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Paula In Chains

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2012 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; cuffs; chains; hood; gag; toys; stuck; discovered; F/f; cons/reluct; X

Paula’s desires for bondage came from her childhood, but now in an act of self bondage, not only does she reveal her hidden secrets, but is forced to endure further bondage torment from her friend Jane, who found her in her bonds. 


Now all through my childhood watching the reruns on TV, I have been fascinated about the heroines always getting tied up and gagged and saved by the hero at the last minute, usually from a fate worse than death. Okay, it usually was death, but sometimes the endings went along the lines of being sold to Arab sheiks for their harems; or kidnapped and taken to be the concubine of some evil despot; or the cowboy saving the heroine from the Indians who were riding off with her.

Now as I got older, I still loved watching these shows, but with a more critical eye. The ropes seemed to be tied okay, but then the villains stupidly stuck a single strip of tape over the damsels’ mouth to gag her, or more often than not, a handkerchief tied as an over the mouth gag. It would have taken me about a minute to blow my cheeks together and rub them off.

The good thing was that as a young child growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, the damsels and sometimes a hunky guy would be trussed up and gagged. Usually with a bit of mouth packing or a knotted handkerchief or bandanna that was forced between their teeth to keep them quiet. To my now critical eye this was much better than the 50s and 60s TV, as the bondage was much more realistic. I would never say the shows were better though as I will always prefer a dark Noir plot that was the TV in the 50s and 60s, but hey I am just telling you how I came to get a feel for bondage.

Now kids being kids we went out to play all hours of the day. Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, and all those sorts of games were the order of the day. Going out and playing with boys, and boys being boys; us girls more often than not, had to be the robbers or the Indians and were always captured, or caught. Then the boys would take out toy handcuffs or bits of string and ties us up. Well the string could have been a bit of a handful as there were so many tiny knots, but it was easily broken, and the handcuffs always had a push button release to get out of. Getting away was usually quite easy, and so the games continued like that for a while.

When some bright spark brought a length of clothes line into the game when I was 12 or 13, that's when I got my first initiation of being tied up properly.  He tied me to a tree, and was wrapping the rope around my body with my hands down by my sides, when I remarked I would easily get out of it the way he was tying me. So he pulled my arms around behind my back and the tree also, and then tied me up. He used the entire length of the line around my chest and developing breasts, and round and down to my knees, and then left me tied there. Then as boys will be boys, they got bored and went off to play some other game forgetting about me and I was left tied to this tree for ages.

At first it was a game and you struggle to get free. Then you get frustrated and get angry and shout and swear, then after a while you get all tearful at being stuck there. Then I guess you resign yourself to fate and just accept you are a prisoner with no escape. Now while the game was played I enjoyed the rubbing rope over my breasts and my nipples became quite hard and sensitive. I also felt the first stirrings of lust in my loins.  

When I was eventually let go I went home and touched myself remembering the feelings of being tied up and that's when I can say I had my first orgasm. Mum eventually found out all the rough boys were tying the girls up and went mad at us, while Dad just shook his head and laughed when he found I was tied to the tree most of the day.

Then it was dares with my sisters about who could escape before that too became distracted with boys with cars and going out with them. Self bondage occurred when I tied myself up and gagged myself but it was always unsatisfactory as I could always get out. I couldn't fathom a way of tying my hands behind my back like the boys did, and those toy handcuffs were growing to small too use. A coiled loop was the best I could muster at the time and twisting my hand in one direction over the other to tighten it. 

Then through my teens and early twenties I eventually had the freedom and money to buy a proper set of handcuffs, and that's when the adventures really began. I was going out with guys and sometimes they would tie me to the bed and "take me", like I wanted, but mostly they were uncomfortable with this. It was blowjob rewards that persuaded them, but I guess what I needed was that tied up helplessness from my childhood. The guys were always concerned they were tying me too tight or were hurting me when I was groaning in pleasure.

This led me back to pursue the self bondage route. Now with the Internet and a keen bondage mind willing to learn new tricks, my collection of bondage gear increased from that first pair of cuffs, to several pairs of handcuffs, various sized ball gags, a harness ball gag, a couple of hoods, several straps, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and several lengths of chain with assortments of differing sized padlocks. I learnt to make some leg spreader bars out of eye screws and sawed to size broom handles, which I painted the obvious dungeon black. I had made several sizes of spreader bar, one very large, about four and a half foot in length, a few about two foot in length, right down to tiny ones I could use as a wooden bit gags.  I even had a chastity belt, not that I needed it as I was between boyfriends more often than not. Of course the obvious thing to do was to insert a vibrating egg or bullet on variable pulse mode and wear the chastity belt though the bondage. My collection of sex toys grew at the same rate as the bondage toys. I kept all of these goodies in a large suitcase tucked under the bed.

I had also adapted the apartment a little to accommodate my bondage ideas. I drilled holes in the wall for picture hooks, but behind these pictures was always an eye screw I could tie a rope or padlock a cuff to. The bed was brass framed so ropes or cuffs could easily be tied to the head or foot boards, if I felt like a spread-eagle bed tie. There were so many possible ways to be tied, and I wanted to try them all.

Well they always say when you practise self bondage you should always be safe and have plenty of backup escape plans just in case. I had started using balloons in the room with the key inside. Cuffed and chained and blindfolded it was novel at first finding the balloon with the key and popping it to gain release. These short time games also left me unfulfilled. So thanks to the Internet again, I learnt of the ice method of release. Freezing the key or freezing string and the key so the ice melts and the key eventually drops to the floor or a waiting hand, would allow me to be free, but keep me suitably tied for the time it would take the ice to melt. This was much more suitable for my wants and needs. But you should always have a person on hand just in case you do get into difficulties. It’s always better to be really embarrassed but alive, than being dead. So that's what I did, and part of the reason my secret bondage lifestyle got found out.

I had left work at lunch after clearing my desk. I couldn't see the point of making myself try to look busy for the office when it wasn't the case. I Okayed it with my boss and he told me to get out of there and have fun for the weekend. It’s great having a boss that acknowledges that when the push comes to shove, you stay and help out, and when there is a slack period he doesn't mind us slinking off.

Getting home just after 2pm I was wondering what I should do with myself when kicking my shoes off in the bedroom I kicked them against the suitcase with all my gear in. Well I hadn't played for a while and it seemed like a good omen to do so.

I went off for a quick shower to freshen up and to use the toilet. I didn't want any nasty accidents to happen while I was tied up. Now, what position, and what to wear. I hadn't done a standing spread-eagle tie for ages so decided on this. Normally I am naked when I tie myself up but as I had the afternoon off and there was lots of time to play, I decided I would wear my black waist cinch corset, which stopped just under my breasts, but would also push them up and enhance them. It would make my breathing a little shallower as it was constricting on my lower ribcage, but I was used to this sort of bondage. I also put on my black calf length stiletto boots. I wanted a bit of height to reach the eye screws to padlock my wrists to, and standing awkwardly in these boots in the same position would also torture my feet a little. I would need every little distraction, as I would be using a very powerful vibrator too.

I took out my Hitachi Magic Wand. It is the most powerful vibrator I own and I have a little trick where I had purchased a timer that would turn it on for 15 minutes and then turn off for 15 minutes on a cycle. 15 minutes is much too long for this vibrator and I am always left gasping and weak legged after its use. I never use the full power button either as I think I would pass out from it assaulting my clit for that length of time.

But hell I had the afternoon off and an assault on my senses was long over due, so I picked up a vibrating egg and popped it into my already wet fanny. I had a small length of rope I use as a crotch rope, so I double looped it around my waist and passed the free ends between my thighs and labia lips to hold the egg inside me, and tied the crotch rope tightly at my back. I also took out of the suitcase the harness for the Magic Wand. I strapped the belt around my waist and dropped the bulbous head of the wand into its holder on the belt. I lubricated the bulb with KY gel and positioned the head of the wand against my pussy positioning it slightly off centre of my clitoris and then fed the loop through my legs and strapped the belt tight so no amount of struggling would dislodge the wand from my sweet spot. I tucked the Egg control into the belt along with the wands power lead.  

I picked up the timer, a two foot long spreader bar with leather cuffs attached, two small lengths of chain and four more padlocks that all use the same key and two leather wrist cuffs and my leather hood and walked out into the hallway and dumped them on the floor beside the bookcase. Now I am lucky enough to have a bit of a larger hall than most people and to fill the space I bought a nice battered old bookcase I saw in a flea market. It’s been used many times to hold the ice for the ties I do in my hallway. I took two pictures down and placed them resting against the bookcase. With out the pictures on the wall you could see the eye screws I had put there. The eye screws are positioned four feet apart and six foot from the floor. Little old me, being only five foot four inches tall had get an old boyfriend to give me a hand. As soon as he went I removed the screws he had put into the wall with the eye screws. 

I put on my wrist cuffs and placed the keys locking the cuffs to my wrist on a shelf on the bookcase, and then picked up the hood. I semi pulled off the blindfold section. The hood has removable gag and blindfold which attach by popper studs. So leaving the leather blindfold dandling from the side of the hood I positioned the ball of the gag in my mouth and moved the small breathing holes in front of my nostrils and I tightly laced up the hood.  

I walked to the freezer and took out the string I had frozen in the ice tray. I say string but it was really two short pieces about two inches long. I also picked out a small bowl placing a small sponge in it which would absorb the drips and prevent water splashing all over my hallway floor, and then walked back into the hallway.

I tied all the keys I was using to a length of string and tied this string to the eye screw closest the bookshelf. The end with the keys I tied to one end of the frozen string and the other end of the frozen string I pinned to the top of the bookcase using a drawing pin. When the ice melts, the weight of the keys would drop and I would feel the keys swing to the floor brushing my hand as the signal for me to try to get loose.  

All that was left for me to do was text my friend Jane I had the afternoon off and to come over about 6 pm so we could go to dinner and a bar. I told her to let herself in case I was tied up with something or in the shower. I smiled at my little pun when I pushed the send button.

I pushed the timer into the wall socket and plugged the wand into the timer. Using a chair I padlocked the two small lengths of chain to the eye screws. Then I dropped to my knees and padlocked the spreader bar to my legs and then tottered over the wall with the small chains. I pushed the chains through the D ring of my leather cuff and padlocked my left wrist to the chain dangling down the wall. I turned on the vibrating egg to a variable pulse, pushed the wand button on and snapped the blindfold over my eyes leaving me in the dark. It was tricky with just one hand to loop the chain through the d ring on my right wrist cuff but eventually I snapped the padlock shut on the chain and was effectively trapped until the ice melted.

The spreader bar was wide enough to keep me tottering about in my heeled boots and the egg was humming away nicely in my vagina. The corset was snug and the ball gag a good fit and not making my jaw ache. All in all I was having a great time dreaming about being some slave girl trussed up to the dungeon wall waiting for the jailer to come, or the dark Arab sheik coming to take me to the harem and deflower me.

Then my concentration was broken with a jolt. A jolt between my thighs, to be exact. The timer for the wand had started and was assaulting my sex with no let up.  I tried to buck the wand from my pussy but the harness held it firmly against me. My initial screech into the gag had in seconds, turned to moaning pants and gasps. When the wave of orgasm crashed over me I was literally shouting into the gag. The reason I had chosen the hood for this escapade rather than a ball gag and blindfold was the hood would muffle more of the sound of my crying orgasms.

After an eternity the wand stopped, leaving me a dishevelled panting wreck, but the egg was still working its evil attack on my sex and another orgasm hit me.  I tried to distract myself by pulling on the chains. I knew this was hopeless as only the key would unlock the padlocks. I resorted to digging my nails into my palms and to stand in a more awkward position, but the spreader bar just kept me tottering slightly off balance. Then another bout from the wand kicked in. I cried out at the attack on my engorged clitoris. Women are sensitive to the touch after an orgasm, but the spreader bar keeping me from closing my legs and the harness holding the wand to me was horrible torture. I was crying out in pain and pleasure as the orgasms kept coming. I was crying, panting, shouting, cursing at myself, bucking the harness with my hips, as my knees weakened and I slid down the wall and hanging from my wrists. After a while I managed to drag myself back up into a standing position.

My shoulders were on fire from being spread-eagled and then hanging by my wrists. I needed the pain in my body. I wanted more pain in my body. I would have done anything just to make the wand stop. After the wand attacked my crotch for the third time I was almost crying from the pain and pleasure. As the wand assaulted my sex I slipped down the wall trying to shut my knees and was left panting in a hanging heap when the wand stopped. I just hung limply from the wall, not caring about the pain in my wrists. I was exhausted now and with a conscious effort I managed to get to a standing position, when I thought I heard a faint noise, but as the wand came on and I cried out again from the orgasms that seemed to roll continuously over me now.

Why hadn't the key fallen it was an hour now. I was never tied long enough for the wand to kick in for the third time. Between whimpering and shouting continuously through the orgasms to follow, I knew I was in serious trouble and had to get out. Thrashing around in my darkened world just this side of hysterical I had to calm down. Panicking when you are trussed up like a chicken always got you into more trouble. I tried to breathe deeply. I needed to think thoughts of escape rather than Cumming. I stretched out for the eye screw to feel for the string, and that's when I noticed it was dangling loosely. There was no weight of the key on the end. I was so dejected I slumped down the wall again with an anguished cry. 

That was when I felt the pull of the blindfold and the popper-studs. Light flooded into my hood and I blinked away the darkness, to see Jane standing before me. She pulled on the gag popper-studs released the ball in my mouth and drool flowed over her fingers and down my chin. Dazed I asked her what was she doing here this early, and her reply was she just decided to come over early as she hadn't anything on that afternoon. I felt the burning sting of humiliation in my cheeks being found by her. I was also a little angry. I looked to see why the keys hadn't dropped to my hands, when she held them up in front of my nose with a pair of nail scissors which I guess she carried around in her handbag.  

"You weren't kidding about "being tied up" or something were you?" she grinned. "When I was outside the door I thought you were being murdered with all the noise you were making so I let myself in. When I saw you, Paula I thought someone had broken in and chained you to the wall. Then I looked again and saw the vibrator, and then I found the ice with the key. I assumed you did this yourself."

I nodded sheepishly.

"So you like bondage then, do you? Well that's silly. You must do, if you tied yourself up. I've only been tied up once by a boy to have sex. So how long have you been into this shit then?"    

I recounted my youth and the TV shows and how I was turned on by it ever since. Jane kept up the questions. What it was like to have orgasms forced on you? How often I did it? What did I use? I told her about the suitcase under the bed. Like a child rushing to open a Christmas present she dashed off to the bedroom bringing the suitcase back into the hall. She sat on the floor going though the coils of rope and chain, the straps, the gags, she looked puzzled by the harness gag and I had to guide her how it was put on. She fingered the handcuffs lost in thought for a minute, then made a suggestion that stunned me. 

"Let’s not go out tonight. I'll go home and get a few bits and a change of clothes and I'll bring a Pizza back. Then you can show me how all this stuff works. Take it in turns."  

My jaw dropped and all I could do was nod and say "Can you let me go now please I've been standing like this over an hour."

"I'll let you go, as long as you let me tie you up first." I nodded again and Jane unlocked the padlocks and my wrists drooped to my sides. She knelt and unlocked the spreader bar and I slipped down the wall in relief. That’s when she padlocked the D rings of my ankles together. 

"I didn’t know you meant right now." I protested, but she mumbled something about no time like the present to get started. I was too tired to fight. I took off the harness holding the magic wand, and was about to start untying the crotch rope.

"No don’t you dare take that off. I want you to leave what ever it is in you.”

"It is a vibrating egg, but the batteries have worn down after all this time." I said but stopped trying to loosen it.

Jane pulled my hands behind my back and padlocked the wrist cuffs together, and now I was helpless. Not to the power of the vibrator but to my friend Jane.

"I'll put that gag and blindfold back on you now and I'll be about half an hour to get back here, ok?"

"I guess I don’t have any choice in the matter do I?" I replied and Jane came back with "Guess not!"

I felt the gag thrust back into my mouth and studs pressing it shut, then the blindfold which left me back in my darken prison. 

I heard rummaging in the suitcase and then the tug of the control for the egg. I guess Jane had seen the stack of fresh batteries and had replaced them. Thankfully she had the control set to off.

Then I felt the cold leather circle the tops of my knees and I grunted as the belt was pulled tight. That’s when I felt the bulb of the wand being thrust between my thighs and guided onto my clit. I shook my head in protest and mmphed my disapproval, but Jane was already tightening another strap across the tops of my thighs forcing me to hold the wand against myself. Then I felt her pass a long belt under my thighs. She pushed my back down so I was sitting with my breasts touching my knees and then she tightened this belt crushing my boobs into my legs. Then another belt was passed through the small gap between my legs and stomach and the belt was tightened forcing my arms to my back. Yet another belt was passed above my elbows and tightened so my elbows were almost touching. I grunted through the gag again and realised how helpless Jane had made me. I could hardly move at all. 

“You look so comfortable sitting up like that, Paula” she said and shoved me over onto my side. I struggled to right myself while Jane laughed at my feeble effort to move. I could only move my fingers of my hands and my knees. That’s when Jane took another belt and fed that through my ankles pulling my body into a very tight ball before feeding the belt through my wrists and pulling it as hard as she could to get me into as much of a ball as she could squeeze me, before tightening the belt.

That was when I felt the whir of the egg kick into life. Jane was working her way though the settings until she found the most powerful constant setting and tucked the control between my breasts and laughed as I started to moan in pleasure from the egg.  Then the wand came to life and I jumped in the air. She had set the wand to its most powerful setting. I felt her kneel down and brush against me.

"Well I am off now Paula, but I am going to leave you wondering. Have I left the vibrator on your timer, or will it be on for the entire time I am gone?" I could hear her laughing as she patted me on the leather hood. As she stood, she swatted at my ass with her hand causing me to cry out in shock. I heard her walk off closing the door behind her, as another orgasm hit me like a sledgehammer and had me crying out into my gag.


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