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Pipe Dreams

by TS Fesseln

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© Copyright 2003 - TS Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; bench; cuffs; gag; toys; stuck; caught; hum; climax; cons/reluct; X

Lisa White Owl stepped back from polishing and took a long look at her latest work of art. It was not one of her usual works, like the bronze eagles and buffalos and pumas that were scattered throughout her studio. This was a work that she created for herself out of dark cherry, deer leather, brass pipe and brass fittings that she had cast out back in her own small foundry. It had been a dream of hers and now the bondage bench she had dreamed of was now in front of her.

The sunlight from Lisa's studio skylight made the bench gleam. The woman did not want to think about the hours she had spent designing and casting and building it. She knew it wouldn't pay any bills but the pleasures she would get from it would return to her a hundred fold. To the untrained eye, it looked very much like a Victorian weight-lifting bench. Lisa always liked Art Nouveau motifs and she incorporated them into the bench in the contours of flowers and leaves that formed the many eyelets and brackets. The bench itself was made from a beautiful two inch thick piece of cherrywood she had picked out herself and had milled. The leather pads of the seat were made from deer hide that one of her relatives tanned in 'the old way' and it had a suede softness that no ordinary leather could touch. The rest was made of highly polished brass tubing that would be sturdy enough to hold even her wildest thrashings. The only thing that Lisa lacked was a partner to share it with.

The Native American woman mused a bit, put away the brass polish and rags and began to undress. It was late in the morning and she really wasn't expecting anyone at the studio, either friends or clients, until later in the afternoon. A purchaser for a large bank chain in Espanola was supposed to drop by but that wasn't until about two. It would give her plenty of time to play before she would have to move her bench out of the way, brew up some coffee and arrange her works for the guy. It would also give her time to change into something a little more professional.

Even in just a T-shirt and jeans, Lisa knew she could catch any man's eye. She had large, almost pointed breasts and a slender frame that she kept in shape by jogging every morning before the sun rose. Lisa had long dark hair that she kept in a braid and the sharp facials features she inherited from her mother. As she pulled her shirt off, she relished in the feeling of the sun on her dark skin. The sculptor quickly stepped out of her jeans and panties and began to imagine using her bench for the first time.

'Keep it simple', Lisa said to herself as she got out her wicker box full of toys. She laid out two sets of black leather cuffs, a pair of padlocks and keys, a black leather gag and a slender chrome vibrator. She also got out a small bottle of patchouli-scented body oil. She made sure each of the keys was tied with a long string to its proper lock before she began oiling herself up.

The dusky smell of the oil always made Lisa feel sinful and sexy and she loved the way she looked when it soaked into her skin. The sunlight glistened off of her as she rubbed the oil over her chest and arms and legs until she thought she resembled one of her polished bronze statues.

The young woman sat down and straddled her bench, making sure she had a folded towel beneath her. She felt a prickly twinge of pleasure run through her as she buckled the first cuff around her slender ankle. After she had both of her ankle cuffs on, she fastened them together beneath the bench. She struggled a bit; testing to make sure she was indeed a captive of her own design.

Next, Lisa slipped the ball-gag into her mouth and buckled it tightly underneath her long braid. The bitter taste of the leather filled her mouth but it was a taste she didn't mind at all. To her, it was the wanton taste of bondage.

With a twist of the dial, Lisa turned on her vibrator on 'high' and gently eased it into herself. She shuddered as the phallus began to hum its song, sending little ripples of pleasure through her. Quickly, she buckled the other pair of leather cuffs around her wrists and fastened them together beneath the bench. Her fingers found the string the key was attached to make sure she could get out of her bindings if she had too. It was one of her greatest fears that somehow she would be caught in her self-inflicted bondage. It was also that same fear that put a fine edge onto her erotic captivity.

The captive woman tested her bonds and found that they were indeed keeping her in place on her bench. Her mind drifted away, imagining that some dark prince was holding her captive and was using her for his own pleasures. Slowly, her hips rocked as the vibrator buzzed and she moaned softly and deeply into her gag. The game Lisa played with herself this time was making sure she did not loose her buzzing companion. Normally, she would tie a crotch rope to hold the device inside her, but now, she had to concentrate and make sure it did not slip out of her. Loosing it could ruin a wonderful orgasm.

Little by little, the small ripples of pleasure began to build, whirling around inside of her as she struggled against her bindings. The distraction of trying to keep the vibrator within herself staved off the red-hot bliss that was on the eve of engulfing her. She bucked upon the bench, feeling the crashing tide roaring towards her. . .

Then the phone rang.

It continued to ring another four times until the answering machine picked it up.

"Miss White Owl. This is Al at First Commerce in Espanola. I got into Taos a bit earlier than I had planned and was wondering if you would mind me dropping by earlier than we had planned. If this is a problem, please give me a call on my cell phone. I believe you have the number. I will see you in about half an hour. See you soon. Goodbye."

Just the words 'see you soon' caused a rush of pure ecstasy to rip through Lisa. The thought of being seen like this and the fear of the same let loose the floodgates of pleasure and swallowed her, making her thrash in her bindings as never before. Still, even as her orgasm crested, Lisa began to panic. Her fluttering fingers found the string that her key was attached to and she began to pull it up.

The string grew taut. She pulled on it some more and realized the key must have got caught on of the leaf-shaped brackets.

'Don't panic' she told herself as she whimpered into her gag, 'you have plenty of time.'

Lisa played at the string as if she was an expert angler. She would tug at it a bit, loosen it, and repeat. All the while, the vibrator hummed inside her, threatening to inflame her orgasm again. She could feel the sweat bead off of her body as she struggled.

Then she heard a car drive up her gravel driveway, the engine stop and the door open and slam shut.

A million fears things whorled through Lisa's mind, foremost surrounding the question of her studio door lock. She could not remember if she had locked it or not.

Lisa could feel every one of her heartbeats as she heard the crunching footsteps towards the studio door.

"Anybody home?" a male voice asked after knocking on the door.

Lisa froze. Maybe if she were quiet as a mouse, he would think she was not there and leave.

The man knocked again.

"Anybody there?"

Then he tried the door and found it open.

Never in a million years did Alejandro Martinez of First Commerce Bank of Espanola ever expect to find a beautiful woman bound, gagged and struggling on the other side of the door. He just stood there, staring at her as she moaned into her gag. After a few moments, the shock of what was in front of him passed and he turned, embarrassed. He had interrupted someone's bedroom game and now all he wanted to do was get out of there before he saw too much.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to see. . .ah. . . like this. I'll give you a call later," Al stammered as he exited and started pulling the door shut tightly behind him.

Lisa moaned loudly into her gag as the door shut. The hurried footsteps and the starting of the car was all she needed to hear to know that she probably blew the contract for the bank. Again, she pulled at the string and the key became uncaught, as if it wanted to make sure that the man saw her like this. It didn't take her long to escape from her bindings once she had the key in her grasp.

Lisa cleaned herself up, got dressed and put away all of her toys. She found she couldn't do anything other than obsess about what had just happened. She debated back and forth whether to call the man back or not. Finally she decided it would probably be best if she did. After a long breath, she picked up the phone and dialled.

"Hello, this is Al Martinez," the man answered.

"This is Lisa White Owl," she said, "We had an appointment later today."

There was an awkward pause, "Yes," he said.

"Well, I just wanted to apologize for what just happened. I didn't really mean for you to see me that way. . ."

"No, no." Al interrupted, "It is I that should apologize to you and your boy friend. I should have waited until you called me before coming. It is all my fault. I hope both of you can forgive me."

"There is no boyfriend," Lisa said, and was surprised that she had actually said it out loud.

"Pardon?" Al asked.

"There is no boyfriend to apologize too, Mr. Martinez. It was just me and only me."

"You did that to yourself, " the voice over the phone sounded incredulous.


"I see," he said after a pause, "I must admit, you looked very beautiful laying there. I have always have had fantasies about having a woman that way, but I have always been shy asking about such things."

Lisa smiled a slight smile, thinking about how handsome and dark and macho he looked and how could he ever be that shy around a woman.

"Well you should ask your wife or girlfriend about it sometime, you might be surprised by their answer."

"I just might, " he replied, "If only I had one. My wife left me several months ago."

Again, there was an awkward silence over the phone.

"Well," Lisa said, "Why don't you come back over and stay a little bit longer. I have a lot of things to show you and I think you will like my work."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I am very sure, Al," she said, "Give me a half hour or so to get things ready and let yourself in. I will have the studio ready by then."

"Okay, see you in a bit then, Miss White Owl."

Lisa hung up and began to move the bench back out into the studio. As she began to get undressed and get out her toys, she was sure that the man from the bank would really appreciate the second showing of her latest work of art.


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