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Payback on the Thirteenth Floor

by Teann Daorsa

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© Copyright 2013 - Teann Daorsa - Used by permission

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"It's been way too long my old friend," thought Alan, as he caressed the padded steel frame. It had been more than a month since he had been able to find time for a session. A combination of awkwardly timed shifts behind the hotel bar, and the hectic work leaving him over-tired meant that indulging his own passions was the last thing on his mind. After a while though, the itch to tie himself up became impossible to ignore.

He shucked the robe he'd been wearing, and the boxers that were the only thing he was wearing underneath. Clothes would only get in the way of the fun. Searching in the drawers, he found the toys he wanted to supplement his bondage. An inflatable gag, first of all, secured but not inflated. The tube and pump hung down in front of him, hitting his relatively hairless chest. He was proud of his body - gained in the gym of course, but thankfully it took relatively little to maintain. The advantages of being young, he thought, and relatively clean living. He pulled the thin length of rope tight, and fashioned a simple crotch-rope. Not too tight, that wasn't the point; it only had two jobs to perform. The first was to wrap the base of his cock and balls, again, not too tight, and knotted so it wouldn't tighten. Just enough so that he couldn't help but know it was there. The second was the real fun - a small but powerful bullet of a vibrator, fashioned so that it could be wrapped in the rope and held in place. That found its place nestled just underneath his testicles, and the rope when pulled taut held it firmly in place against his pelvic muscle. When it sprang to life, so did Alan's already semi-hard cock, bobbing obscenely in front of him with a life of its own.

He'd traded away a lucrative Saturday night shift for these two hours of self-indulgence. Saturday night might be popular for a lot of activities, but the hotel guests rarely seemed to want to play on the thirteenth floor with all of its toy-filled rooms. That meant that the staff were allowed to book in for their own fun sessions. Alan had been planning this for a couple of weeks now, and had made sure his name was first on the whiteboard after it was clear no guests would want to play tonight. Others would play after of course, but for now it was all his.

He shook his head ruefully as he moved up against the frame. He couldn't imagine going to work anywhere else - how would the interview go? "Yes Mr Johnson, we have health-care, dental, and extensive employee perks. What? Use of a well-equipped dungeon complex? Um. No. We don't have that." Alan would work here for as long as they'd let him, no doubt.

He knew that Mandy and Sue at least would have fun here tonight as well. The blonde pair had passed him on the staff stairs on his way up, smiling when they saw his buff body in the robe. Both the looks they gave him and the eruption of nervous giggling after he'd passed suggested that they'd be interested in joining him up there, but he'd been long practised at fending off the other staff's advances. It wasn't that they wouldn't be fun to play with, Alan knew that Mandy was as adept at tying ropes as Sue was at wriggling out of them, and either outcome was appealing. But as open-minded as the hotel staff were about sex, and kinky sex at that, they weren't immune to the normal work-place dramas and jealousies that fraternising amongst the staff would lead to. Madam Parker, the hotel's owner and general manager, would stand for no soap-opera in her domain, and more than one staff member had been asked to leave to preserve the working environment that Alan and the other staff enjoyed so much. So while others might indulge in play with other staff members, Alan chose to partake of his staff perks solo.

So with a smile and no regrets, he checked the frame's timer was set so that he'd be released in plenty of time, and began to secure himself. One by one, the straps were pulled across his taut muscles and pulled tightly. He revelled in the sensation of the soft but unyielding bonds against his skin, each one taking away a little more of his ability to move. The straps around his upper thighs and waist were accompanied by some illicit stroking of his hardened penis, still being teased by his buzzing toy. He had to pull his hand away with regret before giving in to the pleasure. This session was about sensation and frustration, and he knew holding off now would make the eventual release all the more intense. More straps held his chest immobile, but the best feeling came from the strap on his neck; snug but not constricting, it left him pleasantly helpless. One last look down to check his bonds, and Alan's heart was beating strongly in his chest.

A soft blindfold was the last addition, padded so that not even a sliver of light was visible. A few quick pumps of the gag filled his mouth fully, and elicited a low moan which he found was delightfully muffled. Even if the rooms of the thirteenth floor weren't well soundproofed, no-one would hear any cries for help, and that was entirely the point. If he was to be helpless, he had to be truly helpless. His cock twitched at the very thought. Not wanting to waste any more time, Alan slipped his hands into the final pair of loops at his side, and pulled out against the straps to cause them to tighten irrevocably into the frame. The click of the ratchet securing them made his cock twitch again, and he tensed all the muscles in his body. The vibrating bullet held so snugly against him was almost electric in its tingling touch, and Alan drove his head back into the padded headrest to give himself over to the sensations.


The initial thrill of the restraints securing themselves quickly gave way to a low tingling frustration. Alan expected it of course, that was part of what he enjoyed. The vibrator and thin ropes was all he needed to keep his man-hood hard but not over-stimulated. He would stand still, cradled by the straps, and then when the sensations drove him to move, he would tense himself against them. Nowhere other than his elbows had more than an inch of motion, not enough to relieve the growing tension in his body, but more than enough to reinforce his helplessness.

His imagination was free to run wild, and without his sight, he had no sense of the passage of time. Every breath of air on his skin from the air conditioning was a soft hand caressing his body. Every creak from the hotel walls or muted thump from the far away workings of the hotel was a potential molester, here to take advantage of his utter, utter helplessness. He tested the plump, filling balloon of the gag in his mouth with his tongue occasionally, moaning into it as his predicament continued.

He was so lost in his kinky reverie, that when he heard the creak of floorboards so close to him, he wasn't sure if had imagined it. But no, there, again. Another creak, from his right this time. He could feel the air moving around him as well, and a presence in the room. There were no words, not even the sound of breathing, but he was sure that he wasn't alone. His body tensed against the straps and he felt goosebumps rise on his skin despite the clement environment in the room.

"Naughty naughty little Alan." The female voice by his ear was closer than he'd even realised. The words were sultry and breathy, and the tone was unmistakably amused. For no sensible reason, Alan turned his head towards its source. He couldn't see a thing, but he could feel his watcher continued moving around him, circling him like a predator. "You know the rules. You know what happens to bad boys that run over their time."

The voice Alan knew well. Maxine, or Max to her friends, worked the front desk in the hotel. She was the source of no small amount of the soap-opera amongst the hotel staff that Alan was so keen to avoid. Well known for her voracious appetite for both men and kinky games, and fickle in the extreme. Alan had been fending off her advances for months now, and rather than simply moving on to her next conquest, she seemed to take his polite refusals as a challenge that could not be ignored.

What she was talking about now though Alan couldn't understand. He knew well the rules she mentioned, but he wasn't over his time. He had two hours, and the timer was set to less than that, to account for the time it would take to set up and get loose. Unless he'd botched the timer? He hadn't been rigorous about checking, but it wasn't a mistake he'd normally make. Mostly because the consequences were clear and not pleasant. If staff were inconsiderate and ran over their allotted time, the person whose session they ran into got the right to use them as their personal slave for the entirety of their own session. It was commonly accepted that the de facto dominants should make the tardy slave regret their decision. That said, there were a few staff members known to do it deliberately because they enjoyed the situation it put them in. Alan was not one of those, but tied and gagged as he was, there was little he could do to make his case. Still, he pulled unthinkingly against his straps and tried to make himself understood through her gag.

"Oh no my dear, you've given yourself to me." Max's hands brought an almost electric shock to his skin as the roamed over the straps holding him tightly. "And I intend to take full advantage of your gift." The throaty, wicked laugh that accompanied her words sent a shudder through Alan's body and he let out a long moan into his gag.


Alan felt Max's hand grasp the bulb of his gag and give it a couple of rough squeezes, filling his mouth even more fully and almost making him gag. He had to work hard to regain control of his ragged breathing, and by then Max's hands had returned to roaming over his tight body. She grasped his nipples firmly and pulled them hard enough to make him wince as she spoke. "I've waited a long time for this my dear." Pinching with her long nails, she released his nipples and gave them a rough kiss, causing Alan to groan and shake his head.

"No?" She flicked his reddening nipples and resumed her journey down his tightly strapped body. "I think I'll return to tormenting them later." Her fingers hooked into the straps and she slid them along against his skin. "Since the rules say you're mine to do with as I wish. Seems to me that I should push some of your limits and teach you a lesson." She giggled, not a light-hearted giggle but something darker, that spoke volumes as to her intent. Alan slumped in the straps, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of seeing him struggle.

Further down she roamed, reaching his waist. Alan realised she must be crouching as he felt her hot breath against his cock. Despite himself, his manhood was even harder than before. He cursed into the gag, which earned him another wicked giggle. "Look at that, I think you like that idea!" Max playfully swatted his erection, setting it to flapping from side to side. He felt his captor move away, but she quickly returned. His cock was stopped in place as Max's lips pressed firmly against the head. He couldn't help but twitch, but she pulled her lips away as fast as they'd came, and tweaked his cock with her teeth before pulling away.

"Such a wonderful toy to play with." He felt her slender fingers grasp his balls, pulling firmly and squeezing. The tension made the vibrations of the bullet even more intense, a fact not lost on his captor, who pushed it firmly into his crotch. The feeling of her fingers was definitely different, he realised. Lube? His sense of dread intensified as she shifted her fingers further and closer to his ass. "Yes, I'm definitely going to enjoy pushing those limits of yours." To punctuate her words, she ran her well lubricated index finger in a slow deliberate circle around his puckered hole.

Alan shook his head fervently, as best he could against the snug strap holding his neck against the frame and grunted into the gag. Max's only answer was a loud, evil laugh, and she slowly, deliberately pushed her finger inside him. As he tensed, she gripped his balls firmly, which only made him tighten his sphincter harder against the invading finger.


"I think, Maxine, that we should be very clear on the intentions of all concerned, before you continue down this road."

The finger, already two knuckles deep inside Alan was whipped out without warning or finesse. He groaned deeply at the shock and banged his head against the padded frame behind.

"I, uh, sorry Madam."

"Alan? How many hours do you think you booked your play session for?" Alan regained some of his composure to recognise the second voice: the rich, husky voice of his boss, Madam Parker. He grunted once into his gag, then again. "Two hours." Alan nodded. "And how many hours did you let him have Maxine?"

"Please Madam, I didn't mean..."

"That's enough," Madam cut her off sharply, clearly angry, "I know exactly what you meant. I'm afraid Alan that Maxine is not only taking this opportunity to deceive you, but also  thinks you're stupid enough that you won't realise what she did. If I were you I'd be rather insulted by that, but I'm rather more insulted that she thinks that I'm really not paying attention!"

Max's stuttered response trailed into nothing, and Alan could imagine the imperious look that Madam Parker was giving her. "Did you think I don't pay attention to staff play bookings? That I wouldn't notice your revisionism?" A pause for Max's silent response. "I wouldn't have interfered had Alan simply traded you an hour, but it's fairly clear that Alan has no idea that the schedule was changed."

Alan nodded vehemently, the bulb of his gag slapping against his chest comically. "And I'm guessing that you would have kept him blindfolded and gagged for the second and third hour so he'd simply think that he'd run into your hour." Another silent pause suggested Max had been reduced to nodding mutely, her scheme unravelling around her. "Well then I think it only fair that it be Alan that gets to take advantage of you just as you wanted to use him, no?" Alan nodded vehemently again.


He felt Max's body against his bound arms, working with the control panel at the back of the frame. As the wrist straps gave up their rigid tension, he whipped his hands out as if they might be captured again at any moment. As Max worked on releasing his legs, he loosed the neck strap, and then whipped off his blindfold. His eyes took some time to adjust to the light, soft as it was, and take in the scene before him. Max knelt before him, dressed in a skimpy black lace negligee that did very little to conceal her figure. He could only see the back of her head, but had to resist the urge to grab her dark ponytail and make her meet his gaze to see how angry he was. As it was, she kept her head bowed as she worked each strap free. Across the room, Madam Parker had settling into a wooden bondage chair and was watching Alan intently, her expression dark and unreadable.

He deflated his gag and unbuckled it, working his jaw to relieve the tension after being so full for so long. He made no attempt to speak, but simply started on the upper body straps as Max worked her way up his body. She was scrupulously careful to avoid touching his hard cock, still constrained in its rope prison and sticking firmly out from his body. She risked a quick glance up at Alan, but the wilting look he gave her made her drop her eyes again and concentrate on her work. When the last strap was free, she stood, eyes still downcast, her previous confident attitude stripped away and now totally submissive.

Alan opened his mouth, but couldn't find the words to speak. Instead he grabbed Max's hand roughly and pulled her across the room. Very quickly her arms were in cuffs and hoisted to the ceiling, spread wide by the chains. A spreader bar completed the cross shape, and Alan clicked the winch a few notches further to leave Max on her tiptoes and struggling to hold herself still. Alan stared intently at her, but she wouldn't meet his gaze. He reached to his waist, and undid the knots on the rope holding his vibe in place. Grasping her waist firmly, he quickly re-secured the rope around hers, and adjusted it to place the bullet firmly over her clit, and pulled tightly, harshly in until the rope parted her nether lips.

Alan paused then, and looked across the room at Madam Parker. She was some years older than Alan, maybe in her early fifties, but was still the epitome of the sexy older woman. Dressed in a tight black corset that pushed her ample curves up and out, her figure looked fantastic. A long black dress trailed down off the chair, but it was cut to show off her full black panties and pantyhose. As beautiful as her body was, it was her face that was most striking. Her long, flowing, dark red hair framed her face, and her dark eyes glowed with a power and intensity that would stop anyone in their tracks. But that wasn't what made Alan pause. What struck him was her body language. The chair on which she sat was made for bondage, and she was pressed firmly into it, her back straight and rigid against the high back of the chair; her hands grasped the straps of the arm-rest strangely, almost as if she was unaware of what they were doing.


Alan knew Madam Parker well, or as well as any of the staff knew her. He'd worked at the hotel for almost a decade, since well before Madam's husband had died. He'd watched them together and been in awe, Madam's effortless organisation of the hotel the perfect counterpart to her husband’s vision for the business and sheer force of character. He was well liked by all, obeyed without question but respected for his likeable nature. No-one on the staff would cross Madam Parker, she was the embodiment of a dominant woman to everyone that worked there; but with him she was something else. Just as strong, and yet submissive to his will. Together they were the heart and soul of the hotel, and those few trusted staff that joined them in their sessions on the thirteenth floor were clear that when it came to play they were a force of nature.

Both owners inspired deep loyalty and affection from their staff, and so his sudden death from a heart attack was a wrench for them all. Alan had seen Madam's grief, and felt it with her. It had been a rough few months, and though she had borne it with her typical strength, all the long-time staff could see that something of herself had been lost with him. Since then, she had withdrawn entirely from indulging in the playground they’d created, although she took obvious and hearty satisfaction from the enjoyment others took from her domain. Still, she was Madam Parker, and no-one on the staff, not even the old hands like Alan, felt that it was their place to say anything about it. Now that Alan thought about it, this was the most involved she'd gotten in play on the thirteenth floor in years.

As Alan looked over at her, she was intently watching Max's bound form struggle to keep her balance given the vibrations at her crotch. Her beauty was undimmed by age, her features still attractive and as powerful as they were when he'd first met her. She shifted then, and met Alan's gaze. The look in her eyes was still the powerful, strong Madam he knew, but there was something else there as well, a hunger, and an uncertainty too.

Something in Alan's gut spoke to him, and on instinct he went with it. "I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with this,” he said, pausing to assess her reaction. “I've already been taken advantage of by a sneaky woman once tonight. I think I need to feel properly secure before I can really enjoy my revenge."

Alan was unsure whether he was doing the right thing, but Madam held his gaze, saying nothing. She continued to tightly hold the leather straps, toying with them absently. Alan stepped slowly closer to the chair, all the while holding her eyes with his. She was holding herself perfectly still, her eyes not giving way but not saying no either. As he stepped around her to behind the chair she broke the stare and looked straight ahead. By now he could see that she was breathing quickly, her chest heaving in her corset as she looked towards Max. Alan reached down and held her left arm gently but firmly. She released the strap and allowed him to shift it into the cuff's embrace. Surer now, Alan closed it firmly around her wrist. Her breathing becoming more ragged, Alan repeated his work on her other wrist, and then a larger, wider strap buckled across above her ample heaving bosom. Finally, stepping around in front of her, he fastened the remaining cuffs around her ankles. As he stood, Madam looked up at him intently, still saying nothing. But Alan knew that he'd done the right thing, she tested her restraints and there was just a hint of a smile on her face.


Turning his attention back to Max, Alan strode over to her. She was moaning into her gag and thrashing her hips around against the bullet tormenting her. "So, you wanted to push my limits did you?" Max's fair skin flushed even redder than before. "My nipples?" He grasped the top of her flimsy negligee and pulled it aside, baring her firm breasts. They weren't large, but her nipples stood proud and hard. He retrieved a pair of alligator nipple clamps from one of the many cabinets at the side of the room. One at a time, he rolled her nipples between his fingers and let the clamps bite roughly into them. She moaned loudly at the pain. With a light touch, he pulled on the chain connecting the clamps, pulling her breasts outwards, but she bit her lip rather than cry out again, still refusing to meet his gaze.

Alan let his hand move down to cup Max's pussy and found it already slick with her juices. The crotch rope had split her lips apart and was soaked through. Alan tutted loudly, "Except I don't think this is very much of a punishment for you, since I think this is rather what you wanted: me playing with you?" Max shook her head submissively as Alan's fingers explored her hot mound. "Perhaps it needs to be a bit less comfortable for you."

With that he unclipped one of her cuffs from the chain overhead, and brought her arms around behind her. Lowering the chain from the winch, he re-fixed her wrists together behind her, raising her up in a strict strappado pose and pushing her bum out behind her obscenely. From another obliging cabinet he retrieved an inflatable plug that was swiftly lubricated and inserted in her willing ass. The long, low moan as he entered her with it became a guttural cry as he pumped the plug larger, filling her completely. Just when she seemed full, Alan gave the bulb another two rough pumps, just as she had done with his gag, and she cried out briefly before her head fell and she returned to moaning.

A quick look over to Madam's chair found her still silent, tensed against the straps holding her in place, biting her lip and seemingly entranced by his treatment of Max. Moving quickly now, he pulled a condom over his semi-hard cock, stroking it into full hardness again. He plunged himself into Max's slick pussy from behind, enjoying the tightness caused by the plug and the wetness from Max's arousal. Grasping her tensed shoulders, he stroked in and out, letting the sensations overwhelm him. The frustrations of his self-bondage and the teasing torment he'd endured combined to bring him quickly to his peak. Equally Max was thrusting her hips back against his pounding, grinding into him as best she could given her stretched legs and lack of leverage. Her tight, slippery hole was just too much for him to hold out for long, even through the rubber, and very soon his orgasm overcame him. Slamming his cock hard into her, he spurted wildly into the condom, shuddering and throwing his head back in pleasure.

He held himself still inside her while he recovered, but she was nowhere near her own peak. Her squirming hips and moans of frustration brought him back to the present, and he slipped his still hard cock out of her, eliciting the biggest moan of all. "Nooo, please, just a little bit more..." Alan filled her mouth firmly with the gag with which he'd started the evening, turning her protests into nothing more than muffled grunts as he pumped the bulb again and again.


He reached down to her slippery crotch, and teased her with a light stroke of his fingers. She nodded her head eagerly and he laughed. Instead of giving her satisfaction, he turned the vibrator up to half-power, and stepped away. The gag only barely covered the shriek of frustration, Max's head shaking wildly as she begged for mercy.

Alan returned to Madam's chair and stood beside it. "Do you think that justice has been served Madam?" A broad smile and a big, slow nod was her answer. Alan smiled himself, glad that he hadn't gone too far or earned Madam's disapproval. Looking at her luscious bound form in the chair, he decided he'd never have a better chance to push his luck. "I don't think I'm quite finished yet though."

Her gaze met his, read his intent and the unspoken question. After a pause, during which Alan's breath held tightly in his chest, she nodded, ever so slightly. Without words, his heart racing, he stepped in close behind her, his strong hands firmly on her shoulders. Her tension against the straps held for only a moment under his touch, before she relaxed under his tender grip. Her gaze returned to Max's still struggling form across the room, as Alan's hands roamed down her bound form. Sliding over her ample breasts, his fingers slipped under the lip of her corset and caressed her soft curves. Madam's body melted back into the grip of the chair and Alan's right hand moved down her corseted body towards her waist. The waist of her black lacy panties was no obstacle as he slipped his fingers under the fabric, seeking her hot pussy. Before he had delved very far he realised just how excited she was; the lingerie was already wet through. Her head rolled back against the chair as her secret was discovered, and her hips rose up slightly from the chair into Alan's probing touch.

Max's torment across the room was only too apparent to both of them. Her hips were flailing around wildly now as she tried to get enough purchase against the vibrator to complete her own pleasure. It was apparently not enough though as the muffled cries through her gag would attest. The struggling was clearly a turn-on for Madam Parker, as every cry or firm wiggle would make her grind her crotch even harder into Alan's eager fingers. He, for his part, was doing his level best to ensure that Madam's clit got the treatment it deserved, circling and squeezing it rhythmically while his other hand gripped her breast firmly and pushed her back into the chair. His head was nestled firmly into Madam's neck, but the hot kisses on her neck did little to distract her from the show Max was putting on or the stimulation of her body. Before long at all her body was bucking against the straps holding her firmly, shuddering as her climax ripped through her body.

Alan wasn't sure his touch was responsible for Madam’s frenzied orgasm so much as the bondage and the show. It took her a little while to wind down from her orgasm, and he held her carefully as she did. Tactfully, he disengaged and began to release the straps holding her in place. Her demeanour completely changed and relaxed now, she smiled softly at him as he freed her, giggling like a school-girl. The joy he took from the satisfaction on her face completely cut through his anger at Max's deception. Thinking of her again, Alan looked across the room as he pulled on his boxers.

"So Madam, what do you think we should do with my would-be tormentor?" Madam looked over at the girl, still wiggling violently.

"Why, I believe she's got a good hour left in her session. I think we should let her make the most of it. Perhaps some quiet time will let her consider the error of her ways?"

Alan grinned, "I think that's a splendid idea." He re-donned his robe, and offered his arm to Madam Parker in a gentlemanly fashion. As they walked past Max towards the door, the scream of frustration into the gag made them both break out in laughter. As the door closed behind them, Max was hopping up and down in frustration, tears welling in her eyes as she realised they weren't bluffing.

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