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Piper’s Selfbondage

by Piper

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I've been experimenting with self-bondage for some time now.  I remember with fondness my earlier attempts back as far as junior high school; back when I hadn't even known there was such a thing as bondage.

At that time I had little equipment at hand aside from some lengths of rope and some old panty hose pilfered from my mother.  But I made do, and in the course of the years to follow I began to experiment more and gather paraphernalia.

College aided in opening my eyes to the world of alternative sexual practices.  Without a doubt one of my greatest learning experiences was the discovery of the then-fledgling Internet and Usenet newsgroups.  Reading gave me quite a thrill, knowing finally there were others out there just like me. 

My wife is tolerant of my sexual deviancy, but I've yet to share with her the extent to which I am entrenched in the world of bondage.  I've a pair of leather cuffs and a blindfold, which we use for play in the bedroom, but hidden down in the basement is my pack which contains the majority of my toys.  It is this which I head for on the nights on which my wife is on call or working the night shift. 

During the latter, she generally heads out around 7pm and won't be home for twelve hours.  The chances of her coming home for some reason are minute (she's a doctor) so accidentally discovering me playing is pretty much out of the question.  Others may be turned on by the possibility of discovery; I'm not.  I'm still a wuss, and 'in the closet' as it were, and I'd rather break this to my wife slowly rather than have her come home and find me trussed up and dangling from the ceiling.  :)  

Enough of the past, and on to the future; my latest self-bondage escapade...

I started by preparing my release mechanism.  I still use the old classic, the block of ice.  I have a key, which opens my cuffs on the end of a long piece of string.  When hanging straight down it's within my reach.  The ice I prepare has a short (4") piece of string with the two free ends frozen into the cube.  The dangling string is pulled well out of reach and the end with the key slipped through the space between short string and ice.  I hang the ice by the short string on a nail or similar protrudence nearby.  The ice melts, the key swings down and voila...

This time around I decided to use the older futon we have downstairs.  I unfolded it and set my pack of equipment down on it next to me.  I started off with my ankle cuffs; incidentally the first piece of bondage equipment I've ever made and still going strong.  I used some short nylon quick ties to secure the cuffs to the armrest on one end of the futon. 

Next I wrapped a length of chain around the opposite armrest, securing it with a small padlock.  I did this in such a way to leave two short lengths protruding.  To the ends of these I locked a pair of leather wrist cuffs. 

The cuffs I use are from the Stockroom ( and don't buckle, but rather have an upright u-shaped metal piece that mates with slits cut into the end of the cuff.  They fit tightly enough to stay closed on their own, but slipping a lock through the u secures them.  I had attached them to the chain using the d-ring on the backside.  I could test things easily and when ready, slip a lock in and be good to go.

Once I got the cuffs into place I turned my attention to the remainder of my bag.  Off to one side I put the gag and hood I planned to use.  I also chose a pair of tweezer style nipple clamps to make things interesting. 

I have another set of cuffs - I use the term loosely - which I made from 2" nylon webbing and buckles.  They're serviceable, but not perfect.  I attached these to the sides of the futon.  They'd serve to keep my legs spread while I was tied. 

With all the bondage gear in place, I turned to the final details.  I have a spandex sleeve I made.  It's simply a long tube, about 6' total.  I generally pull it up over my legs, doubled over, wearing it like a skirt.  I love the way it feels, silky smooth and stretched tight over my legs.  My final accoutrement looks ridiculous, but is the only thing I've found which serves the purpose for which I use it.  I have a pair of wide, black heavy-duty suspenders.  I clip the ends of these onto a hand towel with a small slit cut into it.  Through the slit I slip the handle of a good-sized vibrator I got at Brookstone (the 'vibrator' store; do they sell anything else?) 

When I slip my legs through the suspenders and slide them up over my shoulders, the head of the vibrator pushes right into my crotch.  This is the only thing I've found that will bring me to orgasm while I'm tied up.  (Someday I hope to use another person, but I'm not quite there yet.)  To make this more fun, I have a digital timer I got for about $20 from Home Depot, which can program up to 6 different on/off sequences.  This is better than just having it run continuously.

My final addition is a bondage belt with a crotch strap I use to hold plugs into place.  Despite what other people say, I've yet to see any kind of anal plug I couldn't pop out in a second or two.  This belt I made myself and holds things in tightly.

So that's it for setting the scene.  On to the main event...

I started with my plug.  It's the typical hourglass shape and black.  It's also the biggest size I could find.  I've been experimenting with anal play for years now, but this is still at the upper end of my ability.  It's about 3" in diameter, and it takes me a while to get it. 

I knelt, with one hand on the floor and the other between my legs working the plug into me.  My cock started to harden as the tip of the plug stretched me open.  I spent a minute or two pushing the plug into me and letting my ass push it back out.  Finally I gave an extra little bit of pressure and I felt the thickest part of the plug slip into me.  I gasped somewhat at the enormity of it; the feeling of fullness.  The muscles of my ass grasped onto it tightly. 

I stood and buckled the belt around my waist, slipping the crotch strap between my legs and securing it to the buckle at the rear.  I added a pair of locks for good measure. 

I stepped into the suspenders and pulled them up onto my shoulders.  The handle of the vibrator hung awkwardly in front of me like a giant white plastic dick.  With some difficulty, I got the spandex sleeve over the cord and vibrator and onto my waist.  The tightness of the fabric helped to push the head of the vibrator more firmly against my cock and balls. 

I shuffled up the stairs and grabbed the now-frozen string and cube from the freezer.  Pulling the key back from where it hung I slipped it through the loop in the cube and hung the whole affair on a nearby nail.

I sat down on the bed, wincing slightly as the huge plug invaded more deeply into my insides.  As quickly as I could I buckled my ankles into the cuffs at the foot of the futon and my thighs to the cuffs at the sides.

Finally I lay back, taking the pressure off the plug in my ass.  I reached to the floor on the right side of the futon and picked up the extension cord I'd laid there.  I plugged into in the timer and in turn plugged the vibrator into it.  I double-checked the timing sequence which was programmed to go off in ten minutes.

Setting the timer back onto the ground, I picked up the nipple clamps which lay to the left of my head.  I tightened one, then the other onto my nipples, gritting my teeth at the pain.  I knew that in minutes it would lessen to a dull ache, but at present it was difficult to ignore.

I lifted my head slightly off the futon and slipped the black leather hood on.  I pulled the laces in back tight, snugging the smooth leather to my face.  I'd modified the snap on blindfold slightly, adding a slip strap of leather which buckled in the rear.  I used a pair of locks to secure both the neck of the hood as well as the strap of the blindfold.  Lastly came the gag, also modified by me.  I'd added both a chin strap as well as one which connected at either cheek and went up over the head to meet in back.  Thus changed I could get it much tighter, and it would clamp down my jaw so spitting the leather plug out was almost impossible.  One by one I cinched the straps tight, securing them with small locks. 

This was important, since tied as I would be, my hands were close enough to my head that I could have gotten my hood and gag off.  As it was the gag served to keep everything locked down good and tight, and experience told me that my attempts to yank anything off would be futile.

With the padded inside of the blindfold pressed against my eyes I could see nothing.  My fingers trailed lightly over the futon near my waist, coming to rest on the pair of locks I'd left there.

I brought my hands up over my head and locked them into the cuffs I'd secured there.

As with any self-bondage escapade, there was the moment of trepidation as I started to push the shackle closed on the final lock.  I ran through things quickly in my mind, making certain everything had been done correctly.  A little slip is all it takes to either leave an opening to wiggle out of once things get going, or to make the difference between life and death if things go wrong.

My mental checklist met with my approval and I shut the lock, sighing with relief.  Nothing to do now but relax and enjoy the ride.  I'm sure many people would look up this as twisted, deviant behavior.  Those of us who've experienced the joys of self-bondage know differently; the indescribable feeling of being tightly bound by one's own hand, left to suffer whatever pleasures or tortures one can think up.

My own predicament was progressing nicely.  The partial sensory deprivation of strict bondage helps heighten others.  My nose was filled with the pleasing scent of the leather hood against my face.  My mouth was stuffed with the thick gag buckled tightly against it, and the plug pushing into my backside wasn't going to let me forget it was there.

My nipples had begun to ache from the snug grip of the clips that held them.  As I shifted on the futon I felt the smooth spandex slide under my ass and legs.  I could feel each individual cuff encircling my wrists, ankles and thighs.  What little I was able to shift in any direction was helpless; I wasn't going anywhere until the key for my wrist cuffs fell into reach.

For several more minutes I lay there, my heart beating solidly in my chest. 

Then, with an audible click, I heard the timer shunt power over to the vibrator which roared into life.  Waves of pleasure rushed through my stiff cock as I struggled to move the head into better contact with my groin.  Unfortunately the thigh cuffs I'd used didn't allow me to use my knees to shift anything around.  It was held in place solely by the strong elastic of the suspenders and the double layer of spandex, which pushed down on it from above.

I tried in vain to thrust my hips up against the madly buzzing head to eek an ounce more of sensation from it.  Sadly my methodical binding efforts held me fast.  I clenched my fists and lay back, trying not to move.  The vibrator continued it's assault on my crotch, mindless of my frustration.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the timer clicked off again leaving me lying sweaty and unsatisfied.  I knew the first wave I'd programmed had only been three minutes.  After another three of down time, it would come back to life.

One of the beauties of self-bondage is in the loss of control.  Though I've yet to feel it myself, I'm sure this is how a bottom feels at the hand of a top.  In my case, I've managed to dominate myself.  I don't have any choice but to lay, bound to my futon until my key drops to free me.  Until then, I'm at the mercy of my own cleverness.  This brings an incredible feeling of relaxation, as well as being intensely erotic. 

My thoughts were interrupted by the vibrator springing back to life.  My cock, which had just begun to soften, sprang back to life.  The buzzing in my loins brought me much closer to orgasm this time, but I was still climbing towards the glory of climax when the fiendish timer cut the power on me.

I tried to ignore my cock aching for release as I chewed on the gag in my mouth and cursed Home Depot.  And as I always did, I began to wonder what would happen if by some stroke of chance my wife were to show up.  What on earth would she think of me, hooded and gagged and clad in red spandex, bound securely to the futon?  Would she call me a twisted freak and start checking the yellow pages for divorce lawyers?  Or would she grin and join in the fun?  I hope that when I find the courage to open this last part of my life to her that it's the latter.

I didn't have time to finish that though when the accursed vibrator kicked in again.  Knowing that I'd be getting closer and closer to climaxing, I'd prudently set the on times to be shorter and shorter.  This time it clicked off again after only two minutes, leaving my straining at my bonds and begging for release.

I was well frustrated by this point, tugging at the cuffs that held me and wishing the damn ice would melt faster.  Before I knew it, it started up again, this time for only a short minute, leaving me dangling near the brink. 

The minutes oozed on like molasses, and finally the fifth and final sequence I'd programmed came on.  Unlike the others, I'd set it for hours so it would be on until the ice dropped and I could switch it off myself.

I knew the climax I so desperately yearned for was close.  As the powerful machine thrummed against my aching member, I began to lift my hips rhythmically off the cushion on which I lay.  I'd managed to shift my hands enough grasp the armrest firmly, and with my arms and legs I pushed myself upwards, rewarding myself with a slight bit more pressure from the vibrator and a satisfying burst of pleasure as my ass clenched the mammoth plug in my rear.

It didn't take long before the input of senses overloaded my system.  The unrelenting hum of the vibrator, the fullness of the plug in my ass, the dull pinch of the clips on my nipples, the satiny sheen of the fabric tube encasing my lower body, the scent of leather in my nostrils.... 

With a groan into the gag, I felt myself slip over the edge.  My cock spasmed, shooting jets of cum onto my abdomen where it was pressed.  My sphincter clutched at its giant black invader, and I arched my body as far as my bonds would allow. The beauty of the orgasm faded quickly, but the insistent buzz of the vibrator was steady.

At this point, exhausted and spent, I tend to turn more effort into getting loose.  My ability to tie myself securely comes into play.  I'd done a good job this time, and struggle as I might, I wasn't going anywhere.  Suddenly everything wasn't quite as erotic as before.  My jaw was starting to tire from the gag, and I felt as though I had a telephone pole up my ass.  Shifting on the futon caused the chain of the clamps to swing back and forth, and the sharp twinges that shot through my nipples which had turned me on so much earlier were starting to hurt. 

I lay back, feeling droplets of sweat course down my cheeks inside the hood.  I tried to ignore the irritation from my bonds which had caused such joy earlier in the evening.  The only things that look bright on the horizon were the key, which I knew would drop soon, and the steady hum of the vibrator which was slowly but surely bringing my cock back to attention.

The minute’s drug on, and finally the sensations in my crotch had shifted back towards the pleasurable side of things.  I could feel myself once again climbing upwards to another climax.  Uninterrupted by the evil timer, I was free of frustration this time around. 

As the feelings in my cock rose to a fever pitch, I once again began to thrust madly in an attempt to get any more pleasure from my situation.  More than anything I could feel the solid cone of latex pushing even deeper into my ass as I rocked my hips off the futon.

I was barely aware of the chill wet key striking my hand as my second orgasm slammed into me.  Not quite as intense as the first, but certainly satisfying, I moaned into my gag as the waves of pleasure washed over me. 

As my climax subsided, I struggled with the locks on my cuffs and after a minute or so of fiddling managed to free myself.  My hands move to my chest and slipped the clips off.  As expected, the surge of pain as the blood flowed back into my nipples was much worse than the feel of putting them on.  I got both the thigh cuffs unclipped easily enough, but spent several seconds on my ankles.  The mass of rubber in my ass was thrusting painfully into me, and as soon as I could I swung off the bed and stood up. 

Before I'd started I'd had the foresight to stow all but the cuff keys upstairs in our bedroom.  With some difficulty I was able to slip the suspenders off my shoulders, hike the skirt up over my waist and pull the vibrator and its accoutrements off me.  It would be hard enough walking up two flights of stairs with the plug in, so ditching the awkward vibrator was a must.

With my hands stretched out in front of me, I made it over to the stair railing and started upwards.  Each step was agony; the plug in my ass would start to work its way out slightly then get roughly shoved back into place.  I was moving as gently as possible but it wasn't easy.

By the time I'd made it to the kitchen my backside was throbbing and my cock had begun to harden again.  I wracked my mind, trying to decided if I'd had enough sense to leave the blinds down and the lights off.  I shuddered to think of what a late night stroller might think at the sight of me. 

I shuffled quickly through the kitchen and headed upstairs yet again.  The rhythmic thrusting of the rubber plug in my ass had managed to bring my cock to solid attention for a third time that evening. 

As I reached the bedroom, I dropped one hand down to stroke it as the other felt the top of the dresser for the keys I'd left earlier.  Finding them, I ran my hand down the front 'til it hit the bottom drawer.  I slid it open and pulled out one of the towels we kept there, expressly for the purpose to which I was about to use it for.

I struggled through the keys (all my locks are the same size) until I finally found the one for the belt's crotch strap.  I took the lock out and then dropped to a kneeling position on the towel I'd spread out.  My right hand encircled my now-throbbing cock and I began to pump it vigorously. 

Unlike the vibrator, my hand knew exactly what it was doing.  It wasn't long before I once again felt a climax on the horizon.  I paused for a moment to drape the towel over the foot of the bed.  Now I had a layer of cloth in front of, and beneath me.  Wouldn’t want to mess up the floor.

I rose from my kneeling position, one hand sliding up and down the length of my cock while the other reached back to grab the base of the plug protruding from my ass.  While I stroked, I started to tug gently on the plug.  Each pull on it sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine and into my cock. 

As I felt the impending orgasm approaching, I began to pull harder on the plug.  Closer and closer I came to the edge, until finally I gave one mighty yank pulled the plug completely from within me.  The resulting explosion coursed through my body like a bolt of lightning and I felt the cum shooting from the tip of my cock. 

Sure enough, my third climax in such a short time quickly became painful.  I could feel my balls frantically pumping, but after the short initial burst nothing was coming out.  My two earlier climaxes had drained me completely.

I knelt there for a minute trying to catch my breath.  I managed to retrieve the keys I'd dropped and with some difficulty got the rest of the locks off of me.  My jaw ached as it was freed of the thick leather gag and my head was drenched in sweat as I pulled the hood off of me.

As I collected my gear and headed back down to the basement to clean up, I couldn't help but wonder what I might try next time.

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Oct 2000

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