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Perfect Companion

by Roger Williams

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© Copyright 2006 - Roger Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; toys; cons; X

I don't even remember how I met Becky but after we had dated a few times, I brought up the idea of bondage. For me. You would think that since this would not be any problem for her in submission that she would be OK with it. Well, it was just barely OK; she would not actively participate but what she would do was lock the final padlock and release me.

She worked the night shift; we did not live together but my place was on her way home. Twice a week, I would put myself into bondage and then wait for her to come by. She would secure me and then go off to work, checking on the way home to see if I had managed to release myself. If not, she would unlock the padlock that she had locked, but no more than that.

Just one example will suffice. I first put on a leotard, to cover my body for warmth and modesty, though she had seen me naked. I had an old mattress on the floor in the basement. I pulled it over next to a post and then put on leather hasp cuffs, locking them together on the other side of the post. Now a second set of cuffs on the upper side of those, again locked together with a short piece of chain.

Next I put on an "overnighter," wide cuffs which went around the tops of the legs and which had attached wrist cuffs. The wide cuffs secured with a hasp, but this time I decided to add a little stimulation by tying a clothesline around my crotch and then running each end through one of the hasps. I pulled it tight and knotted the rope so that the cuffs were not going to slip, since they were attached to each other and to my crotch. 

By the time I finished that, I was hard.

I had previously run chains from both rings on the sides of my steel collar to opposite ends of a bar. I put a leather helmet on; it covered my eyes but did leave an opening for my mouth. Then the collar over the helmet and a padlock in front which secured the whole thing. Between that and the post for my feet, I was stretched out pretty well.

It was about time for her to arrive so I put the wrists into the cuffs, first the left (with the free right one to snap the lock) and then the right one. 

Becky arrived and did her part by closing the right wristcuff and locking it. Then she did something more - - noticing my cock was still semi-erect, she stroked it through the fabric of the leotard. WOW! I was Orgasm City right away. Then I heard her leave.

I squirmed but there was no way I was going to get out of this one, especially since the lock on the wrist cuffs was on the back of my hand. Even if I had the keys in hand, I could not reach back there. I squirmed just for the feeling of being helpless, not for expected release. I finally exhausted myself and went to sleep.

At this point, you are probably expecting me to tell you that the meter reader or some other person walked in. Not so. Becky returned, but unlike so many other times, she commented that I was having so much fun that it was now HER turn to have fun. As she explained, she had helped me to an orgasm so it was my turn. She sat on my face with her pussy right over my mouth hole, and commanded me to start in with my tongue. And if I brought her to orgasm within five minutes, she would treat me to another. If I did not, then I would remain trussed up until I did.

Well, I failed. So she left me there and said she would be back in a couple of hours. And even though she knew what I knew, that I could not release myself, she took the keys and put them on top of the bar.

Of course I stayed there and waited for her. I was not uncomfortable, but by now the stimulation of the bondage had worn off. 

She returned and told me the news - - she had been to a fetish store and bought a combination gag and dildo. She put the gag in my mouth and strapped it around the back, and then rode the dildo sticking out from my helmet. About five minutes of this and I heard her moan.

Was this enough for my release? 

This time, it was, but the tongue orgasm was still expected. She unlocked the one padlock and then left me to release myself; she went home.

I took a shower and put all the toys away. The next time I would put on the gag/dildo before the helmet so it would not be removable. Maybe that would hide the tongue?

But there was no next time. Becky got a job transfer and moved across the country, and we never did get back together. Nor have I found a replacement so all of my self-bondage has to have a release to it - - and that really takes away the feeling of being totally helpless.


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