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Perilous Walk in Heels

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; fpov; cuffs; chain; heels; gag; latex; caught; outdoors; reluct; XX

I struggle hard but it's useless, I'm tied to the bed spread-eagled wearing only my bra and panties. My abductors enter the room where I'm tied down to the bed, face-up. The first man rips open my bra revealing my young breasts. My natural instinct is to cover up but my hands are tied to the bed posts.

The other man pulls down my sexy lace panties and my pussy is now vulnerable to anything. I'm at their mercy, although I don't know what they truly want other than my body and pussy. The first man climbs onto the bed and his cock is hard and heading towards my pussy.

"NO! Please don't fuck my pussy! I'm a virgin and I don't want to get pregnant!"

His long erect cock gets closer to my pussy, with my legs spread and tied to the bed posts I can not stop my abductor from raping me! His cock head is nearing my pussy and...

"Jessica, are you there? Respond back to me."

Dammit! Just when I was getting to the good sexy part of my abduction fantasy.

"Hi Clara. I'm in the back room completing the inventory report."

"Great. I'm leaving now. Remember to do your final checks and reports before you lock up the store and head home."

My name is Jessica, a single 24 year old woman with an amazing tall body with the right curves everywhere. I work at the Erotic Latex Clothing store. I enjoy touching and feeling the sensual latex clothing and often have taboo fantasies. When no one is around I enjoy wearing the latex clothing and often use my own sex toys.

Tonight I will use my bondage gear and a powerful vibrator to pleasure myself.

I put on a short black latex mini dress along with a long pair of black latex gloves. I insert the small vibrator inside my pussy and slide on my black lace panties.

Then comes the sexy black patent boots with a sexy 5 inch heel. I have been eyeing these sexy boots at the store and often imagine myself wearing these boots while getting hogtied by my fantasy abductor.

I look into the mirror and I see how sexy I look in this sexy black latex outfit. Dressed like this I'm every man's fantasy but I'm way too shy to ever wear something like this in public.

The next items I place on myself are the bondage gear, a red ball gag, a hobble ankle chain and handcuffs.

The hobble ankle chain still allows me to walk but my stride is reduced. The ankle chain, the ball gag and handcuffs are now locked. Prior to locking myself up I placed an adorable lace collar with a loud bell in front, every step and movement causes the bell to ring loudly.

I'm walking through the latex store alone, the vibrator giving me mini orgasms as imagine myself as a sex slave trying to escape and avoid getting gang-raped.

My high heel boots click along the floor as I walk towards the latex and satin French maid section of the store. I think about one day wearing a sexy french maid costume for my future husband. I would drop to my knees and serve my husband well.

My pussy is becoming so wet from the vibrator and my naughty hands are cuffed behind my back and I can't even reach my pussy with my hands. It's times like this that I wished a had a boyfriend that could fuck me. It has been many years since a man has penetrated my pussy.

Over an hour has passed and I need to get unlocked, remove the latex clothing and get home to my apartment. My locked hands reach into my purse searching for the keys to unlock my bondage gear And they are not there! Shit...I left my keys at home!

I only have one option and it's not a good one. I need to walk home in this sexy latex outfit while locked up, luckily my home is only about four blocks away. I will have to walk through a bad part of town where there is gang activity.

I take my first steps onto the street late at night wearing black patent five inch boots. I'm scared to death but the vibrator is making me so hot. The first block is empty of people and silent...everything is silent except for the sound of my heels and this damn bell around my neck.

By the time I get to the third block my feet are killing me from the five inch boots. The hobble chain makes it difficult to walk and it's hard to keep my balance with my hands handcuffed behind my back.

I'm nearly home when I spot some gang members and I make a horrible decision to run into an alley to hide. My running caused my bell to ring loudly and the gang members are now following the strange sound.

I blindly back away, I trip over some garbage and fall into some empty cardboard boxes. I'm stuck and trapped with my legs exposed and wide. The gang members quickly surround me and inspect their new sexy surprise.

There are six young muscular gang members and they only have one thing on their minds and it's not to rescue a damsel in distress. My ball gag prevents me from talking or begging for them not to rape me.

The gang leader is removing his pants and I know that my naughty rape fantasy is about to become a reality and there is nothing I can do to stop it!


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