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Plastic Casting

by Mikel

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Alice went to work for the company after graduating college as their CPA, as the company grew she became more interested in what they did there. Alice became familiar with all aspects of the company’s operations so she would be more aware of each departments needs to help control costs. When Alice was younger she had developed a fascination with bondage after being in an accident and having to wear a long arm and leg cast for several months she started yearning for prolonged encasement. Alice even tried fiberglass casting and started wearing leg and arm casts for weeks at a time, even to work explaining her previous health problems caused her to need to be casted often due to fragile bones.

The thing she liked most about wearing them to work was she would be forced to continue wearing them for weeks at a time to keep up appearances of actually needing them. Due to her job requiring her to be at her desk the majority of the time she didn’t have to worry about having to get around while casted.  No one at the company cared if she couldn’t move as quickly as most and not seeing her for days or weeks on end unless there was a problem with their accounts was perfectly normal leaving Alice with ample time to herself.

Her last casting adventure had included a body cast running from around her neck over her pussy and covered her ass completely. The cast continued down her left leg to her toes keeping her leg bent at a forty five degree angle. The cast’s shape would just allow her to sit in her car and desk chair and to still be able to move around with crutches. Alice spent nine weeks catheterized and performing enemas while her pussy and ass were filled with vibrating plugs.  The plugs keeping her constantly on edge during the day and giving her unbelievable orgasm’s at night. Each evening she would stuff her head into a tight leather hood and lace it tightly before cuffing her hands behind the back of her wheel chair. After her hands were cuffed she would have to push herself blindly around her house with her one free leg until she found the keys to release her wrists. Her favorite times were when she would get lost in her home and was forced to spend hours pushing herself with one leg while both vibrators shock her insides. The cast saw and cutters had been sent to a friend with directions not to return them for at least three weeks leaving her with no choice but to wear the thick fiberglass until he sent them back.

Her friend knew of her hobby having helped her with it while they were in college and often decided to keep her tools a few weeks longer just so he could hear her beg for him to return them. Which she did starting the second week, calling him every few days begging for the tools as the position the extra thick fiberglass kept her in became more uncomfortable. Alice suffered through the aches and pains fighting the rigid cocoon often as her frustration swelled making her more aroused each day and making her orgasm’s better as well. During the third week she had learned to deal with the cast and accepted her fate and started calling less. When she had stopped calling all together he waited another week then sent her the tools to her freedom and Alice, now fully adjusted to the tight rigid cast deciding to wait another week before finally cutting herself free.

Alice had now become interested in the company’s plastic coating equipment and the assembly line area. She hadn’t worn any visible casts in months, letting her toned body recover from the body cast experience and allowing her to wear her tallest heels and shortest skirts. She studied the manuals for all the equipment and learned how the dipping and spraying machines worked. She also learned how the chemicals used in the plastic made it soft and sticky until the final coat was applied which made it set to varying degrees of hardness. She especially liked that it could be removed by submerging it in another solution that would dissolve it completely or it could be cut off if it couldn’t be dipped.

During her studies she searched for any compounds that were dangerous to human skin and once she was convinced there weren’t any she started asking the foreman questions while she flirted with him. Alice let him stare at her large breasts that she had left exposed more than usual finding out that on several occasions workers had accidentally had hands or feet covered in the plastic. One even had fallen in while cleaning the track and after being dipped in the removal dip they had no ill effects. Hearing this Alice waited until everyone had gone home for the weekend then slipped down to the smallest vat and dipped her arm into the plastic. Waiting for it to “flash” before dipping it again she repeated the process four times before spraying the sealer on top of it as she held her arm bent at the elbow and could feel it setting up. After two coats of the sealer the plastic had set to almost rock hard leaving very little movement available and trapping her arm and hand in a thick coating of perfectly formed plastic.

Alice was ecstatic when she was finished, the casting was solid and much lighter than the fiberglass making her squeal as she twisted and turned her arm finding she was completely unable to move it or break out of the plastic coating. Alice went home wearing the plastic figuring on coming in early Monday morning and removing it before anyone got to the plant.

She desperately wanted to play with her newest cast and test its limit’s not thinking about how difficult it would be with her entire hand encased. Alice was in love with the feelings the plastic gave her, the inability to move her arm was frustrating enough. Alice found out with her hand completely enclosed in it her frustration levels rose considerably as she fought to do the simplest things with her plastic hand and arm. By Sunday night Alice was more frustrated than she had ever been, the angle of her arm with the solid fingers and hand made it impossible for her to do anything but insert a vibrator in her pussy and that was never enough to make her climax.

She went to the plant early Monday morning only to find fire trucks and police surrounding the building and blocking her entrance. She couldn’t walk up to them with her arm covered in black plastic so she drove home and waited for the call hoping it wasn’t serious. Alice tried to figure out what she could do to get out of the plastic knowing she couldn’t go in with everyone there and sat banging her coated arm on the table. Alice got a call waking her four hours later saying it had been a false alarm and it was all clear but the company had been threatened so extra security had been added twenty four seven. Alice panicked and told her boss that she was going to take the day off and spent the rest of the day banging on the plastic and desperately trying to remove the thick shell encasing her arm.

By ten o’clock Alice had exhausted herself and was still encased in the plastic, her sexual frustration had her in tears as she lay on her bed trying to figure out what to do more aroused than ever as she lay thinking how good it felt to be trapped in the plastic that seemed to be controlling her. Suddenly she jumped up and ran to her garage and grabbed a pair of cutters from her small tool chest. She had been trying to use the fiberglass cutters and neither would cut the softer plastic but as she slid the shears under it and squeezed the handles she felt the plastic cut easily. Within a few minutes had removed all the plastic except from around her hand glad to be able to flex her arm again. Working carefully she was able to trim the plastic from her fingers and soon squealed as she pulled her hand from its cocoon and held it up triumphantly.  

Alice continued to experiment with the plastic, learning its limits and just how hard it could be and how to control it. During her experiments she had learned that if she was careful she could get part of the plastic to set rock hard while the other parts remained slightly flexible. The softer plastic could be cut away easily by her cutters and when it was hardened completely her cast cutters worked perfectly making her escape from the plastic possible. When the plastic hardened completely it also turned very shiny making her excited when she watched her test pieces turn a dark black and shone brightly. Her only concern now was getting around the increased security so she could have access to the vats of liquid plastic and the other equipment she needed to complete her plan of total encasement.

During the next few weeks Alice had figured out that she could use a recording of the equipment room on a loop and the security would have no idea she was in there and since access was restricted unless an emergency was detected the guards would not be allowed to enter the rooms. With that figured out Alice just had to find away to get home once she was encased. She figured she could use her crutches to carry herself out of the building and since the night guards wouldn’t be the ones who would see her enter the building in the morning they wouldn’t know what she looked like when she came in compared to when she left. Her next problem was getting home since she might not be able to move her legs or body and came up with calling a cab to carry her home. Now with her problems resolved she began to plan her position and experiment with the plastic on her body starting with her arm again making it rock hard before leaving for the weekend and cutting it off Sunday morning.

Next was her head, she had made a complete hood that followed her neck to her chest leaving her panting through the tubes she had inserted into her nose before pouring the liquid plastic over her head. She let the hood harden to the softest it could be set to and cut it from her head leaving her with a perfectly shaped hood. Once she carried it home she put it back on and rubbed it with a rag soaked in the setting liquid letting it set to it hardest setting then wrestled with it to get her head out. Alice finally had a rock hard shiny hood allowing her to rivet locking clasps down the back so once she restrained her arms it couldn’t be removed. The hood had worked perfectly and she wore it regularly enjoying the confines of it and how it forced her eyes closed and made her breathe through her nose. Surfing the web Alice found  a breathe through pump gag and ordered it and drilled the holes for the tubes from the gag to go through the hood. Alice could now pump it up forcing her cheeks tightly against the inside of the hard hood then once she locked it closed it would leave her blind, mostly deaf and completely mute and unable to move her head or neck.

Alice wore her corset to work and carried her highest heels in her purse, her plan for this weekend was to coat her entire torso and legs in the plastic. She had found that if she applied only one coat of the hardener to her body it would leave the plastic slightly flexible allowing her to drive herself home. Then once she got home she would rub several more coats of hardener on the plastic and set it as hard as it could be for the weekend. The idea of being sealed in her corset and tall heels excited her and she was distracted all day as thoughts of her being encased in a perfect form fitting plastic cast. The day dreaming aroused her making her sit and watch the clock wishing it would move faster. She had figured that if she couldn’t move well enough to drive she could always call a cab and hoped she would not have any issues walking while encased. When everyone had gone she waited for another thirty minutes before going to the bathroom and tying the laces of her corset to the stall door frame and pulled and yanked on the laces. Finally closing the corset she stood panting as she rubbed her rigid torso wishing she had the remotes for the vibrators with her.

She knew that once she had them sealed in her she would play with herself so she had left them at home on purpose so she couldn’t vibrate herself until she got home and finished her hardening. Alice sat down and grunted as she bent over to strap her shoes on, these had been ordered for tonight and were not expensive since she thought they could be destroyed in the removal process. They had six inch heels and large straps that wrapped around her ankles. The plugs were next, she had modified the plugs to be charged inductively by attaching the chargers for some kitchen gadgets to the battery packs. All she would have to do is sit on the inductive pad on her bed and they would recharge. Alice smiled as she thought how clever she had been to figure that out on her own, and after some grunting and moaning Alice had both intruders set deep inside her. She pulled the rubber thong up her legs and set it deep into herself to hold them in until she was sealed up.

Alice was ready, her breasts sat on top of the half cups of the corset and swayed as she strutted to her office to get the remaining things she needed arousing her further. As she was heading to the line she spotted several small rubber bands and looked down at her hardened nipples and smiled as she took them and twisted them tightly around a pen cap. Alice then stuffed her erect nipples in the cap and pushed the bands off trapping her tender buds in the tight bands. With her nipples already protesting Alice moved to the vat of plastic. She already had the hardener she would need at the house and the spray gun laying close by. Carefully she lowered herself into the warm plastic and stood gasping until the thick liquid was above her breasts watching carefully so the plastic from the hood would just over lap the plastic on her body. Standing up she let it drip off her arms and hands then climbed onto the rack before wiping her hands and arms.

After three more trips into the liquid Alice let it flash again then carefully sprayed the hardener on to the plastic. Alice stood in her heels panting against the tight corset wondering if she should have tightened it so tight but figuring it was too late to change it now. The plastic set up to a firm but flexible state allowing Alice to move with increased effort. Alice smiled as she reluctantly went to the removal liquid vat and dipped both arms up to her shoulders letting the plastic rinse off and leave her arms free of the plastic. Drying her hands Alice could now run her hands all over her plastic dipped body and squealed loudly. She ran her hands over her pussy feeling the outlines of her lips moving them back and feeling her filled ass under its almost hard shell of plastic. She walked a little testing her mobility and found other than a slight stiff legged walk she could move quite well and walked to her office to get dressed.

Seeing herself in the office mirror made the shallow gasps she was having to take worth it. The corset had given her an incredible hour glass figure forcing her large breasts up and making them stick out much further than normal. Alice studied her new body and stared at the details that were forming in the plastic as it set further. Her rubber banded nipples were now clearly seen in the plastic and she reached up to them and felt the hard plastic over them deadening the sensation of being touched. Alice smiled and turned to get dressed, as Alice bent to pull her long pants over her high heels she grunted as the air was pushed out of her. She had to really fight to be able to put each foot into the legs of the pants, the plastic and corset making it difficult.

Tucking her tight top into the pants Alice checked the mirror again and said “Good enough”. With only her black feet showing she left her office resetting the security cameras and headed for the parking lot. Alice figured no one would notice her black feet or her restricted stride as she checked out and was happy when she found no one at the desk and signed out and strode to her car. Sitting in the driver seat was not easy, the plastic was continuing to slowly set making it hard for Alice to bend far enough to duck into the car and then really hard to pull her legs inside it. Alice was grunting and sweating by the time she closed the door and was becoming concerned if she would be able to get herself out of the car once she got home. She sat in the car for a few minutes thinking about it before saying “If I’m going to go I had better get on with it” and started the car and drove off. During the drive Alice had trouble feeling the pedals and moving her feet back and forth so she had to be extra careful and drove much slower.

An hour and a half later Alice pulled into her garage and sat panting behind the wheel, the last half of the trip had taken every bit of strength Alice had just to move her feet to work the brakes and throttle. She sat gasping trying to catch her breath and was thinking about cutting the plastic off now so she could loosen the corset while she removed the tight rubber bands around her nipples that were now throbbing and making her wince with each breath. Opening the door Alice found she could not bend her torso at all, panicking she swung her legs out from under the steering wheel and forced them to the floor. Pushing herself up she now stood looking at her high heeled feet bent at the waist gasping as her hands flailed around finally gripping the car door. She was able to force herself upright moaning deeply as she felt the much harder plastic push the plug in her ass deeper and seemed to tighten around her wet pussy.

Alice fought for each step as she moved slowly towards the house feeling the plug shift with each step and her pussy feel like someone was pulling and twisting her lips as they pinched them. Once in the house Alice stopped to catch her breath and grabbed the crutches sitting near the back door and started swinging her feet towards the bed room. Stopping at the door Alice loosened her pants letting them fall to the floor and stripped off her shirt before going into her room. Alice didn’t want the clothes to be in her way since the bedroom is where she had planned to spend her weekend already having the cutters and other equipment waiting for her. Moving in front of the mirror Alice gasped at how much the shell had changed. Now her breasts were solid masses sticking straight out, as she stood staring she put her arms up like she was driving and could tell they had hardened more while her arms were pressing against them making them take a much different shape. The plastic over her nipples had set as well and now she could not feel anything when she touched them but hard plastic and the steady throbbing from the tight rubber bands.

Alice continued staring at her shiny plastic body and could see why her pussy felt much different now. Alice guessed that when she sat in the car she had spread the softer plastic while she worked the pedals. As it set further encasing her lips and clit in the spread position and now that she was standing with her legs together it was pinching her pussy lips. Taking her hand held mirror Alice looked at her filled ass that was now becoming uncomfortable. She could see that the ride home had also forced her ass to spread slightly and as the plastic took the new shape and set harder it was now holding it spread slightly. The plastic was pushing the plug that could now be seen under the plastic deeper into her and was also holding it firmly making it shift and move inside her when she shifted her body inside the hard shell.

Alice was slightly scared as she could see every detail of her corset and the straps on the shoes and panicked again thinking it was shrinking. She scrambled for the cutters, calming herself when she noticed that it didn’t feel any tighter realizing it was just setting not shrinking so she put the cutters down and stood in front of the mirror smiling. She ran her hands all over herself twisting some more inside the shell and enjoying the sensations and that she no longer had to keep her balance. Alice realizing that the hard plastic was holding her firmly upright. Alice stood arousing herself for an hour before tearing herself away and stiffly moving to the bed and forced herself to bend and sit on the edge of it. Alice thought sitting would relieve the pain in her feet and calves as she leaned back inside the plastic staying in perfect posture as she sat waiting for the pain to ease.

While she waited she was thinking about why the plastic was acting the way it was, during none of her tests did the plastic ever continue to harden without adding more of the hardener. While she sat and thought about it she reached to her phone and called John the engineer she had flirted with. After some brief pleasantries she asked him if he had ever seen the plastic act this way and he answered “How did you ever notice that?” Alice had not thought out her question and stammered before coming up with a story and was told. “Yeah we know it can do that, it takes several hours to set to rock hard then if nothing is added it will harden even beyond that making it very difficult to cut”. John continued “But if its left a few days it becomes brittle and can be broken relatively easy that’s why we tell anyone who uses it to always use at least two coats of the hardener that stops the reaction and makes it hard but not brittle”. Alice thanked him and sat on her bed grateful she had made it home thinking how strange it would have been to explain to the police who would have found her frozen in place in her car at some stop light what was going on.

It had now been over three hours since Alice sprayed the hardener and she sat playing with the vibrators enjoying the shell encasing her then deciding she needed an orgasm before cutting herself out. The corset, rubber bands and high heels were becoming painful quickly so she wanted to cut herself out after she forced herself to orgasm at least once inside the shell. Reaching for her hood Alice wrestled it onto her head then closed the hasps locking each, it was unnecessary to lock it but she liked the idea of it being locked on. Pumping the gag until her face was pressed against the front of the hood completely and she could not make a sound. The hood and plastic now covered her entire body leaving only her shoulders and arms free of the confining plastic.

Alice was now totally immobile accept for her arms and after pulling the shoulder length gloves up her arms she thumbed the remote for the camera sitting on a shelf across from the bed. Taking the steel cuffs and locked one on then set her vibrators to come on randomly making sure her key release was within reach of her hands before cuffing them behind her back. Now Alice sat completely immobile inside a thick plastic shell that was slowly hardening. Her nipples had rubber bands pulled tightly around them making them throb with each breath. The shell had hardened around the base of the plug filling her firm ass and each time she flexed or twisted inside the shell it moved sending waves of pleasurable pain through her body. The high heels under the plastic had set keeping pressure on her feet as if she was still standing making her feet scream with pain and her tight corset making her chest try to heave further than it could under the plastic keeping her light headed from lack of air. Alice sat struggling unable to make a sound under the thick plastic surrounding her head, in her aroused state she had pumped the gag up much further than previously cutting off any chances of making any sound other than small grunts through her nose.

Even the breathing tube in the gag had been almost pinched off from the added pressure so now she was panting through her nose only as her hands fought the steel that she had closed tightly around each wrist. Alice sat waiting on the vibrators and was beginning to think about the time frame John had said until it was too hard to cut. Adding up the hours she had already been encased for and realized if she didn’t get out soon she would be stuck until the plastic got brittle, days he had said! Alice panicked again but was unable to do anything but sit and wave her cuffed hands behind her back. The keys would not drop for several hours and there was nothing she could do but sit and wait. As her anxiety rose she thought about her trapped nipples and aching feet but as she continued to gasp for air she worried about the corset she had laced so tightly and would she have the strength to break free of the plastic or not.

The black form sitting on the bed in her room was perfectly still as the being inside it flexed and moaned while only small hisses and grunts could be heard from the outside. On the inside Alice was listening to her breathing getting quicker and her blood pumping in her ears as she felt the sweat running under the hard plastic and struggled to accept the idea she had trapped herself and had no choice but to accept it. Alice squealed as the vibrators come on and went through a demo program before alternating speeds and intensity. While Alice was taken closer to an orgasm the thought flashed through her mind that the vibrators would run out of batteries soon and hoped she could orgasm before they did. Then she remembered the new chargers she was using and began to wonder if she had been so smart after all knowing the batteries wouldn’t die as long as she was on the charging pad and wondered if someone could be climaxed to death. She climaxed for the first time almost passing out and moaned as she felt herself being forced to another quickly and gasped for air.

John had been sitting at home looking at the hard plastic surrounding his waist and legs, thinking about the conversation he had just had with Alice and wondered how she had ever figured out that the plastic would continue to harden if not fully treated. The more he thought about it the more curious he became. Remembering the conversations they had during the last few months and even when they had gone out to dinner she had only seemed really interested in the plastic. Alice sat on her bed for the next three days, her orgasms were now painful and she wanted nothing more than for everything to stop and to be released from her prison.

The key had been dropped into her waiting hands during a particularly intense orgasm and she had flexed her arms wildly while she screamed into her gag and blacked out dropping the key. Awaking she could not feel the small string tied to it and now could not find the string or key. Alice sat still cuffed and vibrated trapped in the plastic shell with the never ending vibrations. She was barely conscious as she thought the plastic had not gotten brittle as she struggled to break out of it. She wondered even if it had did she have the strength left to break it and did she really want out. Being orgasmed to death had sounded like a preferred way to die but now everything that had been so erotic was causing her pain and her mind was drifting so much she was unsure of what was real or not.

John had looked for Alice on Monday, he had cut away the plastic from his legs but his hips, cock and ass were still encased acting as a thick plastic chastity suit.  Other than making him walk slightly bowlegged no one would ever notice and when he did not find her by Tuesday he asked around and no one had heard from her. He sat in his office tapping on the hard plastic he had decided to leave on for one more day, thinking and wondered if he should go by her house just to check on her.          

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