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Personal Trainer

by Ron McIngle

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© Copyright 2013 - Ron McIngle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; collar; cuffs; computer; program; torment; electro; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

Mary had been wearing the collar and wrist cuffs since she went to bed last night, as she found it easier to commit to a course of action when the ramifications were still a day off. Plus they often brought her interesting dreams. But now it was a new day and procrastinating would only make things worse. The padlocks were in place, assuring collar and cuffs would not be removed until she completed the program. The wrist cuffs could be cut off, as they were just leather, but at significant expense. The collar, on the other hand, was a heavy stainless steel model secured with a high security padlock. No tool she had access to would get that off without the key. Sooner or later, she would have to visit her personal trainer.

Gathering her courage, she descended into the basement where her creation waited. At first glance it looked like a simple exercise room, which was partially correct. Most days of the week she would come down and work out at her own pace. But today was training day, where her personal trainer ensured that she worked hard. She knew her personal trainer would have no mercy, would cut her no slack, as it was a computer. One that she had programmed.

At the foot of the stairs lay a simple steel cable. Before she lost her nerve she took the free end, passed it through the D ring on her collar and then locked it to an eye bolt secured to the wall. Now she was trapped until she had completed the circuit, releasing the numerous mounts that the cable passed through as it snaked through the equipment in the room.

The first stage was “inspection”. As she stood on the scale, flood lights lit up her body, providing the best lighting for the cameras that examined her. The cameras were controlled by the computer that was now in control of her fate. One camera was focused on the scale, ensuring that she had both feet in the proper position. Another examined the lock that secured the steel cable to the wall. Yet another was focused on her ass, ensuring that it was completely bare. Her hands had to be hanging at her side, fingers spread wide. Image processing software went to work, ensuring that she was nude, on the scale and had nothing in her hands and the leather cuffs were locked on.

This station is also where the computer checked the status of her diet and exercise program. Mary had really slacked off during the holidays, and hadn’t submitted to the “personal trainer” in over two weeks, which could add punishment. Added to that the scale indicated that she had gained weight, which was likely to add to her exercise requirement and possibly a punishment. The program included a certain amount of intentional randomness so she couldn’t be certain just what her penalties would be. On top of everything else she had increased the basic workout, as part of her New Year’s resolutions.

“Penalty will include nipple clamps” the computer informed her. “Please apply immediately”

“NO!” Mary cried. Of course it did no good, as the computer had no provisions for negotiating. Why did she ever add that feature? Especially now, that the exercise program has been stepped up. She knew her nipples would be exceptionally sore before she was done. If she could abort this program she would, but every time she had managed to defeat the system in the past she modified it to prevent that from happening again. The computer itself was secured in an armored case, impossible to get to without the keys, which were locked away in a safety deposit box at the bank. A large monitor was mounted on the wall up near the ceiling, positioned so it could be seen anywhere in the room. Any damage done to the monitor or attached wiring would simply result in her being incapable of completing the program, which would leave her trapped until the “fail safe” kicked in, which would be indescribably embarrassing.

“Present breasts for inspection” the computer demanded.

Mary knew she had to hurry to avoid even more penalty. Once before, when she was faced with this penalty, she managed to fool the computer but she later closed that loophole. Since getting caught in an attempt to circumvent a punishment had a severe penalty she decided she better comply.

The clamps were “clover” clamps, modified so that a medium sized padlock slipped through the mechanism to prevent them from being opened. It was possible to yank the clamps off the nipples with the lock was in place, but impossible to put them back on. Mary didn’t want to think about the penalty if they were not in place for the final inspection.

It was required that the clamps go on in just a certain way, with the jaws a certain distance onto the nipple. Once in place, with the locks shut, Mary bent down in front of a camera, her breasts hanging down, the clamps and lock dangling straight down from her nipples. The computer compared the camera image against a reference picture to establish that they were in fact properly applied. The key to these locks was located at the last station of her creation. The pain was tolerable now, but she knew it would be an hour at least before they would be removed.

“Proceed to warm up station” the computer prompted, and as it did it released the first anchor plate.

The plate had a ring that the cable passed through, and was held to the inspection station by a strong electro-magnet. These magnets were the same type as what are used to lock doors in many industrial buildings, and there is no removing the plate while the electric current flowed. A power failure would release them. Smoke detectors located at various places around the house were also wired in to cause an immediate release in case of fire. The wiring to the magnets were incased in well armored steel conduit. A sledgehammer might do the trick, but there wasn’t such a thing in the basement.

Once the anchor plate had been released she could it along the cable ahead of her to reach the stationary bike that was “warm up”. She could go no further, however, as it also had an anchor plate secured by another electro-magnet. The slack in the cable allowed her mount the bike comfortably but not venture anywhere else.

The stationary bike was an old fashion model had a few minor modifications to it. A magnet was glued to the “wheel” which activated a sensor each time the wheel made a revolution. This in turn connected to the computer so it could sense speed and distance. The seat was fitted with two electrodes that served two purposes: Most of the time the computer measured the resistance of her skin, which indicated that she was in fact sitting on the seat, and the program would add minutes if she rose off it, even for a moment. The second function was to administer an electric shock if she didn’t maintain the pace.

The monitor showed the required warm up period: 18 minutes. This was 8 minutes longer than the nominal amount “last year”. Five minutes additional was due to her resolution to increase her workout, 3 minutes was penalty for gaining weight.

There was no need to be locked into this piece of equipment, as there was no easier way to pedal than they it was intended. She got shocked a few times, but only because she couldn’t help but test the system or simply wasn’t paying attention.

“Proceed to weight station” the monitor flashed.

With the release of the anchor plate, Mary moved on to the weight machine, now sliding two released anchor plates along the cable ahead of her. This piece of equipment had a bit more modifications than the previous station. The pin that selected the amount of weight was locked in place, ensuring that she couldn’t change it. The “D” rings from her wrist cuffs slid into hooks beside the hand grips. They didn’t lock the rings, but the computer could sense them and the workout would start over if she removed her hands from the grips. The seat incorporated a butt plug, that not only pinned her in place but could also administer an electric shock. The computer could also measure the electrical resistance between the butt plug electrodes, and thus ensure that it was properly inserted and that she didn’t rise off it during the workout.

The first exercise was for the upper body, requiring her to swing her arms together, 20 repetitions at a new weight. When she paused after the 15th a sharp electric shock to her anus encouraged her to continue. Mary was already cursing her choice of weights for the new year.

The inner thigh exercise was even more diabolical. This required her to squeeze her legs together, while the weights wanted to keep her spread wide, and exposed. If she lingered too long in closing her legs, a one inch wide stick, similar to a yard stick, would swing up from the floor and strike her right on her exposed pussy. The butt plug pinned her in place, assuring the slap on her pussy was precisely on target. If she attempted to keep her legs closed, the butt plug shocked her.

Mary realized that she should have actually tried these new weight settings before committing to the personal trainer program. They were proving to be too much for her, and after only a dozen cycles she was getting pussy slapped between each repetition. Between the 18th and 19th she was slapped multiple times. She endured 5 slaps before she managed the final cycle. Not only was her labia on fire from the smacks, the involuntary jerk that followed was working the plug against her anus.

“Proceed to aerobic station” the computer commanded.

This machine had the simplest of all the modifications. It was a simple “step machine”, but it had a ¾”plank, standing on edge, mounted at an angle between the steps. The control panel was covered with a plate, which was locked, with only the start button exposed. Mary climbed up, straddling the plank, and fastened the velco straps that held her feet to the step pedals. She pressed the start button, and then positioned her hands. The computer acknowledged that she was in the proper position as the program started, a full 30 minutes. The hand grips were also a heart rate monitor and the step machine was programmed to keep her heart beating 140 BPM. If she failed to keep the pace, the “steps” would descend until her crotch pressed against the plank. The upward slope of the plank assured that labia and clit would bear the brunt of the abuse. The added torment of the nipple clamps swinging from the weight of the locks didn’t improve the situation.

Tears were streaming down her face when the monitor finally displayed:

“Proceed to bench press station”.

Her pussy was sore from being slapped. Her anus was sore from being shocked and jerked against the plug. Her clit was raw from the plank. The next torment worried her the most as it involved the nipple clamps that had already been applied for over 45 minutes. Ordinarily she would apply the nipple clamps that were part of the station, but since she already had nipple clamps in place the station clamps attached to those. The station clamps each had a pair of tiny electrodes that were used to measure the resistance of her nipples, the computers assurance that they were in the proper place. The locked on clover clamps had a specific spot that included a resistor of matching value, again to convince the computer that she was following the program.

Once she had clicked her cuff D rings into the slots next to the hand grips, the computer started the “pacer”. This was just a small gear motor that turned at a leisurely 10 RPM, or 6 seconds per revolution. An arm on the shaft of the gear motor attached to the cord that was tied to the nipple clamps. The cord also passed through a pulley on the arm of the bench press. As the gear motor arm rotated, it would pull on the nipple clamps, unless Mary raised the bar. If she failed to raise the bar, the gear motor would stall, but not before exerting a painful tug on her nipples. An incredibly painful tug now that her nipples were sore.

Mary watched closely as the slack to her nipple clamps was used up. Grunt, raise the bar, hold it up for 3 seconds while the pacer rotated around, providing enough slack to lower the bar. Wait three seconds before the slack was used up again. Repeat, 20 times. The first 14 she managed without problem, but then her arms simply failed to lift the bar.

The pain was intense when the pacer pulled firmly on her nipples. Mary screamed, and managed to lift the bar one more time, and then another. But on the next cycle even the pain didn’t coax her tired muscles to cooperate. Mary whimpered and lay still as the pacer pulled hard on her nipples and stalled. Ten seconds later she renewed her efforts, raising the bar one more time. The remaining three cycles required a similar rest period.

“Proceed to chin up station”

Another simple but effective perversion of an otherwise innocent exercise. A pair of dog collars hung from a cable harness. Mary had to fasten the collars tightly around of her ample breasts, which constricted the base and made the remainder swell and jut out firmly. It was “uncomfortable” the way her breasts were tied as she presented them to the camera for review. But it would be a lot worse if she failed to keep the pace.

Mary had to position the cable in a favorable spot so that it didn’t impede her efforts, and then jump slightly to reach the horizontal bar above her. As she hung there, the cable fastened to her breasts was slowly wound up by a winch located a short distance away. The cable was routed to a pulley overhead so that shortly it would begin to lift her by her breasts. Unless she was able to get her chin above the bar, at which point the winch would quickly provide slack so she could drop back down.

Mary waited her breasts were being gently lifted, providing a bit of a boost, and then yanked herself up. Her chin cleared the bar easily, and she sank back down. Only 19 more to go, which was 5 more than she had done all last year. Now Mary really regretted those extra pounds she had put on, as the last 5 cycles were more of being hauled up by her breasts than by her arms.

“Proceed to leg press station”

Mary slid the accumulation of anchor plates ahead of her to and settled into the seat and looked hopefully at the monitor. “ANAL” it display, and Mary whimpered. It could have said “vaginal”, which would have been a reward. Or “none”, which was neither reward or punishment. “Anal” was punishment. Mary dutifully attached the butt plug attachment to the mechanical apparatus that had been added to an otherwise standard piece of equipment. As others, the butt plug had electrodes to both ensure contact with her body and administer shocks as necessary. A camera was focused on her rear entrance to ensure everything was properly operated.

Unlike the previous butt plug this one tapered up to an impossibly wide girth. When the exercise started the plug was barely entering her anus, creating essentially no discomfort. It was connected to the leg press via a coupling such that full extension of her legs retracted the plug about an inch, which almost cleared her anus. While extended, however, hydraulic dampers and springs allowed the butt plug to slowly creep forward, so that when she retracted her legs the plug would be inserted a bit farther. How much depended on how long she kept her legs extended. With her legs retracted, the push against her anus reversed the force on the dampers, and the plug would slowly start to retract. But it would also start to shock her. If she needed a rest, she could lock her legs and suffer a deeper, wider intrusion into her ass, or pause with her legs relaxed and endure electrical shocks.

Oh, if only it had been the dildo instead!

“Proceed to review station”

At last the exercise program was complete. The review station was actually back at the inspection station where she had started. The only requirement now was to preset her breasts to the camera to verify that the nipple clamps were still in place.

“Exercise Complete” the computer announced.

The last anchor plate was released, and Mary slid the accumulation of plates along the cable to where it was secured at the far wall. No lock here, just a simple snap hook, just being able to reach it was the key. The key for the nipple clamps was also located here, and the first order of business was getting those off! Just fumbling with the locks was torture, and the removal was agonizing. There was also a strong box, which was normally locked by the computer but at the moment was open, allowing her to access the keys to the collar and cuffs.

Mary slowly made her way up the stairs, her legs wobbly from the exertion. Without bothering to remove the cuffs or collar she lay on the bed, allowing her fingers to caress her tender pussy. The labia was sore from slaps and the clit was sore from the plank. It started as a gentle caress, but soon her fingers were stroking the moist folds within.

The orgasm was incredible.

As she lay basking in the afterglow of her climax, Mary started thinking about the next “improvement” to her creation. Maybe forced push ups….


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