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by Mikel

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Kate loved bondage and frequently used her electronic engineering degree to design and build equipment to help in her increasing need to feel she was being punished. The modified computer control tens units had helped but soon were not enough so she began to look for more severe ways to punish herself and a better way to restrain herself so she had no choice but to endure her self imposed punishments. Kate had seen an idea one night as she sat in the large chair, she called it her electric chair because the steel restraints as well as the multiple shocking points were all electrical. Kate had designed it to use electromagnet locks in all the steel clamps that would hold her body firmly to the chair. The tens pads could give her shocks through all the plates mounted to the chair and anywhere she wanted to place the pads. With her growing collection of different style and sizes she was learning quickly the best places to put them to guarantee her the longest struggle in her bonds before climaxing.

As she sat looking around the large straps of the head harness that ran up each side of her nose at the computer screen that was set to show fetish movies while she flailed helplessly to achieve an orgasm she saw something that gave her a new idea. Kate watched a video of women being whipped and used for sex while trapped in various designs of pillory stockades watching carefully as the women struggled in vain to free themselves desperately wanting the punishments to stop. Kate’s chest was heaving over the tight corset as she strained to see the video clearly. Kate was gasping around the large ball held tightly in her mouth as the electrified nipple clamps pulsed on her tender buds. Kate finished her session in the chair sitting forwards replaying the video several times while she made notes and drew her ideas still wearing the tight corset, head harness and steep high heels for two hours before she sat back panting and moaning. The orgasm she had denied herself while in the chair now washed over her from the thought of what she was about to build for herself. Kate began acquiring what she needed the next day flirting with the men at the various DIY stores to get them to cut the pieces of wood for her buying each piece at different stores as to not cause suspicions. During the next few weeks Kate had gotten all the parts to her pillory laying each out in her “guest room” being really used as her dungeon since she had no one that would ever be called a guest in her home.

Kate searched her box of old electro mag locks she got from work each time the maintenance men would replace them, she had flirted with them getting them to give her the old ones that no longer met the strength requirements. She still remembers flirting with three that were replacing the main entrance doors locks. Kate enjoyed herself as they all stared at her massive cleavage caused by the excessively tight corset she had forced herself to wear to work. The tight corset and steep shoes were all locked on as a punishment for her cumming to quickly during the previous nights punishments and had come in very useful helping her to convince the men to give her the old locks. It had worked so well Kate decided she would need another day locked in them to fulfill her actual punishment suffering through another long day trapped in the painful shoes and rigid corset.

Kate pulled the much larger contacts and plates from the box smiling behind the gag she wore almost constantly now mumbling to herself “These will finally be useful and should work perfectly”. Kate spent the next few weeks denying herself any pleasure as she worked on her newest torture/pleasure device always wearing tight corsets and moving up to six inch heeled shoes that she would lock on each morning before going to work. As her resistance to pleasure herself began to fade she pulled out an old item that after being forced to wear it for three months by a ruthless man she had dated she hadn’t touched it since. She had swore to herself she would never wear it again placing it in the far corner of an unused closet until now carefully picking it up like it could bite her she took it into her room. She studied the chastity belt closely remembering how it had felt to be denied any satisfaction for so long and then left to wonder how she would have it removed when he had left her alone for so long she didn’t think he was ever coming back.

Kate had been seeing Rick for a few months, he had been the first man she had shared her secret desires with immediately having him start to abuse her desperate desires to be bound and punished. Kate wondered many times during this time why she had returned to the sadistic man finding she couldn’t stop herself each time he called or showed up at her door. After month of abuse he had given her the belt as a gift to help her stop self pleasuring making her wear it whenever he wasn’t around. At first Kate had thought the inability to pleasure herself was a wonderful punishment but after the first few weeks she wanted it off. For a few months he continued to keep her locked up only releasing her when it suited him forcing her to wear the corsets he had laced so tightly onto her under the belt. She had learned she liked the corsets but after being left alone belted and corseted for three months she stopped seeing him. Kate wondered around locked in the steel fighting herself about going to see him or not wanting to orgasm but knowing he had treated her so badly she couldn’t return to him.

It took Kate a few weeks to get the key to the belt from Rick having agreed to spend one more night as his slave being forced to service him multiple times while he tormented her. Rick pushed her out of his house in the morning naked still locked into the belt and corset but now having large manacles locked around her ankles and a large gag in her mouth. Kate removed the gag standing in front of his door finding no keys for the belt or ankle cuffs and slowly walked to her car in tears that she had been so stupid to believe him. Arriving home she fought the cuffs to walk up the few steps to her door seeing an envelope pinned to her door as she unlocked it. She felt how heavy it was ripping it open as soon as she was inside finding the keys and an invitation to return whenever she wanted. Kate quickly removed the belt never even thinking of it since but still enjoyed the tight corsets he had introduced her to. Kate had continued to wear them crushing her waist more until she was comfortable with her everyday sixteen inch waist and pulling herself down to fourteen or smaller when she craved more tension.

Now she held the terrible torture device in her shaking hands unsure if she could stand being trapped in it again but knowing if she truly wanted to keep from pleasuring herself it was her only option. The heavy steel belt scared her, the thick plate covering her pussy pressing incredibly tight on it guaranteeing she would be unable to touch herself made her shiver. The one piece bar with the small circle that would make sure nothing penetrated her ass forcing her to perform enemas again made her drop it and walk away. Kate was almost in tears as she paced around her house debating her next action desperately trying to figure another way to keep her libido under control. Kate paced for an hour before stomping back into the closet yanking the steel plate up to her damp pussy finding she needed to adjust the belt quite a bit to fit around the tight corset before squeezing it tightly and locking it closed. Kate struggled with the uncomfortable steel around her waist as her mind begged her to take it off. Kate was pacing again learning how to walk in the belt as it pressed and slid across her pussy and ass until she was exhausted from the exertions and the emotional stress she had put herself through collapsing on her bed sleeping restlessly until her alarm went off. Kate sat up grunting as the plate pressed harder on her pussy and ass remembering what she had done.

Kate spent the next hour preparing herself for her first day with her pussy locked up tight cleaning her exposed body before flushing her bowels and getting dressed for work. Kate was trying to ignore the belt feeling it was much tighter than she remembered slipping into a loose skirt and blouse making sure nothing was exposed throwing the keys to the belt into her purse and drove to work. Kate shifted in her seat the entire drive in the tight belt and corset thinking about what she was about to do. The company had a large safe that she did not have direct access to but could deposit things placing a delivery date on them and there would be no way for her to access them until they were delivered to her. She dropped the keys into the padded envelope, her mind still in a daze from what she was doing sealing it and writing her name and the delivery date on it. Kate had thought about the date for days using how long it had taken her to get this far with her pillory and other devices adding for shipping time and wrote the date. Kate’s hands were shaking again as she handed the envelope to the attendant watching her take it jot down the name and date and dropped it into the slot next to her desk. Kate gaped as she watched the envelope disappear down the chute realizing she had just sealed herself into the tight steel for nine weeks and there was nothing she could do to get the keys back. The system was in place to store pieces and plans of new products when engineers would leave town or when projects would be placed on hold to make sure no information was leaked.

Kate walked back to her desk her whole body was shaking now as she was acutely aware of how tight the steel was on her and how little there was she could do about it. The day was very long as Kate tried to do her work finding she could not stop thinking about her locked up pussy. For the next few days Kate struggled each day with her chastity as it continued to feel extremely tight finally figuring that because of her much smaller waist it had caused the plate over her pussy to pull upwards further than when she had worn it last making her groan as she though how stupid she was for dropping the keys so quickly. Kate fought the tight steel covering her pussy getting chafed in all the wrong areas often weeping from the constant frustration and pain. Kate’s body finally adjusted to her situation and she started to work on her projects again assembling the pillory finding as usual she had done the math correctly and everything had fit perfectly. Standing next to the large object she had built in her belt and corset, her ankles wobbling in the tall high heels and her mouth filled with the large ball gag she now wore every night. Kate was studying it making sure everything was perfect before stepping into the stocks for her ankles smiling when she closed it feeling the height was perfect. The ankle stocks would hold her ankles but only if she was wearing the six inch heels and would hold them down so she couldn’t kick off the heels no matter how hard she might try.

Leaning forward she set her hands and neck in the stocks in front of her carefully lowering the thick upper clamp and feeling how much the bent over position put strain on her corseted waist pulling the belt even tighter. After a few minutes of twisting and pulling at the thick wooden pillory Kate was gasping feeling more aroused than she had ever felt in her life. Kate lifted up the clamp gasping as she bent forward to free her ankles happy with the fit but thinking she needed something to hold her waist while she was bound. Kate worked on her new machine having received the final part to make it work assembling it then turning it on watching it swing the thick leather paddle finally adjusting it and stepping up to it. Kate bent forward again letting the paddle slap her ass adjusting the speed of the electric motor until the paddle would slap her once every half minute resetting itself before hitting her again.

The whipping aroused Kate even more causing her to pull and beat on the steel plate covering her screaming pussy knowing she had another month before she could free herself. During the next few weeks Kate attached the mags locks to the pillory testing them thoroughly while she programmed the control computer. The computer would control everything from the amount of time she stood in the stocks to how long and how intense each tens unit would punish her. She had added a random factor into all the programs leaving it up to the computer to increase the intensity of her punishments up to a certain level as well as adding time up to thirty percent to her captivity. Kate had not given the computer the option to release her early or lessen the intensity of her punishments not wanting to make it easier on herself.

Kate had asked a friend at a metal shop to make the pieces she would need to complete her set up receiving a call they were ready she headed to the shop to pick them up. John had made several items for her in the past enjoying seeing her in her corset and heels knowing what she was using her items for even though she always told him a story trying to cover what he was really doing. Kate always liked the way John studied her, watching her carefully as she strutted around his shop. Today she would give him a real show wearing a tight leather mini skirt that would barely cover her steel covered pussy. The tight top she was wearing showed the outlines of her firm breasts and the dumbbell piercings she had asked him to shorten and rethread so they could be tightened to pinch her nipples making them stay fully erect and sensitive.

John opened the door smiling as he eyed the beautiful red head standing in front of him noticing right away her erect and pinched nipples through the thin tight top stepping back to let her walk passed him watching her firm ass under the tight leather spotting the lines of the belt. Kate swung her ass provocatively knowing he was watching giggling as he asked how the dumbbells were working out for her. Kate spun around to face him catching him looking down at her small frame and said “They are perfect, don’t you think?” giggling again as he stammered in agreement. The two chatted as John pulled out the heavy steel clamp he had made for her showing her the removable base that would keep it from tipping and the pins that were where she had asked for them to be. Kate inspected the clamp while he showed her how the upper part could swing over and the rod that could be adjusted to close it tightly around whatever it was she was clamping in place. Kate was lost in thought fighting her desperate desire to try the device right now as she ran her hands over the steel. John pulled out the remaining rods she had asked for showing her the smooth shining aluminum he had used adding the bushings to eyelets so they would move smoothly on the bolts in the small flywheel he had made. Kate stroked the rods smiling at them looking at him while he looked on with his mouth slightly opened asking “How much do I owe you?” John gave her a price, it was much lower than if he had done it for someone else but he wanted to make sure she would keep coming back to him.

Kate took her new parts into her dungeon quickly setting up the heavy clamp securing the pins in place and grabbing it and shaking it as hard as she could finding it would hardly move squealing from excitement. Kate stripped off the skirt and top tightening the balls on the dumbbells groaning as the pain increased. Kate attached the flywheel to the electric motor mounted under the upper pillory turning it on watching as it spun smoothly. Kate had to stand every few minutes to catch her breath from bending over in the tight corset as she affixed the rods to the flywheel slipping them into the guide collars leading them up to where her pussy and her mouth would be held. After testing the rods making sure they slid smoothly while the flywheel turned slowly at first slowly increasing the speed until she was laughing at the ridiculous speed they were moving.

Kate tuned the motor with the computer wishing she could remove the belt and test it right now slapping herself in the head for being so stupid. It would be another two weeks before she could remove the belt so she continued testing the pillory making sure the mag locks worked perfectly even leaving them locked all night to see if they still released when deactivated and making sure they would release if the power went out. Each night Kate was now securing herself in even tighter positions as her frustrations increased driving her to desperation sitting bound and gagged weeping for hours at a time.

Kate went to work each day struggling to appear normal even though she was mentally broken the frustration of not being allowed to relieve her pent up sexual frustration and having to stand beside her newest creation that guaranteed to satisfy all her needs was getting to be too much. Kate’s hands shook all the time now and she felt weak unable to catch her breath no matter how much she calmed herself. On Thursday Kate was about to leave work when she noticed she had gotten an email from security quickly calling them finding out there had been an accident and they had misplaced her envelope. Kate almost screamed as she listened to them explain what they thought had happened and that they were contacting the persons involved and hoped to resolve the situation by Friday. Kate just said “Ok” and hung up the phone trying to convince herself it was ok since she wasn’t due to get the keys until Friday anyway. Kate went home binding herself as soon as she got home as tightly as she could even binding her breasts tightly while screwing the dumbbells as tight as they could go. She was in tears as she locked the cuffs already locked around her wrists to each other behind her back forcing her to remain bound in a tight hogtie. She had set the alarm timer to release the mag locks holding her bound ankles and wrists to the steel around her waist until it was time to go to work. The large gag under the leather hood would keep her silent and in darkness until she could unlace it letting her struggle and weep all night while she dreamt of being locked in the belt forever and the torture it would cause her.

Kate felt the mag locks pop open releasing her hogtie and she struggled to the night stand finding her keys opening the cuffs around her wrists and ankles before dragging the leather hood from her head. Kate cleaned herself dressing for work whimpering from her sore body and overheated arousal not allowing herself to even hope her keys would show up and headed to work. Kate heard nothing from security only checking in before the end of the day to be told her package would be back in the security office the following Friday when the person who it had been given to along with their package would return to the country. Kate was relieved but also depressed because it was going to another seven days until she could free herself quickly asking for the week after next off so she would have plenty of time to satisfy her desperate needs.

Knowing the keys were found somehow relieved Kate’s intense feelings of desperation allowing her to rest peacefully until Monday making her feel much better giving her the strength to cope with work and the daily frustration she was feeling. By the time the keys arrived Kate was getting anxious again almost breaking down in tears when the envelope was handed to her. Kate was ready to be free of the belt deciding to remove it and clean her body before letting it relax a day before locking herself into the pillory for the first time. She was hoping she could keep from ruining her massive climax by making herself orgasm before being locked in the new torture device. Kate was standing next to her newest creation her right hand tapping on the steel plate covering her pussy, on the way home she knew she couldn’t keep from masturbating as soon as she got home so she had left the key in the car removing her clothes and quickly chaining her wrists and ankles together. She wanted to wait until she had enough time to enjoy her new device and since she had pushed her vacation out another week and felt much calmer having the key to the belt again she would leave it on until Friday.

As she studied her creation she instinctively chewed on the gag strapped tightly into her mouth. “I guess it’ll be another night without dinner” she thought to herself since the keys to her freedom were hanging out of reach until morning meaning not only would she be keeping the belt, cuffs and gag on the steep high heels and neck corset were locked as well. The new device was perfect she thought, the main body looked sort of like a capitol I the stocks for her neck and wrists almost center in the large beam that would keep it from tipping over. The back stocks were made from the same heavy wood and would not only keep her from moving her feet or closing her legs it would force her to stand in whatever high heels she decided to wear. They would hold her ankles firm enough to not allow her to raise them to kick off the shoes, the taller the heels the firm they would be held on. The steel clamp she had designed would hold her waist keeping her from wiggling out of reach of the spanking machine she had made and set up near the pillory. The spanking machine was inspired by a video she had watched made with an electric motor attached to a stand, on the cam was a heavy wooden paddle. The paddle had been attached to the flywheel with a spring action return mechanism that would let it fold during a strike then reset for the next impact. Her favorite part was the two large phalluses attached to the motor under the stocks that would force themselves deep into her pussy and mouth. Once they had been inserted she would be unable to pull either out of herself and would be forced to deep throat the cock over and over again. The huge cock in her pussy not only would be able to pump her senseless with the electricity it could punish her mercilessly. Kate purred around the gag as her hands fluttered around her steel covered pussy desperately trying to stimulate herself as she dreamed of being fucked and punished by her invention.

Kate continued to dream about being face fucked almost choking on the large cock each time it was shoved into her throat while her hands flailed uselessly held firmly beside her head. She thought about her feet pulling at the heavy wood stocks and her constricted waist being held rigidly by the steel clamp holding her in place while the wooden paddle spanked her. Kate had set the computer to control all her pleasure and pain hoping she could balance the two still giving her the chance for the massive orgasm she so desperately wanted. Kate struggled all night sleeping restlessly waking with a groan as her body ached from the constant struggling she had done during the night. Kate retrieved her keys freeing everything except the steel around her waist stopping to eat a light breakfast before getting dressed and driving herself to work. She was frustrated but content to wait until the weekend to lock herself down for what was now beginning to go from a few hours of torment to all day Saturday. Work went by slowly Kate leaving the key to her belt in her desk each night regretting it each night arriving home and seeing her device.

Kate was surprisingly calm and focused at work performing her duties no longer distracted by the belt or corset she had locked herself into. Kate worked diligently each day while each night she spent chained and gagged locked facing her future torture device forcing herself to stare at her creation and dream of it torturing her for hours on end. Kate had accidently forced herself into a position where she was unable to go to sleep because with her arms held up high behind her back each time she dozed off her head would drop pressing hard on her throat making her choke on the tall posture collar she had wrapped around her neck. Kate had laced on her ballet boots locking them close together before wrapping a connecting chain around the bed post. Her arousal had increased making her push herself into more difficult positions and Wednesday night she had wanted to really make it difficult. The collar made her head lean back slightly due to the large gag she had wedged into her mouth adding to her discomfort. The chain locked around her waist kept her from lowering herself easing the pressure on her toes but it was the last minute idea to use the mag locks to hold her in a taunt strappado instead of her hands over her head that made the long night interesting for her.

Kate had attached her nipple clamps hanging two padlocks on the connecting chain before reaching behind her slipping her cuffed wrists up to where the mag lock was waiting only realizing how high they would be held when it was too late. Kate smiled around her gag when she realized her mistake having always liked when something “small” would go wrong. After a few hours of struggling to breathe in the tight corset while she was bent over was making her think this wasn’t such a small mistake. Kate couldn’t straighten up enough to ease her compressed abdomen. Each time she tried the cuffs she had chained together around her elbows would pull tight before she was able to twist her arms into a reverse prayer position forcing her to stay bent over and more often than not hanging from the wide steel cuffs around her wrists.

Kate was forced to watch the locks swinging on the chain pulling on her sore nipples from each movement. Even with her head held back she was bent so far forward she could see the chain and locks teasing being so close but so out of reach. By the time the sun started to rise Kate was gasping and weeping around the gag. Her feet ached from supporting her full weight all night being forced to lean forwards onto her toes had made them hurt much worse. Her waist was screaming in pain from being pinched by the tight corset and belt and all she could do was stare at the pillory her hands flailing uselessly behind her while she wiggled and twisted on her pointed toes. When the alarm sounded Kate prepared herself for being released and still almost fell forwards when her hands dropped from the post. Kate quickly released herself from the post and wiggled to the side of the bed and lay down almost too exhausted to unlock her remaining bonds. After catching her breath she forced herself to remove the clamps whimpering into the gag as she rubbed the feeling back into her sore nipples.

Kate whined when she removed the boots and tried to walk to the bathroom stretching her legs muscles in bare feet and quickly stepped into a pair of six inch heels and cleaned herself and got ready to get dressed for work. Feeling dazed she slipped into a tight long leather skirt and a white leather top that held her bare breasts tightly. She had always loved the feeling of leather against her skin but very rarely wore it to work and never anything this tight or anything that really showed her fetish side. A wide rubber choker was wrapped around her neck to cover the marks from the tight collar and matching “cuffs” were placed around her wrists and ankles to hide the marks there and help keep the long sleeves pulled down. Kate didn’t think or care about the d-rings in front of the collar or dangling from the cuffs checking her hair and makeup before heading to her car teetering on top of the high heels. Thursday was a blur for Kate as she worked quietly from her desk not paying attention to how everyone was looking at her and her firm nipples poking through the thin leather of her top. Around lunch time Kate was in the bathroom checking her makeup when what she was wearing and how slutty she looked hit her and after a brief panic attack she smiled and said to herself “Well I guess they all know how I am now” and went back to her desk.

Kate made it through Thursday strutting proudly out of the office trying to ignore the stares she got as she walked out. Kate fell onto her bed laughing at her day thinking “I may have to quit” quickly falling asleep still in her leather sleeping soundly only waking when the alarm woke her. Kate sat up rubbing her face and head remembering Thursday’s excursion and was about to call in sick when she realized she had left the key to the belt in her desk drawer meaning she either had to go in or spend the next week locked in the steel covering her pussy. Kate whined kicking off her shoes peeling the leather from her body and getting dressed for work. Kate dressed more appropriately for work and was able to wear her normal high heels. Driving in she wondered if anyone would say anything about how she was dressed yesterday the thought of her exposé made her smile as she drove. No one said anything to Kate about how she had dressed and the day went by slowly for her as she could think of nothing else but how she was going to abuse herself this weekend. The drive home seemed exceptionally long with Kate rubbing the key for the belt she had made sure she had picked up this time. Arriving home Kate locked all the doors checking the windows making sure she would be safe when she was secured in the pillory. Kate was standing in her belt and corset her hands shaking as she thought about what she was about to do.

Kate removed the belt rubbing her ignored pussy feeling she needed a trim unlacing the corset gasping as she released the pressure off her body. Kate was naked for the first time in weeks and went to take a shower and shave herself before getting started. After the shower Kate rubbed lotion all over herself soothing her skin and making her feel much better and prepared to step into the device. Kate gathered her equipment laying them out on the bed getting more anxious as the anticipation of how she was going to be treated built inside her. Kate strapped another pair of six inch heels on her feet, the shoes had been purchased just for using with the pillory being deliberately ordered one size to small. Kate stepped into the corset she would be wearing, the corset was shorter than the one she had been locked into and would be more for protecting her waist from the clamp than for actual compression but as she continued to pull the laces she felt the need to tighten it further.

Once the corset was tightened until Kate was gasping she wrapped the neck corset around her throat and laced it snugly before attaching her nipple clamps and tightened them until her eyes filled with tears. Kate checked her programs and entered in the time for her first session setting the computer to punish and tease her for two hours before releasing her head and wrists from the heavy wood. Kate lubed the large phallus liberally before stepping into the stocks and closing them around her ankles. Kate was grinning feeling her ankles already held tightly even though the mag locks wouldn’t be activated for another ten minutes. Kate stood as high as she could adjusting the large cock into her pussy making sure the flywheel was at its lowest point before locking the rod to where it held it a few inches inside her damp pussy.

Kate leaned forward reaching back and closing the clamp around her waist and twisting the adjusting knob until her corseted waist was squeezed tightly by the clamp. Now she was ready to finish her incarceration setting her neck into the lower part of the stock and adjusting the smaller cock up and into her mouth. Kate set the cock deep in her mouth knowing the flywheel would move it another four almost five inches forcing her to deep throat the phallus and making it impossible to get the cock out of her mouth. Kate was more than ready to be whipped and fucked for hours quickly snapping a padlock around the chain to the clamps adding to the pull on them from the tight clamps. Kate had made sure to route all the wires to the different tens pads she had placed on herself, several strips across her back above and below the corset. She had also placed four pads on the soles of her feet and two on each side of her breasts.

Kate had used the tens pads many times being very familiar with how they would feel setting the units to her maximum with the possibility of the computer adding up to twenty percent. Kate pulled the paddle across her ass making sure it would land properly then placed her left wrist into the half moon of the opening taking the prop rod off the bottom letting it slowly slide through her gloved hand until the top half was sitting on her neck and wrists. It had only been a minute when Kate felt the stocks around her ankles pull tight and heard the top half snap against the bottom locking her in the pillory. She was smiling around the cock pushed slightly further into her mouth twisting and pushing against the strong wood straining to look across to the control units noticing the read out on the computer “Program started, locks activated powering motor one and two in thirty seconds, program will run increasing intensity two percent every half hour until maximum levels reached for the duration of activation”. Kate purred as she thought “It’s working perfectly” until just as the tens units turned on she read “Duration of session 20 hours, starting now”.

Kate ignored the read out for several minutes until she heard the paddle motor wind up and the first sting of the paddle hit her making her look up as she squealed around the cock and the read out sank in “twenty hours”. Kate was frozen as she thought about what she had read realizing she had set it for twenty instead two hours not setting any rest periods or stops because she hadn’t thought it was going to be that long. Kate felt the paddle hit her again squealing as she fought the stocks finding she had made her trap to well her wrists couldn’t even turn in the tight leather lined holes that were clamped around them. Kate tried to pull her feet out of the stocks finding she couldn’t lift them hardly at all and couldn’t turn them either. The paddle hit her again landing squarely across her firm and twitching ass making her moan around the cock that was keeping her from really screaming. Kate couldn’t turn her head to look at her flailing hands and kept struggling making the lock on the chain between her nipples swing twisting her nipples.

Kate was whipped for thirty minutes, she could feel the heat rising from her reddened ass almost in tears as she thought about the idea of being paddled for twenty hours straight. Kate was yanking and pulling on her wrists and ankles fighting as hard as she could and was beginning to sweat when suddenly she screamed as all the tens unit pads shocked her all at once. Kate was shaking violently as the electrical pulses made her body convulse. Kate was trying to find a way to get the cock out of her mouth when it jumped further into her mouth pressing itself into her throat. The tortured woman was struggling to not choke on the large cock in her mouth when she felt the cock in her pussy shoved deep into her pussy. Kate was being shocked, paddled and fucked ruthlessly in her pussy and mouth her hands flailing and her ass wiggling in the metal clamp keeping her from being able to move away from the paddle. An hour later Kate had gotten control of her gagging, taking the large cock into her mouth and throat even suckling it as she began to enjoy her torture. She could feel the cock being rammed much deeper into her and even with everything she was going through she was running through the adjustments she had made trying to figure out why she was being fucked so deeply. The tens units had lessened their attack on the helpless woman leaving her steadily whipped by the ruthless piece of wood.

Still pulling at her bonds the building orgasm was starting to fade from the constant paddling especially since the large cocks had stopped in their longest positions leaving her pussy stretched and her forced to keep the phallus held deep in her throat. With the cock deep in her throat Kate could no longer look up to see the control panel desperately wanting to see how long it had been. Kate was paddled for another two hours leaving her weeping and sagging in her pillory all her energy spent with her head being held back against from the pressure of the cock in her throat when the paddle stopped swinging. Kate whined onto the cock in her mouth relieved the whipping had stopped whishing she could make the phalluses move back out of her so she could relax a little. Kate stood trapped in her device gasping, the heat from her ass had gotten intense and the pain from her nipples and the chain that had been getting hit by the bar from the flywheel to the cock in her pussy making it swing harder and further twisting her sore nipples more. Kate was starting to wiggle her hips in an attempt to stimulate herself when the pads on her feet started tingling then quickly building until she was screaming around the cock as she desperately tried to kick her shoes off only making her ass wiggle more and her hands into tight fists as she whined loudly. Her feet still felt like they were being poked with hot needles when the thin strips across her back came to life and she felt she was being whipped by a strong man with a thin leather whip. Kate whined and struggled for an hour finally feeling her orgasm grow near when the heavy board slapped her sore ass feeling like it had been turned up on high and was hitting her twice as hard.

Kate’s orgasm slipped away again just as the cocks starting fucking her again making her choke and fight to get back into the rhythm before she strangled on the large cock being forced in and out of her throat. Kate was weeping again desperately trying to reach the control panel that was so close but it could have been on the moon since she would never be able to reach it as the tens units increased their attack and the paddle never stopped slapping her bright red ass. Another two hours passed before Kate was given another rest period this time the cocks stopped at their lowest point allowing her to breathe more normally and stood gasping and whining as sweat dripped off her body and she flexed her ass and cramping legs forcing her head up to look at the control panel. Kate’s mouth was still filled with the cock when she screamed around it seeing the read out say twelve hours left with four added for demerits. Kate cursed herself for letting the computer decide if it wanted to add more time and wished she could see the rest of the screen so she could see if it had added more torments.

The computer had added more torments, increasing the intensity of the shocks to beyond her set limits but only five percent above them for now and had also increased the speed of the phalluses and the paddle. Now for the next eight hours Kate was beaten, electrically whipped and forced to suck on the pulsing cock in her mouth just to keep herself from choking. The cocks were moving fast enough to make Kate feel they never pulled out only continuously trying to rip her apart making her cry as she could do nothing to stop the torture. During the last long break Kate looked up again and could see through her tear filled eyes she had another eight hours left and moaned still more frustrated she hadn’t been able to cum than upset she had screwed up so bad with the timer.

Kate’s life was a blur of being whipped, shocked and fucked for seven more hours leaving her exhausted and swearing she would disassemble the torturous machine as soon as she was free from it beginning to doubt she would ever be released. Kate was just whimpering no longer having the strength to fight and sagged in her bonds while she continued to be beaten and shocked when the shocks and the speed of the cocks fucking her slowed. After a few minutes of the decreased punishment her arousal started increasing even the paddle started feeling pleasurable again and Kate started sucking the cock and twisting her hips as she felt her orgasm grow closer praying she would be allowed to cum.

When Kate felt the climax swell and explode inside her she screamed around the cock pumping her mouth, her whole body convulsed as the incredible orgasm exploded through her. The pumping in her pussy and throat continued along with the pleasurable shocking from the tens units making her orgasm linger for twenty minutes leaving her gasping and dizzy when everything stopped and she felt the upper stock pop up. Kate was still bent over with her head and hands inside the stocks her body shivering not having the strength to lift the upper stock for another half an hour before she slowly raised the stock up grabbing the prop rod setting it so she could reach back and open the clamp around her sore waist.

It took Kate another twenty minutes to fully release herself and stagger to the bed, her shaking legs making her sit down and flopping back stretching her arms above her head. Kate awoke several hours later her body still tingling from the tens units and her nipples screaming as she tried to sit up. Kate moaned rubbing her sore jaw muscles covering her mouth as she released the clamps screaming as the biting clamps were removed. Kate whined rubbing her nipples finally reaching down unbuckling her shoes and kicking them across the room. The neck corset was peeled from around her throat and she unlaced the corset whining again as the pressure was released. Kate walked slowly to her bathroom whimpering in pain from her sore pussy rubbing her waist as she turned on the hot water and watched the tub fill up.

Kate eased herself into the water crying out as it touched her tender ass cheeks finally able to lay back and let the water ease her aches and pains. After an hour of soaking Kate was gently playing with her abused pussy remembering her ordeal and how wonderful it all was laughing at how she was already wondering if she could reset it for twenty four hours increasing the amount the computer could increase her torments. Kate knew this was only the first time she would use her new device, it had given her everything she had wanted and could be set up to increase as she felt she needed it to so she would not get bored with it so quickly. As she lay in the hot water she began planning how she could add things to her adventures to make her time even more unbearable hoping she could recreate what had happened in the hope that the harder she was forced to struggle the better the orgasm would be.

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