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Pipe Dreams

by pegslave

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© Copyright 2009 - pegslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo; outdoor; exhib; mast; toys; true; cons; X

Rope's not my thing. I'm more into the potential for humiliation and getting caught. Why does one always have to be hobbled or tied when on an adventure? So here's the tale of how I got myself into a pickle, just to get my jollies.

The whole idea of what my aroused mind wanted to do seemed like too much work for me, so I managed to convince myself one step at a time.

"Put ice cubes in your ass, and you'll go from there". I told myself as I shoved two ice cubes into my ass.

"Put the butt plug in your ass, and then you'll go from there", I goaded myself again, making sure the ice cubes stayed in my ass with a butt plug, 5 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide at the base.

"You may as well step outside into the chilly evening with ice cubes up your ass, held in with a butt plug", I thought as I watched my breath hang in the air in front of me, thinking that I could turn back at any time.

"You've gotten this far, you may as well keep going. Into the pipe you go!" I chided as I crawled into my erotic prison. Near my house was a retention pond with a drainage pipe large enough to crawl past the grate and crawl inside. 50 feet inside was a junction, with a 2 foot wide pipe on the right, a 3 foot wide pipe on the left, and a manhole entrance above.

Upon reaching the first junction, I shredded up my clothes with a pair of scissors, I threw the remains down the 2 foot pipe where I could not reach them. Wearing nothing but my pink floral print Victoria's Secret panties, knee pads, and aquasocks, I went down the 3 foot pipe.

Again, after 50 feet, I reached another junction with a 6 inch wide pipe on the left, and another 3 foot wide pipe on the right. I masturbated myself without orgasming, just to keep myself horny and interested enough to keep going.
I continued down the pipe another 75 feet to another manhole junction and again, I masturbated without orgasm keeping me just aroused long enough to continue. 75 more feet, another junction, masturbation sans orgasm.

75 more feet, a junction with 2 pipes, one straight ahead, one on the right, both 2.5 feet wide. At 3 feet wide, the pipes were wide enough to crawl on hands and knees. At 2.5 feet wide, I had to crawl on my stomach. I went through the pipe straight ahead. 10 feet after was a junction with an open drain where I could see the night sky above, and a sizeable pool of drainage runoff. Deciding I couldn't forge ahead, I backed up to the last junction and crawled into the other 2.5 foot wide pipe. Knowing that the instant I orgasmed I would regret doing this, I excitedly forced myself into the pipe as far as I could go. My hips were cramping from all the crawling so I settled down, maybe about 10 or 15 feet, and began masturbating in earnest.

After teasing and edging myself 2 or 3 times, then orgasming and covering myself in my own juices, of course I regreted doing the whole adventure. I was half tempted to fall asleep there, in the pipe, 10 feet under ground, hundreds of feet away from the outside. If I fell asleep, I wouldn't know how long I'd be there, and maybe even trapped inside until dark, if the sun came up.

I managed to muster enough will power to crawl back out. I even managed to masturbate at each junction again, working enough arousal to orgasm at the second to last junction.

After crawling out of the pipe into the open field, I still had to get home, wearing nothing but my panties. Fully clothed, I walked straight here, but with my clothes cut up and inaccessable, I had to stay in the shadows to get home, hoping not to be discovered in just my panties. I snuck through back yards, behind bushes, around porches, and was one house away from mine. Of course that house had a light on a sensor, so I had to move slowly not to trigger it, but dive for cover if I set it off. It was the most surreal game of "Red Light, Green Light" I've done.

Even after sneaking into the house, I had to manage to get upstairs into my room in just my underwear. Luckily by this time it was 3 AM, and sneaking up wasn't a problem. After taking my panties off, I even took a shower, as sewers are not the cleanest places in the world. I even forgot I had the plug still in until I cleaned myself down there. I was too lazy to take it out, and after showering, I fell asleep with it still inside me.

I hope you enjoyed! As I am not writing this story for profit, all I ask for is your comments, praise, and/or hate mail. Happy Wanksturbating!


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