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Storycodes: Sbf; leather; belts; hobble; skirt; nipple; clamps; electromagnets; toys; insert; tease; denial; stuck; cons; X

"Ok, Miss Stanton, your request has been filed and will be carried out."

"Good," Mary Stanton replied. "But run through it one more time, please. I want to make sure you have the details exact."

"Yes, Ma'am. Per your request, electrical service to your residence will be shut off at precisely five this evening."

"Precisely. I'm going on a trip, and that's the exact time I'll be leaving. I want the lights out when I lock the door."

"Understood. Also per request, service will be resumed at precisely eight Monday morning."

"I think you've got it."

"We do. Enjoy your weekend, Miss Stanton."

"Thank you." Mary placed the phone back on its cradle. "I fully intend to," she whispered, smiling.


Still smiling, Mary glanced at the clock in her play room. The call to the power company had been made at just before nine. Now, with that time at half-past noon, it was time to begin. Turning from the clock, she gazed lovingly at the mass of shining black at her fingertips. Made from the softest, most supple leather, to her own detailed specifications, these were her prized possessions. And now, thanks to a perfect idea, she was going to enjoy them in a way she never had before. For a moment, she simply rubbed the softness of the leather over her naked body, before setting down all but the first piece.

This piece had started out as a pair of belts. The first belt remained as she had ordered it. The second, however, had been altered. Cut in half, the cut ends bent and secured into loops through which the first belt fed. After careful positioning, she drew the main belt snug and buckled it at her right hip. Next, she took up a vibrator and inserted it within herself. Thanks to her growing anticipation, she was pleased to note that the vibrator went in easily. She checked the setting, then reached between her thighs and pulled forward the buckle end of the small belt. She then fed the other piece into the buckle, drawing it snug and buckling it. The remaining length fed through a loop behind the buckle. Smiling at the feel of what was now inside her, she reached for the second piece, her hobble skirt.

Sliding her feet into the skirt, Mary carefully worked the tight leather up her legs. Just above the knees, the skirt loosened, allowing her to pull it the rest of the way up to her waist. Once it was in place, she reached behind her and located the zipper, just above her knees, slowly inching it upwards. As it went, the skirt tightened behind it. By the time it reached her waist, her legs had been fused into a single column. Once the zipper was at the top, she carefully folded down the slightly oversized tang and, with a bit of fumbling, fed it into a small slot cut into the leather of the skirt. Next came a wide belt, fed through loops sown into the skirt and buckled snugly in front. Now, without removing the belt, there was no way she could undo the zipper.

The next item was a harness gag, but Mary passed over that for now. Instead, she reached for the real heart of this process. Basically, this was a pair of clover clamps, but attached to each was a round piece of metal that looked strangely like the foot from a piece of factory machinery. Mary's nipples were already hard, so it took only seconds to set each clamp securely into place, the metal piece dangling from the top end of each clamp. Moving quickly, she draped the gag across one shoulder, along with a pair of cuffs.

Moaning softly from the bite of the clamps, Mary lifted the weight attached to the right clamp. On its bottom, a depression had been cut out. Mary now place a key into the depression, holding the metal piece carefully so as not to drop the key. This done, she turned her attention to the wall in front of her.

Here, she saw two dark circles mounted to the paneling. Holding up the weights from her clamps, she carefully pressed one to each of the circles, their height forcing her to pull slightly upwards on her breasts. Once the weights were positioned, she turned her head, glancing toward a computer set up on the other side of the room.

"Computer," she said, "power on." After a second, there was a click as the powerful electromagnets on the wall took hold of the weights on her clamps. Until the power was shut off, she was going nowhere. Quickly, before she could change her mind, she buckled the harness around her head, securing the gag in her mouth. Her hands went behind her, the clicks of the closing cuffs driving home her self-imposed helplessness.

For a moment, she tugged at her bonds, being very careful not to lean too far from the wall. Already, her nipples were beginning to throb from the bite of the clamps. And the best, she knew, was yet to come. The next few minutes seemed to last forever. Finally, the vibrator burst into life, the sudden sensation dragging a shuddering moan from her, a moan that only intensified when the vibrator fell silent only seconds later.

This, she knew, was the most fiendish part of the whole procedure. The cord from her vibrator was plugged into a special timer. This timer was set to send pulses of power to the vibrator of varying lengths, and at varying intervals. At no time would the pulse last longer than ten seconds, nor would the interval be longer than fifteen seconds. What made the whole thing even more fiendish was the second timer, set to feed power to the first one in random intervals of between five and fifteen minutes, with the power staying on for between five and ten minutes. All of which meant that she would be tormented by random pulses from the vibrator for a random period of minutes, with an equally random period between sets. It would, she knew, drive her completely crazy.

Turning her head, Mary glanced at the clock. Just after one, which meant four hours of blissful torture before the power was shut off, allowing the weights to drop from the magnets, in turn allowing the key to her cuffs to fall to the floor. Closing her eyes, she began to savor her helpless pleasure.

The next four hours proved to be everything she had hoped, everything she had feared. The bite of the clamps, the upward pull on her breasts, the random vibrations, quickly had her on the edge of a cliff she soon found herself desperately wishing she could go over. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she'd planned far too well. Even with everything else added in, the pulses from the vibrator never lasted long enough to push her over the edge.

Her body filled with desperate need, Mary stared at the clock. Finally, after what seemed several eternities, the hands stood at one minute to five. With infinite slowness, the second hand crept around the clock's face, but finally, the hands clicked home. Five o'clock.

Finally, she thought, it's finally over. With a patience she'd long since lost, Mary waited the few seconds required for the electromagnets to lose their charge, then leaned back slowly, only to stare with widening eyes as the weights refused to drop. What, she wondered, was going on?

As she stared, her mind racing to understand, Mary heard her phone ring. As programmed, the call went to the answering machine after four rings. Listening to the voice emerging from the speaker, Mary groaned in anguish.

"Miss Stanton, this is Bob from Tri-County Oil. According to our sensors, your backup generator has just activated. Our sensors also indicate that the tank has dropped below thirty percent of capacity."

Mary groaned again. With that much fuel, the efficient diesel motor powering the generator could run for another six to eight hours. Surely she could...

"Per the conditions of your contract, we have already dispatched a truck to your location. The tank should be completely filled within the next half hour. As usual, the bill will be deducted from your account. Have a nice day, and thank you for choosing Tri-County Oil."

As the answering machine clicked off, Mary sobbed quietly. With all her planning, how could she have forgotten to shut off the damn generator? Now, with the company refilling the tank every time it ran low, the generator wouldn't shut down until...

Until the power was turned back on Monday morning.


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