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Penny’s Chains

by West Coast Comet

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Box Load of Padlocks, Just What This Girl Needs

Penny thought to herself, “I must get these” as she looked over a box of high quality padlocks at an estate sale. All the locks had been set to open with the same key. The original owner had rescued those locks from the factory where he worked, and now they were sitting in his garage, waiting for the right buyer to come along. She had gone to this estate sale on a lark. It was a warm Saturday morning, and it seemed like it would be good entertainment.

She had her hands on the box, and was still thinking about it when she noticed another man looking at them hungrily.

“Okay, I’ll get these”, she said out loud. The man hovering nearby looked disappointed, but he moved on. Penny negotiated the price down to $10.00, and walked out with an all-time bargain. There must have been 20 high quality padlocks in the box, and a half dozen keys, all with the same cut.

Once she got home, she tried each of the locks. They all worked with the keys from the box. She washed each lock and sprayed a little DW-40 into each, and placed them carefully in a row on her kitchen table. She smiled to herself. She was now ready to enter “Phase 2” of her play time. The “Steel Phase” she thought to herself.

Penny was a petite American born Asian lady of some 25 years. She was slim, but she had what she thought were really nice curves around her hips, a narrow waist, and small, but very perky breasts. She wore her hair in a longer style, easy to place in a ponytail, or her favorite, little pig tails on either side of her head. The pig tails made her look very young, and combined with her slim figure, she thought she could pass for a 16 year old.


First, a little background on Penny.

Penny’s father was a bitter and very domineering man who would humiliate both his children and his wife frequently. Penny resented him, but his influence on her had long reaching consequences. She discovered that she liked to be dominated, or at least bound, during sex. Penny didn’t spend too much time analyzing herself. Maybe it was some sort of spin off from her relationship with her father, or maybe not. She just knew that she liked bondage, and she knew she liked it from an early age.

When she was a young teen, she had been fighting with her brother, when he pinned her down and tied her up. He left her in the basement of their house for more than an hour and a half. Penny found that being tied up was weirdly thrilling. It started all kinds of fantasies, and this initial experience became the foundation for a lifetime love of restraint.

When her brother cooled off and returned to the basement, he found Penny smiling and happy. He had expected her to be ferociously mad at him. Instead, she seemed to enjoy her time down there. The restraint seemed to feed a deep seated fantasy in her. Of course, her brother did not recognize what was going on. He was just a simple teenager himself, who paid little attention to what was going on around him.

After the initial basement affair, Penny would often ask her brother to tie her up down in the basement whenever their parent were out of the house for an extended period. He would usually return at the agreed upon time to untie her. Sometimes she would escape, but he got better and better at tying her, and soon, she found that escape was not possible.

Penny Rocking in the Basement

She would often wear her smallest string bikini when getting tied up. There was something very daring about just wearing it. It had little ties on the sides of the panties, and the top tied around the back, and behind the neck. She used to joke that pulling 4 strings would untie all the little bows and leave her naked. The bikini, when added to the basement bondage, put her over the top with excitement. After the basement sessions, she would go upstairs and into her bathroom. There she would relive the excitement and arousal of being tied, and masturbate to the images in her mind.

Down in the basement, her brother would pull her arms behind her back and wrap the old rope around her wrists. He learned early to pull a cinch between her wrists. At first he pulled the wraps around her wrist tight. Later he found that looser wraps around the wrists would tighten better when cinched. The looser tie allowed her to cross her wrists, which was more comfortable.

He would then tie her arms to her back by wrapping the rope around her chest above and below her breasts. These he learned to cinch between her back and her arms such that the cinches pulled the arms toward each other, however, not so tight that the elbows touched. Penny found that she liked the pressure the ropes put above and below her little breasts. With her arms pulled back, those little breast mounds seemed much larger, and it made her feel very sexy. Those chest wraps also pulled her arms straight and prevented her from getting any leverage on her wrist ties.

Then he would wrap rope around her waist, pulling it through the cinch on her wrists, pinning her wrists to the small of her back. With the upper arms pinned, he could only pull the wrists up so far, but since he had tied them a bit loose, the wrist wraps pulled upward onto the bottom of her forearms. The effect was that it forced her wrists to cross, and she could not touch the ropes with her fingers, nor could she budge her arms away from her back. Her arms were totally useless, and she was completely helpless.

Next he would tie her ankles and knees. Then he would lay her down and fasten her to the post in the basement, usually by tying her ankles to the post with a 5 foot rope. She could flop around, but could never get loose. After an hour or two, he would return and untie her. This was the pattern until one Saturday when the game got more sensual.

A Day to Herself

One Saturday in June, her parents were to be gone for the day. They left early in the morning to visit relatives, and would not be back until late that night. Penny popped out of bed, changed into her bikini, and put her hair into pig tails. She immediately went down the hall, and started begging her brother to tie her in the basement as usual. He said he couldn’t because he was to be over at a friend’s house and they were going to play a series of sandlot baseball games that would last all day. He would not be able to return to free her. If he tied her up, she would be that way all day.

Penny shivered at the thought. She enjoyed every minute of her basement time, and the thought of being tied up all day set an involuntary shiver down her back. She was thinking with her “little brain”, and the problems of food, water, and bathroom needs never crossed her real brain.

“I won’t be back until late. We might even go out for a pizza after the games. Hell, I might not get back until after 6:00” he said with a worried look on his face. “It’s only 9:00 AM now. Let’s say I tie you up and leave you around 10:00. You could be tied up for 8 hours. I don’t think you can last that long”.

“I think I can handle it. Do it! I will try it as a dare!” she bragged to her brother.

Down the steps they went. She stood with her arms behind her back waiting for her brother to untangle the well-used rope. He tried to put some slack in the chest bindings just in case she might need to escape.

“Tie it as tight as usual”, she fussed at him, “I don’t want to be able to escape”.

He dutifully went through the whole process. After she was tightly tied, he fastened her to the post, but this time, he tied the tether rope lower, thinking she could reach it if necessary, untie it and crawl up the stairs if needed. She noticed right away, and made him retie it higher on the post.

“No escape!” she said again, tie it higher on the post. Higher that you usually do!”

When he finished, “no escape” was indeed, the situation. Penny was not going anywhere. She lay on the floor in her little pink bikini with a smile on her face. Her feet were next to the post, and the tether rope went straight up to the top of the post, and around the joist support. It would not be pulled down by her.

“Good luck Sis!” was her brother’s parting comment as he climbed up the stairs and flipped off the basement lights, closing the door behind him. She soon heard the back door close. She knew she was alone and helpless. The excitement was almost tangible. She started struggling, but her brother was simply too good at his work. She could touch no knots. There were no loose ropes. He had even looped the chest cinch ropes across her shoulders in front, and then behind her neck, pinning the ropes around her upper arms in place.

Penny thrashed and moaned in sweet restraint, unable to get loose and unable to satisfy herself. It was lovely. She let her heat build slowly. It was delicious, and she was particularly horny today. She felt like a live wire, throwing off sparks.

Her brother was worried. As the day wore on he decided he had to check on Penny some way. Since he was the starting pitcher, there was no way he could go back home and check. He decided to send Johnny. Besides, he knew Johnny had a crush on his sister. The result of him finding her in the basement might be funny. He had no idea of what was about to transpire.

Johnny wasn’t in the regular rotation. He was a good athlete, but not very skilled at baseball. He was pretty much what you would consider the second string. He spent most of his time sitting in the dugout waiting to be called in case somebody wanted to quit playing.

“Johnny, come here” Penny’s brother waved at him, around noon, “I need you to do me a favor. You and I both know you aren’t going to play today. That’s okay, but you can help me. I want you to go to my house and check on my little sister, Penny”.

“Why?” Johnny responded, a little irritated he was being asked to leave the game.

“Well, I left her in the basement. She is in a bit of a predicament, and I want to know if she is okay. It has been on my mind all day, and I need your help” Penny’s brother explained, “The back door is open. Don’t knock because she can’t get upstairs to answer the door. Go on in and go down the basement stairs. Make sure she is okay, and get her anything she wants”.

“Anything she wants?” Johnny repeated those fateful words, “Okay, I will be glad to help”. He was puzzled, but the chance to see Penny was sufficient to drive him forward.

The Second Stringer Steps in and Pitches a Perfect Game

Johnny opened the back door and listened. He didn’t hear a sound. This worried him, but he did as asked. He opened the basement door, flipped on the light and started down the stairs.

“Hey, you said you would not be back until after 6:00! Why are you here?” Penny asked, thinking it was her brother coming down the stairs.

“Oh, Johnny“, she paused and smiled, “Whatever are you doing here?” Penny asked once she realized who was on the stairs.

Johnny was speechless as he stared at the cute girl wrapped in ropes wearing the little bikini. He got an immediate boner. He did manage to stumble down the stairs, all the while staring at the bound girl.

“Hi” he muttered.

“Hi yourself” Penny responded, looking up at the stairs. Of course, she recognized her brother’s friend Johnny. She was a little embarrassed, but there was nothing to be done about it. She was down in the basement, tied up and tethered to a support column.

She thought to herself, “Doesn’t every girl get tied up in her basement? Well, maybe they should!”

“Wow! So, your brother tied you up?” Johnny walked over to her and knelt next to the pretty girl lying on the basement floor. He could feel her body heat radiating up from her nearly naked body. “He did a good job on you” he said, licking his lips and gazing over Penny’s anatomy.

“Yep, I told him to tie me so I couldn’t escape. He did exactly what I wanted. I can’t seem to escape, and I’ve been trying all morning” she explained. Then she added, “I like it. I think it’s kind of fun”.

“I can see that” Johnny said, still looking at the bikini clad body. She had worked up quite a sweet. “Are you ticklish?” He blurted out. He decided to go for it and make the first move.

Penny just giggled, as Johnny reached for her sides. She let loose a burst of laughter. He started working her over tickling her under her arms, behind her knees, on the bottoms of her feet. Penny thrashed and thrashed and rolled, screaming and laughing, all the while getting more and more aroused.

In her thrashing, the back of her bikini top came untied. Soon she was flashing her small breasts, but she didn’t care. Johnny was quickly rubbing them and tickling her at the same time. Both of them were becoming highly excited.

Home Run!

“Untie my top! Reach around behind my neck and untie it! Get it out of the way!” she commanded Johnny, “Now untie my bottoms. Pull the string knots on the sides.”

Johnny quickly did as he was told.

“Johnny, I want you to screw me! Please, I want you to! I want to be screwed while I am tied up” Penny pleaded.

Johnny did just as she wanted, her brother’s directions still ringing in his ears. Soon Penny was naked and thrashing about like a fish on a line. Johnny grabbed her butt and spun her around. This lifted her legs into the air because the tether was so short. As he pulled her back from the support column to which her ankles were tied, her legs went further up into the air. Her sex was now exposed, even bound as tightly as she was. With her legs lifted, Johnny had easy access to her pussy. This half suspension surprised her, and added to her helpless feeling.

He touched her there, rubbing his hand on her pussy, feeling the wetness and warmth. He could stand it no longer, he pulled her further from the post so that only her shoulders were still on the floor. Her ass hung in the air. He dropped his pants in a pile and pushed into her while kneeling.

It was her first time, and it hurt Penny just a little, but she was so aroused, it made no difference to her. The way she was bent back from Johnny’s kneeling frame, his dick pushed into her vagina such that it directly hit her G-spot. Of course neither of them understood or planned it that way, but it just happened. Having been teased and bound for the last two hours Penny found that she was so aroused that she began to cum immediately. She moaned and strained at her ropes and felt so helpless and vulnerable.

She fucked Johnny as much as she could, pulling on the rope holding her legs in the air to move a little, in rhythm with his thrusts. He exploded into her causing her to climax again, almost simultaneously with Johnny. In fact she probably climaxed several times in her blind lust during their contact. She could see stars as she wrenched around and jerked into a high state of sensuality.

Johnny lay against her legs, still inside her. They both were panting and out of breath. Soon he reached around her bound legs and began to massage her breasts, slowly moving in and out of her. It wasn’t long until he and Penny reached a second screaming orgasm together.

Gasping and out of breath, Johnny said, “Your brother asked me to do anything you wanted. I did my best to follow his instructions, but I think if he finds out what we really did, he’s going to kick my ass”

Penny giggled, “I’m not going to tell him. If you can keep your mouth shut, he will never find out”

Johnny started to untie her and she gave him a pouty look. She really didn’t want to be set free. She really wanted to be tied up for the long time. Johnny stopped, and looked at her.

“You don’t want to be untied do you?” Johnny stared in her sparling eyes, and grinning face. Penny shook her head no. “Well, do you want to eat a little lunch and take a bathroom break? I know I would at least want to take a piss if I were tied up all morning”.

“Maybe you are right”, she admitted, “…but just untie my legs. We can walk up stairs and I can go to the potty. Then you can feed me. I think it is the least you can do considering the good time you just had!”

Johnny paused, “I promise to retie you down here after lunch, okay?” Penny nodded in agreement. Johnny began to untie her legs only.

Johnny fed Penny while she sat in the kitchen chair, buck naked and still tied. After a naked lunch, Johnny had recharged enough that he was ready for another round. He lifted Penny out of her chair and threw the diminutive bound girl over his shoulder and carried down the hall to her bedroom where they made love again. Her hands were still tied behind her, and she could do nothing to resist, just the way she liked it. Having satisfied himself, he was ready to follow through on his promise.

He yanked the startled girl out of her bed and made her walk down to the basement. Penny pretended to resist, but Johnny tickled and pushed until she was down in the basement. There was something very sexy about parading through the house naked with her hands tied behind her. Penny found she liked the idea of accidental discovery. This really turned her crank.

Johnny was staring at her ass as she swung it back and forth walking. Her hands were crossed and bound to the small of her back. She looked so freaking good.

“Hey Penny, has your brother ever seen you naked? You know if I retie you just like this, he is going to see everything?” Johnny started thinking. It was a wonder he had any brain cells left after the recent activities. “I don’t want him kicking my butt either, so I am going to have to put your swim suit back on, or“, he paused, “…I am going to have to untie you completely”.

Penny’s eye twinkled in the dark, picking up the random light from the little high windows in the basement. She kissed Johnny gently. In a cracking, husky voice she said, “Tell you what. You tie me up, just like I am, completely naked. Any way you want. That’s what I want!” she paused and took a deep breath, “Remember, no escape!”

This almost seemed too much for her, to actually speak it out loud, but she fought through it. “You go back and tell my brother I am fine, but I want you to come back around 3:00 and untie me. You do exactly that. I want another two hours or so, tied up. Then I want you to come back here”, she grinned at Johnny, “And do the same thing to me you just got done doing. I want you to do me again, while I am still tied up”.

Johnny pushed Penny up against the support post, standing up. He re-tied her ankles, then used the tether rope to lace Penny tightly to the post. First he went back and forth attaching the existing chest ropes to the post by pulling the tether rope through the bindings and then around the post. Then he hooked the tether rope through her waist rope, again going back and forth, pulling it very tight.

After fastening her upper body to the post, he tied the cinch rope from her ankles to the post, pulling her ankles against the bottom of the post. Using the last rope, the one that had been around her knees, he spiraled it up along her legs and waist, and around the support post. He wrapped the line around her, pulling it very tight as he went along, all the way up to her waist.

Penny could hardly breathe the ropes were so tight. Her shoulders were pulled back and against the post. The ropes pressed into her skin at every point. She loved it. Her torso was tied tightly to the post, and now, Johnny had pulled her thighs tightly against the bottom of the post. The metal post she was placed against seemed to force her butt cheeks apart, increasing her feelings of vulnerability and helplessness.

“This feels so good”, she said almost panting, “Remember, get back here before my brother gets home!”

Johnny stared at the naked girl for a long time. Penny began to get embarrassed and she could feel her excitement rising again. Johnny leaned in and kissed her deeply, stared at her for a minute, and then turned and ran up the stairs. He flipped off the light and closed the door behind him. Once again she was alone, and helpless. That feeling accelerated as she heard Johnny close the back door.

The lacing pulled the existing ropes so much tighter. She was almost immobile. She tried to wiggle a little and she found she could not move much at all. She let out an involuntary moan. It was almost animal like.

When Johnny got back to the field, he caught up with Penny’s brother between innings. He told him Penny was okay, but wanted him to return and set her free in a couple hours. Her brother was so focused on the game that the most Johnny got was a grunt in acknowledgement. Penny’s brother wasn’t having the best day at the ball park, and had dropped a game or two.

Later Johnny did just as Penny had instructed. He went back down in the basement and tickled her until snot ran out of her nose. He untied her legs and then he screwed her until they were both exhausted. Penny was finally untied at the end of the day, but not after a truly great adventure that she would treasure for the rest of her life. In the end, the second stringer had a much better day that the first stringer. Penny’s brother was never the wiser about the events of the day.


Chains to Go, Please

For Penny, it had been way too long since those high school days of basement bondage fun. Penny no longer lived at home. Her brother had his own family and was long gone, and her first lover, Johnny, had drifted away while she was in college. Between college dorms and later apartment life, her interest in bondage had to wait. It had been years before she was able to even attempt to get back to that particular adventure.

All that changed, once she moved to her current condo. She found that just going into the basement would arouse her slightly. She longed for that same excitement and thrill she had when younger. Unfortunately, she had no brother and no Johnny to tie her up. She tried to tie herself up with ropes, but she could never get that same feeling of inescapable bondage. She desperately wanted to reproduce those long ago feelings of being bound with no hope of escape. Maybe these padlocks were the solution?

After the estate sale that Saturday morning, Penny’s next stop was the hardware store. She ran her fingers over each type of chain and decided on a smooth chain with small links. She tested it and made sure that the links were just big enough to pass the padlock hasp through. She had small wrists and ankles was certain that the chain pulled around them could easily secure them, with no means of sliding her hands out. She also purchased a tool that would cut the chain, so she could manage the chain and divide it into useable lengths.

Penny was not stupid. She had a master’s in chemistry, and worked for a big pharmaceutical firm, making good money. She was not going to become a statistic! She divided the keys and placed most of them in envelopes. She pinned one in the garage, one upstairs on her bedroom table, a couple in the basement, and one in the glove box of her car. Now, no matter how adventurous she got, there was some hope of rescue. At least, that was her theory.

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Penny could not wait to try her new toys. She grabbed the end an old pair of panty hose and cut off the foot area. She filled the little pocket with ice, and attached a key ring to the bag. While she was working on the chain, she put the bag and keys in the freezer. That would be her eventual escape method. She would push the little pocket through a hook in the ceiling and when the ice melted, the key would drop. The hook was next to the large eye bolt she had placed in the ceiling joist.

Penny sat at her kitchen table and worked at measuring and cutting the chain into various lengths. One length held her ankles together, another her wrists, and a third would go around her waist, and so on. She tested each and they worked very well. She was surprised at the permanence of the bonds. She could figure-eight the chain around her wrists and easily push the padlock through. She had never tried handcuffs, but she was sure they would feel just as permanent. Soon she was sitting there, bond hand and foot, with her hands chained to her waist, in front. She had immobilized herself with just three locks.

“Holy shit! Just 3 padlocks and I am already tied up” she thought, “This is really cool! I have still got another 15-16 locks to go!” Penny got up from the kitchen chair where she was working and attempted to move around. It was difficult, but she could carefully shuffle along. The chain pulled flat and smooth against her skin. She fairly hummed with excitement. At last she might find that world she had touched when she was younger.

Penny considered throwing the key, now sitting on the kitchen table, out the front door. She would never follow it out there because the possibility of being discovered was simply too terrible. It would force her to then go to the garage to gain freedom, but at the last minute, she decided against littering her front yard. She unlocked the chains and pulled them off, now satisfied that getting into and eventually getting out of bondage was reasonably possible.

The last thing she did was to mark the chains. She used some red nail polish to mark the end link of each piece of chain, using marks to indicate where each chain was intended to be used. One stripe for the tether chain, the first thing she would place. Then two stripes for the ankle chain, the second chain she would employ. She continued marking each with the sequence/position using the nail polish. If anything, she was organized.

Back to the Basement

Penny removed all her clothes, dropping them in her bedroom. A quick look in the mirror to appraise her lovely figure made her smile. She stopped to brush her hair and put it into pig tails. They still looked good. She went back into the kitchen and grabbed the various lengths of chain she had already cut. She also picked up the box of padlocks. She could not wait another minute, as she raced down the steps into her basement.

Her basement was finished and carpeted, but she had not placed anything else down there. No furniture, no clothes, nothing. There was only a little footstool to help her reach the ceiling. She looked around and realized she had forgotten her little battery powered friend. Up the stairs to the bedroom, and then back down the stairs with her little lover in her hand, wiggling obscenely as she ran, holding it upright. The thought of someone seeing her running through the house with the dildo in her hand made her chuckle.

“Calm down now Penny” she said out loud to herself, “you have all day to play. She took a deep breath and got to work. “Besides”, she thought to herself, ‘My little friend is for after I get loose. First the long tease, then the payoff”

Of course, to repeat the same feelings, she wanted to be tethered but there were no support columns in her basement. She had a condo with a small basement, requiring no support posts. She had solved this earlier, during her failed attempts to tie herself with rope. She had installed a large eye bolt in the center of the room, under the ceiling tiles. While it dated back to her rope experiments and would now come in handy. She slide the ceiling tile back and padlocked an 8 foot length of chain to the eye bolt. This would become her tether. She carefully folded up the footstool and placed it by the stairs.

Penny sat down and began to wind a chain around her ankles in a figure eight pattern. She was careful to keep the chain flat against her skin and not allow any twists in the chain. She crossed the loose two ends, and then wrapped them in opposite directions around the center of the bindings in a cinch. She brought the two ends together and clicked a padlock through the ends. She was very pleased with her work. She tried to move her legs and found that the chain had no give. It was so different than rope.

Now she took a second length of chain and wrapped it around her knees, above, then below the knees. She made the same figure eight pattern, then pulling a cinch through between her legs. She used two locks for those bindings. It felt so good that she lay back and rubbed her sex, moaning. She could feel all those old feeling flooding back.

“Stop it!” she said to herself. She sat up and got back to work. She wrapped her waist with 4 loops of chain and pushed the hasp of the padlock through the links to keep it fastened. She carefully slid the lock to the center of her back. She wanted to use the same lock to fasten her hands to the back of the waist or belly chain, so she kept it open for now.

She loosely looped another chain 4 times around her shoulders, moving two of the loops below her breasts. She kept this chain loose as she clicked a padlock through the ends. Then she flipped a harness chain (it was her term for the thing) over her head so that it ran across the back of her neck and dropped down across the front of her chest.

She pulled that harness chain around behind her back and crossed the ends. Then she fed each end under her armpit, and over the chest loops. Then she pulled the ends back behind her back again. This had the effect of tightening the chest loops, cinching them. Her chest chains now pulled her arms back, toward each other. She exchanged the harness chain ends between her hands, and pulled the chain back around to her front, where she could see the ends. She strained to fasten a padlock through them.

Once she had padlocked the harness chain, she felt like she was really getting to the point of helplessness. It had the effect of pulling her arms back and making her small breasts protrude. She was panting again, and had to stop a minute to cool down.

“Don’t forget the tether, you kinky girl” she said. The sound of her voice seemed to calm her down and bring her back to reality. “One more chain to go!” She rolled onto her back and reached back to her ankles. She needed to lock the tether to her ankle chain. As she gathered both the ankle chain and the tether chain in her hands, she considered a hogtie position, but rejected it for now. She placed another of her padlocks on the tether chain, but up the chain about 12” off the floor. She recalled how sexy it was to have her legs pulled into the air. Now she pushed the lock hasp through the cinch chains around her ankles. Clicking it shut, she said to herself, ”Perfect!”

Now she set about doing the last chain. She put her wrists behind her back and began to wind the chain around her wrists, using the figure eight pattern again. As she got to the end of the chain, just like with her ankles, she twisted the ends around each other and wrapped them in opposite directions around between her wrists, cinching the wrist loops. She clicked another padlock closed to fasten those chains. The loops were still a little loose, but when she tried to pull her hands out, she found they were not going anywhere.

“Wow! She thought, “This is really working”. Now she struggled with the last task. She wanted to fasten the wrist bindings to the belly chain. She had to force the wrist chain up on her forearms to get it close to her waist. The problem was that the chain on her hands ended in a padlock on the outside of her wrists, and the chain around her belly had the padlock on the inside of her hands. She could not bring to two together. .

Frustrated, she paused to think. There was a solution, but it would be hard to do. Penny decided to push her hands under the belly chain, in back. This was easier said than done. With the tight bindings around her upper arms, she did not have much flexibility to lift her arms up above the belly chain. She had to cross her arms and force the wrist chain as far up her arms as possible. Then she twisted and turned to catch her fingers under the belly chain. She got one hand under, then twisted her body in the opposite direction, and forced her second hand under the belly chain.

As she brought the second hand under, she was able to maneuver the belly chain padlock through the hasp of her wrist padlock and click it shut. The lust of the moment had driven her to make an extraordinary effort to achieve her bondage, and get this last lock in place.

She lay there for a moment and allowed her arms to relax. The wrist chain naturally slid up both her arms a bit and the tension of the upper arm restraints forced her hands to cross at the upper forearms. She found her arms were completely immobilized and tightly bound to her back. She could not pull them back out from under the belly chain with the wrist and belly chains now locked together.

The past feeling of helplessness and arousal came rushing back to her. She had found that same feeling once again. She reveled in her lust. She looked around the room and gazed at the dildo laying within 3 feet of her. It would fulfil its purpose after she released herself. Right now she wanted that sexual arousal and denial that the bondage provided. Seeing the dildo, just out of reach, simply added to the frustration and arousal she pursued.

She tried to roll over but had no leverage. Penny’s arms might as well have been welded to her back. Her torso was just a fleshy meat bag, with tits, waiting to be fucked. She pushed her legs straight, lifting her body into the air, and then she could manage to flip onto her back. Her legs bent from the waist now, and her legs were held quite firmly up in the air by the tether chain. She started to thrash and test her bonds, but found the chains were quite tight.

“Holy Shit girl, you have really tied yourself up this time!” she spoke to the empty room. “I’ll bet you even have trouble when the keys….”

She stopped in mid-sentence and looked up at the empty hook in the ceiling. In her rush to get tied up, she had left the key in her freezer upstairs.

“Damn it!” she said out loud.

Then she looked at the key envelope pinned to the stairs, 15 feet away, then she looked at the key sitting on the furnace also 15 feet from her current position, both too far to reach while tethered.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She said at the top of her voice.


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