her hands free she began to run them over her body. Within 5 minutes she had them pushed into her crotch, slowly bringing herself to climax. It was difficult because her legs were still squished together, but she could rub the clitoris, and soon brought herself to roaring orgasm.

That felt good, but now she needed to get out of the jeans. The footstool was well out of reach, and the knotted leg was held tightly by her weight, and was also well secured by what had been almost an hour of struggling. Patty could twist around and see it, but she could not loosen the knot.

“No problem” she said, once again talking to herself, “I will just flip upside down and fall out of the jeans”

Patty found that her weight was mostly below the knot, so she had difficulty in executing the flip. She had to curl up her legs as much as possible. The Jean leg was holding her legs very tightly and made it hard to bend her legs. She twisted her upper body to the right and began to use her hands to pull herself down, pushing against the bar. Eventually she got past dead-center and swung around.

She didn’t just slide out. The jeans gripped her upper thighs and trapped into an inverted suspension. This did cause her to panic a little, however, her hands could touch the floor. She looked across the room and saw this strange sight in the mirror. The exotic lady in the mirror was now upside down and looked completely helpless, her naked body hung down from the jeans. The body of the inverted woman looked very sexy in Patty’s eyes.

Patty started to move her hips back and forth in a sexy manner. Suddenly the jeans let go. Luckily, she still had her arms down and was able to catch herself before she banged her head hard. Her shoulders did hit the tile floor hard, as she crunched to protect her head. She landed hard, and her head banged into the tipped over footstool.

“Ouch. That sucked!” Patty said out loud as she rubbed her head. “Well, no blood” as she looked at her hand after rubbing her scalp. She got up and quickly unknotted the jeans. Without her weight pulling the knot tight, her fingers got the leg unwrapped in no time.

Regardless of the lumps she took getting out, the blue jean suspension and belt restraint was exciting. It was something she did every time she visited her dad. Her parents were divorced and they shared custody. When visiting her dad during that summer, she would wait for him to go to work and sneak into his bedroom. She would repeat the same activity with great satisfaction each time. She got much better at the escape and did not bang her head or shoulders again.

When school started in the fall, she could only visit her dad on the weekends. On weekends, he put forth an effort to do something with her all the time. She thought this was fine but it did cut out the little “single leg jeans” activity that she would do during the summer. Her dad seemed to have a problem with his blue jeans stretching out of shape, and the zippers working poorly. He would complain to Patty about how poor the quality of things were these days. Patty just smiled and nodded.

The Leg Cocoon Revisited

Rolling forward to the current situation, Patty found there was one mirror in the electronics plant. It was to help forklift drivers negotiate a blind corner. Patty realized that if you stood directly in front of this mirror, there was a support pole right in line. She backed up against the pole and could see her whole body in the reflection. She had a sudden flash back to those summer days in her dad’s bathroom. She began to work on a plan to repeat the experience.

Patty found a metal footstool in the janitor’s closet. She had the vinyl tape. She was ready to experiment. At first, she kept her uniform on. She stood on the footstool. And wrapped a piece of tape around a box cutter, fastening it to the pole just above her head, within reach. Now she turned around and started to wrap the tape around her legs. Right away she found a problem. If she wrapped her ankles first, she could not keep her balance. If she wrapped her thighs first, she couldn’t easily reach her ankles to wrap the tape around both ankles and the pole.

“Alright, I will do this in two steps” she thought, “I stuck my legs into the blue jean leg first, then I suspended myself. I will do this tape the same way”.

Patty sat down on the footstool and wrapped her legs from ankle to thigh. Then she hopped up on the footstool. She now wrapped her upper legs to the pole, just to see what it would feel like. She kicked away the footstool and was once again suspended against the pole. It felt great. She looked in the mirror and saw a security guard strangely fastened to the pole with black tape. It made her laugh a bit out loud. It felt good to be suspended this way, but the look wasn’t there, at least, not yet.

She reached above her head and pulled off the box cutter. She sliced through the tape holding her to the pole and was able to release herself easily. She was pleased, but she knew she had to go further.

The idea of stripping her clothes off and being naked in this factory seemed all wrong to her. She had to think about this a while. She spent the rest of that shift imagining how she might do it, how it would feel and what the repercussions would be if she were caught. The pole was in a remote corner of the plant, so it was unlikely any casual visiting employee would even bother coming back there. Still, this represented a considerable risk in her mind. It did occur to her that the possibility of being caught was part of the excitement she felt back in her dad’s bedroom.

“Well” she mused, “Suddenly this place is not nearly as boring as it had been. I guess all that was needed was some imagination”

She fingered the handcuffs she wore in that little pouch on her belt. They might play the role of her father’s belt, and restrain her hands behind the pole. The key was always in her pocket. She also realized that her thighs were now larger than when she was a girl. Reaching all the important places with her legs tied together had become… well, more difficult. She needed to think this through.

Patty Polarized – Early Attempts

She thought her solutions were ingenious. She worked through every issue and the result would be a very sexy suspension. She could hardly wait for the weekend. She had to wait because during the week she sometimes had people coming into the plant for legitimate reasons. Nobody ever came into the building on Saturday night or Sunday morning. That would be her playtime. The anticipation was delicious. She could hardly wait for Saturday night.

She napped Saturday afternoon so she was nice and fresh for her night shift. She was pulling a double shift this weekend, so that was even better. Patty purchased a small ball-chain to put her handcuff key on. It was one of those small pull chains used for overhead lights and fans. She threaded the chain through the handcuff links and clipped it shut. Losing the key would be disastrous. She also found a electrician’s cart used for picking material out of the warehouse. It was about 30” high with solid construction and large casters. This would be her “launch platform”.

She did play with the handcuffs through the week, practicing cuffing, and then releasing herself. This brought a whole new level of excitement to her workday. She would walk her rounds with her hands cuffed behind her back, and the key dangling off the handcuff links. It seemed terribly daring and sexy to her. She could fish the key up into her hands when she wanted to be free, but the whole idea of being handcuffed was stimulating.

Once, very late one night she walked back to the back end of the building where the pole and mirror were located. She undressed completely, just to see what it would be like. Standing there naked seemed so strange in this big factory. She looked at herself in the mirror and was fascinated by what she saw. This naked wisp of a girl standing in this industrial setting. She walked over to the pole, placed her hands behind it and clicked the cuffs closed. The effect was electrifying to her. Handcuffed naked, in this empty area of the factory.

Patty began to pull and struggle against the handcuffs, all the while watching the girl in the mirror.

“Holy fuck this is so… so exhilarating!” she thought. Her rational brain was trying to break through but the sensual side of her was just getting the better of her.

“Shit, I need to be fucked like this”, she almost moaned in excitement.

A sly smile crossed Patty’s face. She spread her legs, and stood up on her toes. She leaned over as far as the cuff would allow her arms to go and arched her back. This pressed her pussy against the pole. She could feel how wet she was as she began to rub up and down the pole. It wasn’t perfect stimulation, but it was working. With her high level of arousal, Patty was able to get off pretty quickly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh!” With no one there to hear her, she came yelling and grunting.

The intensity of her climax surprised Patty. Her legs were shaking and she felt like her skin was hot as hell. She dropped to her knees, still handcuffed to the pole. She looked across the aisle at the woman in the mirror who was on her knees, naked and consumed by her passion.

“Jesus girl” she muttered to herself “I’m not sure you can handle this stuff”

The woman in the mirror had the most wonton look on her face. Patty knew it was herself, but she had never seen the facial expressions on that image before. Chest heaving, hair partially out of its bun, and skin flushing. Arms pulled behind her back. Of course, she had never really looked in herself post-coital, but she was fascinated now.

“So that’s my O-face?” she spoke out loud

Patty sat down on her heels, and waiting a long time before she fished the key into her hands and released herself from the pole. She liked the look of her legs bent and it felt even more… submissive. That was it! She realized that she liked looking …change that …she liked being submissive.


This was it. The very next Saturday she decided to go all the way with her self-administered self-submission. It was just past midnight when she walked through the plant. The day had been warm, but the night had cooled off and it had started to rain. The only sound was her footsteps, and the gentle drumming of rain on the metal roof. The air smelled wet. Patty had butterflies in her stomach and she was jumpy as all hell.

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this. It’s all wrong” she worked hard to change her own mind. She tried to stop, but something seemed to drive her forward. She had a fresh roll of the vinyl tape and a box cutter knife in her hands.

“I just can’t help it. I can’t resist” Patty thought to herself. Somehow, knowing it was wrong, knowing she shouldn’t do this, yet being unable to stop herself, seemed to ratchet up her arousal. She was forced to be submissive. Forced to do these things. She wasn’t in control.

She arrived at her favorite pole too soon. She wasn’t mentally prepared to do this. She set the tape and box cutter down next to the pole. She walked around the area, aimlessly, trying to build up her courage. She spotted the electrician’s cart sitting in the area. Someone had been doing some wiring in the area and he left his cart. It had wheels and a soft pad on the top. Patty’s idea involved using this cart.

“I wanted to do something with the kneeling position. Well… Maybe I can use this” Patty dropped into a problem solving mode. The whole idea of tying herself up seemed like it was just a big problem she needed to solve. “Besides, this will give me more time to get my nerve up”.

She rolled the cart over to the pole and climbed up on it, experimenting to see how she could use this new toy. She knelt on the top of the cart and put her back against the pole, wrapping her hands behind the hard steel pole. Then she got up on her knees, walking her legs backward until her feet were on either side of the pole. This caused her to shiver slightly. The excitement was building.

“Oh fuck” Patty thought to herself, “This is going to be great!” She had figured out how to do this! She put her handcuffs (with key still attached to the little chain), the roll of tape, and the box cutter on the cart. She needed one other item. A stick. She found a yard stick near the dock – perfect!

Before her doubts and common sense could get the better of her, she jumped off the cart and started to undress. Soon Patty stood next to the cart without a stitch of clothing on. She had neatly folded it and put it under the cart. Again she climbed up on the cart.

Patty carefully wrapped each leg in a chicken wing position, forcing heel up against her butt. Now she backed up to the pole and pushed up on her knees. She positioned her feet to either side of the pole. She began to wrap the tape around her legs and the pole. She found she had to first wrap her waist to the pole to steady herself. Then her legs. Soon she was well spread and tightly fastened to the pole. While she was doing this, Patty had placed the yard stick against her belly. She wanted to be able to reach it later.

Patty thought about just pushing the cart off, but she felt too top-heavy. Without the support of the electrician’s cart, she would tip forward. The idea hit her that she should just continue to wrap herself to the pole. Just to be sure she could reach them, Patty locked the cuffs on her left wrist. Then she wrapped the tape around her chest, above and below her breasts, each wrap going around the pole. Soon she was black taped from knees to neck, with just her white pussy and her white breasts showing.

“Oh my!” Patty gasped when she looked in the mirror. She thought she looked very odd in the mirror, like something other than what she had imagined. Something that was nothing but sex. In fact it was only her most intimate parts that were on display. Her breasts looked so white and soft contrasting against the black shiny tape.

She had pretty well consumed the entire roll of the tape. There was just enough left to fasten the cutter to the pole. Patty reached up high above her head and slipped a wrap of tape around the knife, holding it to the pole, within reach.

“Here we go” she said to herself as she reached around behind the pole and started to handcuff herself. She stopped just in time. “Dammit girl! You would lose your head if it weren’t attached to your neck”

Patty reached down and grabbed the yard stick. She used it to push the cart away from the pole. She gave it a really good shove and the cart rolled 15 feet away from the now suspended girl. The black vinyl tape squeezed her legs and chest tightly, but comfortably. She had done it. A perfect suspension. She had taped herself to the pole and it felt wonderful!

Now she slipped her hands behind the pole and locked the cuff on her other wrist. She tightened the cuffs so that her wrists were comfortable, but very secure. She touched the chain with the key, just to be sure it was still there.

It was still attached to the cuffs. Now she began to focus on her predicament. She was tightly wrapped to the pole naked and helpless. Just what she wanted.

Patty thrashed and moaned for almost an hour, hanging off the pole in her cocoon. Yes, she wanted to get off, but she also liked the build up to climax. Besides, it had taken so long just to get to this position, she was determined to enjoy her bondage for a while. She decided to stay there a bit longer.

She hung in her bondage for a long time, letting the nothingness flow though her and around her. It just felt so good to experience that same helpless sensation she had discovered so long ago with her father’s jeans. It was relaxing to just give into the feelings and emotions of being helpless.

After a couple more hours she began to think that she had better get out of her restraints. It was getting toward morning and she had built a head of steam that was almost impossible to control. She fished up the key from her handcuffs and unlocked her hands. They flew around to her crotch and she brought herself off with a deep guttural scream.

She hated to cut herself out of the tape cocoon she had created, but knew she had to do it. She went home that day so satisfied, and so tired that she just climbed into the tub and took a hot bath for what seemed forever. She laid down and took a long nap to regenerate. Then she started to plan for the next Saturday.

Personal Personnel

The lady who had interviewed Patty when she was hired had run into a problem within the executive levels of her organization. She fervently believed in having human beings guarding the factory. Her executive leader did not. The company president wanted to automate with a camera system. They clashed badly about the best way to protect the building after hours.

The argument had gotten out of hand, and the executive had reacted with some anger and spite. He demanded the lady lead the camera security project, reporting weekly to the executive on her progress. He seemed to revel in shoving her face in it. It was a major slap in the face to the Personnel lady, but she saluted and went about the business of replacing her security force with cameras. Shortly afterward she updated her resume.

The camera project was coming along nicely. Each morning the lady would review the camera footage as a test. That was when she saw something interesting. She was looking at the recording from the newly installed camera at the back of the building when a naked form appeared. She stopped her fast forwarding of the tape.

She backed up the tape and watched with some fascination. You see, the personnel lady swung both ways, and often enjoyed the company of younger women. Watching Patty was riveting. She watched her experiment with various forms of bondage and quickly hid the tape. It went home with her in her briefcase. She substituted another tape in its place. She also issued orders that only she could review the videos for “security reasons”. She also told the installer that some of the cameras were not working correctly (she put this in writing).

The installer went back and checked everything and made sure everything was working correctly. However, the lady still reported to the executive that the cameras were not working correctly and the guards could not be fired yet. This went on for 2 more weeks. Each Saturday the lady took the tape and substituted another tape with nothing on it. It was puzzling to the installer, and irritating to the executive, but the lady had a scam going now.

The executive finally had enough and ordered the firing of the security guards and the switch over to the cameras, regardless of the functional capability of the cameras. The lady again protested, in a letter, to the executive about the dangers of relying on just the cameras. The executive didn’t care. That day the lady placed a small piece of tin foil from a gum wrapper in the video cable connector for the camera at the back of the plant. She made sure there were no fingerprints on the sabotage. She would remove the foil the next morning.

The Gruesome End

Every Saturday since, Patty played her little bondage game. Each time she went a little longer, enjoying the hell out of being bound to that post. However, all good things must end. It was her last Saturday. Monday they would switch to an automated security system, and she would be let go. The personnel lady had told her Friday that the end had come.

“Oh well” she mused, “I will just have to make do somewhere else”. That Saturday, just for future adventures, Patty took a case of the black tape rolls out to her car, and stuck them in her trunk. They were covered by her jacket so nobody would be the wiser. Later she repeated the action, just to be sure she had enough tape.

Patty pulled the night shift both Saturday and Sunday. Of course she intended to play her little game each night. When Sunday arrived, Patty knew this would be her last time hanging on her favorite pole. For whatever reason, it did not dawn on her that the cameras would now be operational. In her mind, that would not start until Monday morning.

It was late in her shift when she pulled the electrician’s cart over to the pole, stripped down to her birthday suit and started to wrap her little body into its black cocoon. When she finished, she could see in the mirror that naked girl with the black wrapped legs and torso, her pussy and her larger breasts showing as a ridiculous contrast to the black pole and black tape. She locked the handcuffs on and for the last time, began her journey into subspace on the night shift.

The area behind the pole was dark and there were some boxes on pallets piled up. They had been there for some time. Looking in the mirror, she was concentrating on her own image. She did not see the black clothed figure until it was too late. She felt a tug on the handcuffs as the key was pulled off the chain. For just a moment, she thought she was still alone and something strange had just happened. As she felt for the key, somebody reached up and began to wrap more black tape around her head. She couldn’t see!

“Stop! Stop! Wait! Don’t do this!” She yelled in panic. It was too late. Someone had wrapped the black tape around her head tightly, covering her eyes and pinning her head to the pole. The mysterious someone grabbed her left nipple and yanked hard. She yelled, and a rag was stuffed into her mouth. Whoever was doing it pushed the rag in so far that it filled her mouth. She felt the black tape wrapping around her mouth and chin, also pinning her head to the pole. Now the wrap was put around her throat. She panicked a little, but the wrapping were not pulled too tightly here.

Patty tried to speak but all that came out was muffled noise. She could feel the stranger push ear protectors into her ears, under the wraps. The world started to collapse to just what was in her mind. She couldn’t hear, see or speak. The head wrapping were tight and held her rigidly to the pole.

Now she could feel the wrapping being placed around her wrists. She realized that the mystery person was wrapping her arms all the way up to her shoulders, then coming back down going completely around her torso and the pole. This pinned her arms tightly to the back of the pole. The stranger removed Patty’s handcuffs. Soon she was covered in black tape, just a pair of tits and a pussy hanging on the pole. She was “Patty Pole”.

Patty found her thoughts confused. She was scared that this person would harm her. Fear rose in her belly. She didn’t want to die, or for that matter, she didn’t want to be hurt in any way. On the other hand, the helplessness was weirdly thrilling. Whoever tied her up was now wiping her whole cocoon with some sort of cleaner. Soon she felt someone rubbing her breasts, licking and pinching her nipples. She moaned. She could not resist in any way. Her self-bondage, plus what the stranger had done made sure of that.

The stranger began to massage her most private areas, almost getting Patty off, then stopping. The stranger did this multiple times until Patty was so horny that she was about to cry. Then she heard a slight buzzing.

“What is that?” she thought. Soon enough she felt the vibrating intruder enter her vagina. If you could have seen them, her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she roared into multiple climaxes. All she could do was grunt and groan through the gag, and slightly shake in her bindings.

Too soon things were quiet again. She could hear something in the background, maybe someone moving around. Then it started again. The stranger was welding the vibrator with some skill. This time she climaxed even more violently. The helplessness was really working on her libido. She went completely out of control, lusting for even more stimulation. However, all too soon the building grew quiet, and the stranger did not return.

Patty simply hung there, still in heat, but near exhaustion. She heard the big shipping doors open, and she could hear voices. Soon she heard laughter.

“Why not?” she heard, “Okay Miss Pole, we can do what you want”

It wasn’t long before she felt someone rubbing her pussy and her tits. There were multiple hands this time, more than one person. Soon someone was fucking her. She could tell it was a real dick. Then another and another. She seemed to climax with each new intruder, moaning and grunting.

It was no use objecting. How could she? She didn’t even know that someone had placed a sign on the pole above her head:

“I was fired Friday. As my last hurrah, I tied myself up and want to fuck as many of you sons-of-bitches as are man-enough to drop your pants at work. Come and get it. I never get enough, but cut me down when you’ve had enough”, Signed, “Patty Pole”

Patty was fucked all morning by various workers and visiting truckers. They all had a great time until one decided she had enough and removed the gag, using the knife taped next to the sign.

Patty gasped, “Oh thank you. Please cut me down”.

It was then that many of the dock workers realized that maybe this was not intentional on her part. They scattered like birds when a cat leaps into the pile. There were lots of sweaty foreheads and dry mouths as they all considered the potential of being prosecuted for rape.


Patty did not pursue any of the men for rape. The police wanted to get them, but Patty redirected the effort toward the mysterious stranger that tied her up in those early hours of the morning. She never admitted to her part in the assault. Unfortunately there were no fingerprints (not even Patty’s) and no video record of who might be the assailant. The sign asking men to fuck Patty was printed by a computer somewhere, but any leads dried up soon after.

Patty suspected the assailant might have been female, but she was never certain. To this day the crime remains unsolved.

Somehow the press got wind that the company president had ordered the replacement of live guards with a faulty video system just before the assault. He was crucified in the news as being partially or maybe fully at fault for Patty’s assault – not that it made sense. Eventually he resigned and the women who ran HR, Joan Rodrigues, was asked to step in temporarily. She was surprisingly competent and kept the job for some time.

Patty did not admit it to anyone, but the whole experience had been scary and hot. She relished the rough fucking she got while helpless. It was not an experience she would ever want to repeat, never the less, she found it scratched a deep seated itch.

The best news was that the company offered Patty a substantial settlement, and that was made better by Patty’s lawyer. Patty walked away (a bit bow-legged) from this job substantially more wealthy than she ever imagined. Now she could buy all the packing tape and handcuffs she wanted, and maybe even a pair of over-sized jeans.

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