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A Pet for Valentine’s Day

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2009 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

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After making a New Year’s resolution to my husband (see a Special New Years Resolution) that I would find a creative way to tie myself up and he could take full advantage of me. I would be a totally helpless package for his sexual pleasure and I would do this every month as part of my 2009 resolution. Our marriage has never been better since I started doing self bondage for my husband.

It was February, so I decided since Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday I would be my husband’s sex pet for the day. Who needs roses when you can have multiple orgasms?

Turning to the internet to do my shopping, I first ordered my outfit, a pink vinyl garter belt with white colored stockings. Then I decided on my bondage gear, an extra large 2 1/8" pink ball gag with matching strap. There something to be said about having a big ball gag stuck in your mouth. It makes me feel totally helpless; it keeps my husband’s large cock out of my mouth and gives me something to bite down on when I am having an orgasm.

My husband says seeing me in a ball gag makes him instantly hard. I then decided on a bondage set, which included a pair of pink leather wrist cuffs, a matching neck collar with O ring and a 4 ft pink leash. It looked like I was going to be someone’s sex pet. Completing the set up I ordered 6 pink leather buckling straps. I have been spending a lot of money on outfits and bondage gear but my husband doesn’t seem to mind.

It was Valentine’s Day and my husband got up early and said he had several errands to run. Men are always forgetting about Valentine’s Day which causes them to run out at the last minute to buy some flowers and some meaningless gift. I have a strong feeling my husband will always remember Valentine’s Day 2009.

I quickly showered, did my hair and make up, and laid out my bondage gear on our king sized bed. Totally naked I started by putting on my new pink vinyl garter belt. Sitting on the bed I slipped on my white colored stockings while noticing that they had a seam running up the back of them. Standing up I attached the 4 garter straps to the top of the stockings then tightening the straps so that the stocking were on extra tight. Then I adjusted the stockings so that the seams would run down the center of the back of my legs. Looking into to the mirror I knew I had made another great choice.

Picking up my pink leather collar I buckled it around my neck making sure that the O ring was centered on the front of my neck. We have a king sized bed with 4 high posts one on each corner of our bed. I stood up on the bed and slipped the hand strap around the top of one of the posts and then allowed it to drop to the base of the post. Next I took my new pink ball gag and pushed it deep into my mouth, pushing it past my teeth and then tightly buckling the strap underneath my blond hair. The ball on this gag was softer then my others I kind like it mmmrphrph. I then attached the clasp on the end of the leash to the O ring on my collar.

Picking up the pink leather wrist cuffs which were lined with fleece I tightly buckled them around each of my wrists. They each and a small metal ring attached to them and by using a small padlock I would lock the two rings together which would hold my wrist together. I was now at the point of no return once I locked the cuffs behind my back I would be leashed to the bed. Oh no I forget to put on my high heels good thing they were just under the bed So I slipped on my 4" heels, slipped the open lock through the ring on my right wrist and then I put my hands behind my back and with a little trouble I was able to slip the lock through the ring on my left wrist and using my right hand I was able to lock the padlock shut.

I must admit standing there on a leash looking at myself in the bedroom mirror I was getting hornier and wetter by the minute, what a sex pet I was. Walking back and froth around the corner of the bed restricted by the length of the leash, I felt like a dog on a leash waiting for her master to come home and play with her.

Strutting back and forth around the corner of the bed in my high heels I could not happen to noticed how great my legs and how shapely my ass looked in that tight little pink vinyl garter belt and white stockings, and with my hands locked behind my back what a great rack I had. Not too mention that pink ball gag tightly strapped in my mouth mmmrphrph.

My feet were getting sore from standing on my high heels so I carefully got up on the bed. Luckily my leash was long enough and I was able to lie down on the bed. I was starting to get impatient waiting for my husband, all I could do was roll around on the bed being careful not pull on my leash. Before I knew it and had fallen asleep on my comfortable bed it sure beats being hog tied on the floor.

I was awoken by husband standing in front of me with a huge smile on his face and in one hand he had a dozen roses and in the other a big bag from the local adult super store. "Oh no, mmmrphrph".

"Honey you little sex kitten", he then rolled me on my stomach and grabbed one of the new pink straps and strapped my elbows tightly together.

Helping me up off the bed and onto my feet, he turned me around so my back was facing him and then he buckled three pink straps around my upper body, one above my breasts, and another below my breasts and the final one above my belly button. Now with my elbows strapped together which made my breast stick out even more and my arms tightly strapped to my body making my upper body today helpless? My husband then examined my new set of wrist cuffs, "Honey I like your new cuffs they look nice and comfy, mmmrphrph.

He then ran his hands up and down my thighs, and then rubbed and squeezed my ass which caused me to let out a moan. Noticing my moist muff he gently ran his fingers around it and gently rubbed on my clit causing me much frustration. Oh my, the pussy is very wet and needs some attention, mmmrphrph.

Unhooking my leash from my collar, "Now kitten hop up on the bed, and get up on your knees."

He positioned me so I was kneeling at the lower corner of bed and was diagonally facing the upper corner of the bed. From the bottom bed side rail he attached a rope and with the other end he tightly tied it around my left ankle. Taking another piece of rope he tied it to the bottom bed end rail and then tied the other end around my right ankle. He then adjusted the ropes so that my legs were spread wide open and they would prevent me from closing my legs while still remaining on my knees. Standing behind me he ran his hands all over my breasts and my inner thighs. He played with my ass and then with his gentle touch massaged my moist muff causing me to let out a long moan of frustration,

My husband then lifted the leash’s hand strap up and over the bed post. Reattaching the leash to the O ring on my collar he pulled on my leash forcing me to bend forward at the waist and forcing me to lean over while attaching the end to the front corner of the bed. This held me in a totally helpless position, on my knees; my legs spread wide open, bent forward with my neck attached to the other end. My beautiful ass was high in the air available for his taking. All I could do was wiggle my ass and moan into my gag.

"Kitten let me share one of your presents with you, look what I got you a vibrating cock ring. Do you want to try it out?"


Before I knew it my husband had it on and was kneeling behind me. He slides his cock deep into my pussy while positioning the vibrating cock ring against my clit. Instead of thrusting in and out he held onto the straps of my new garter belt and continued to grind his cock ring into my clit. I thought I was going to explode, how a small vibrator could cause me to quiver in orgasm I’ll never know. Good thing my husband was reaching his orgasm because I don’t think I could take any more. He then finished himself off by pumping me as deep as he could, we both exploded in orgasm.

"Kitten good thing you had that ball gag on, I think the neighbors would have heard you!"


My husband got up from the bed with a huge smile on his face. "Did you enjoy that Kitten?"


He returned to the bed with my leather crotch harness and tightly buckled the waist strap around me. Before I knew it he jammed my anal plug a vibrating dildo into my ass and pussy. Reaching between my wide open legs he grabbed the crotch strap in the front and pulled it through my legs and buckled it as tight as possible on the back of the waist belt.

"Kitten I know you like your toys and I just want to make sure they stay in place for you. How does that feel comfy?"

Mmmrphrph I was staring to feel uncomfortable in my helpless position and I could tell my husband was sensing that.

"Let me untie your ankles." Once my ankles were released he pulled on my legs which caused me to fall onto my stomach.

"Does that feel better?" he asked as he walked around the bed and unhooked my leash from the corner of the bed? Holding onto my leash he helped me up off the bed and onto my feet.

"I think its time I took the Kitty for a walk and let her stretch her legs out". Tugging on my leash I was lead out of our bedroom.

What the hell was I thinking when I decided to get a leash. Being led around on a leash, walking on high heels, arms and wrists strapped behind my back, a tight crotch harness and my holes plugged with my toys, I was feeling very helpless and humiliated. It is impossible to complain when you have a large ball gag strapped in your mouth and by moaning or resisting only caused my husband to enjoy my helpless predicament even more.

He walked me around the entire house several times while telling me how sexy I looked. We finally stopped at the dinning room table, while forcing me to kneel down he wrapped my leash around one of the legs on the table. Leaving about foot of slack on the leash he then went and got the remotes for my toys. Before I knew it my toys were buzzing away inside of me and my husband was pulling my ball gag out of my mouth.

He then jammed his cock into my mouth. "Kitten you know the routine." I went to town on my husband’s cock sucking him deep and hard. Complaining or a weak effort would only cause him to turn off the vibrators or hold the back of my head and pump his cock deep into my mouth. I was moaning away and before I knew it he exploded deep into my mouth. Like a good sex pet I sucked him clean and dry while I experienced a multiple orgasm.

My husband pulled his cock out of my mouth and I immediately began to complain about being lead around on a leash. Before I could get anything else out the big pink ball gag was jammed back in my mouth and tightly strapped back into my mouth.

"So you don’t like the leash? Well I certainly like it, why don’t you like it?"


"I am having a little bit of trouble understanding you."

He then unwrapped the leash from the table leg and helped me up onto my feet and led me back to the bedroom. Making me bend over at the waist with my legs spread he removed my crotch harness and toys. "I have another gift for you," as he pulled it out of the bag. "Look I got you some special massage oil that warms up when you touch it or blow on it."

Taking the top off, he first rubbed it all over my breasts and then blew on my 36 Ds. This caused my tits to tingle and my nipples to throb; I sure hope he will play with my tits. He then turns his attention to my backside and taking a generous amount of oil he rubs it all over my luscious ass. Spinning me around he then rubs some more on my upper thighs. He then continued to rub these areas he had applied the special oil causing me to become very aroused. I hope he is going to bang me hard as I began to moan while trying to rub up against his cock.

"It looks like the Kitten is in heat!"


"Just a minute now I have another gift for you." Pulling it out, "I got you a new vibrator a vibrating butterfly, I know how kittens like to chase butterflies". It had three straps on it, the first he attached around my waist; he then positioned the butterfly over my clit. The other two straps went around the top of each of my thighs holding the butterfly securely over my clit.

My husband then forced me up onto the bed, forcing me to lie on my back. Taking a leather strap he buckled my ankles tightly together and with another strap he strapped my legs together just above my knees. Rolling me on my side he took a piece of rope and tied my ankles to my wrists, putting me into an extra tight hog tie.

"Isn’t that cute look at the Kitty all rolled up in the bed".


"Does she want to chase the butterfly?"

Rubbing his hands all over my breasts and ass caused the massage oil to heat up again causing me great frustration.

"I think its time to release the butterfly," he then turns it on. The new vibrator was getting me all worked up and I was at the edge of having an orgasm. I was rolling from side to side and straining against my super strict hog tie. Finally I rolled onto my stomach which allowed me to grid the butterfly into my clit, causing me to explode in orgasm.

Rolling back onto my side my husband was watching me with a big smile on his face. "Is the Kitty enjoying chasing her butterfly?"


Stroking my hair he said, "What a good Kitty you are, why don’t you take a little cat nap, you have a long night ahead of you!"


"Honey I promise I’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day; I can’t wait to see what you come up with next month?"



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