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Peasant Girl in Self-Bondage

by Hershel Schaeffer

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© Copyright 2003 - Hershel Schaeffer - Used by permission

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Peasant Girl in Self-Bondage
by Hershel Schaeffer

Here is an original story I've written. Use it on your site if you want to. I will also be posting it on the Dreambook "Caught in self bondage site" as well. This is partI
Peasant Girl in Self-Bondage Hershel Schaeffer

As long as I can remember, seeing a woman tightly bound caught my attention. Although, I don’t know exactly why, around the age of 14 or 15 years old I began to experiment with tying my wrists together to see how it could be done to prevent escape. The idea progressed to the point where I had the uncontrollable desire to know what it felt like to be completely and helplessly bound. As strange as it may sound it seemed perfectly natural to me that the most appropriate and exciting way to do this would be to dress myself in girl’s clothing. My sister, Brittany, is just a year younger than I am. Although I was quite a bit taller than she was, I was a very slender young man at the time. As such her clothes fit me reasonably well.

I was 17. The way my school schedule was arranged my last class ended an hour before my sister’s last class. On any given day I had the house to myself for about an hour or so. That afternoon when I enter the house I had the thought in my head that it would be fun and exciting to tie myself-up. Looking back I think what made being tied-up so thrilling was the danger involved. Knowing that being unable to move I could be caught. And then being caught dressed in girl’s clothing would be the most embarrassing thing imaginable.

As soon as I committed to the decision my heart started racing, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. I locked the front door and dashed into the bathroom. Stripping all my clothes off quickly I left them in a pile on the bathroom floor. The bathroom was just 10 feet down the hall from my sister’s room. If someone were to come home unexpectedly I could just slip into the bathroom and change at my leisure. And finally with a well-timed flush of the toilet no one would suspect a thing.

Completely nude I slipped into Brittany’s bedroom. As I closed the door behind me my heart was pounding furiously and goose bumps arouse on my skin from the cool air. Nothing was planned specifically for this damsel in distress adventure, but I imagined stages of preparation that would allow the excitement and tension to build with each decision. I stood just inside the doorway and ran several scenarios through my head and I could feel the blood racing through the entire length of my body. No rational thought could stop me at this point.

Shivering, I walked over to her dresser clutching my arms to my chest. I opened the top drawer where she kept her panties and bras. I quickly rummaged through the items in the drawer. Brittany was a bit of a slob so I didn’t need to worry much about keeping things in perfect order. “That’s what I’m looking for”, I thought as I caught a glimpse of pink nylon. I pulled them from underneath the pile, a pair of pink nylon bikini panties with ‘Saturday’ stitched in red on the front. Unceremoniously, I grabbed a white bra and a pair of pantyhose and shut the drawer. I laid all three items neatly on the bed and thought for a second or two about what to choose next.

I was almost shaking from the cool of the air-conditioning as I rolled open the door to her closest. My hands quickly pushed hangers aside. Finally, I saw it, a beautiful blue flower print peasant skirt. It was ankle length and had lacing in the front in a style reminiscent of what Bavarian women wore. The white blouse on the next hanger completed the ensemble. It was of the same Bavarian style and was cut to fit tight against the body. I laid these neatly on the bed as well. I went back to the closet grabbed a pair of 2” heeled dress-sandals and set them on the floor next to the bed.

Standing beside the bed I took a deep breath and began to get dressed. I slid the pink panties on first. The glint of pink and the soft smooth feel created an immediate response, but the tightness of the bikini panties kept it somewhat restrained. Gently I stroked myself through the soft sensuous fabric as waves of pleasure coursed through my body. The glistening white bra was next. I slid my arms through the straps and after several clumsy tries finally hooked the bra in back. The pressure of the bra as it gripped my body only added to my excitement. Turning around I sat on the edge of the bed and began sliding the pantyhose onto my feet. After getting them tight over my feet I stood, and one leg at a time I gently pulled the smooth suntan hose over my nearly hairless legs. As I adjusted the pantyhose at my waist I admired my feminine appearance in the vanity mirror over the dresser.

Taking the white blouse from its hanger I quickly slid my arms into the short cap sleeves and began to deliberately buttoned each small button. It was more difficult to breathe with the blouse so tight around my torso. With the blouse holding my back straight I stiffly bent to remove the skirt from it’s hanger. I delicately slipped the skirt up to my waist where I zipped and buttoned it in the back. As I moved to pick up the sandals, the layered blue flower print skirt brushed lightly against my pantyhose covered legs sending gentle shivers of pleasure through my body. I lowered myself stiffly to the bed where I strapped the dress sandals tightly onto each 
foot. Just for a few moments I admired the beautiful peasant girl in the mirror. From various angles I drank in each image of this lovely young woman soon to be in peril.

Stepping carefully in the high heels I walked over to the dresser, where I retrieved four belts and another pair of pantyhose. The belts and pantyhose I tossed onto the bed as I glanced at the clock. “I still have about 40 minutes”, I thought. Again, I sat on the edge of the bed. The first belt I wrapped twice around my ankles before notching it as tight as possible. Now I had to be deliberate and calm so I wouldn’t get too excited. I took a couple shallow breaths and grabbed the second belt. Cautiously I stood facing the bed and patiently checked my balance. Then wrapping the loose folds of the skirt to the back I strapped the belt tightly just above the knees. Supporting myself with one hand on the bed I grabbed the third belt and carefully straighened myself again. With the loose folds of the skirt 
pushed to the back I wrapped the third belt tightly just below the knees. My legs were now tightly secured. I fell forward onto the bed catching myself with my arms straight out in front. Then I pulled myself to a seated position and flung my legs onto the bed. My erection was visibly pushing its way through all the layers of fabric covering it. So, for the next few minutes I just lay on my back quietly breathing. When the intensity had subsided slightly, I sat up and wrapped the last belt around the rail at the end of the bed and then through the belt that held my ankles.

The pantyhose I had thrown on the bed were partially pinned beneath my bottom. So, I raised up slightly and pulled them out from underneath. In one quick motion I flipped onto my stomach, and then made a few minor comfort adjustments. Again I took a couple moments to calm myself. Then I began to tie my wrists. With the first leg of the pantyhose I went around the right wrist tightly a couple times then over to the left wrist and went around it a couple times and back across. I did this until only enough to tie-off remained. When the first leg was used up I did a couple of twists with the right wrist to tighten it up. Then I did the same thing with the other leg, starting on the left wrist to the right wrist and twisting the left wrist in the opposite direction at the end. Finally, I tied the two loose ends together and pulled them as tight as possible. That won’t come undone until I hop into the bathroom and cut it off. After all the concentration to bind my wrists, the excitement had diminished tremendously.

Slowly, I started to recall the images of the lovely peasant girl dressed in her shiny pink panties, glistening white bra, sheer pantyhose, delicate white blouse, and beautiful blue flowered skirt. The Evil Duke has taken the blossoming young woman captive. Tightly bound and lashed to his bed, is there any hope? If only she could free herself from her bonds, maybe she could run from this place and escape her fate. For when the Lord of the Manor returns her virgin body will ravaged for his sensual delight.

The rush of excitement returns. Gently at first, I start test my bonds. Slowly, rhythmically, I begin to struggle. With my eyes closed I start to embrace all the different sensations and textures of my distress: the bra pulling tight across my chest and back, the blouse snuggly embracing my torso, my wrists crossed and immobile behind my back, the belts tightly binding the linen skirt to the coolness of the pantyhose, the soft smooth bikini gently restraining my growing erection and the strap binding me to the bed. Waves of pleasure delightfully roll through my body.

For a moment there is a glimmer of hope as the delicate flower senses a weakness in her bonds. Her heart leaps with joy as she renews her struggles with more vigor. Harder and harder she struggles as she imagines her timely escape. The beautiful bound peasant girl courageously summons all the energy and strength she has left for one last effort to break free of her bondage.

Fast and hard I fight against my bonds igniting wave after wave of pleasure. My erection struggling with all its might to escape its pink nylon prison. Every muscle in my body straining in vain against their bonds. All the excitement, tension, pleasure building rhythm after rhythm. Suddenly, I hear lock to the front door turn and the door opens… I hear my sister’s voice… I try to stop. My body pounds away, once more, twice more then every built up tension and pleasure breaks free, and explodes.

As my body continues to contract involuntarily I hear parts of a conversation. My sister is talking to someone in the front room

“I checked the garage my parents aren’t home. You can come in Alex; but wait here until I check my brother’s room”

While the contractions slowed I heard her walk down the hall and open the door to my room. Now, I lay perfectly still trying not to attract any unwanted attention. I cursed my luck under my breath, “Shit! Shit!, Shit”. Then I remembered, Alex! Yes, he is the 21-year-old my parents told Brittany she was too young to go out with.

“He’s not here either”; she said when she returned to the front room. “It’s like 3 hours ‘til my parents get home, you want to hang out here for a few.”

“Sounds cool. I got some Bud on ice in the car. You want to chill and drink a few beers.”

“Gross, I don’t like beer. Let me run over to Crystal’s real quick and get my bottle of gin. Oh, and I will have to stop and get some Strawberry soda too. Do ya want to come with me over to Crystal’s or stay here and wait?”

“I’ll just hang here and drink some brews if that’s cool?”

“Ya, that’s cool, but you got to stay in my room ‘til I get back. In case someone comes home or something.”

“Cool. Let me grab my cooler.”

“Alright, I’ll see ya in about a half-hour. And, lock the front door when you go back in, will ya?”

“Sure thing, see ya.”

As soon as the front door shut I went into action I scooted myself down to the end of the bed to undo the belt attached to the rail with my wrists tightly bound. I had to unhook the belt quickly so I could hop into the bathroom or at least into the closet. My heart was pounding harder than it ever has before. I could here the blood pumping through my ears. Never, had I been so scared. I got to the belt with no problem. But the clasp was not in reach. I tugged furiously at the belt. Damn! It was caught. I scooted a little to get a different angle. Yes! It came free. Around it came. Shit! I heard the front door close and lock. I pulled the belt back and unhooked it. Immediately, swung my sandal covered feet to the floor and hurriedly stood-up and in one motion began to hop.

My sandals hit the floor. My knees bent. My momentum continued forward away from the doorway. I adjusted my hop direction to compensate for it. Thump-squeak-squeak! I crashed back onto Brittany’s bed! As I sat-up on the edge of the bed the door handle turned. The bedroom door opened slowly. 
A face with a black mustache and goatee peaked around the edge of the door.

To be continued...


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