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The Perfect Trap

by The Storyteller

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© Copyright 2010 - The Storyteller - Used by permission

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Parts of this story are true, but as written, this is a work of fiction. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Carol. I've had a thing for helpless sex for as long as I can remember. I've never asked to be tied up and my previous boyfriends never made the first move in that area. As a result, my only experience is with selfbondage. The situation I describe here happened a year ago. I've written about the experience in my journals, but this is the first time I've shared my story.

I'm 26, five foot two inches tall, short dark hair. I'm single. I'm fairly thin. My breasts are average sized but perky, with what an ex-boyfriend called the hardest nipples he'd ever seen. Flat abs, tiny waist, and narrow hips. I live alone in a small single family home with a garage and a small yard.

My new boyfriend is Scott. He's 28, also single, a neighbor and a landscaper. He did my house's yard for the previous owner, and he still mows the lawn and sometimes fixes things up for me. We flirted for some time before he asked me out. At the point where this story takes place, I'd been on three dates with Scott. We hadn't had sex yet, just kissing and some over-the-sweater fondling. I'd told him that I didn't want to rush into bed, and he was a gentleman about it. After a few drinks on our third date night I told him a joke that involved tied up sex, and I blushed uncontrollably when he offered to tie me up on request. I changed the subject, but he looked at me differently for the rest of the night.

Now about my selfbondage games. I started tying myself when I was 18, and have done it hundreds of times. While I've tried different things, I keep coming back to a spread-eagle, tied to the four corners of my bed. I like the helpless feeling, arms and legs stretched out like I'm prepped for sex. I don't actually want to be caught. I want to be safe while still playing into my "helpless sex" fantasy. I make sure that the house is locked, no one is expected over, and that my releases are fool-proof. Being sure I've done things safely allows me to "get into character". Making it nearly impossible to be caught allows me to add risk to enhance the fantasy.

Over time I've added intensity by "digging a hole for myself", adding a blindfold, background noise so I can't listen for an intruder, adding a gag so I can't talk my way out of anything. I made it easy for an observer to defeat for my safety releases (more on that later). Finally, I write a note with instructions in case someone finds me like that. It says to be quiet, that I've done this to myself, tells them how to bypass the safety releases and asks that they do it without me knowing. At that point I'm theirs for as long as they want. I ask them to get creative and have fun with me as their sex plaything.

For safety, I use ice as a release timer.  For the release I take a pill bottle filled with water, put the end of a piece of rope in it and freeze it. A second loop of rope goes over the pill bottle and hangs up on the ice block. This rope then runs to the head of the bed, anchored as you will see below. The ice release is just out of reach.  Until it melts, the ice in the bottle won't pass through the loop, but when the ice melts the rope pulls through and releases reliably. I've found that the ice release takes about 20-30 minutes, plenty of time for me to get worked up.

After tying myself many times I started enhancing the fantasy by adding a bypass for the ice release. It's hard to describe, but a rope from each wrist cuff has a snap hook on the end, measured so it reaches the other side of the ice release with a little slack. When I'm tied and waiting for the release, anyone who finds me can clip this to the rope loop above the ice, so it will hold me when the ice release melts. It's an incredible rush. I can't stop them, I've told them to do this to me, and I might not even know I've been caught until the ice melts!

One thing that separates my selfbondage sessions from others I've read about is this: I don't want to come while tied. It might sound strange, but rather than coming in bondage I like to be aroused but frustrated. I guess I use the session as foreplay, if that's the right word as prelude to masturbation. To keep me aroused I use a crotch rope. I tie a loop of rope around my waist, tied in back. I bring it up between my legs, under the rope in front, then back to the foot of the bed. I tie a weight to the end, and lower it over the footboard where it hangs. This draws the rope tight against my clit, and provides constant tension. I attach a vibrator to the rope, midway to the footboard. The vibrator is on a timer, set to start after I'm tied. With this setup, the weight on the rope keeps me from escaping it. The buzz from the vibrator on the rope gives me the sensation of excited sexual frustration but doesn't get me off, exactly what I want to feel for however long it takes for the releases to melt.

I use wrist & ankle cuffs, with tie-down straps to spread my legs and hold me in place. To restrain my arms I use a friction device, which works like this. I have a 2" dowel mounted across the head of the bed with a cross brace that keeps the dowel from turning. Ropes go from my wrist cuffs to the ice releases, then to the head of the bed. Each rope loops twice around the dowel. Ten pound weights on the rope ends take up the slack. When I "clip in" and reach up, the ropes are pulled toward the head of the bed by the weights. Friction of the ropes around the dowel make it impossible to pull my arms back down once I've let the weights take them. The effect is perfect for me - If I extend my arms, I can't get them back. The ropes hold me in place and I'm unable to do anything until I feel the ice pop and release me.

On a Sunday afternoon in August I was ready for some selfbondage. I set up my ice releases, laid out the cuffs, tie-downs, ropes, snap-hook bypasses, vibrators and timer. I wrote a note like I described, and as an afterthought, wrote Scott's name at the top. Jesus, was I in for it if somehow he found me! I had bought a second vibrator which was controlled with the same timer, and decided to tie both vibrators to the crotch rope.

I prepped the bed with anchors for the tie-down straps, set the dowel in place, arranged the ropes and weights, and checked everything to be sure that when I brought the ice releases in I was ready. Yikes!

After triple checking that there was no activity outside, that the house was locked and that nothing inside needed attention, I grabbed the ice releases from the freezer. The clock was now ticking. I noticed a few clothespins on the counter and decided to add some spice by clipping these on my nipples. Grabbing two, I went back to my bedroom. I put on a CD of ocean surf sounds, and turned it up high enough that I couldn't make out sounds of doors opening or anyone moving around. I stripped naked, climbed into bed and set my gag & blindfold in easy reach. I slipped the crotch rope on, put on the ankle cuffs, clipped on the tie-downs, pulled the loose ends until my legs were pulled wide and down to the foot of the mattress. I adjusted the crotch rope, tied the weight on the end, tied on the two vibrators so they would be in the middle of the rope when the weight was pulling on it, lowered the weight over the end of the bed. The rope pulled taut, suspending the vibrators and pressing into my clit. Perfect.  I set the timer for ten minutes.

No time to waste! I scooted up on the bed so that my legs were straight. Wow, I was getting wet already! I put the wrist cuffs on, put the gag on and cinched it so it wouldn't come out. I checked the releases and bypasses again, perfect. I set the weights at the head of the bed so that a nudge would take them over the edge. I put the blindfold tightly on my forehead, so that when I pulled it down it would be snug and wouldn't move. I popped the clothespins onto my nipples. Not bad, but I bet they will be sore in 30 minutes! Hurry! I clipped my left wrist in, pushed the weight over and watched as it took up the slack in the rope. Perfect. I looked to the right, saw that everything was set and pulled the blindfold down. I reached over to the right, found the clip by feel, snapped it on and pushed the weight on the right over the edge of the bed. I felt a growing excitement as I slowly extended my arms. After stretching out, I pulled up with my legs, down hard with my arms. The restraints didn't move an inch. Perfect. Probably five minutes until the vibrators start. 

I slowly tried rolling my hips up to pull on the weighted crotch rope. Doing so increased pressure a bit, but when I relaxed there was barely a noticeable decrease. The weight did its job, that rope wasn't going anywhere!  Wouldn't want to be able to get away from that, now would I? I was now helpless, unable to protect myself, talk or even see. The CD masked any noises, so I couldn't tell for sure if someone had quietly entered my room. In my fantasy, I couldn't really be sure I was alone. The rope had dug into my pussy lips and provided just enough stimulation to keep me in an exited state, as if I needed any at this point.

I knew that the ice would take at least 20 minutes to melt, and that I had no decisions to make until then. Every movement seemed to dig the rope further into me. The clips on my nipples were beginning to hurt.  The frustration was exquisite. At this point, the vibrators attached to the crotch rope started up.

I had planned on the vibrators teasing me with distant stimulation. My past experience was that the tingling exited me but wasn't enough to make me come. What I hadn't planned on was the effect of the two vibrators going at different speeds attached to the same rope. About once a second, the vibrations reinforced each other, sending an extra-strong pulse up the rope. The effect was more than I had planned on. It was like being stroked, rhythmically  teasing my clit. It throbbed against my clit. Despite my plan to be frustrated until the ice released me, it seemed like it was going to get me off. I didn't want that at this point.

I pulled my arms down to get some slack and change the crotch rope's tension, but it wasn't working. Grrr!!! I rolled my hips side to side, but the rhythmic pulsing on my clit stayed just where it was. I tried pulling with my legs to change something. Change anything! There was no escape. I had pulled this tormentor onto my clit and now I couldn't escape it. I began to feel a building climax. Damn it! I didn't want it like this! I had fantasized about loss of control, but now I wanted it back! Pull with my arms - no good, the ice wasn't releasing yet. Lift my hips, no good, the rope stood its ground, pulling into me. Damn! I had got myself good. I kicked my legs, which bounced the bed. The bounce caused momentary slack on my arm ropes, which the weights happily took up. Nooo!!! I was beginning to come, and couldn't do a thing about it. Waves came over me, a strong orgasm that seemed to build up forever. It welled up from my legs, and as I lost control I rolled my hips up to increase the crotch rope's pressure as I came. Waves came over me, and the orgasm caused me to shake head to toe.

As the orgasm faded, I was dazed, but knew I would come again soon. I decided to try like hell to break the ice before I started to build toward another orgasm. I set myself and pulled down as hard as I could. I heard and felt the snap of the ice to my left, and ... my left arm moved half an inch. I heard a laugh. Scott's laugh. Nooo!!! He was here! It couldn't be, but he was here! He had been watching the whole time!!! He had watched me coming! I pulled again and the rope holding my right arm gave ... a quarter-inch. Oh, my god, noooo!!!! I had almost forgotten about the bypasses, and ... the note. I yelled through the gag, which did its job. I couldn't understand my own words. Scott had no idea what I was saying. I felt the bed move as he sat on the side of the bed. Nooo!!! Let me go!!! Untie me!!! What I sounded like through the gag was more like Ohhh! AEOOOO!!! AEYEE!!! I'm pleading with him, and he can't understand a word.

My plan had worked perfectly, except for the second vibrator ... and getting caught.

Scott put his hand on my belly, and I squirmed as hard as I could to get away. I moved about an inch. He began running his hands from my belly, up to my breasts, teased the now-painful clips on my nipples, down my sides and back up. I tried to turn away, useless. I called out for him to stop, useless. AAhhh! was all that came out. "You like that?" he asked. Uuoooo! I said. "OK" he said, and took the clothespins off my nipples. Ouch! He began running his fingertips around my breasts, circling closer and closer to my nipples. The vibrators were still running, and I wanted them off before I came again!

I yelled "Turn the timer off! Turn the timer off! Turn it off! Turn it oooofff!" I felt him get up, and he asked if I was going to come again. "Yes! Turn it ooofff!" I yelled. He lifted the weight, stopping the tension from carrying the vibration to my clit. He didn't turn the vibrators off, though. The weight came back, and he laughed again. "Oh, my god, noooo!!!!" "Turn the timer off!"  I felt him sit on the bed again, and he whispered in my ear, "This I've gotta see."

At this point I had an out-of-body experience. I threw my whole body into trying to get loose. I kicked, pulled, rolled, lifted up, slammed my head onto the bed trying to get an extra-hard pull on the ropes. I kicked as though I was running, thrashing so hard I could barely tell where I was. Then I realized I hadn't changed a thing. Scott was laughing, and was playing with my breasts with his fingertips.  I was beginning to come again, and this time Scott was a part of it. He began to touch my nipples, which were still sore from the clothespins. As the tormenter between my legs was forcing me to come, he pinched both nipples, pulling my breasts up, then releasing, pinching again, and as I began to come I cried out "Yes! Harder!" He pinched my nipples hard and jiggled my breasts side-to-side. As an amazing orgasm washed over me, I yelled out "Yes, yes, yeesss!"

As the orgasm subsided, Scott whispered in my ear again, "That was amazing." I agreed, and said through the gag "Ahheehh." I felt Scott get up again, felt the vibrators stop and the weight lift. "That's enough of that" he said. I felt the crotch rope being removed, the loop around my waist taken off, then Scott's gentle touch tracing the lines the rope had left. He caressed them, rubbing lightly where the rope had pinched my skin. "That's better. How do you feel?" I suddenly got angry, and began cussing a blue streak through the gag. Unintelligible, of course, but Scott said "Wait" and I felt him unbuckle the gag.

"Untie me!" I said.

"In time." he responded.

"No! You have no right! Untie me right now or I'll scream!"

"Hmm... The first response will be from our neighbors. I'll meet them at the door, and I have a signed invitation."

He read the note aloud:


Please read this note before doing anything further. I did this to myself. I'm into this sort of thing, but don't have the guts to ask for it. I've been caught. It turns me on as I write this. I'm tied, naked, helpless, and unable to get away from the vibrator tormenting me. With the blindfold and the background noise I might not know I've been found. If that's the case, please keep it that way. First thing, I have melting-ice releases on my wrist restraints. I don't want them to work. Find the snap hooks coming from my wrist cuffs. They will just reach the rope loops above the ice releases. Attach them there and my ice timers won't release me. Do it quietly and I won't even know. I'll be naked, helpless, sexually frustrated and you will be watching it all. Perfect. Watch me struggle. When the ice finally breaks and I discover I'm still tied, I'll know you're here, that you've been here all along, and that what happens next is up to you.

Take me. Use me as your sexual plaything. I'm up for whatever you decide.

Have fun!

All my love,


"So, what will it be? You want me to call the police and say I found you like this? Or the neighbors? This note is in your handwriting."

"No, please don't do that. Just untie me."

"Well, ... no, I don't think so. I think you'd never forgive me if I let you go right now. Tell you what. I'll give you a choice. I can re-attach the crotch rope and turn the vibrators back on, or gag you again. Your choice."

"No, dammit, don't do that."

"Which, the gag or the rope? Tell you what, I'll start fixing the crotch rope and you can decide to switch anytime."

"No, stop! Stop it! Stoooop!!!"

He wouldn't stop. I felt him throw the rope over me, lift me up and slide it under. "Stop! Don't do this!" I felt the tug as he arranged the waist knot at my back. He forced his hand under my leg and pulled the rope through from underneath. He tugged at the rope, then brought it up and under the waist loop. I felt his hand on my pussy, guiding the rope, spreading my pussy lips and arranging the rope there. "Dammit, stop! Please stop. Please." I felt him dangle the weight. I felt the tormenting rope dig again, just as before. Then he stopped.

"OK" he said, and I felt the bed move again. He caressed my cheek, ran his fingers down to my ear and began circling my ear with his fingers. "Time for the gag, or for me to turn the vibrators on again, your choice."

"No, please, I can't take the vibrators anymore."

"OK, open wide."

"I can't."

"OK", he said, and got up off the bed.

"No! Don't do it! Please, I'll do anything!"

"Vibrator or gag, make a choice. Tell me now or I'll turn the vibrators on for an hour. I won't turn them back off."

"The gag, I'll take the gag. Please promise to take the rope off."

"I promise. Now ask me nicely."

"I want you to gag me. Please gag me. Please, please, please."

"OK, you got it."

At this point, I gave up. I couldn't escape, I was worn out from trying. Scott had complete control. I opened wide.  Scott gagged me, removed the crotch rope as promised, then began exploring my body, head to toe. His caress was exquisite, petting and touching me here and there. He remarked that I was beautiful, that my breasts were amazing, that he could spend all day at this. At this point I couldn't care less how I got in this spot. I was past the embarrassment. I was loving the attention despite myself. He slowly petted his way to my lower waist, then got up and began playing with my feet.  Then my ankles, my calves, my knees - he took his time caressing the backs of my knees and my inner thighs. Then he began moving up the insides of my thighs. Slowly, he kissed his way up my legs to my pussy. Gently, ever so gradually, he touched  my pussy, tracing the edges, exploring my inner lips. He began licking, probing, stroking me. I was burning up. He put two fingers inside me, and put his thumb on my clit. "Ever had a g-spot orgasm?" he asked, as he probed inside me. I felt him gently stroking me on the inside.

He hit it. Oh, my god, did he hit it. The intensity was amazing. I rolled my hips and bucked. "Wow, this is so cool. You should see yourself. Next time I'll have to take video. OK, I've got it. Fight all you want, I've got you now." His left hand caressing my breasts, his right stroked me from inside. I had obviously had clitoral orgasms, but this was different. I tightened on his fingers, my midsection became rigid, and I came like never before. I could tell I was ejaculating, totally out of control. The bed restraints controlled my body, Scott's hands controlled my climax. The intensity was all-consuming, greater than I'd never felt before. As the orgasm subsided, he lightened up and gently kissed my belly as he continued gentle manipulation of my pussy.

Finally, he said "that's enough", got off the bed and removed my ankle cuffs. He lifted my legs by my ankles, placed them together and lowered them to the bed. He took off my gag, then the blindfold, then the wrist cuffs. I looked at him, seeing for the first time that he was naked, probably had been the whole time. He rolled me on my side and spooned me from behind. He put his arms around me and held me tight.

"Mad at me?" he asked.

"I was, now I don't know what to think. I'm dazed."

"I'm glad."

 "How did you get in the house?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"No. I'm serious. The house was locked."

He paused for a moment. "Carol, I came in through the garage. I've been opening your garage door every week this summer to get your lawn mower. You didn't change the code when you moved in. I came in, saw your car here, knocked, called your name, got no answer. I came in to make sure everything was OK. I saw you in bed, read the note that you wrote for me. I figured this was all a setup, that you planned to have me find you like that!"

"Oh, my god. I had no clue. I spread myself out like that, naked, helpless, and invited you to take me. God, I was so stupid!"

I started to move, but he pulled me in to him. "Wait, don't get up, don't do anything. If I've got this right, I surprised you. The bondage, the note, the 'sex plaything' bit, it was all part of the fantasy for you.  Carol, you have to know that I took this at face value, that I thought you were a willing participant. I had no idea it was anything else. I'm sorry. Should I go? "

I rolled toward him. "Hell, no! This is crazy, but I don't want it to end. You've been getting me off for the last hour. Let me return the favor."

"Um, OK, but I'll need to recover some."

"Really? Why?"

He paused again. "Well, it's like this. I read the note, snapped on the ropes on like you said, then had to stand there and watch your gorgeous naked body writhe for 20 minutes. Frankly, I came twice before you even knew I was here!"


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